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Langour to leive, allace. Quod Scott - 733 

Favour is fair, in Luvis LAir. Quod Scott - 735 

Thir lenteme Dayis ar luvely lang. Quod 
Stewart 736 

Retume the, Hairt, hamewart agane. Quod 
Alexander Scott 737 

Quhen ye wer plefit to pleifs me hertfully. 
[Montgomery] 739 

Quhy fowld I luve, bot gif I war luvit? 
[Montgomery] 739 

Irkit I am vrith langum Luvis Lair. Quod 
Montgomery 739 

I mvfe and mervellis in my Mynd. Quod 
Scott 741 

Fane wald I luve, bot quhair abowt ? Quod 
Clerk. [^Attributed to Dunbar by Laing\ 744 

In June the Jem of Joy and Geme. Quod 
Scott 746 

Thair is nocht ane Winche that I fe. [Scott] 747 

To luve vnluvit it is ane Pane. Quod Scott 748 

My Hart is quhyt, and no Delyte I haif of 
Ladeis fair. [Anon.] .... y^^ 

In all this Warld no Man may wit. [Anon.] 751 

Schort Epegrammis aganis Women. [Anon., 
partly Chaucer] 753 

This Work quha ia fall fie or reid. Quod 
Chaufeir 755 

Bruthir, be wyifs, I reid yow now. Quod 
Sir Johine Moffett 758 

My Luve was fals and full of Flattry. Quod 
Weddirbume 760 

Thir Ladyis fair that makis Repair. Quod 
Dumbar 762 

The Vfe of Court richt weill I knaw Anon.] 764 



Ballatis aganis Evill Wemen. 

CCLXXXIV. The beiftly Luft, the furius Appetyt. [Anon.] 765 

CCLXXXV. Devyce, Proves and cik Humilitie. Quod 

Chawfeir [Lydgate?] ... 766 

CCLXXXVI. O wicket Wemen, wilful! and variable. 

Quod Chauceir [Lydgate ?] - - 768 

CCLXXXVII. Aganis Manage of eviU Wyvis. [Anon.] - 769 

CCLXXXVIIL Commonyng betuix the Mefler and the 

Heure. [Anon.] 771 

CCLXXXIX. Off Luve, [etc.] [Anon.]- - - - 773 

CCXC. Furth ouer the Mold at Morrow as I Ment 

Quod Stewart 774 

CCXCI. Ane vthir Ballat of VnpoiTibiliteis compaird 
to the Trewth of Wemen in Luve. 
[Anon.] 776 

CCXCIL Ane vthir Ballat of Vmpoffibiliteis. [Anon.] 777 

CCXCIII. My Hairt is gone, Confort is none. [Anon.] 779 

CCXCIV. Ane aigit Man twyfs fourty yeiris. Quod 

Kennedy 780 

[Attributed to Dunbar by Laing] 

Ballatis op the Prayiss of Wemen, and to 
THE Reprochb of Vicious Msn. 

CCXCV. Allace, fo fobir is the Micht of Wemen. 

Quod Merlar 78a 

CCXCVI. The Lettre of Cupeid. Quod Chaufdr. 

[Occleve] 783 

CCXCVIL All tho that lift of Wemen Evill to fpeik. 

Quod Chaufeir 799 

CCXCVIII. Ladeis be war, that pleland ar. QuodScoU 804 

CCXCIX. For to declair the he Magnificens. Quod 

Stewart 805 

CCC. Thir Billis ar brevit to Birdis in fpedall. 

Quod Merlar 808 

CCCI. Now of Wemen this I fay for me. Quod 

Dumbar 809 

CCCIL I think thir Men ar verry fals and vane. 

Quod Weddirbume • - - - 810 

CCCIII. Fra Raige of Yowth the Rynk hes rune. 

[Quod Scott] 814 


The Contempt of Blyndit Luve. 

CCCIV. Quha will behaM of Luve the Chance. 

Quod Dumbar 8|6 

CCCV. Leif Lure, my Luve, no langar thow it lyk. 

[Anon.] 817 

CCCVI. Quhat meneth this ? quhat is this windir Vre ? 

Quod Chaufer 817 

CCCVII. In May as that Aurora did vpfpring. Quod 

Dumbar 822 

CCCVIII. Now cumis Aige quhair Youth hes bene and 

trew Luve ryfis fro the Splene. Quod 
Dumbar --,---- 826 

CCCIX. Quha lykis to Luve, or that Law pruve. Quod 

Scott 829 

CCCX. Lo, quhat it is to lufe. Quod Scott - - 831 

CCCXI. Panting of Luve quhat Lyf it leidis. [Anon.] 832 

CCCXII. Quhome fould I wyt of my Mifchance ? Quod 

Scott 833 

CCCXIII. O, Man, transformit and vnnatuiall. Quod 

Weddirbume 835 

CCCXIV. Ye blindit Luvaris, luke the reklels Lyfe ye 

leid. Quod Scott - . - - - 839 

CCCXV, The ProUog of the Fourt Buik of Viigell, 
treting of the Incommoditie of Luve and 
Remeid thairol Be Gawyne Dowglas - 844 

The Fyift Pairt of this Buik, contenyng the 
Fabillis of Esop, with diuerss vthir Fabillis 


To the Redar. [Bannatyne] - - - - 855 

CCCXVI. [Fable L The Swallow and othir Birdis.] 

[Henryfon] 856 

CCCXVII. [Fable II.] The Houlate. Be Holland - 867 

CCCXVIIL Fable III. The Fox and the Cock. [Henryfon] 898 

CCCXIX. Fable IV. The Fox and the Wolf. [Henryfon] 905 

CCCXX. Fable V. The Fox tryed before the Lyon. 

[Henryfon] 911 

CCCXXI. Fable VI. Orpheus and Eurydice. Quod 

R[obert] H[enryfon] - ... ^22 



CCCXXII. Fable VII. The Bludy Serk. Quod R[obert] 

Henrici. [Henryfon] . . - . 942 

CCCXXIII. Fable VIII. The Cock and the JewcU. Quod 

R[obert] H[enryfon] 946 

CCCXXIV. Fable IX. The Moufe and the Paddock. 

Quod R[obert] H[enryfon] - - - 95 2 

CCCXXV. Fable X. The Twa Myfe. Quod R[obert] 

H[enryfon] 959 

CCCXXVI. Fable XI. The Dog, the Scheip and the 

Wolff. Quod R[obert] H[enryfon] - - 967 

CCCXXVII. Fable XII. The Wolff and the Lamb. Quod 

R[obert] H[enryfon] - - - - 973 

CCCXXVIII. Fable XIII. The Lyon and the Mods. 

Quod R[obert] Henryfone - - - 978 

CCCXXIX. Fable XIV. The Thiftle and the Rofe. Quod 

Dumbar 988 

CCCXXX. Fable XV. The Goldin Terge. Quod 

Dumbar 995 

CCCXXXL The Freiris of Berwik. [Dunbar] - -1004 

CCCXXXII. Colkelbie Sow. [Anon.] - - - - 1021 

CCCXXXIII. Robene fat on gud grene HilL Quod Robert 

Henryfone 1050 

CCCXXXIV. The Secound ProUoge or Proheme of the 

Hillery of the Croniclis of Scotland. Be 
Johine Bellenden 1054 

The Table of the Ha ill Buik. [Bannatyne, 
added to by Bifhop Percy, and completed 
by the prefent editor - , . . 1059 

Off B^ynnyng and Ending. [Bannatyne] - - - - 1075 

The Wryttar to the Redare. [Bannatyne] - - - - 1076 

Appendix, No. I. 

[Containing pieces written on various blank folios of the Manufcript 
fubfequent to its completion, and by other pens than that of George Bannatyne.] 

I. Sould I wrellle in Difpair. [Anon., after Wither] - 1077 

II. Off feing and felling Money. [Quod] Haywod • 1079 

III. Dantie and dortie to all Manis Eyes. [Anon.] - 1079 

IV. Whyt as the Egg, rid as the Skarlet. [Anon.] - - 1079 




V. Now, Goflbp, I mud neidis b^on. [Anon.] - - io8a 

VI. My Miflres is in Mufik pafTing (kilfiill. [Anon.] - 1081 

VII. Go fweet Lynes, Loue will not take them. [Anon.] - 1082 

VIII. Amongfl the Monflors that we find. [Anon.] • - 1083. 

IX. Once flumbring as Ilay within my Bed. [Anon.] - 1083 

X. A Songe in Piaife of Tobacco. [Anon.] • - - 1084 

XI. Meditatiouns on Tobacco. [Anon.] - - - 1084 

XII. A Songe. Iff thow canft not leive chad. [Anon.] • 1085 

XIII. On the Ever Green's being gathered out of this 

Manufcript by Allan Ramfay. Quod Allan Ramfay 1087 

Appendix, No. II. 

[Containing pieces apparently written by Geoige Bannatyne at the end of the 
Duplicate Text, at a Utter date than the refl of the contents of the Manufcript] 

XIV. Ane godly Ballat Quod Robert Montgomery - 1088 

XV. The Firft Pfhalme. [Quod] Montgumry - - 1090 

XVI. The xxiij Sphalme. Tranflait be Montgumry - 1091 

XVII. Lyik as the dum Solfequium. Quod Montgomery • 1092 

XVIII. In Vice mod vicius he excellis. Quod Dumbar - 1094 

XIX. Of Conquerouris [etc.]. Quod William Alexander 1095 

Appendix, No. III. 

[Containing ** The Song of the Rid Square," which has been written at the 
end of the Duplicate Text by the Honourable Mr. William Caimichaell when 
the Bannatyne Manufcript was in his poflelEon, probably about 1 712.] 

XX. The Song of the Rid Square. [Anon.] - - 1097 

Appendix, No. IV. 

[Omitted from Appendix Na I.] 

XXI. Sonet. Lyke as the Littill Emmet baith hir GalL 

[Anon.] 1 105 







CCCV. — Leif Luve, my Luve, no langar thow it lyk, 
CCCVI.— Quhat meneth this? quhat is this windir Vre? 

Quod Chaufer, .817 

CCCVII. — In May as that Aurora did vpfpring. Quod 

Dumbar, ...... 822 

CCCVIIL — Now cumis Aige quhair Yewth hes bene. 

Quod Dumbar, ..... 826 
CCCIX. — Quha lykis to Luve, or that Law pruve. Quod 

Scott, ...... 829 

CCCX. — Lo, quhat it is to lufe. Quod Scott, .831 

CCCXL— Panfingof Lufequhat Lyfitleidis, 832 

CCCXII. — Quhome fould I wyt of my Mifchance? Quod 

Scott, ...... 833 

CCCXIII. — O, Man, transformit and vnnaturall. Quod 

Weddirbume, ..... 835 
CCCXIV.— Ye blindit Luvaris, luke. Quod Scott, 839 

CCCXV.— The Prollpg of the Fourt Buik of Virgell, com- 

pyld be Bifchop Gawyne Dowglas, . 844 

To the Redar, ...... 855 

CCCXVL— Fable I. The Swallow and otbir Birdis, 856 

CCCXVII.— Fable 11. The Houlate, maid be Holland, . 867 
CCCXVIII.— Fable III. The Fox and the Cock, 898 

CCCXIX— Fable IV. The Fox and the Wolf, . . 905 

CCCXX.— Fable V. The Fox tryed before the Lyon, . 911 
CCCXXL— Fable VI. Orpheus and Eurydice. Quod Mr. 

R[obert] H[enryfon], .922 

CCCXXII.— Fable VII. The Bludy Serk. Quod Mr. R. 

Henrici, ...... 942 

CCCXXIIL— Fable VIIL The Cock and the Jewell. 

Quod Mr. R[obert] H[enryfon], 946 

CCCXXIV.— Fable IX. The Moufs and the Paddock. 

Quod Maiftir R[obert] H[enryfon], . -952 

CCCXXV.— Fable X. TheTwa Myfe. Quod Maiftir 

R[obert] H[enryfon], ..... 959 


[Langour to leive^ a/lace.] 

LANGOUR to leive, allace, Foi.2si.a. 

My labour is in vane, 
Sen thair is nowthir grace, 
Nor )dt rewaird agane. 

Quhat fall I do or fay, 5 

I am with forrow flane, 
And dyis nicht and day, 
Withowt hir luve agane. 

Was nevir man in erd 

Moir faithfuU and moir plane, 10 

Suppois it be my werd 

To luve vnluvit agane. 

I do luve bell allane 

My lady fouerane 

Thir yeiris mony ane, 15 

Withowt hir luve agane. 

For nowdir wald fchew rew. 

Nor beir me at difdane, 

Bot lute me ay perfew, 

Withowt hir luve agane. 20 

Hir fenyeit wordis fals 
Of richtnot maid me fane, 
And held me in the hals. 
To lufe vnluvit agane. 

And als the luik vnleill 25 

Of hir bricht fair ene twane 


Gart me beleif alhaill, 
To haif hir luve agane. 

Bot fen I fe hir hairt, 

And mynd is uncertane, 30 

I fall in tyme rewairt 

My luve frome hir agane. 

Sen fcho hes nowthir rewth, 

Nor mercy futh to fane, 

Lat falfet to vntrewth, 35 

And treft to trow agane. 

And fen my hairt is fre, FoLasi.b. 

I bid not for to lane, 

I fall awyfit be, 

Or I hir luve agane. 40 

Thairfoir, my hairt tak heid 
Quhomefor thow fuflfer pane, 
And luik weill for remeid, 
Or that thow luve agane. 

Scho that the lift to luve, 45 

Se thow with hir remane. 
And nevir moir remuve,* 
Bot luve hir beft agane. 

Einis quod Scott 

^ MS. has nmvue- 


\Fav(mr is fair, in Luvb iair.] 

FAVOUR is fair, in luvis lain 
Yit freindfchip mair bene to commend, 
Bot quhair defpair bene adwetfare, 
Nothing is thair, bot wofull end. 

Off men I mene, in fcheruice bene, 5 

Of Venus quene, but conforting. 
Be thame I wene, that mon fuftene 
The kairis kene of Cupeid king, 

Continwance, in Cupeidis dance. 

But difcrepance, witiiowt remeid, lo 

Sic was my chance, in obfervance, 

But recompance, my lyfe to leid. 

Hir court he jo, quhair evir thay go. 

The l3rfe is fo, fcho dois thame len, 

Quhair his hes wo, withowttin ho, 15 

He is flc fo, till faythfuU men. 

I fpeik expart, fuppois I fmatt, 

That fcho hes gart me thus lament, 

Bot this fame darte may caufs hir harte 

Heir eftirwart alfo repent 20 

Sen fo I fe, to leif in le, Fol.252.a. 

At libbertie, is weill but wo, 
Happie is he, I fay for me, 
Quhen he is fre, can hald him fo. 

Finis piod Scott 


\Tkir lenteme Dayis ar luvely lang^ 


THIR lenterae dayis ar luvely lang. 
And I will mvme ne mair, 
Nor for no mirthles may me mang, 
That will not for me cair. 

I wilbe glaid and latt hir gang, 5 

With falfat in hir fair; 
I fynd ane frefchar feir to fang, 
Baith of hyd, hew and hair. 

The wintter nycht is lang but weir, 

I may mvme g^f I will, 10 

Scho will not mvme for me, that cleir, 

Thairfoir I wilbe ftill. 

O, king of luve, that is fo cleir, 

I me acqu}^ yow till, 

Sa fcho fra me and I fra hir, 15 

And not bot it be (kill. 

O, lord of luve, how lykis the. 

My lemmens laitis vnleill? 

Scho luvis ane vthir bettir than me, 

I half caufs to appeiU. ao 

I pray to Him that deit on tre, 

That for ws all thold baill, 

Mot fend my lemmane twa or thre. 

Sen fcho can not be leill. 

Vthir hes hir hairt, fowld fcho haif msnie? 25 

Trewly that war grit wrang; 

Quhen thay haif play, gif I haif pyne. 

On gallowis mot I hang. 


Or for hir luve gif I declyne, 

Thocht fcho ewill nevir fo lang, 30 

Quhen I think on hir foirheid fjme. 

Than mon I fmg ane fang. 

Off all the houris of the nycht FoLas^b. 

I can not tell yow ane» 

So mvme I for my lady bricht, 35 

Fro fleip haif me ourtane. 

Fro fcho be paft owt of my ficht 

The calling of ane ftane, 

I haif no langour, be this licht, 

I love God of his lane. 40 

Allace, that evir fader me gat, 

Or moder me wend in clais, 

Gif I fowld for ane womans faik 

My lyfe thus leid in lais. 

For ye faw nevir fo fair a caik 45 

Of meill that miliar mais, 

Bot )rit ane man wald get the maik; 

As gud luve cumis as gais. 

[Finis] quod Stewart 

[Retume the, Hairt^ hatnewart agane^ 

RETURNE the, hairt, hamewart agane, 
And byd quhair thow was wont to be ; 
Thow art ane fule to fuffer pane, 
For luve of hir that luvis not the. 



My hairt, lat be fic fantefie, 5 

Luve nane bot as thay mak the caufs, 
And lat hir feik ane hairt for the, 
For feind a crum of the fcho fawis. 

To quhat effe£l fowld thow be thrall? 

But thank, fen thow hes thy fre will; 10 

My hairt, be not fa beftiall, 

Bot knaw quho dois the guid or ilL 

Remane with me and tary (till, 

And fe quha plajds befl thair pawis. 

And lat iillok ga fling hir fill, 15 

For feind accrum of the fcho fawis. 

Thocht fcho be fair I will not fenyie, 

Scho is the kynd of vthiris ma; 

For quhy? thair is a fellone menyie, FoL353.a. 

That femis gud and ar not fa. 20 

My hairt, tak nowdir pane nor wa 

For Meg, for Meriory or yit Mawis; 

Bot be thow glaid and latt hir ga, 

For feind accrum of the fcho fawis. 

Becaus I find fcho tuik in ill, 25 

At hir depairting thow mak na cair, 

Bot all begyld, go quhair fcho mil, 

Schrew the hairt that mane makis mair. 

My hert, be miny lait and air. 

This is the fynall end and claufs, 30 

And latt hir fallow ane filly fair. 

For feind a crum of the fcho fawis. 

Hnis quod Alexander Scott to his Hert. 


\Quhenye werplefit toplHfs me kertfulfy^ 

QUHEN ye wer plefit to pleifs me hertfuUy, 
I was applefit to pleifs yow fickerly ; 
Sen ye ar pleifit to pleifs ane vthir wy, 
Be nocht difplefit to pleifs, quhair plefit am I. 

\Qukyfowld I tuve^ botgif I war luvitf\ 

QUHY fowld I luve, bot gif I war luvit? 
Quhy fowld I fett myne hert in variance? 
Quhy fowld I do the thing to be reprovit? 
Vnto my fpreit it war richt grit grevance: 
Quhy fowld I fchamefully thus me avance. 
To lovin[jg] on and fcho not loving me? 
Than war I gydit with mifgovimance, 
That I fowld luve and I not lovit be. 

\Irkit I am with langum Luvis Lair.] 

IRKIT I am with langum luvis lair, 
Ourfett with inwart fiching fair, 


For in the prefone of difpair, 

Seing ilk wicht gettis fum weilfair, 5 


My hairt is pynd and perfit fo with panis, F0L253.IX 

Quhill teiris over my vifage ranis, 
And makis the blud within vanis, 

To dry, 10 

Quha ma fic greif refift aganis, 

Bot I? 

My mad misfortoun dois me fo comm[u]ve, 

That^ I may nowthir reft nor ruve, 

Bot wary all the goddis ab[u]ve 15 

The Iky, 
That every leid obtenis thair luve, 


All nobill hairtis of nateur ar inclynd, 

Quhair they find conftance, to be kynd, 10 

Thairfoir to me fcho fowld hir mynd 

Sen non is for hir perfone pynd, 

Bot I. 

The facultie of famenene is fo, 25 

Vnto thair freind to be his fo, 
Syne menis him quhen he is ago. 

For thy; 
Vncourtefly thus keill thay mo. 

Than I. 30 

Thay covet not the man that thay may get, 
For him thay hald as propper det ; 


On ftrangeris ay thair myndis ar fet, 

To fpy; 
Thus mo bene fetterit with thair net, 35 

Nor I. 

Grit fide I am to follow the delyte 
Of thame that hes no faith perfyte, 
Thairfoir fie cumpany I quyt 

Denny; 40 

Off all my wo hes non the wyt, 


Quhat woundir is thocht I do weip and pleid, 

This fellon crewall \y{t I leid, 

The quhilk but dowt wilbe my deid, 45 

For every man obtenis remeid, 


My lady hes ane hairt of ftone fo hard, 

On me to rew fcho hes no regard, 50 

Bot buftoufly I am debard. 

Ay by, 
And every man gettis fum reward, 


Finis quod Montgomeiy.^ 

[/ mvfe and mervellis in my Atynd.] 

1MVSE and mervellis in my mynd, FoL 254.0. 

Quhat way to wryt, or put in verfs, 

^ Mcntgamery is in a different hand. 


The quent confaitis of wemenkynd. 

Or half thair havingis to refaerfs; 

I fynd thair haill affe£tioun 5 

So contrair thair complexloun. 

For quhy? no leid vnleill thay Idt, 

Vntrewth exprefly thay expell, 

Yit thay ar planeift and repleit 

Of falfet and diflait thair fell ; 10 

So find I thair affe£lioun 

Contrair thair complexioun. 

Thay favour no wayis fuliche men, 

And veny few of thame are wyifs, 

All gredy perfonis thay miiken, 15 

And thay ar full of covetyifs ; 

So find I thair affeAioun 

Contrair thair complexioun. 

I can thame call bot kittie vnfellis, 

That takkis fie maneris at thair motheris, 20 

To bid men keip thair fecreit counfailis, 

Syne fchaw the fame agane till vthiris; 

So find I thair afie6lioun 

Contrair thar awin complexioun. 

Thay lawch with thame that thay difpyt, 25 

And with thair lykingis thay lament ; 

Of thair wanhap thay ley the wyt 

On thair leill luvaris innocent; 

So find I thair affefUoun 

Contrair thar awin complexioun. 30 

Thay wald be rewit, and hes no rewth, 
Thay wald be menit, and no man menis, 
Thay wald be trowit, and hes no trewth, 


Thay wifs thair will that fkant weill wenys ; 

So find I thair affeAioun 35 

Contrair thair awin complexioun. 

Thay forge the freindfchip of the fremmit, 

And fleis the favour of ther freindis, FoL254.b. 

Thay wald with nobill men be memmi^ 

Syne laittandly to lawar leindis; 40 

So find I thair afre6lioun 

Contrair thair complexioun. 

Thay lichtly fone and covettis quickly, 

Thay blame ilk body and thay blekit; 

Thay eindill fafl and dois ill lickly, 45 

Thay fklander faikles and thay fufpe£lit; 

So find I thair affeftioun 

Contrair thair complexioun. 

Thay wald haif all men bund and thrall 

To thame, and thay for to be fre ; 50 

Thay covet ilkman at thair call, 

And thay to leif at libirtie; 

So fynd I thair affeAioun 

Contrar thair complexioun. 

Thay tak del}rt in mertiall deidis, 55 

And ar of nature tremebund ; 

Thay wald men nvreifl all thair nddis. 

Syne confortles lattis thame confound ; 

So fynd I thair affeAioun 

Contrar thair complexioun. 60 

Thay wald haif wating on alway, 
But gwerdoim, genyeild or rewaird, 
Thay wald haif reddy fcherwandis ay. 
But reconpans, thank or rewaird; 


So find I thair afieflioun 65 

Contrair thair complexioun. 

The vertew of this writ and vigour 

Maid in comparifone it is. 

That famenene ar of this figour, 

Quhilk clippit is antiphracis; 70 

For quhy? thair haill affe£lioun 

Is contrair thair complexioun. 

I wat gud wemen will not wyt me, 

Nor of this feduU be efchamit; 

For be thay courtas, thay will quyt me, 75 

And gif thay crab, heir I quyt clame it; 

ConfefTand thair affeflion 

Conforme to thair complexioun. 

[Finis] quod Scott 

[Fane wald I luve, bot quhair adowtf] 

FANE wald I luve, bot quhair abowt? FoLass.a. 

Thair is fo mony luvaris thairowt, 
That thair is left no place to me; 
Quhairof I hovit now in dowt, 
Gif I fowld luve, or lat it be. s 

Sa mony ar thair ladeis treitis, 

With trivmphand amowres balleitis, 

And dois thair bewteis pryifs fo he, 

That I find not bot daft confaitis 

To fay of luve ; bot lat it be. 10 


Sum thinkis his lady luftieft, 

Sum haldis his lady for the beft, 

Sum fayis [h]is luve is a per fe; 

Bot fum, forfwth, ar fo oppreft 

With luve, wer bettir lat it be. 15 

Sum for his ladyis luve lyis feik, 

Suppois fcho comptis it not a leik, 

And fum drowpis doun as he wold die ; 

Sum ftrykis doun a threid bair cheik 

For luve, war bettir lat it be. 20 

Sum luvis lang and lyis behind, 

Sum luvis and freindfchip can not fynd, 

Sum feftnit is and ma not fle; 

Sum led is lyk the belly blynd 

With luve, wer bettir lat it be. «5 

Thocht luve be grene in gud curage, 

And be difficill till aflfwage, 

The end of it is miferie; 

Mifgovernit yowth makis gowfty age ; 

Forbeir ye not and lat it be. 30 

Bot quha perfytly wald imprent, 

Sowld fynd his luve moid permanent; 

Luve God, thy prince, and freind, all thre; 

Treit weill thy felf, and (land content, 

And latt all vthir luvaris be. 35 

Emis quod Clerk.* 

^ Clerk is in ft different hand. 




\In June the Jem of Joy and Getne.] 

IN June the jem of joy and geme, Foi.25s.b. 

This prefent to compyle expreb, 
But hurt, but wem, or wind to ftem, 
Inarmit I am with havinefs. 

Wantone in weill but wo, 5 

Glaid withowt greif alfo, 
And fre of every fo, 

That I confefs. 

I maik it plane, for luve agane 

Thair fall no forrow in me fynk, 10 

Nor yit in vane, to fuffer pane. 
To flop frome fleip, frome meit or drink. 
Thair is no lady fre, 
That and fcho favour me, 

Scho will nocht thoill to fe 15 

Me p)nie, I think. 

Be fcho content of corfs and rent, 
All falbe hirfs that I may get hir; 
Will fcho abfent, hyne fall I went, 

And at als littill valor fet hin 20 

Quhair power ma not plaifs, 
Adew withowt difeifs, 
. Als gud luve cumis as gais. 

Or rathir bettir. 

Quhen fcho growis heich, I draw on dreich, 25 

To vefy and behald the end, 

Quhen fcho growis flceich, I byd on beich, 

To lat hir in the brjrdiil bend. 


Quhen fchow growis meik and tame, 
Scho falbe wyicome hame, 30 

Gif fcho my luve quyt clame, 

I fall not kend. 

Pleifs fcho to rew, I fall perfew, 

With fubie€l fcherwyice every fefibne, 

Be fcho vntrew, fairweill, adew, 35 

For as fcho chaingis I fall cheifs one. 

Bot gif fcho fteidfaft ftand, 

And be not wariand, 

I am at hir command, 

Conforme to refibne. 40 

Finis quod Scott. 

\Thair is nocht am Winche that Ife^ 

THAIR is nocht ane winche that I fe Foi.2s6.a. 

Sail win ane wantage of me; 
Be fcho fab, I falbe fle, 

And fay to difpyt hir; 
Be fcho trew, I will confyd, 5 

Will fcho remane, I fall abyd; 
Will fcho flip, I wiU bot ilyd, 

And fo fall I c^yt hir. 

Be fcho conftant and trew, 

I fall evir hir perfew; 10 

Be fcho fals, tlian adew, 

No htnger I taiy. 


Be fcho fathfuU in mynd, 
I falbe to hir inclynd ; 

Be fcho ftrange and vnkynd, 15 

I gif hir to fary. 

Be fcho haltand and he, 
Rycht fwa fall fcho fynd me; 
Be fcho lawly and fre, 

The futh I fall fay hir. 20 

Be fcho fecreit and wyifs, 
I fall await on hir fcherwyifs ; 
Will fcho glaik and go nyifs, 

I leif hir to play hir. 

And I magyn my mailis, 25 

I fall feid hir with caillis; 
Thocht my fawis haif no feillis, 

I fall leir hir to fan. 
Be fcho wylie as ane tod, 

Quhen fcho winkis I fall nod ; 30 

Scho fall nocht begyle me, be God, 

For ocht tihat fcho can. 


\To luve vnluvit it is atu Pane!\ 

TO luve vnluvit it is ane pane; 
For fcho that is my fouerane, 
Sum wantoun man fo he hes fet hir. 
That I can get no lufe agane, 
Bot brekis my hairt, and nocht the bettir.- 


Quhen that I went with that fweit may, 

To dance, to fing, to fport and pley, 

And oft tymes in my armis plet hir; 

I do now mvrne both nycht and day, 

And brekis my hart, and nocht the bettir. lo 

Quhair I wes wont to fe hir go, Fo1.2s6.u 

Richt trymly pafland to and fro, 

With cumly fmylis quhen that I met hir; 

And now I leif in pane and wo, 

And brekis my hart, and nocht the bettir. 15 

Quhattane ane glaikit fule am I, 

To flay my felf with malancoly? 

Sen Weill I ken I may nocht get hir. 

Or quhat fuld be the caus, and quhy. 

To brek my hart, and nocht the bettir. 20 

My hairt, fen thow may nocht hir pleifs, 

Adew, as gud lufe cumis as gaifs, 

Go chufs ane vdir and foryet hir; 

God, gif him dolour and difeifs, 

That brekis thair hairt, and nocht the bettir. 25 

Finis quod Scott guhm his Wyfe left him. 

[My Hart is qukyt, attd fto delyte I haif of Ladeisfair^ 

MY hart is quh)^, and no dels^te I haif of ladeis fair, 
I wyte, I flyte, all in difpyte, that evir I leird that lair. 
Yit^ but refpyte, I clene the quyte, for now and evir mair; 

^ MS. has nt. 


Thairfoir I dyte this writt perf)^e. Fairweill, now feildis fair; 
The futh is fo, be God, my jo, I will fenye na mair; 5 

Thocht vmquhiie grit wes appetite, thair is wan tyme of wair. 

Stopping in aige, he on ftaige, and yowtheid went and done, 
And my curege hes tane to fwaige, rycht lait eftir none; 
Quhen I wes pege, I did vafl^e, and fped my erand fone, 
Now is that rege tumd in dotage, it is auld of the mone. lo 

The futh is fo, be Grod, my jo, qu]rt tumit is that tone, 
Gud aile and fege falbe my waige ; away ligging alone. 

The flefche is fawin wes vmquhiie brawin, I lift nocht for to pley, 
The medowfs mawin, the claith is drawin, the grace is faid away, 
The feid wes fawin, full quyt hes blawin the joly wind of May, 15 
I mak it knawin, for all your lawin, I haif done as I may. 
The futh is fo, be God, my jo, it is to yow I fay, 
Thocht ye wer gawin, ye bourd but hawin, the tyd is paft away. 

Ane proclamatioun vnto all natioun, I mak heir be this bill, 

Anefickerftratioun,Godheslaidone,thayfruAishestanehimtill; 20 

Stufe is thair none but queftioun, remanis bot gud will, 

Now fair on, with my benyfone, on forfs I mon ly ftiU. 

The futh is fo, be God, my jo, oflF Jynny nor of Jill, 

I pleifs coUatioun, and recreatioun; latt thame go fling thair fill. 

The man I call vnnaturall, that ftewarts all him fell, 25 

That hes but fmall ftufe corporall, fyne fchutis at that fchell ; 

Quhen principall, and materiall, and natur is expell. 

Than be the wall, he lyis our thrall, gar bring him the hand bell. 

The futh is fo, quhen dry, my jo, of natur growis the well, 

To feik our all, na ftufe thow fall for no gold get to fell. 30 



\In all this Warld no Man fnay wit.] 

IN all this warld no man may wit, Foi. 257.0. 

Thair no power nor knawlege may; 
The counfale, craft nor kyndnes kelp it, 
Na treft in it that wemen will fay. 

The knot that I wend had bene knit s 

Of luve and faithfulnes for ay, 
I fe it lowifd and luve is flit; 
Quhat hand may had that will away? 

To yow, madame, this I ind3^e, 

That lang your trew lufe half I bene, «> 

Commending me, greiting I wryt, 

For your fremmit quentance vnclene. 

Ye wait your felf quhat that I mene, 

I neid nocht mair planely to fay; 

God^ wald I had yow nevir fene; 15 

Quhat hand may had that will away? 

Befoir I womit and now I wait, 

Be evidence the fowth I fe, 

Allace, quhat alit me be fo blait, 

For to lufe hir that luvit not me ? 20 

I haif hard fay, and fa haif ye, 

This proverb oft in fport and play, 

God wait the blind eltis mony a He ; 

Quhat hand may had that will away? 

Your gudly wordis maid me to treft, 25 

That all your talking had bene trew, 
I was diflfauit fone in haift, 
The cleth was of ane vthir hew. 


That I wend had bene reid was blew, 
That femit ane fyifs was bot ane tray ; 30 

Bot perrellis may no man efchew; # 

Quhat hand may had that will away? 

Oft tymes hes it bene red and told, 

Be vitty men that vndirftude, 

All glittrand thing is not of gold, 35 

And ilk fair apill is nocht gude. FoLasr.b. 

Ane feik heid in a fkarlet huid, 

Oft haifs it bene, this we heirfay; 

Your fenyeit luve is lyk the flud ; 

Quhat hand may hald that will away? 40 

Forfwth I am infortunate, 

To ladeis luve that rew I foir, 

And had I wifl was me to latt, 

Keipand the reirgaird evirmoir. 

He was richt wyis that knew befoir 45 

The cairfull end of every fray; 

Quhat fall I wryt? I can no moir; 

Quhat hand may hald that will away? 

Now quho fo evir hewis to hie, 

I heir men fay, and fwth it is, 50 

The fpailis will fall and hurtis ee, 

And fwa it fairis be me, I wifs. 

I was full lewd to love ladeis, 

With riches dar not poverty play, 

I dar not fay, thair is a mifs; 55 

Quhat hand may hald that will away? 

Was nene in all the warld I drelt 

To thame fa weill my hairtis difclois. 

As to yow, lady, for luve and treft, 

Bot all that haif I to ferlois. 60 


Faft by the nettill growis the rois, 
And eftir dark nycht cumis the day; 
Men fayis als g^d luve cumis as gois ; 
Quhat hand may hald that will away? 

Fra this tyme furth knaw ye richt weill, 65 

And vndirftand quhat is my parte, 

The thing that ye fett at your heill, 

I will no moir fett at my harte. 

Fra wo to joy I will rewairt. 

No man may ganecall yiftirday ; 7oFoi.2s8.a. 

Your vnkyndnes now garris me fmairt ; 

Quhat hand may hald that will away? 

The laft lettir I to yow fent, 

I wret it as a man fteidfaft, 

With all my hairt in guid entent, 75 

Owt of your mynd now is it paft. 

And thairfoir this falbe the laft, 

I leif wr)rtting and thus I fay, 

Furth of my mynd ye falbe caft; 

Quhat hand may hald that will away? 80 


Schort Epegrammis aganis Women, 

MY lawtie garris me be lichtleit, allaik, 
Your luve leftis not I had it bot of lane ; 
All youre unkyndnes compt I not a kaik, 
For I fall get als gud quhen ye ar gane. 



Will God I fall not weir the fiching bene, 

Nor walk on nichttis, thocht ye haif wrocht me wrangis ; 

I lyk richt weill I latt your luve allane, 

God be your gyd, als g^d luve cumis as gangis. 

Ane vthir, 

I luve and I fay not, 

I wald and I may not, lo 

Ofcula fi tibi det. 
Bewar with wemens wrinkis, 
Mony wylis hir vmbethinkis, 

Me te difcipiet 


Ane of the ward that evir was in erd 15 

Was Gezabell, as ftor3ds makis mentioun, 

For in the Bybill ye may baith fee and heird ; 

Full mony haly proffeit ^ fcho pote doun, 

And wrocht the pepill grit confufioun ; 

Syne filly Nabot for his wyneyard fcho flew, 20 

Yit drank the dog^s hir blude and banis gnew. 


Thocht all the wod vnder the hevin that growis Foi.258.b. 

War crafty pennis convenient to wryte. 

And all the fie vndir the lift that flowis 

War changeit in yv^i and that wer infynyt, 25 

And the erd maift plefand paper quh3rt; 

All the men wer wryttaris that evir tuik lyfe 


Cowld not wiyt the fals diflaitfuU difpyt. 
And wicketnes contenit in a wyfe. 


Ane viUr. 

Gif all the erth war perchmene fcribable, 30 

Maid to the hand and all maner of wud 

Wer hewit, and proportionat pennis able, 

All watter yvik in dame or in flude. 

And every man a perfyt fcryb and guid, 

The curfitnes and diflet of wemen 35 

Cowld not be fchawin be the mene of pen. 

[Finis] quod Chawcer. 

The diuill is not to daly Ifayf 

Comparefone to a wicket w)rfe; 

A womanis malice is fo fell 

Exceiddb all the devillis in hell; 40 

Thair wordis, thair worlds and thair ill tungis 

Hes cawfit full mony brokin rungis. 



{This Work quha fa fall fie or reid.] 

THIS work quha fa fall fie or reid, 
Of ony incongruitie do me not impeche, 
Ordourly behuvis me firft to proceid 
In deduAioun thairof, in maner of a leche^ 

^ On the left margin is written Ckau/eir. 


His patientis feiknes awchtis firft to feiche, 5 

The quhilk knawin, medecyne he fowld apply. 
And fchortly as he^ can fchappin a remedy. 

Richt fo by counfale willing the to exhort, 

O, yung man profprus, quhilk dois abound 

In thy flowris of luft belongith on this fort, 10 

Me firft to confidder quhat is rut and ground 

Of thy mifcheif, quhilk is planely found, 

Woman ferfid with frawid and diflait, 

To thy confufioun a moft alle£tiue bait 

Fie the myfwoman leift fcho the diflaif, isFol.259.a. 

This fayis Salamon, quhilk taucht was fully 

The falflieid of woman in his dayis to confaif ; 

The lippis of a ftrumpet bene fueitar than huny, 

Hir throt, he fayis, fowplid with oyll of flattry ; 

Howbeit the end and eflfefl of all 20 

Is bittirrer than ony wormewid or gall. 

Fie the myfwoman, luving thy lyfe. 

Ware the ftrangeris bland eloquens; 

Strange I call hir, that is nocht thy wyfe, 

Off hir bewty haif no concupifcens, 25 

Hir countenance pretending benivolens ; 

Bewar hir fignys and ay fo amiable. 

Hold it for ferme thay bene difTavable. 

Lo, ane example quhat woman be, 

In thair fignys and countenans fchortly ; 30 

I will fchaw the fow luvaris thre 

Lovit on woman rycht inteirly ; 

Eche of thame knew vthiris maledy, 

Quhairfoir wes all thair daly lawbour, 

Quho culd approche moft in hir favour. 35 

^ MS. has be. 


At lindre feflbnis as fortoun requyrith, 

Seueraly thay come to fe hir weilfair, 

Bot onis it appinit that luve thame fo fyrith, 

To fe thair lady thay all wald nocht fpair ; 

Off vthiris cuming non of thame wes wair, 40 

Till all thay me^ quhair as thay in place 

Off thair lady faw the defyrit face. 


To fupper fett, full fmally thay eit, 

Full fobir and demure in contenance, 

For thair tareid non of thame for ony meit, 45 

Bot on his lady to gife attendance, 

And in fecreit wayfe to gife fignyiians 

Off lufe to haif, quhiche perfaving fche, 

Fetly executit thus hir propirtie. 

In dew feffone as fcho all wayis efpyid, 50 

Every thing to execut conveniently, 

Hir on luver firft freyndly fcho eyid, 

The fecound fcho offerit the cup courtefly, 

The thrid fcho gaif takin fecreitly, 

Vndimeth the burde fcho tred on his fute, 55 

Thruch his entrellis taklid the hart rute. 

By your leif, mycht I heir aik a queilioun 

Off yow, my maifteris, that few luvis trace? Fol.259.b. 

To yow lykly belongith the folutioun. 

Quchich of theis thre ftoid now in grace? 60 

Cleirly to anfchueir ye wald aik long fpace; 

The matir is dowtfull and opinable, 

To acertane yow I will my felf vnable. 

Off the foirfaid thre my felf wes on, 

No man can anfueir it bettir than I ; 65 

Hertly of ws luvit wes thair non, 

Bot Wattis pak we bur all by and by; 


Quhilk at laft I my felf can efpy, 

And as I thocht tyme than I left the dance; 

O, thochtfuU hairt, grit is thy grevance. 7° 

Quhairfoir the w)rfeman dois the adwyfe, 

In quhois wordis can be fund no lefing, 

With the ftranger to fit in no wayifs; 

Quhilk is nocht thy wjrfe fall nocht in clepping 

With hir, bot be war eik of hir kiffing; 75 

Keip with hir at wyn no alteratioun, 

Left than th)m hart fall by inclinatioun. 

Finis quod Chaufeir.^ 

{Bnithir, be wyi/s, I reidyow now. 

BRUTHIR, be wyifs, I reid yow now, 
With ladeis, gif it happynis yow, 
That welth no way your wit mak blind; 
Obey and for the bettir bow; 
Remembir quhatt ma cum behind. 5 

Thocht ye be flowand in the rege 

Off frefche yowtheid and grene curage, 

And lycht as ony leif on lynd, 

And he extold in Venus ftege, 

Remembir quhat ma cum behind. 10 

Suppoifs that lufe be naturall, 

And in yoivtheid moft principally 

Ryn nocht our far in to the wind, 

At thy fute thocht thow half the ball; 

Remembir quhat ma cum behind. 15 

^ Chau/eir has been afterwards written in. 


Thocht thow be ilerk as Herculefs, 

Sampfone, HeAor or Achillefs, 

Be forfs thocht thow may lowfs and bynd 

Pentagora to preif in prefs, 

Remember quhat ma cum behind. ^ 

Ane vthir thing I do the fay; Foi.26o.a. 

Preif nevir thy pith fo far in play, 

That thow forthink that thow come tnd, 

And mvm quhen thow no mendis may; 

Remembir quhat ma cum behind. 25 

Thocht thow be wyifs as Salamone, 

Or fair of feir as Abfoione, 

Or riche as Cryfes out of kynd, 

Or princis peir Ipomedone, 

Remembir quhat ma cum behind. 30 

Gif thow be wyifs fo is thair mo, 

Gif thow be ftark thair is alfo, 

Gife thow be gude gud fall thow fjmd, 

Gif thow be ill thow fyndis thy fo ; 

Remember quhat ma cum behind. 35 

Thus fall thow ftand in no degre 

Sover ferout perplexitie ; 

Thocht thow be nevir fo noble of kyud, 

Nor gre fo grit of dignitie, 

Remembir quhat ma cum behind. 40 

In all thy doingis haif gud fkill, 

Continew in gude, reforme the ill, 

Do fo that dolour ma be dynd; 

Thufs may thow think, gif that thow will, 

Oflf gud and ill quhat cumis behind. 45 

\Flnis\ quod Sir Johine MofTett. 



'i^y L:mz€ z^iu/j^ and full of Flattry^ 

MY :u%Tt was fils and fill! of flattry, 
Wirh OiZerit Icfl^gis full of dowbilnds; 
Q»Jie2 tLir iho fpak, hir toung was wonder flc, 
Wtz fLls SsdbLiaoc aad fenyext hitmyiads, 
Ard r:*rriL>Ti-x?£ pijntit with 

OJLli WX5 the ci ■;•'> that eft I crvd allace 

Scuc l-^-.Tt i-se \,ilr bcttfr than fcho linit me; 

thxT draif me to grit fkonie» 

^. ■*; 

^ jr r tt^ I ts-pj rr irr pmimc 
Sztc tLji -t r: hjr Ir^^ rpoca tbe monie, 
Aiti II >fr>:"T tia=^ twa I gat Ae home; 
V": I rrvji a>±:: pcruif thi*r fals coafait, 
?e,T;.i:I> ^>~;irrr br^.;T>i 1^ I was growin blait 

Y*.nj F'-iTOi the fcce of 

\Vi5\L::.t w .th :^^ c£ fair Mcridiane; 

Schc crccrdt hl=i hi Vjw cvin as lie waU, 

Ari ir iDe :>cre£t pl»x gait him rcmane, 

BliwirJ jc>2 Vs'^"'^- be art magkane. 

Is fr.xl arsd ibiw quh£I2 dayjcht on the mocne; 

Boc mv r.::ok ^vi^^^^ grittar fkome. 


Tiu ikmu rr>L.: I ^tt nkht beae maid ane faris» 15 

C\ ii:^:?±.': tiK irrx of Abfolooc, 

0*-tiia r:K bm r-J.t2r wes fcbett in his herfs, 

5< c:«ir^ N »r,'i js asi his luvc AUefone, 

>\5 Cx*r ^:<!L % Ta ^' - > r" . iVi> mcatKxm; FoLj6aK 

Y : I .- r<-sLcit D.xht bot fcho wes trcw, ao 

Svrc ! w^ il beg^-'it. >juhllk tair I few. 


Viigill, quhilk was prudent, graif and faige, 

Wafs lichtleit be his luve without remeid, 30 

And for difpyt fcho hang him in ane caige; 

And Arriftotill quhilk diuerfs doflrynis maid, 

His lady patt ane brydill in his heid ; 

Bot all thay (komis can nocht comparit be, 

Till half the fchame that my luve gart me dre. 35 

Siclyk fcho wald, be grit fubtilitie, 

RefTaif fra me luve drwreifs belt and ring, 

And than with thay fame giftis offir wald fche 

Hir paramour, and lait him want no thing; 

Vpoun the mome the fame ringis he wald bring, 40 

And weir thame for difpyt befoir my face, 

To gar me ken he was mair in hir grace. 

God wait quhat wo had Troyelus in deid, 

Quhen he beheld the belt, the broch and rii^, 

Hingand vpoun the fpeir of Diomeid, 45 

Quhilk Troyellus gaif to Creffeid in luve taikning; 

On that fame fort fcho did to me maling, 

For tha gifts that I gafe till hir all hour, 

With thame fcho did poifes hir paramour. 

Bot quhan fcho was in to neceflitie, 50 

Than flattir me fcho wald with woirdis fair ; 

Ane fenyeit teir fcho wald thrift fra hir e, 

Lyk as for luve of me fcho wald forfair; 

Hir fenyeit wo did fop my hart with cair, 

Than pety gart me grant till hir defyre, 55 

Becaufs the luve brunt me lyk the bald^ fyre. 

So day be day fcho plaid with me buk hud. 
With mony Ikomis and mokkis behind my bak, 
Hir fubtill wylis gart me fpend all my gud, 

^ The fiift letter of this word can only be conjedured. 



Quhill that my clayis grew threidbair on my back ; 60 
My vane perfut gart me vin fchame and lak, 
Quhill fra fic foly my hart dois now refrane; 
The devill reflaue me and I doid agane. 

Finis quod Weddirbume. 

\Thir Lady is fair, that makis Repair^ 

THIR ladyis fair, that makis repair, Foi.26i.a. 

And in the court ar kend, 
Thre dayis thair, thay will do mair, 
Ane mater for till end, 

Than thair gud men will do in ten, 5 

For ony craft thay can, 
So Weill thay ken, quhat tyme and quhen, 
Thair menes thay fowld mak than. 

With littill noy, thay can convoy 

Ane mater fynaly, 10 

Richt myld and moy, and keip it coy. 

On evyns quyetly. 

Thay do no mifs, bot gif thay kifs, 

And keipis coUatioun, 

Quhat rek of this? thair mater is 15 

Brocht to conclufioun. 

Wit ye Weill, thay half grit feill, 
Ane mater to folift. 


Treft as the fteill, fyne nevir a deill 

Quhen thay cum hame ar mift. 20 

Thir lairdis ar, methink, richt far 

Sic ladeis behaldin to, 

That fa weill dar go to the bar, 

Quhen thair is ocht ado. 

Thairfoir I reid, gif ye haif pleid, 25 

Or mater in to pley, 

To mak remeid, fend in your fteid, 

Your ladeis grathit vj^y. 

Thay can defend, evin to the end, 

Ane mater furth exprefs ; 30 

Suppois thay fpend, it is vnkend, 

Thair geir is nocht the les. 

In quyet place, thocht thay haif fpace, 

Within lefs nor twa howris, 

Thay can, percaice, purchefs fum grace, 35 

At tlie compofitouris. 

Thair compofitioun, with full remiflioun, 

Thair fynaly is endit, 

With expeditioun and full conditioun, 

Thair feilis ar to pendit 40 

Alhaill almoift, thay mak the coift, Foi.26i.b. 

With fobir recompens, 

Richt littill loift, thay get indoift, 

Alhaill thair evidens. 

Sic ladyis wyifs, thay ar to pryis, 45 

To fay the veretie, 

Swa can devyifs, and not fupprjrifs 

Thame, nor thair honeftie. 

I*$nis quod Dumbar. 



\The Vfe of Court richt weill I ifiaw,] 

THE vfe of court richt weill I knaw, 
That ladeis ar folifteris of the law ; 
At hame remanis the filly lairdis, 
And fendis thair wyvis behind the yerdis, 
Weill ftuffit with mony and rewairdis, 5 

To forder thair eirandis fra nicht faw. 

In cloikis thay cum full quyet cled, 

And rownis to haif thair mater fped ; 

Thay gif no buddis, 

Bot on thair luddis, 10 

Thay get grit fkuddis, 

In nakit bed. 

Bot neui^heles the laird mon fyne, 

For all hir menis, ane tun of wyne; 

His wyfe cumis hame baith wyd and vfit, 15 

Bot yit mon hald hir excufit, 

And fynaly the folkis that duiflit, 

Denyis and lachis thame to hethinge fyne. 

The laird mvniis quhen he ma not mendit, 

His wyfe jaippit, his filver fpendit, ^ 

And all hir labor tumit in vane, 

Bot ay the leddy fayis full plane, 

That fcho mon to the court agane, 

Or ellis the ply will not be endit 

Hir buclar bord and all^ backwart borne, 25 

And all hir cauifs is quyt forlome; 

^The a/l is perhaps deleted. 


Vp gettis hir wame, 

Scho thinkis no fchamey 

For to bring hame, 

The laird a home. 30 


Ballatis aganis Evill Wemen. Foi.262.a. 

[The beiftly Luft, tftefurius Appetytl 

THE beiftly luft, the furius appetyt, 
The haifly wo, the verry grit defame, 
The blind difcretioun, the hatrent and difpyte 
Of wemen k)md that dreidis for no fchame, 
That fettis at nocht God nor manis blame, 5 

Thair luftis fo hes nvreift thame but dreid, 
That all thair treft is thair god Cupeid. 

The luftyeft lady that natur can devyifs, 

Thocht fdio haif mony femely fervitour, 

Yit fall ye fe hir fuddanly inclyne, 10 

To tak ane crukit crippill criateur, 

Quhilk formit is ane owill be nateur; 

Sic is thair werd, thairfoir quha fowld thame wyte, 

Thair beiftly luft and furius appet}^e. 

And fen thir clerkis awld wret in to thair ftylis, 15 

To yungar folk and thair fucceflioun. 


For to efchew the malice and the wylis» 

Of wemen quhilk ar our oppreflioun, 

Thir folkis wyifs of gud difcretioun 

Hes teichit ws quhat fkaithis and oflfens, 20 

That wemen dois be cuUourit eloquens. 

And pofTible war in till ane cumly corfs, 

Wyifs Salamons wit and his hie fapience, 

Arriftotillis clergy, Sampfonis flrenth and forfs, 

Hefloris proves and Achillis excellence; 25 

Yit wemen fowld with wylie influence 

Cawifs all thir vertewis to be of non availl, 

With thair fle ferpent wrinkis and fals taill. 

So dengerus, deir, diflavable, full of difdane, 

So fenyeity fals and with fo littill feir, 30 

And quhair thay go thay beir the flaik flane ; 

Go follow thame, quha lift vnlawty leir, 

Secreit invy and of difpyt the fpeir; 

With wemen evill it gois all quyt for evir, 

Quhilk fowld ws leme fra fubteill huris diflfevir. 35 



[Devyce^ Proves and eik Humilitie!\ 

DEVYCE, proves and eik humilitie, Foi.262.b. 

That madyns had in everilk wyKs 
Transformit is in ferpentis crewaltie; 


Fra thay in warld be weddit trevrth fo tryifs, 

No manis wit to wounder ma fufiyifs ; 5 

Quhair ar becum thir madynis myld as mvde ; 

Of thir wyvis ar non now fundin gude? 

O, madinheid, of vertew nobilleft, 

Flurriffing in joy and perfsrte lawlinefs, 

O, wyfheid, wareit all vthiris wicketteft, 10 

The moder of vice and hairtis hie diftrefs, 

Diftroyaris of realmis and cuntreis, as I gefs, 

That all this warld hes brocht to confufioun 

Begunnyn was thruche thy perfwafioun. 

Exampillis ar how thyne iniquitie 15 

Ouircum hes wifdome and flrenth of hand : 

By Salamone the firft may provit be, 

Wyfeft but weir in warld that evir was levand ; 

His grit wifdome micht not aganis the (land; 

Thow gart him ar in his lattir eild, 20 

Declyne fra Grod and to thi mandments yeild. 

Sampfone the ferfs, ftrangefl that evir was borne 

Of manly [forfe^], throw the diftroyit was, 

Boith his ene blindit and eik forlome; 

Dauid that flew the gyand Golias; 25 

And mony mo quhilk heir over pafs, 

Now to reherfs for laik of tyme and wit, 

And labour grit quhilk will me nocht permit. 

Thow diuillis member, thow curfid homecyd, 

Thow t^r tene, fulfillit of bim)mg fyre, 30 

Thow vnftddfaft, gevin ay to luft and pryd, 

Thow cokkatrice that, with ficht of thsme yre, 

EfTrayit hes full mony gudly fyir, 

Quhilk eftirwart in warld ha[d] no plefance; 

Grit God, I pray the tak on thame vengeance. 35 

^ This word, evidently wanting, is taken from David Laing's reprint of 
Chipman &* MySkr^s Collection, Edin. 1508. 


Grit was the luft that thow had for to fang Foi.263.a. 

The fru£l vetite, throw thi ill counfaling 

Thow gart mankynd confent to do that wrang, 

Difpleifs his God and brek his hie bidding, 

As Haly Writ beiris futhfaft witnefling; 4© 

Thairfoir thow frome the* joy of paradyce, 

And thy oflpring, was baneift for that vyce. 

Bot than in madinheid was our firft remeid, 

And frome the hevin our Haly Fader fent 

The Second Perfone fyne in a godheid, 45 

To tak mankynd than of the Virgin gent, 

Cleir of corfs and clenar of intent, 

Quhilk buir the Bame that coverit ws frome cair, 

Scho beand virgin clenar than fcho war. 


Finis quod Chawfeir. 

\p wicket IVemen, wilfull and variable^ 

O wicket wemen, wilfull and variable, 
Richt fals, feckle^ fell and frivolus, 
Dowgit, difpytfull, dour and difTavable, 
Vnkynd, crewall, curft and covettus, 
Ouirlicht of laitis, vnleill and licherus, 
Tumit fra trewth and taiclit with treichery, 
Vnferme of faith, fulfiUit of fellony. 

O ftowt, ilif, (landfra and vnftable, 
Vnmeik but mefur and malitius, 


Angry, awftem, and till all evillis able, 10 

Skomand, (kaithfuU, fkald and moft iklandrus, 
Gredy, not gude, grym, gray and vngratius, 
Noyus but neid and full of iniquitie, 
Vngentill, ingeit and full of jolefie. 

Als terne as tygir, of tung vntoUerable, 15 

O thow violent virago vennemoufs, 

Blafterand, bald, brym and abhominable, 

Ourperte, reprevable,^ peirles and perrellous, 

Evill criftiane vnknawin, crafty and cawtelus, 

Vncheft, evill chofm and all but cheretie, 20 

Mellit with mifdeid and all menfwome ar ye. 

Finis quod Chauceir. 

Aganis Mariage of evill Wyvis, Fol.a63.b. 

THANKIT be God and his appoftillis twelf, 
I half bene fo weiU fortunat in my l}rfe, 
In to this warld in plefance be my felf, 
, To leif at eifs but forrow of ane wyfe. 
No woundir thocht thair hufbandis hairtis lyfe, 5 

For all the day he neidis no ill to borrow; 
Difleifs, chyding, fo haldis fcho fall the knyfe, 
Meit at his chdk ay foi^t fcherp with forrow. 

For be fcho riche ony thing at eifs. 

Than will fcho fay that fcho and throw hir kin, 10 

So fane fcho wald hald him in to difeifs, 

He wynnis richt nocht bot fcho hes brocht it in. 

^ MS. has rtpmnvdbU, 



Than is fcho bl}dth quhen he is in his Ikin, 

Bowdin for baill, lyik to a beift wald birft ; 

Now is it nocht a foly to b^n, 15 

To cheifs a lyif of all the warld the werft? 

And bring he in ane hundreth pund of guid, 

Scho and hir yung wenchis two or thre, 

Ane (lane of woU thay mak with coiftis raid, 

And God wait how forfett^ thay all wilbe. 20 

Fals churle, quod fcho» my quheil vphaldis the, 

Chenyis my wemen and pay thame weill thair hyre; 

Than dummy ftandis with teir in to his ee, 

Wald fcho and quheill war all in till a fyre. 

I can not tell the torment and the pyne 25 

Of thame that puttis thair nek this yok to draw; 

Full oft he feilis the brod and dar not quhryne, 

With anger fmart than gan his hairt ouirthraw. 

Lyk to ane quhelp to cowche will beir him law, 

Than is he baith hir fchervand and hir knaif ; 30 

Now is it not a wicket feid to faw, 

Of quhilk no grace nor fru6l a man fall haif ? 

Quhen I was yung I luvit parramouris, 

Ane lufty maid fulfillit of all plefance, 

And luve me fett fa far in aventour, 35Fol.264.a. 

All maift fra grace and gudly govimance. 

Bot God provydit bettir for my chance, 

Quhairfoir, ye lad}ds, be not with me wreth, 

For fickerly thair is no differance 

Betuix the gallowis and the fpowfmg claith. 40 

• Off weddit men as now I fay na mair, 
I leif in eifs and latt thame leif in forrow; 
Thair obfervance is angir, pyne and cair, 
So fall thay feill I find thame God to borrow. 

^ MS. has>/^. 


O, blisfuU God, how mony lufty morrow 45 

Thow hes me granttit in Appryll, June and May; 
Ane hard weird was laid the man a forrow, 
That all his tyme had nevir a mirry day. 


Commonyng betuix tlu Mefier and the Heure. 

LORD Gody my haut is in diftres^ 
And wrappit full of havines, 
And \y as wofuU prefoneir, 
Grois walking vp and doun in weir. 

My lady will not on me blent, 5 

That movis me maid in m3me entent, 
Daly in point to fall in fwoun, 
Ay fen the court come to the toun. 

I faid to hir, My darling deir, 

My luve, my hairt and all my cheir, 10 

The conforting of all my cair» 

Quhen pleifis yow I mak repair. 

Tell me your mynd and notfiing lane, 

My hairt with yow fall ay remane; 

In to myne eir than cowld fcho roun, 15 

Byd quhill the court be of the toun. 

I faid to hir, My fpeciall luve, 

My mynd fra yow fall nevir rem[u]ve ; 

Scho anfchuerit me, bot not difplefit, 

At this tyme ye ma not be eifit 20 


I fichet than and faid, Allace, Foi.264.b. 

Can ye not fynd na tyme or place, 
Quhair I may quitly lay yow doun? 
Na not quhill court be of the toun. 

Quhy fa ye fo, my awin fweit thing? 25 

Knaw ye not weill and I war king, 

That I wald evir yow plefour do, 

And daly reddy thairvnto, 

Evir with* yow for to remane, 

Sowld ye not play the counter pane? 30 

Scho faid to me, Ga glaik yow, loun, 

The court is new cum to the toun. 

Than faid I, with ane dolenis mone, 

Ye brek my hairt, my bony one; 

My travell I may think ill fett, 35 

Gif I no mair kyndnes yit gett. 

Ye gart me trow, or thay war gane, 

Ye lovit me beft of any ane ; 

Quhat ailis yow now for to luik doun, 

Becaufs the court is in the toun? 40 

I faid, My hairt, not yow to greve, 

Sa fone I will not taik my leve; 

To me ye fowld not be vnkynd. 

My hony, my joy, remord your mynd. 

I hald me fpeciall for your man, 45 

With all the fcherwice that I can; 

Now grant me this, my birdy broun, 

Na byd quhill court be of the toun. 

Ga hyne, quod fcho, methink ye vary, 

Ourlang with tratlingis me ye tary; 50 

Now yit my langour for to lefs, 

My gentill jo, gif me a kifs. 

1 A With begins the line, but flioald evidenUy have been deleted when 

the fecond wUh was written in. 


It is ourlait to fchute me owte, 

Thane byd and tak your fait abowt ; 

Ye falbe fervit for a croun, 55 

Howbeit the court be in the toun. 

Thus I ouirdraif fra day to day, 

To fpy quhen court fowld gone away, Foi.265.a. 

Quhill of hir luve my langour was gane, 

I had provydit ane bonyar ane: ^ 

Syne met hir I fpak with befoir, 

Weill pleftert vp in the glengoir, 

Quha had bene flamet and new laid doun, 

Lang or the court yeid of the toun. 


Off Luve. 

LUVE that is het can no (kill, 
Luve that is cald can be ftill, 
Luve that is peure wat mekle pyne, 
Luve that is riche is eich to tyne, 

Luve with denger is deir bocht, 5 

Luve that chaingis dow richt nocht, 
Luve that is trew leflis ay, 
Luve that is fals wenttis away. 

Ane vthir. 

Sum man luvis for leill luve and delyte, 

And vthir fum for rentis and renoun; lo 


Sum man luvis for gold and filuer quhyt. 

And vthir fum in way of faluatioun ; 

And fum manis luvis be wey of deftrufUoun, 

Oure all the laive that is the weiil I wene. « 

Luve God our all, thy nichbour nixt efteme. 15 


\Furth ouer the Mold at Morrow as I ment.] 

FURTH ouer the mold at morrow as I ment, 
Withowttin feir, to tak the helfum air, 
I faw ane heme abbydying on the bent, 
Toward the place quhair I pad to repair; 
His freche eflfeir maid all the feildis fair. 5 

I was agaft to pafs in his prefence, 
Nocht knawing how to do till him reverence. 

Bot neuirtheles I had fo hett defyre, Fol.265.b. 

For to haif knawin quhat perfone it fowld be, 

I went annone to him for till inquyre, 10 

With cap in hand, firfl kneland on my kne. 

On guid maner agane he falute me, 

And faid. My freind, cum fet yow doun me by^ 

Wylcome ye bene to beir me cumpany. 

To mak reherfall of his riche array, is 

Or for to blafone his abilyement, 

Sowld tyne the tyme and dryve away the day, 

Thairfoir I think it not expedient; 

For I wald fchaw yow fchortly myne entent ; 


I fperit his name and he faid« Panderus, 20 

That fumtyme fervit the gud knycht Troyelus. 

I faid to him, Schir, gife ye be Pandarus, 

Glaidly of yow I wald haif commonyng, 

Queftionis of luve that can ye weill difcus, 

Thairfoir wald I inquyre of yow a thing; 25 

To fpeik of luve fuppois I be not ding, 

I pray 3row, fchir, fra me ye nocht conceill, 

Quhen ladeis to thair luvaris falbe leill 


He faid. My fone, your queftioun is obfcure, 

Bot gif I can, I fall it fone declair. 30 

In all Egipt quhen non is fundin peure, 

And in to Rome ar fimd no wrangus air, 

Quhen that no woman defyris to be fair, 

And quhen the law leiffis no man to appeill, 

Than ladyis to thair luvaris falbe leill. 35 

Quhen that no fifche is fundin in the flude, 

And malt and meill ar maid withottin millis, 

And quhen the bak aboundis in to blude, 

Moir than the hair that rynnis to the hillis, Fol.266.a. 

And quhen that wemen 3ram]s not thair willis, 40 

And mvilill fchellis gevis moir money than meill, 

Than ladeis to thair luvaris falbe leill. 

Quhen fim flurichis and beiris gude frute. 

And gud reid wyne growis on the roddyne treis, 

And on the hadder growis the haflUl nvte, 45 

Hony and walx ar maid but werk of beis. 

And the falcoun can fang no fowle bot fleis, 

And quhen the theivis thinkis fchame to fteill, 

Than ladyis to thair luvaris falbe leill. 


I faid [to] him. Sir, that tsrme may nevir cum, so 

That thir foirfpokkin thingis may be trew; 

And he faid, Nay, thay falbe all and fum ; 

Seurly afoir the queftioun thow me fchew; 

Heirfoir, my freind, as for this tyme, adew. 

Heir to remane na langer is me lent; 55 

Furth ouir the mold at morrow thus I went 

Finis quod Stewart 


Ane vthir Ballat of Vnpoffibiliteis compaird to the 
Trewth of Wemen in Luve. 

QUHEN that the mone hes dominatioun 
Aboif the fone in mydis of fomeris day, 
Quhen Abirdene and Air ar baith a toun. 
And Tweid fall tume and rynnis in to Tay, 
And quhen the Bafs fleittis to the Yle of May, 5 

Quhen parradyce is quyt of hevinly hew, 
Scho quhome I luve fall fteidfaft be and trew. 

Quhen that in June in feflbne is the oifter. 

Till all mennis meit and fifche ar nocht in fee, 

And quhen invy is flemit owt of cloifter, to 

And fifche with fynnis can in the firmament fie; Foi.266.b. 

Quhen lichtleit ar leiflngis and luvit is lawtie, 

And Inglifche tung^is tranflaitit ar in grew, 

Scho quhome I luve fall fleidfafl be and trew. 

At midfyumer quhen froflin is the feild, 15 

And Februar flwreifl with all flowris. 
And quhen the hound levis the hairis feild, 


Quhen fynall end is maid of all labowris; 

Quhen tyme is recknit withowttin ony houris. 

And quhen the taid eitis nothing hot the rew, 20 

Sdio quhome I luve fall fteidfaft be and trew. 

Quhen evirilk cuntry, land and regioun, 

At ane accord ar fett but varience, 

Quhen wrangus deidis neidis no reformatioun; 

Quhen yre but mefure and alfo grit conllance 25 

In a perfone ar jonit with temperance, 

Quhen the reid rofe of natur becumis blew, 

Scho quhome I luve fall fteidfafl be and trew. 

Quhen that the fchip may ficker faill but (leir, 

Quhen men beis borne to byid heir immortall, 30 

Quhen glafs and gold allyk ar fundin deir, 

And every lord fettis land but ferme or male, 

And quhen als fwyft as fwallow beis the fnale, 

Quhen Troy agane is biggit fair and new, 

Scho quhome I luve fall fteidfaft be and trew. 35 


Ane vthir Ballat of Vmpoffibiltteis, 

QUHEN Phebus in to the weft ryfis at morrow, 
And in the eift gois doun befoir the nicht, 
And quhen the mirk mone mifteris nocht to borrow 
At the bricht fone nowder hait nor licht; 
Quhen Satume is warme and Venus wicht. 
And quhen all gilt is of this warld ago. 
Than fall my lady luve me and no mo. 



Quhen that I may goveme Appryll fra (howris, F0L267. 

And Fabruar fra froft and fellonc flawis. 

And May to burgeoun herbis fair and flowris, 10 

And (lay wyfemen to (ludy on the lawis. 

And vane janglaris to be but dowbill fawis, 

And jelofy to be no luvaris fo, 

Than fall my lady luve me and no mo. 

Quhen the Ochellis ar flittit over the ferry, 15 

And Loch Levin rynnis over the eift Lowmond, 

And gud wyne growis on the brwmill berry. 

And Tay and Tweid ar temit to the grund, 

And bellis quhen thay ar rungin hes no found, 

And quhen the %vind is ftable, and dill (landis fo, 20 

Than fall my lady luve me and no mo. 

Quhen that Forth tumis and r)ainis to the hill, 

And everilk mofs ar maid in gude domane, 

And quhen the fie will nathir eb nor fill, 

And all montanis ar tumit in to plane, 25 

Quhen forfly fiuiddis ryfis for no rane, 

And quhen gud corne growis ryp withowttin ftro. 

Than fall my lady luve me and no mo. 

Quhen baimis and birdis thair willis yairnis no deill, 

And wemen ar fett to fay no man a mifs, 30 

And quhen fals fortoun movis not hir quheill. 

And men may conqueifs kindomis with a wifs, 

Quhen Hevin is tome and Hell is full of blifs, 

And quhen the riche for fufBcience fayis ho, 

Than fall my lady luve me and no mo. 35 



[My Hairt is gone, Confort is fwne.] 

MY hairt is gone, confort is none, 
To luve I may complene. 
That to haif luvit and be refufit, 
And na trewth fund agane. 

My luve quhilk I hes fcheruit trewly, sFoliby.h, 

With hairt and all my micht, 
So hecht fcho me trew for to be, 
Tharto hir faith fcho plicht. 

Sen trewth is nocht in wemen wrocht, 

Bot fab vnftabilnes, 10 

I fall thame ay ditpyt alway, 

And thame fet by the les. 

My lady fair, quhilk that this cair 

Into my hairt hes wrocht; 

Promittit me trew for to be, 15 

In word, in deid and thocht. 

Credence I gaif aboif the laif, 

Vnto that ireiy (air, 

Bot now I may difpone alway, 

At hir fallheid to lair. ^ 

Eftir that fre I fay for me, 
Quhill that I leif on lyfe; 
Ful fals of fay, both nicht and day, 
I fall hald maid and wyfe. 

Ye men that ar in lufty fare, 2$ 

And thinkis luvaris to be, 


Behald and heir, ellis at thame leir, 
For to be fals and fle. 

Sett not your luve on thame abuve, 

Bot as ye fynd cawfs is, 30 

For and thay fie that trew ar yie, 

Thay will grow wyld I wifs. 

And fickilnes war tynt, I gefs, 

And all diftroyit trow I, 

In to this grund it fowld be fund, 35 

In wemen by and by. 

I tak my leif all in a greif 

At hir that is vntrew, 

Both nicht and day I fmg and fay, 

Adew, fals luve, adew. 40 


\Ane digit Man twyfsfourty YHris^ 

ANE aigit man twyfs fourty yeiris, Fol.268. 

Efdr the halydasris of Yule, 
I hard him fay, amangis the freiris 
Of ordour gray, makand grit dule, 

Rycht as he wer a fo wriufs fule ; 5 

Oft fyifs he ficht, and faid, Allace, 
Be Chryft, my cair ma nevir cule, 
That evir I fcherwit mowth thanklefs. 


Throcht ignorance and foly yowth, 

My preterit tyme I wald nevir fpair, lo 

Plefans to put in to that mowth, 

Quhill eild faid, Fule, latt be thy fair. 

And now my heid is qnhyt and hair, 

For feding of that fowmart face, 

Quhairfoir I mvm ba3rth laitt and air, 15 

That evir I fcherwit mowth thanklefs. 

Gold and filuer that I micht gett, 

Brochis, beifandis, robbis and ringis, 

Frely to gife I wald nocht lett, 

To pleifs tha mullis, attour all thingis. 20 

Rycht as the fwan for forrow fingis 

Befoir hir deid ane littill fpace, 

Rycht fo do I, and my handis wringis, 

That evir I fcheruit mowth thanklefs. 

Bettir it war ane man to ferf, 25 

With wirchep and honour vndir a fcheild, 

Nor hir to pleifs, thocht thow fowld fterf, 

That will nocht luke on the in eild. 

Fra that thow haif no hair to heild 

Thy heid fra harm)mg that it hefs, 50 

Quhen pen and purfs and all is peild, 

Tak thair a meifs of mowth thanklefs. 

And in example it may be fene, 

The gprund of trewth quha vndirftude, 

Fra in thy bag thow beir thyne ene, 35 

Thow gettis no grace bott for thy gfud. FoL268.b. 

At Venus clofet for to conclude, 

Call ye nocht thifs ane kankert caifs? 

Now God help, and the Haly Rude, 

And keip all man fra mowth thanklefs. 40 


O, brukill yo\vth, in tyme behald, 

And in thyne hairt thir wirdis graif, 

Or thy complexioun gadder cald, 

Amend thy mifs thy felf to faif, 

The hev3aiis blifs gif thow wilt haif, 45 

And of thy gilt remit and g^ce. 

All this I hard ane auld man raif, 

Eftir the Yule, of movrth thanklefs. 

\IHnis\ quod Kennedy. 

Follows Ballatis of the Prftyi/s of Wemen, and 
to the Reproche of vicious Men. 

T/ie Thrid Pairt of Luve, to the Reproche of 
falsy vicius Men^ and Prayifs of guid IVemen. 


\Allacey Jo fobir is the Michi.l 

ALLACE, fo fobir is the micht Fol.a69.a. 

Of wemen for to mak debait, 
Incontrair menis fubtell flicht, 
Quhilk ar fulfillit with diffait 

With treflbne fo intoxicait 5 

Ar mennis mowthis at all houris, 
Quhome in to treft no woman wait; 
Sic perrell lyis in paramouris. 

Sum fueris that he luvis fo weill, 

That he will de without remeid, lo 

Bot gife that he hir freindfchip feill, 


That gams him fic langour leid. 

And tiiocht he haif no doubt of fpeid, 

Yit will he fich and fchaw grit fchouris, 

As he wald flerfe in to that fteid ; 15 

Sic perrell lyis in paramouris. 

Athis to fueir and giftis to hecht, 

Moir than he hes thretty fold, 

And for hir honour for to fecht, 

Quhill that his blude be cumin cold, 20 

Bot fra fcho to his willis yold ; 

Adew, fair weill, thir fomer flouris, 

All growfs in glafs that femit gold; 

Sic perrell lyis in paramouris. 

Than tumis he his faill annone, 25 

And pafTis to ane vthir port, 

Thocht fcho be nevir fo wo begone, 

Hir cairis cauld ar his confort. 

Heirfoir, I pray, in termys fchort, 

Chryft^ keip thir birdis bricht in bowris 30 

Fra fals luvaris and thair refort;^ 

Sic perrell lyis in paramouris. 

FitUs quod Merfar. 

Followis the Lettre of Cupeid, 

CUFEID, vnto quhois commandiment 
The gentill kinreld of the goddis fa hye, 
And peple infemall bene obedient, 
And all mortall folk fervin bufelye, 

1 MS. has Crkyft, *MS has refort. 


Off the goddis fone Sythera onlye; 5 

To all thame that to our deitie 

Bene fubieflis, hairtty greting fend we. 

In generall we will that ye knaw, FoL269.b. 

That ladyis of honour and of reuerens. 

And vthir gentill wemen, having faw 10 

Sic feid of complaynt in our audiens, 

Of men that done thame outtrage and ofTens, 

That it our eiris grevith for to heir, 

So peteus is the effefl: of this mateir. 

PaHing all landis, on the littill yle 15 

That clepid is Albione thay mofl complane; 

Thay fay that thair is crop and rute of gyle, 

Sa can the men diflfymmill and fayne, 

With (landing droppis in thair ene twayne, 

Quhen that thair hairtis feilis no diflrefs, 20 

To blindyn wemen with thair dowbilnefs. 

Thair wordis fpokin be fo fichinglye, 

With fo peteus cheir and countenance, 

That every wicht that menith trewlye 

Demyfs that thay in hart haif fie grevance; 25 

Thay fay fo importable is thair pennance, 

Bot, gif thair lady lift to fchaw thame grace, 

Thay will annone flervin in that place. 

Ah, lady myne, fay thay, I yow infure, 

As I haif grace fo fall I evir be, 30 

Quhill that my lyfe may left and indure, 

To yow als hummill and law in ilk degre 

As pofiible is, and keip all thingis as fecre; 

Rycht as your felf lift that I do. 

Or ells my hart I wald it brift in two. 35 


Full hard it is to knaw a manis hairt, 

For outward may no man the trewth deme, 

Quhen word out of mowth may none ftert, 

Bot it by refone femyd ilk wicht to queme, 

So is it faid of hairt, as it wald feme, 40 

O9 faythfull woman, full of innocens, 

Thow art diflauid be fals apparens. 

By procefs movith oft womanis pete, 

Wenyng all thingis wer thaifs men fay, 

Thay grant thame grace of thair benignite, 45 

For that men fuld nocht for thair faik dey, 

And with gud hairt dois fett thame in the wey 

Of bliffuU lufe, keip it gife thay cone. 

And thus vthir^ wyle wemen bene ywone. 

And quhen this man the pan hais by the (leill, 50 

And fully is in his poflfeifioun, FoL27o.a. 

With that woman cuvith he no moir to deill, 

Eftir gife he may fynd in the toun 

Ony woman his blind eflfeftioun 

Vnto bellow, ewill mot he preve; 55 

A man for all his othes is hard to beleve. 

And for that every fals man hes a maik, 

As vnto every wicht is licht to knaw, 

Quhan this tratour this woman dois forfaik, 

He fail fpedis him vnto his fellow. 60 

Till he be thair his hairt is on a low. 

His fals diflait may him nocht fuffyfe, 

Bot of his treflbne tellith all the wyfe. 

Is this a fair awaunt? is this honour? 

A man accufs him felf and fo defame? 65 

Is it goid to confefs him felf a tratour, 

1 MS. has vtkir deleted, and with inferted. The 1543 edition of 

Chaucer has otherwhyU, 



And bring a woman to Iklanderoufs name, 

And tell how he hir body hes done fchame? 

No wirfchep may he thus to him conquere, 

Bot grit difklandir vnto him and hir. 70 

To hir, nay, yit wes it no reprefe. 

For all for vertew was that fcho wrocht; 

Bot he that brewit hes all this mifcheif, 

That fpak fo fair, and falfly inwart thocht, 

His be the fklandir, as it by reiToun ocht, 75 

And vnto hir thank perpetuall, 

That in fuche a neid help can fo well. 

All thocht throw menis flycht and fubtelte, 

A filly, fymple and innocent woman 

Betrayid is, nocht windir is fen the citie So 

Of Troy, as the (lory tell can, 

Betrayid wes throw the diiTait of man, 

And fett on fyre and all doun owirthraw. 

And fynaly diftroyit, as men knaw. 

Betray not men citeis and grit kingis? 85 

Quhat wicht is it can fchaip remedy 

Aganifs thais falfly purpofid thingis? 

Quho can the craft fuche craft to efpy, 

Bot man, quhois wit is evir reddy to apply 

To thing that fownyng in^ to falflied? 90 

Woman, be wer of fals men, I red. 

And forthirmoir hes thay men in vfage. 

That quhair thay not lykly bene to fpeid. 

Sic as thay bene with a dowble vifage, 

Thay procurin for to perfew thair neid; 95FoL27o.i>. 

He prayith him in his caufs to proceid, 

And lergly guerdon}^h he his travaill ; 

Littill wot wemen how men thame aflailL 

1 MS. has IX. 


Anothir wreche vnto his fallow faith, 

Thow fifcheifs fair, fcho that the hes fyrid 100 

Is fals, inconftant and hes no faith ; 

Scho for the raid of folk is fo defyrid, 

And as an horfs fro day to day fcho is hyrid, . 

That quhen thow twynnifs fro hir cumpany 

Cummes a nowthir, and blent is thjme e. 103 

Now pick on fail and ryd thy jumey 

Quhill thow art thair, for fcho behind thy bak 

So liberall is, fcho will no thing withfay, 

Bot fmartly of a nothir tak a fmak. 

Thus farifs theis wemen all the pak; ito 

Quho fo thame treftifs hangit mot thay be ; 

Evir thay diflyre change and novelte. 

Quhairof procedis this bot of invy, 

For he him felf hir win na may; 

He fpeikith hir repreif and villany, 115 

As manis bakb3^ting toung is wont ahvey. 

Thus diuerfs men full oft mak aflay, 

For to difturb folk in fyndre wyfe, 

For thay may nocht obtene thair interpryfe. 

Mony one eik wald for no gude, lao 

That hes in luve his tyme fpent and vfid ; 

Men wift that his lady his afking withftude, 

Or that he wer of hir planely refufid, 

Or weft in vane all that he had mvfid; 

Quhairfoir he can none vthir remedy, 125 

Bot on his lady fchapis him to lie. 

Every woman, he fayith, is licht to get; 
Can none fay nay, gife fcho be weill yfocht; 
Quho fo may layfir half with hir to trete, 


Of his purpoifs fall he faill nocht, 130 

Bot he on madnefs be fo deip brocht, 
That he fchend all with oppin homelinefs, 
That lovin wemen, thay dottin as I gefs. 

To (klandir wemen thus quhat may profeit 

To gentilnefs, namely, that thame arme fould 135 

In defens of wemen and thame delyte, 

As that the ordour of gentilnefs wold. 

Gife that a gentill man lift gentill to be hold» 

He moft all efchew that thairto is contrary; F0I.271. 

A fklandroufs toung is his grit aduerfary. 140 

A foule vyce is of tong to be licht, 

For quho fo muche dappis gabbith oft; 

The toung of man fo fwyft is and fo wicht, 

That quhen it is ra)rfid vpon loft 

Reflbne is fchewin fo flawly and foft, 145 

That it him nevir ourtak may ; 

Lord, fo thais men bene trufty, in aflay. 

All beit that men fynd on woman nyce, 

Inconftant, reklefs or variable, 

DeignouSy^ prowd, fulfillit of malyce, 150 

Without fayth or lufe and diffavable, 

Sle, que}mt, fals, in all vntruft culpable, 

Wickit, ferfs or full of creweltie, 

Yit foUois nocht that fic all wemen be. 

Quhen the hie God angellis formyd had, 155 

Among thame all wair, I fpeir, none 

That fundin wes malicius and bad.^ 

Yis, all men watt thair wer mony one. 

That for thair pryd fell fra the hevin annone; 

Suld men thairfoir gife all angellis prowd name? 160 

Nay, he that mereitis is to blame. 

^ The MS. has Dengerous^ evidently a mifreading by the copyift. 


Off twell apoftolis one a tratour was, 

The remenant y\t gud wer and trew ; 

So gife it hap men fynd, percaifs, 

A woman fals, fuche gude is to efchew, 165 

And deme nocht that thay all thairfoir be vntrew; 

I fe Weill menis awin falfnefs 

Thame cauflis wemen for to truft the lefs. 

Oy every man audit haif a hairt tendir 

Vnto a woman and deme hir honorable, 170 

Quhithir his fchap be thik or fklendir, 

Or he be gude or bad, it is no fable. 

Every wicht wot, that wit hes reffonable, 

That of a woman he difcendit is. 

Than is it fchame of hir to fpeik a mifs. 175 

A wicket tre gude fnifl may none furth bring, 

For fuche the frute is as is the tre ; 

Tak heid of quhome thow tuke the begynnyng, 

Lett thy muther be mirrour vnto the. 

Honour hir gife thow wald honorit be; 180 Fol. 271.11. 

Difpyfs hir than not in no maner, 

Left that thairby thy wickednes appere. 

Ane auld prowerb faid is in Inglifche, 

That bird or fowU is full difhoneft, 

Quhat evir he be, and hald full churliche, 185 

That vfis to defouU his awin neft. 

Men to fay weill of wemen it is beft, 

And nocht to difp}rfs thame nor depraue, 

Gife thay will thair honour keip and faue. 

The ladeis evir complene thame on clerkis, 190 

That thay haif maid bukis of thair defame, 
In quhilk thay difpyfs wemen and thair werkis, 


And fpeik of thame grit repreif and fchame, 

And caufles gife thame a wicket name. 

Thus thay difpyfid be on euery fyd, 195 

Difklanderid and biawin on out full wyd. 

Tha fary bukis makis mention, 

How wemen betryit in fpeciall 

Adame, Dauid, Sampfone and Salamon, 

And mony mo ; quho may reherfs thame all, aoo 

The treflbne that thay haif done and fall? 

The warld thair malice may nocht comprehend, 

As clerkis fane, for it hes none end. 

Ouid in his bukis, callit Remedy 

Of Lufe, grit reprufe of wemen wrytifs, aos 

Quhairin, I trow, he did grit foly. 

And every wicht that [in] fic caiflis delytifs ; 

A clerkis cuftome is, quhen he wrytifs 

Of wemen, be it profe, rym or verfs, 

Say thay be wicked, all knaw he the reuerfs. 210 

And that buk fcoUaris lemid in thair chyldheid, 

For thay of wemen bewar fuld in age, 

And to luve thame evir be in dreid. 

Sen to diflfaif is fett all thair curege; 

Thay fay of perrell men fuld caft the awantage, 315 

Namely of fic as men haif bene inwrappid. 

For mony a man by wemen haif mifchappid. 

No chairge is quhat theis clerkis fane. 

Of all thair wryting I do no cure. 

All thair lawbour and travell is in vane, 220 

For betwene me and my lady nature FoL 272.0. 

Sail nocht be fufferid quhill the warld indure; 

Thus theis clerkis by their crewall tirrany 

On filly wemen k3rthin thair maiftr^''. 


Quhylome for mony of thame wer in my chene 225 

Tyed and now for vnweildy aige, 

And vnluft may nocht to luve attane. 

And fane now that lufe is hot verry dotege. 

Thus for thay thame felf lakin curege, 

Thay folk excyt by thair wicked fawis, 230 

For to rebell aganis me and my lawis. 

Bot mawgir thame that blame wemen moft, 

Suche is the forfs of myne impreifioun, 

That fodanly I can feill thair boft, 

And all thair wrong imaginatioun. 235 

It fall nocht be in thair elle£lioun 

The fowled flute in all the toun to refufe, 

Gife that me lift for all that thay can mufe. 

Bot hir in hairt ^ as brynnyng defyre, 

As thocht fcho wer a duches or a quene, 240 

So can I folkis hairtis fett on fyre, 

And as me lift fend thame joy or tene. 

Thay that to woman be quhet fo kene, 

My fcharp perfmg * ftrokis how thay fmyt 

Sail feill, and knaw how thai do kerue and byt. 245 

Per de, this clerk, this fubteill Ouyde, 

And mony ane vthir, diflauit has be 

Of wemen, as it is knawin full wyd, 

That no man moir, and that is grit dente, 

So excellent a clerk as wes he; 250 

And vthir mo that coldin full weill preche, 

Betrappid war, for oft that thay could teche. 

And truft ye weill that it is no mervell 

For wemen knawin planely thair intent, 

Thay wate how foftly thay can thame aflaill, 355 

^ The MS. repeats in hairt, ^Perfmg is repeated in MS. 


And quhat faUheid thay in thair hairtis ment 
And thus tho clerlds in thair danger hent 
With wennome an nother is diftroyd, 
And thus theis clerkis wer oftin annoyd. 

Theis ladeis nor thir gentillis, nevirthelefs, 160 

Wer none of tho that wrocht in this wyfe, 

Bot fuche as wer vertewflefs, 

Thay quyttin thus theis auld clerkis wyfe. 

To clerkis lefs ocht fuffyfe, 

Than to difpraue wemen generally, 26sFoL272.b. 

For wirchep fall thay get none thairby. 

Gife that theis men^ that luveris thame pretend, 

To wemen war fa}^hfully gude and trew, 

And dred thame to diffaif or to offend, 

Wemen to lufe thame wald nocht efchew. 270 

Bot every day hes man ane harte new. 

For it on ane can nocht abyd a quhyle. 

Quhat forfs is it fic ane to b^yle? 

Men beir eik wemen vpone hand, 

That lichtly, and without ony pane, 275 

Thay wemen be, thay can no wicht withftand, 

That his difeifs lift to thame complene. 

Thay be fo fraill thay may thame nocht refrane, 

That quho fo lykis thay may thame lichtly haif, 

So be thair hairtis eify in to g^if. 280 

To Maiftir Johine de Mone, as I fuppoifs, 

That it wes a lewd occupatioun, 

In making of the Romant of the Roifs, 

So mony a fie imaginnatioun 

And perrellis for to roUin vp and doun, 285 

The long proces fo mony a flycht cautell, 

For to diffaif a filly dammofell. 


Nocht can I fay nor my wit comprehend, 

That art, payne and fubtelte fuld faill, 

For to conqueir and fone mak ane end, 290 

Quhan men a feble place fall afTaill ; 

And fone alfo to winqueifs a battell, 

Of quhilk no wicht may mak refiftance, 

Nor hairt hes none to mak ony defence. 

Than mote follow of neceifitie, 295 

Sen art aikis fo grit ingyne and pane, 

A woman to diflaif quhat fo fcho be; 

Off conftance be thay nocht fo barrane, 

As that fome of theis clerkis fane, 

Bot thay be as wemen ocht to be, 300 

Sad, conftant and fuliillit of petie. 

How freindly wes Medea to Jafone, 

In conquering of the flece of gold. 

How falfly quit he hir trew affe6lioun. 

By quhome vi£lory he gat as he wold; 305 

How may this man for fchame be fo bold, 

To falfm hir that fra his deth and fchame 

Him faift, and gat him fo grit pryfs and name. 

Off Trowy alfo the tratour Eneas, FoL273.a. 

The faithles aith how he him forfuore 310 

To Dydo, the quene of Cartage wafs, 

That him relevit of his fmertis foir; 

Quhat gentelnefs mycht fcho do moir, 

Than fdio with hairt vnfenyeid to him kydde, 

And quhat mifcheif to hir heirof eftir betydde. 315 

In my L^end of Naturis men may And, 
Quho fo lykis therin for to reid. 
That aith nor beheft may man bind, 



Off repruvable fchame haif thay no dreid ; 

In manis hairt trewth hes no fteid, 320 

The foill is nocht, thair may no trewth grow, 

To wemen namely it is nocht vnknow. 

Clerkis fane alfo thair is no malice 

Vnto wemenis wicket crabbitnefs; 

O woman, how fall thow thy felf chywyce, 325 

Sen men of the fuche harme witneis? 

Bewar, wemen, of thair fikilneis; 

Keip thyne awin quhat men dap or crak, 

And fum of thame fall fmart* I vndirtak. 

Mallyce of wemen, quhat is it to dreid? 330 

Thay flay no man nor diftroyis no ceteis, 

Nor opprefs folk nor ovirlaid, 

Betray impyris, realmys or duchefs; 

Nor birn}rs^ men, thair landis nor mees, 

Enpufone folk nor houflis fett on fyre; 335 

Na fals contra£lis mak for no hyre. 

Truft, perfyt luve, entyre cherite, 

Fervent will and entalentid curege, 

All maner gud as fettis weill to be, 

Haif wemen evir of cuftome and vfage; 340 

And weill thay cone mens yre afluaige, 

With foft wirdis difcreit and benyng; 

Quhat thay be inward thay fchaw vtward by flng. 

Wemen[s] hairt vnto no crewalte 

Incl3dnd is, bot thay be cheritable, 345 

Peteoufs, devoit, full of humylite, 

Schamefaft, debonar and amiable, 

DreidfuU and of wordis mefurable ; 

Quhat wemen theis haif not perauenture 

Fowith not the way of thair nature. 350 

1 The 1542 Chaucer has byreuen, which has probably been mifread. 


Men fane our firft mudir nathelefs 

Maid all mankynd leifs his libertie, Foi.273.b. 

And maid him without joy doutlefs; 

For Goddis haiftis diflbbeyit fche, 

Quhan fcho prefomid to teft of the tre, 355 

That God forbyd that fcho dt thairof fuld, 

And nor had nocht bene the diuill, nomoir fcho wold. 

The invyous fuelling that the feind, our fo, 

Had vnto man in hairt for his welth, 

Sent a ferpent and maid hir for to go 360 

To diflaif Eue, and thus wes manis welth 

Bereft him by the feind in ftelth; 

The woman nocht knawing of that difTait, 

God watt full fer wes it frome hir confait 

Quhairfoir I fay this gude woman Eue 3^5 

Our fader Adame diflauit nocht; 

Thair may no man for diflait it preue 

Propirly, bot that fcho in hairt and thocht 

Had it compaflid firil or fcho it wrocht; 

And, for fuche wes nocht hir intentioun, 370 

Men may it call no diflait of hir by reflbun. 

Nor no wicht diflauis but he purpofe, 

The feind this diflait keft and nocht fche, 

Than is it wrong to deme or fuppoifs. 

That of his harme fcho fuld the caufs be ; 375 

Wyte the feynd, and his be the mawgre, 

And in ecufatioun haif hir innocens, 

Saif only that fcho brak obediens. 

And twiching this, full few men tiiair be, 

Vnnethes ony, dar I faifly fay, 380 

Fro day to day, as men may all day fe, 

Bot that the heft of God diay diflbbey; 


Haif this in mynd, (iris, I yow prey, 

Gife that ye be difcreit and reffonable, 

Ye will hir hold the moir excufable. 3^5 

And quhair men fay in man is fteidfaflnefs, 

And wemen is of thair curage vnftable, 

Quho may of Adame beir fuche a witnefs; 

Tellith me this; was he nocht chengeable? 

Than bothe wer in one caifs femblable, 390 

Saif willing the feind diflauid Eue, 

And fo did fcho nocht [Adam]/ by your leive. 

Yit was this fyn happe to mankynd, 

The feind diflauid was for all his flicht, 

For aucht he cowd him in his flichtis wind, 395Fol.a74.a. 

For his trefpafs come from the hevin on hicht; 

God, to difchairge man of his wecht, 

Flefche and blude tuk of a virgyne, 

And fufferith deth, him to deliuer frome pyne. 

And God, to quhome thair may no thing hid be, 400 

Gife he in wemen had knawin fuche malice. 

As men record of thame in generalte. 

Off our Lady of lyfe reperatryce 

Nold haif bene borne ; bot that fcho of vyce 

Was woyd and full of vertew, weill he wift ; 405 

Endewid of hir to be borne him lift. 

Hir heaped' vertew haith fic excellence, 

That all to leif his manis faculte. 

To declair it and thairfoir in fufpence 

Hir dew presrfing put neidis moft be; 410 

Bot thifs I fay veraly, that fche 

Is bliflit of God to quhois fone belongith 

The key of mercy by his girdill hongith. 

1 Omitted in MS. ^US.haskea^, 


And of mercy hes every man fuche neid, 

That lefmg that, fairweill the joy of man, 415 

And of thair power now takith richt gude heid. 

He mercy may weill and purchefs can; 

Difpleifs hir nocht, honor that woman, 

And vthir wemen all for hir faik; 

And but ye do, your forrow fall awaik. 420 

In ony buk alfo quhaur can ye find 

That of the werkis of deth or of lyfe 

Of Jefu fpelllth or makith ony taynd^ 

That wemen him forfuk for wo or ffayfe? 

Quhair wes thair ony wicht fo intencyfe 4^5 

About him as wais woman provid none? 

The appoftillis him forfokin every one. 

Wemen forfuke him nocht, for all the faith 

Of holy churche in woman left only; 

This is no leis, for this holy writ faith, 430 

Luke and ye fa find it fo hardely; 

And thairfoir I may weill preif thairby. 

That in woman r^nith flable conflance, 

And in men is the chenge of variance. 

Thow precius jem, of martiris meigaret, 43S 

That of thy blude dreidis non effufioun, Foi.274.b. 

Thow luver trew, thow madin manfueit, 

Thow conftant woman, in thy pafCoun 

Ouircome the feindis temptatioun, 

And mony a wicht conuertit thy doArene 440 

Vnto the faith of holy God, thow virgyne. 

Bot vndiriland this, I only commend hir nocht. 
By enchefone of hir virginite^ 
Trufteth it come nevir in to thocht, 


For ever wer I aganifl cheftite, 445 

And evir fall. Bot lo this movitii me; 
Hir loving hairt and conftaat to hir Uy 
Dryfe out of remembruice I ne may. 

Now haldith this for ferme and for no le, 

That this trew and iuft commendatloun 450 

Of wemen tell I for no flattry ; 

Ne becaus of pryd or elatioun, 

Bot only, lo, for this intentioun, 

To gife thame curege of perfeuerance, 

In vertew and bie^ honour tfll awance. 455 

The moir vertew the kfa is the pryd ; 

Vertew fo digne ta and fo noble in kytid 

That vyce and be in feir wiU nocht abyd; 

He putteth vycis clene out of his mjmd, 

He fleith fro thaoie* he levis thame behind ; 460 

O woman, that of vertew art hoftieist 

Grit is thy honour and thy wortheoela. 

Than will I thus conclud and defyne ; 

We yow command, our mynifteris echone, 

That reddy ye be our haiftis to Inclyne, 465 

That of theifs fals men, our rebell fone, 

Ye do punyfment and that annone; 

Woyd thame our court and baneifs thame for evir, 

So that thairin moir cum thay nevir. 

Fulfillit be it, fefiQg' all dday, 470 

Luk thair be none excufatiouo. 

Writtin in the lufty mownth of May, 

In our paleifs^ quhair mooy a milUovn 

Off luvaris trew haif habitatioun, 

The yeir of grace, joyfuU and jocouxid, 475 

A thowfand, four hundreth a»d the fecouod 

Finis quod Chaufeir. 
1 The 1 542 ChAncer has hir, * RewrittcD c^g. 



\AUtlmthat^fiQf Wemm eviU to fpeik.] 

ALL tho that lift of wemen evill to fpeik, Fol.275.a. 

And fay of thame wer than thay deferue, 
I pray to Gfod that thair nekkis do brek, 
Or on fum evill deth mot thay jangleris fterue; 
For every man ar haldin thame to feme, 5 

And do thame wirfchep, honour and fcheruyfs, 
In every maner that thay beft can devyfs. 

For we aucht firft to think on quhat maner 

Thay bring ws furth, and quhat pane thay indure, 

Firft in our birth, and fyne fro yelf to yeif, «> 

How befaly thay haif done thair bufTy cure, 

To keip ws fro every mifauentuf. 

In our yewth, quhen we haif no micht 

Our felf to keip, nathir by day nor nycht 

AUaifs, how may we fay on thame bot weill, 15 

Of quhome we wer foftf ed and yboir, 

And bene all our fuccour als trew as ftdll, 

And for our faik full oft thay fuffir foir; 

Without wemen wer all our joy loif, 

Quhairfoir we aucht all wemen till obey 20 

In all gudenefs ; I cad no moif to fay. 

This is wdll knawin, and hes bene or this, 

That wemen bene caufs of all gudenefs, 

Off knychtheid, nurtour, efchewing all malifs, 

Increfs of wirfchep and of all worthinefs, 25 

Thairto courtafs, meik and grund of fathfulnefs, 

Glaid and myrry, and trew in every wyfs 

That ony gentill haift can think or devyfs. 


And thocht ony wald truft to your vntrewth, 

And to your fair wordis wald ocht aflent, jp 

In gude fayth me thinkis it wer grit rewth, 

That vthir wemen fuld for thair gilt be fchent, 

That nevir knew nor will of thair intent, 

Nor lift nocht to heir the fair wirdis ye wryte, 

Quhilk ye yow pane fro day to day to dyte. 35 

Bot quho may be war of your taillis vntrew. 

That ye fo bufaly paynt and ind)^e? 

For ye will fueir that ye nevir knew, 

Ne faw the woman, nowdir mudie nor lyte ; 

Saif only hir to quhome ye had delsrte, 40 

As for to ferf of all that evir ye fay. 

And for thair lufe moft ye neidis de. 

Than will ye fueir that ye knew nevir befoir, 

Quhat Lufe was nor his dreidfull obfcheruans, 

Bot now ye feill that he can wound foir, 45 

Quhairfoir ye put yow in hir gouimance, Fol.a7s.b. 

Quhome Luve hes ordeynid yow to do plefance, 

With all your mycht your littill lyvis fpace, 

Quhilk endis fone, bot gif fcho gif yow grace. 

And than to bed will ye fone draw, 50 

And foir feik ye will yow thane fane, 

And fueir faft your lady hes yow (law, 

And brocht yow fodanly in fo heich a pane, 

Than fro your deth may no man yow reftrane. 

With a dengerus luk of hir ene two, 55 

That to your deth moft ye neidis go. 

Thus will ye mvme, thus will ye fich foir. 
As thocht your hart annone in two wald brift, 
And fueir faft that ye may leif no moir 


Myne awin lady, that micht, gife ye lift, 60 

Bring myne harte fum deill vnto reft, 
As gife thow lift mercy on me to haif, 
Thus your vntrewth will evir mercy craif. 

Thus will ye plene, thocht ye no thing fmert, 

Theis innocent creaturis for to begyle, 65 

And fueir to thame how woundit is your hert 

For thair luve, that ye may leif no quhyle, 

Scarfly fo long as on wald go a myle; 

So hyith deth to bring yow to ane end, 

Bot gif your fouerane lady lift yow to amend 70 

And gife for rewth fcho confort yow in ony wyifs, 

For pety of your fals othes feir. 

So that innocent wenyth that it be as yow dev3afs, 

And trowis your hairt be as fcho may heir, 

Thus for to confort and fum quhat do yow cheir; 75 

Than will thais jangleris deme of hir full ill, 

And fay that ye hir haif fully at your will. 

Lo, how reddy thair toungis bene and preft, 

To fpeik harme of wemen cauflefs ; 

AllaiOs, quhy micht ye nocht als weill fay the beft, 80 

As for to deme thame thus giltlefs? 

In your hairt I wis thair is no gentilnefs, 

That of your awin gilt lift thais wemen fame ; 

Now by my trewth me think ye be to blame. 

For of woman cummyth this warldly weill, 85 

Quhairfoir we aucht to wirfchep thame evirmoir, 
And thocht it mifchap on we aucht for to heill ; 
For it is all thruch our fals loir. 
That day and nycht we pane ws evirmoir 
With mony ane aith thaifs wemen to b^yle, 90 

With fals taillis and mony a wickid wyle. 



And gif falflieid fuld be reknit and tawld, Fol.a76u«. 

In wemen I wifs full trewth wer, 

Nocht as in men a thowfand fold; 

Fro all vycis I wifs thay ftond cleir, 95 

As in ony thing that evir I cowd of heir, 

Bot gif int3rfting of theis men it mak, 

That thame to flattery cann}m nevir flak. 

I wald fane mt quhair evir ye cowd heir, 

Without menis tjrfting, a woman did a mifs, loo 

For thair ye may get thame ye ly fro yeir to yeir, 

And mony a gabing ye mak to thame I wifs; 

For I cow nevir heir, nor knawin or this, 

Quhair evir ye cowd find in ony place. 

That evir woman befocht yow of grace. 105 

Thair ye yow pane, with all your full del5rte. 

With all your hairt, and all your bufinefs. 

To pleifs thame both by day and n}^ht. 

Praying thame of thair grace and gendlnefs, 

To half pety vpone your grit diftrefs, no 

And that thay wald on your pane half rewtb, 

And flay yow nocht, fen that ye mene bot trewth. 

Thus may ye fe that thay bene fautlefs, 

And innocent to all your werkis fle. 

And all your craft that twich falfneis, 115 

Thay knaw thame nocht, nor may thame nocht efpy; 

So fueir ye that ye moft neidis d^ 

Bot gife thay wald of tliair womanheid 

Vpone yow rew or that ye be deid 

And than your lady and your hairtis quene 120 

Ye call thame^ and thairwith yc fich foir^ 
And fayis, My lady, I trow that it be fene 


In quhat pLyt that I haif levit full yoir, 

Bot now I howp that ye will no moir 

In thais patiia flifier me for to dweU, 125 

For of all gudnefs I wifs ye be the well. 

Lo, heir a payntit procefs can ye mak, 

Theis harmeles creaturis for to begyle, 

And quhen thay fleip ye pane yow to walk, 

And to be think yow mony a curfid wyle; 130 

Bot ye fall fe the day that ye fall curfs the quhyle, 

That ye fo bufaly did your intent 

Thame to begyle, that falfheid nevir ment. 

For this ye knaw weill, thocht I wold ly, 

In wemen is all -trewth and fteidfaftnefs, 135 

For in gud fayth I can nocht of thame fay, 

Bot muche wirchep, bounty and gentilnefs ; 

Rycht benyng, fair and full of meiknefs, 

Gude and glaid, and lawly, I yow infure, Fol.276.b, 

Is this gudly angelik creature. 140 

And gif it hap a man be in difeifs, 

Scho dois hir buflines and hir full pane, 

With all hir micht, him to confort and eifs; 

Gif fro his difeifs fcho mycht him reftrane, 

In word nor deid ywifs fcho will nocht fane, 145 

Bot with all hir micht fcho dois hir buftnefs, 

To bring him out of his havinefs. 

Lo, quhat gentilnefs thais wemen haif, 

Gife we culd knaw it for our rudnefs; 

How bufy thay be ws to keip and faif, 150 

Both in heill and alfo in feiknefs. 

And alwey rycht fory for our diftreis; 

In every maner thujb fchaw thay rewth, 

That in thame is all gudnefs and trewth. 


And fen we fynd in thame gentilnels and trewth, 155 

Wirfchep, bonty and kyndnes evinnoir, 

Let nevir this gentilnefs thruch your flewth 

In thair kynd trewth be ocht forloir 

That in wemen is, and hes [been] full yoir; 

For in reuerens of the hevynnis quene, 160 

We awcht to wirfchep all wemen that bene. 

For of all creaturis that evir wer get and bom, 

Thus wot ye weill a woman was the bed; 

By hir fone wes recouerid the blifs that we had lome, 

And thruch hir fone fall we come to reft, 16$ 

And bene yfavit gife that our felf left; 

Quhairfoir, methinkis, gif ye haif grace, 

We ochtin wemen honour in every place. 

Thairfoir I reid, that to our l3rvris end 

Fro this tyme furth, quhill that we haif fpace, 170 

Quhair we haif trefpaiTid, perfew to amend, 

Praying Chryft Jefu, well of all grace, 

To bring ws vnto that blisfuU place, 

Quhair all gude wemen falbe in feir, 

In hevin aboif, among the angellis cleir. 175 

Finis quod Chaufeir. 

\Ltideis be war that plef and ar.] 

LADEIS be war, that plefand ar 
To menis appetyte. 
That ye nocht rew, that ye thame knew, 
Throw thair luft and delyte. 


For mony men ar evill to ken, 5Fol.a77.a. 

That luvis paramour, 

With fenyeit msmd, fals and vnkynd, 

Bringis 3row to diflionour. 

Quhen thay haif ane, with flattry tane» 

B^;ylit with a trane, 10 

Then with ane vddir, thay will confiddir 

And play the contrar pane. 

Thay will promit giftis tycht grit, 

And fueir thay luve yow beft; 

Yow to b^yle, with mony wyle, 15 

Thair vayn^ takkis nevir reft. 

Thair hairtis ar fett, with ficcelnefs, 

For loif and nocht for lufe, 

Yow to diflaif, with dowbilnefs, 

To your fchame and reprufe. ao 

O ladeis deir, I yow requeir 
Thair fals and fenyeit fair 
Latt ay go henfs, and t3me creddens, 
Beleving thame no mair. 

Finis quod Scott 

\Far to declair the he Magnijicens!\ 

FOR to declair the he ms^ificens, 
And grit bontie that into ladeis is, 
The wirdinefs*and vertewis excellens. 
The lawd, the bonte, the bewty and the blifs, 

1 With mere verbd differences, this is the fiune as No. CLXXX VIII. 


My barbir toung is ynworthy, I wifs; 5 

Bot nocht the lefs my pen I will apply 
To fay the futh, thodit eloquens I mifs 
Of femeneyne the fame to fortefy. 

Thocht awld dottaris addreflit thair delsrte, 

To dyt of ladeis the defamatioun^ lo 

Na wirthy wicht fuld fett his appetyte, 

To reid (ic roUis of reprobatioun; 

Bot rathir mak plane proclamatioun, 

To gaddir all fic bybHlis biflely, 

And in the fyre mak thair locatioun, 15 

Off femenyne the fame to fortefy. 

For quho fo lift the richt for to reheris, 

To gloir humane thay mak habilite; 

Quhen men ar fad at thame folace thay ferfs, 

As habitaklis of all humylite; ao 

Thay bring grit weiris to tranquilite, FoL277.b. 

The malyce of men thay meifs and pacify, 

To faule and bodeis bath vtilite, 

Thairfoir all men thair fiune fuld fortefy. 

Thocht ane perfone had peciablie to fpend 35 

All mychtis movit within the mappamound, 

Wanting wemen his weilfair wer at end, 

Without thair confort cair fuld thame confound ; 

Quhair ladeis abydis bliis dois ay abound, 

And quhair thay fie feltctte gois by, 30 

But thair folace no fege may be found, 

Thairfoir all men thair fame fuld fortefy. 

Sen God hes grantit thame fic gudlinels, 

And formyit thame eftir fa ftiir faffoun, 

Syne put fa blumsmg bewty in thair fefs, 35 

Quhy fuld nocht men hald thame of he renoun? 


Sen God hes gevin thame fa grit gwerdoun, 

And with fic meiknes done thame magnify, 

Quhy fuld men mak to thame comparefoun, 

Bot our alquhair thair famis to fortefy? 40 

Off Mary myld, the maid immaculat, 

To fortefy of femeneyne the fame, 

Chryll wes incamat and incorporate 

And nureift nyne monethis in Mr wame; 

And eftir borne, and bocht ws fro the blame 45 

Of Beliall, that brunt ws bitterly; 

That only a£i favis thame all fra fchame, 

And our all quhair thair fame dois fortefy. 

Ladeis thai ar of excelland valour, 

Ladeis ar digne to haif autorite, 50 

Ladeis ar dene of confortand cullour, 

Ladeis ar wyifs and full of verite, 

[Ladeis ar cheft and full of cheritie,]^ 

Ladeis ar menis paradyifs erdly, 

Ladeis ar plantit full of purite ; 55 

Thair foir all men thair fame fuld fortefy. 

War all the erd peper and percheme)me, 

And pennis war all treis, erbis and flouris, 

And all the ftemis that in the lift dois fcheyne 

War in this erd moft omat oratouris, 60 

The fe wer jmk, with frefch fludis and fchouris; FoL278.a. 

All wer to fmaU ane buke to edify, 

For to contene of ladeis the honouris, 

And loving that thair fame dois fortefy. 

Finis quod Stewart 

^ OiAitted in MS., and fupplied from tlie other yeriion. 



[Thir Billis ar brevit to Birdis infpeciaU!\ 

THIR billis ar brevit to birdis in fpeciall 
Moir for loft nor ony gude lufe; 
I breif this bill to yow in generall, 
Ladeis and madynis, that yamis fra reprufe, 
Yow to conferf and als for your behufe, 5 

That ye defend and keip yow fra diflfait. 
And yow to teich all filthy lyfe to hait 

Ye madynis fair that ar for till avance ^ 

Within the breift of your virginite, 

And ladeis als ye cheifs yow nevir to chance, 10 

Quhilk may defame do to your honeile; 

Latt nevir your wit to your will fubie£l be, 

Bot haif in mynd for him that deid on rude, 

Quhat wirchep is to be fair and gude. 

Haif mjmd how gude is to haif a gude name, 15 

And than na ciyme fall your grit wirchep fyle; 

Haif mynd how bemis hes brocht birdis to blame, 

And latt na grome with gabing yow begyle ; 

For every wrynk luk that ye haif a wyle, 

For every word be wyfe, I warne yow; ao 

Quhair trew is ane, fexty is nocht trew. 

And ye him trow, than ar ye all betrafit. 

For with thair treflbne thay bring the to ane trane, 

To leif in luft he is fo lafit, 

Moir than he hes to hecht he wilbe fane; 25 

Bot and ye grant him ony grace agane, 

Fra he haif fped fairweill fpowfing to fpeir, 

For than is all your wadding changeit in to weir. 

^ Five lines of this iUnsa have been written before this, two of them 
inTerted, and the pen has been diawn through them. 


All is in weir gife evir ye wene to wed; 

Fra he hes wrocht his will, I warn yow weill, 30 

Thair is no heme will brii^ yow to his bed, 

Bot every ane will fay, fo half I feill. 

Lo, quhair fcho gois hes tred hir fcho on heiU, 

Than haif ye fkayth and (komyng yow to fteir, Fol.278.b. 

For thy in welth be W3rfly war of weir. 35 

Be war for weir, latt nevir your wit go wyld, 

For every day ane fample may ye fe; 

Scho that is fareft fra tyme hir fame be fyld, 

Thair will no heme be blyth of hir bewte, 

Bot ay ar ikomand bayth he and he. 40 

Thufs I conclude, fuppoifs my wit be grene, 

Bewty but bonty is nocht wirth a prene. 

Finis quod Merlar.^ 

{Now of Wemen this I fay for me,] 

NOW of wemen this I fay for me, 
Off erthly thingis nane may bettir be ; 
Thay ftdd haif wirfchep and grit honoring 
Off men, aboif all vthir erthly thing; 
Rycht grit diflionour vpoun him felf he takkis 5 

In word or deid quha evir wemen lakkis; 
Sen that of wemen cumin all ar we, 
Wemen ar wemen and fa will end and de. 
Wo wirth the fni&, wald put the tre to nocht, 
And wo wirth him rycht fo that fayis ocht 10 

Off womanheid that may be ony lak, 

^ Qttod Merfar has been afterwards written. 



Or fic grit fchame vpone him for to tak. 

Thay ws confaif with pane, and be thame fed 

Within thair breiftis thair we be boun to bed; 

Grit pane and wo, and mvm)mg mervellufs, 15 

Into thair birth thay fufiir fair for ws; 

Than meit and drynk to feid ws get we nane, 

Bot that we foik out of thair breiftis bane. 

Thay ar the confort that we all haif heir, 

Thair may no man be till ws half fo deir ; ao 

Thay ar our verry neft of nvriffing. 

In lak of thame quha can fay ony thing, 

That fowU his neft he fylis, and for thy 

Exylit he fuld be of all gud cumpany; 

Thair fuld na wyifs man gif audience, 25 

To fic ane without intelligence. 

Chryft to his fader he had nocht ane man; 

Se quhat wirfchep wemen fuld haif than. 

That Sone is Lord, that Sone is King of kingis, 

In hevin and erth his maieftie ay ringis. 30 

Sen fcho hes borne him in hir halines. 

And he is well and grund of all g^udnes. 

All wemen of ws fuld haif honoring, 

Serwice and luve, aboif all vthir thing. 

\Ftfds\ quod Dumbar. 

[/ think thir Men ar verry faUs and vane.] 

1 THINK thir men ar verry fals and vane, rol.279.a. 

That wemenis honour degraidis or eftait, 
And thay deferf pvnitioun and pane. 



Quhen thay prefome in to thair vane coniait 

To fay or do that may thair fame defait; 5 

For wemen ar of fic tryvmphand gre. 

That aboif men thay haif awtoritie. 

For quhy? the warld may weill perfaif and ken, 

That wemen tiyvmphis in hie dignitie, 

And in ail honor thai do prefer men, lo 

In pnidenSy conilans and in nobilitie; 

And God, that knawis wemenis nobilitie, 

Wafs of ane woman bom^ as ye ma reid. 

And nocht confjuvit be menis polute feid. 

And quhen Cliryft Jefu raifs fra deid to lyif, 15 

Till holy wemen he did firfl appeir, 

Becaufs of thair conftans fuperlatyif ; 

Till his appoilillis he drew nocht firfl neir, 

For men in till all maleifs hes no peir; 

Ane man did fell Jefus quhilk is our held, 20 

And als be men was crufifixt and deid. 

San£l Petir did thryifs refufe and deny 

Chryft Jefus befoir Pflattis trybunall, 

Bott wemen did confefs him hardely, 

Quhen he wes accuiit in Cayphafs hall, 25 

Syne to the croce togidder thay paft all; 

Quhen he wes deid thay wemen tuke grit cure 

To fpyce his body in the fepulture. 

I can nocht wrytt nor yit ma I reherfs 

The noble holy wemen that hes bene, 30 

The quhilkis in every vertew did converfs, 

As in to d)^erfs volomis may be fene; 

Matheyris, virgenis and mony holy^ quene, 

As in the Goldin Legend men may reid. 

And als Plutarquus reherlTis of Aair deid. 35 


Ane awld ^ proverb in ftoreis did I fynd, 

Quhilk Solone faid, that prudent man of witt; 

Quod he, Na man fould fpitt aganis the wynd, 

In dreid it cum on him that did it fpitt. 

This proverb lignifeis, be my pure witt, 40 

That men that fklanderis wemen to thair defame, 

That fame fklander redoundis to thair awin fchame. 

Men ar ay reddy to fchaw wemenis vyce, 

Bot thair awin vyce thay wald excufe and hyd, 

And yit howbeit that men mak it fa nyce, 45 

God will grud wemenis fame defend and gyd ; 

The trew will fchaw the fru6lis quhair werkis all tyd ; 

In till all bukis that I cowld fynd or reid FoL879.K 

The crymes of men dois wemenis vyce exceid. 

We may perfaif in ftoreis ane and vddir, 50 

How Adame brak etemall Goddis command, 

And how Caen flew juft Abell his bruder. 

And Pharo kepit Ifraell in captiue band; 

Nobagodonafar, ye ma vndirftand, 

Quha for his wicketnefs was made ane beift; 55 

And diuerfs kingis wes pvneift for inceft. 

To tell of Nerone and Commodius, 

Quhilk wer fuppreme heidis of all the impyre, 

And vthir empriouris owttragioufs, 

The quhilk patt holy men to fowrd and fyre; 60 

To reherfs all it will bott gar me tyre, 

Quhilk daly did commit ane crewall cryme, 

Bot wemen did nevir fic thing all thair tyme. 

Quha wafs mair crewall nor Calligula, 

Or Philaris or Dionifius, 65 

And quha hes done mair treflbne nycht or da, 

^ Awld has been inferted afterwards. 



Nor did the falfs cedufTar Symon Magufs? 

Quha did mair errafy nor Arrius, 

With the evill fort of Pelligrians alfs, 

As to Chafas non wes kend fo falfs. 70 

Siclyk AimafSy that fenyeit ipocreit, 

And fals Pilatt, that condampnit Chryfl: to de; 

Paip Juliane, that fals paip of difpytt, 

With vthir ma full of idolatre; 

Vnnvmerable thair is and fa falbe 75 

Off crewale vicius men in every toun, 

Quhilk bringis pure peple to confufioun. 

For fum ar tyrantis, fum ar commoun thevis, 

Sum mvrdrefaris committand homicyd, 

Sum ar wirkaris of all kynd of mifchevis, So 

Sum ar tratouris, quhair evir thay gang or ryd, 

And fum to Sathan ar ba3rth pilatt and gyd ; 

Sum ar menfwome, full of fals callumnationis, 

And commoun leans inwentand accufationis. 

And yit howbeit fum wemen fait be cace, 85 

Be ignorance, or thruch grit libertie, 

Yit men fowld nocht allage in to no place, 

That all wemen ar of fic vilitie. 

Particular prefferris nocht vniuerfalitie, 

Howbeit ane hes bene temptit with the devill, 90 

That fallowis nocht that all the laif ar evilL 

Quhairfoir I mervell that men ar fa rud. 

For to detra6t gud wemen evin and mome, 

Ar we nocht maid of wemenis ilefch and blud ? 

And in thair bofum we ar bred and borne, 95 

Thairfoir we fowld do thame na ikaith nor fkome; 

All men that gevis to wemen evill commend, 

I pray to God that thay mak ane ill end. 

Finis quod Weddirburae 


\Fra Raige of Yowth the Rynk hes rune^ 

FRA raige of yowth the tynk hes rune, Fol.28o.a. 

And reflbne tane the man to tune, 
The brukle body than v& wvne,^ 

And maid ane vefchell new. 
For than thruch grace he is begime 5 

The well of wifdome for to kune; 
Than is his weid of vertew fpune ; 

Treft Weill this taill is trew. 

For yowth and will ar fo conforfs, 

Withowt that wifdome mak devorfs, 10 

Thay rin lyk wyld vndantit horfs. 

But brydillis, to and fro. 
Thair curage fa ourcumis thair corfe, 
Thrwcht heit of blude it hes fic foris, 
Bot gif the mynd haif fum remorfs, 15 

Of God all is ago. 

This wid fantaftyk lull but iufe 
Dois fo yung men to madnefs mvfe, 
That thay ma nowthir reft nor nife, 

Till thay mifcheif thair fellis ; 20 

Haif thay thair harlottis in behufe, 
Thay fufTy nocht thair Grod abufe, 
Thair fame, thair wirfchep nor reprufe, 

Off honour nor ocht ellis. 

Ferme luve with prudens fuld be vfit, 25 

Thocht fum allegeand to excufit, 
Saying that luve with witt inclufit 

Yit is nocht worth a buttoun. 

* Thtt word is very indiAIndl. 



Sic vane opinioun is confufit, 

That man but reflbun may be nifit; 30 

Quha bene with beiftly luft abufit, 

I hald him bot ane muttoun. 

Quha wald in luve be eftimat 

Suld haif thair hairtia ay elevat 

With merciall vayndis in doing that 35 

Mycht caufs thair fais to dowt thame. 
Thocht wemen felf be temerat, 
Thay luve no man effemina^ 
And haldis thame, bot I wat not quhat; 

That can noth be withowt thame. 40 

Yit man fuld fauour thame, howbeid Foi.2&>.b. 

Thay be bot neceflar of neid; 
Becaufs we cum of thame in deid 

Thair perfonis fuld be pryfit. 
As grund is ordand to beir feid, 45 

So is the woman bom to breid 
The fru£l of man, and that to feid 

As nature hes dewyfit 

Schort to conclude, I wald bath knew. 

That luvaris fuld be leill and trew; 50 

And ladeis fuld all thingis efchew 

That ma thair honor fmot 
Be permanent that wald perfew. 
And rin nocht reklefly to rew, 
Bot as I dire6l; adew, 55 

Thufs I depairt, quod Scott 


Heirendis the Prayifs of Wemen, andfollcms the Contempt 
of blyndit Luve. 


\Quha will behald of Luve the Chance^ 

QUHA will behald of luve the chance, Fol.aSi.a. 

With fueit difTauyng countenance, 
In quhais fair diflimvlance 

May none aflfure; 
Quhilk is begun with inconftance, 5 

And endis nocht but variance, *.^ 

Scho haldis with continwance 
No fcheruiture. 


Difcretioun and confiderance 

Ar both out of hir gouirnance; 10 

Quhairfoir of it the fchort plefance^ 

May nocht indure; 
Scho is fo new of acquentance, 
The auld gais fra remembrance; 
Thus I gife our the obferuanfs 15 

Of luvis cure. 

It is ane pount of ignorance 
To lufe in fie diftemperance, 
Sen tyme mifpendit may avance 

No creature; 20 

In luve to keip allegance, 
It war als nyfs an ordinance, 
As quha wald bid ane deid man dance, 

In fepulture. 

Finis quod Dumbar.^ 

^ This has firft been written, with langpUfance, ' Quod Dumhar has 

been afterwaxds written. 






\Leif Luve, my Luve^ no langar thaw it lyk,] 

LEIF luve, my luve, no langar thow it lyk; 
Alter your amouris into obferwans; 
Efchew the fwerd of wengeance or it ftryk; 
Your lull and plefance tume in repentans. 
Off mifdeid mend, of kiffing mak confcienfs; 5 

Go luve our God, our nychtbour and Sathan ourfett ; 
Punyfs Weill the flefch for thyn awin offens ; 
Haif e to God and brek the Diuillis net. 

Woluptous lyfe quhy thinkis tho fo fueit, 

Knawing the deth that no man may ewaid, 10 

Syne perfeveiris in flefly luil and heit, 

No fawis may the fro thy fynnis perfuaid; 

Contempnyng God off nocht that the hes maid, 

Trefling in to this brukle lyfe and vane, 

Repent in tyme, devoyd the of this laid, 15 

And knaw in hell thair is etemall pane. 


[Quhat meneth this? quhat is this windir Vref] 

QUHAT meneth this? quhat is this windir vre? 
Of purveance gife I fall it call, 
Of god of luve, that fab thame fo affure. 

And trew, allace, doun of the quheill bene fall, FoL28i.b. 



And yit in futh this is the worft of all, 5 

That falfheid wrangfully of trewth hes the name, 
And trewth agane of fallheid beiris the blame.^ 

This blind chance, this ftormy avinture. 

In Luve haith moft his experience. 

For quho that doith with trewth moft his cure, 10 

Sail for his meid fynd moft ofTens, 

That ferwith Luve for all his diligens: 

For quho can fayne vndir lawleheid, 

He falls nocht to fynd grace and fpeid. 

For I luvit one, full lang fyne agone, 15 

With all my hairt, body and full mycht, 

And to be deid my hairt can nocht gone 

Frome his haift, bot hald that he heth hicht, 

Thocht I be banifchit out of.hir ficht. 

And by hir mowth dampnit that I fuld dy, 20 

Vnto my beheft yit I will evir obey. 

For evir faith that the warld began, 

Quha fa lift luke, and in ftoiy reid. 

He fall ay find that the trew man 

Wes put abak, quhair as the falfheid 25 

Yfurtherid wes; for Luve takis none held 

To fley the trewth, and haif of thame no chairge, 

Quhair as the fals gois frely at thair lairge. 

I tak record of Palamydes, 

The trew man, that noble worthy knycht, 30 

That evir luvit, and of his pane no reles, 

Nochtwithflanding his manheid and his mjrcht, 

Luve vnto him did full grit vnricht, 

For ay the mair he did in chevelry, 

The mair he wes hindred by invy. 3S 

^ MS. has name repeated here. 


And ay the bettir he did in every place, 

Thruch his knychtheid and bufly pane, 

The ferdir wes he frome his ladeis grace, 

For to hir mercy mycht he nocht attane, 

And fro his deth he cowd him nocht refrane, 40 

For no denger, hot ay obey and feme. 

As he bed cowd, plane till he fterue. 

Quhat wes the fyne alfo of Hercules, 

For all his conqueis and his worthinefs, Foi.282.a. 

That wes of ftrenth allone peirles, 45 

For, lyk as bukis of him lift exprefs, 

He fett pillaris, thruch his he provefs. 

Away at Gades, for to iignifye 

That no man micht him pais in chevelry. 

The quhilk piller fer beyond Ind 50 

Be fett of gold for a remembrance; 

And for all that wes he fet behind. 

With thame that luve lift febly awance. 

For him fet laft vpone a dance, 

Aganis quhome help may nocht fttyfe, 55 

For all his trewth he loft his lyfe. 

Phebus alfo for all his plefant licht, 

Quhen that lie went heir in erth law, 

Vnto the hairt with Venus ficht, 

Ywoundit wes thruch fchot of Cupeidis bow, 60 

And yit his lady lift him nocht to knaw, 

Thocht for hir luve his hairt fuld bleid, 

Scho let him go, and tuk of him none heid. 

Quhat fall I fay of yung Piramus? 

Of trew Triilram, for all his he renoun, 65 

Of Achilles and Antoniusf, 

Of Arceit, or of him Palamoon, 


Quhat wes the end of thair paflioun, 

Bot eftir forrow dyis, and than thair graif, 

Lo, heir the guerdoun that thais luvaris haif. 70 

Bot fals Jafone with his dowbilnes, 

That wes vntrew at Colkofs to Medee, 

And Thefeus, rute of vnkyndnes, 

And with thais two eik the fals Enee: 

Lo, thus the fals ay in on degre 75 

Had in Luve thair lull and all thair will. 

And, faif falftieid, thair wes none vthir fkill. 

Off Thebes^ eik the fals Arceit, 

And Demophone eik for his flewth, 

Thay had thair lull and all thair haill delyt, ^ 

For all thair fallheid and grit vntrewth: 

Thus evir Luve, allace, and that is rewth, 

His fals luvaris furtherith quhat he may, 

And llayis the trew iniullly dey by day. 

For trew Adone was llane with the bore, 85FoL282.h. 

Amyd the forrell in the grene fchaid, 

For Venus luve he felt all the foir, 

Bot Vulcanus with hir no mercy maid, 

That fowl! churle had mony nychtis glaid, 

Quhair Mars hir knycht and hir man, 90 

To f3md merq^ confort none he can. 

Alfo the yung frefche Ypomedes, 

So lully fre as of his curage. 

That for to ferf with all his hairt he chefs 

Athalans, fo fair of hir vifage, 95 

Bot Luve, allace, quyt him fo his vage. 

With crewall denger planely at the lail. 

That with the deth guerdounles he pali 

^ MS. has Phibus^ an eyident miftake. 


Lo, heir the fyne of Luvis fcheruice, 

Lo, how that Lufe can his fcherwantis quyte, 100 

Lo, how he can his faithful! men difpyfs, 

To (la the trew men and fals to refpyte, 

Lo, how he dois the fwerd of forrow byte 

In hairtis, fuche as moil his luftis obey, 

To faif the fals and do the trew to dey. 105 

For faith nor aith, word nor afiurance, 

Trew menyng, await or bufinefs. 

Still port nor fathfuU attendance, 

Manheid nor mycht in armes worthinefs, 

Perfute of wirfchip nor he provefs, no 

In ftrange landis ryding nor travell. 

Full littill or nocht in Luve dois awaill. 

Perrell of deth, nowdir in fe nor land, 

Hunger nor thrift, forrow nor feiknefs, 

Nor grit interprylis for to tak on hand, 115 

Schedding of blude, na manfuU hardinefs. 

Nor oft wounding at fautis by diftrefs, 

Nor in pairting of deth nor lyfe alfo. 

All is for nocht, Luve takith no heid thairto. 

Bot lefing^s with hir flattry, lao 

Thruch hir falfheid and with hir dowbilnefs, 

A^th tailis new and mony fanyd le. 

By fals femblant and counterfit humblenefs, 

Vndir cuUour depajmt with fteidfaftnefs. 

With fraud coverid vndir a peteoufs face, i25FoL283.a. 

Acceptit be now ratheft vnto gfrace. 

And can him felf now beft magnifie, 

With faynid port and prefumptioun; 

Thay haunt thair caufs with fals furquedry, 

Vndir menyng of dow[b]le intentioun, 130 


To think on thing in thair opinioun, 
And fay a nowthir, to fett him felf aloft, 
And hindir trewth, as it is fene full oft 

O, god of luve, with thy blind variance, 

Yment with chenge and grit vnftabilnefs, 135 

Now vp, now doun, fo rynnyng is thy chance, 

That the to truft may be no fickemefs, 

I knaw the nothing bot for dubilnels, 

And quho that is an archeir and is blend, 

Markith no thing, bot fchutith by wend. 140 

And for that he hes no difcretioun. 

Without adwyfe he lettis his arrowis go, 

For lak of ficht and alfo of reflbun, 

In his fchoting it hapnis oft fo, 

To hurt his frend rathir than his fo, 145 

So dois this god with his fcherp fione. 

The trew he flais and lattis the fals gone. 

\Finis\ quod Chaufer. 

[/// Mc^ as that Aurora did vp/pring*'\ 

IN May as that Aurora did vpfpring. 
With criftall ene chafing the cluddis fable, 
I hard a merle with mirry notis fmg 
A fang of lufe, with voce rycht comfortable, 
Agane the orient bemis amiable, 
Vpone a bliff uU brenche of lawry ^ grene ; 
This wes hir fentens fueit and deleftable, 
A lufly lyfe in Luves fcheruice bene. 

^ Altered into launyr. 


Vndir this breach ran doun a revir bricht, 

Of balmy liquour, criftallyne of hew, 10 

Agane the hevinly aifur fkyis licht^ 

Quhair did, vpone the tothair fyd, perfew 

A nychtii^^all, with fu^urit notis new, 

Quhois angell fedderis as the pacok fchone ; 

This wes hir fong, and of a fentens trew, 15 

All luve is lofl bot vpone God allone. 

With notis glaid and glorious armony, FoL283.b. 

This joyfull merle fo faluft fcho the day, 

Quhill rof^ the widdis of hir melody, 

Saying, Awalk, ye luvaris, O, this May. 20 

Lo, frefche Flora hes flureft every fpray. 

As natur hes hir taucht, the noble quene, 

The feild bene dothit in a new array; 

A lufty lyfe in luvis fcheruice bene. 

Nevir fuetar nqsrs wes hard with levand man, 25 

Na maid this mirry gentill nsrchtingaill, 

Hir found went with the rever as it ran, 

Outthrow tiie fSrefche and flureift lufty vailL 

O merle, quod fcho, O fule, il)mt of thy taill. 

For in thy fong gud fentens is thair none, 30 

For boith is t3mt the tyme and the travaill 

Of every luve bot vpone Grod allone. 

Seifs, quod the merle, thy preching, nychtii^ale, 

Sail folk thair yewth fpend in to holinefs? 

Of jmng fanftis growis auld feyndis but fable; 35 

Fy, ypocreit, in yeiris tendimds, 

Agane the law of kynd thow gois exprefs, 

That crukit a^ makis on with yewth ferene, 

Quhome natur of conditionis maid d}rverfs; 

A lufty lyfe in luves fcheruice bene. 40 


The nychtingaill faid, Fule, remembir the, 

That both in yewth and eild, and every hour, 

The luve of God mod deir to man fuld be, 

That him of nocht wrocht lyk his awin figour. 

And deit him felf fro deid him to fuccour. 45 

O, quhithir wes kjrthit thair trew lufe or none? 

He is moft trew and fteidfaft paramour; 

All luve is loft bot vpone him allone. 

The merle faid, Quhy put God fo grit bewte 

In ladeis, with flc womanly having, 50 

Bot gife he wald that thay fuld luvit be? 

To luve eik natur gaif thame incl3mn3mg; 

And He, of natur that wirker wes and king, 

Wald no thing fruftir put, nor lat be fene, 

In to his creature of his awin making; 55 

A lufty lyfe in luves fcheruice bene. 

The nychtingall faid, Nocht to that behufe 

Put God fic bewty in a ladeis face, Fol.284.a. 

That fcho fuld haif the thank thairfoir or lufe, 

Bot He, the wirker, that put in hir fic g^ace, 60 

Off bewty, bontie, richefs, tyme or fpace. 

And every gudnefs that bene to cum or gone; 

The thank redoundis to him in every place; 

All luve is loft bot vpone God allone. 

O nychtingall, it wer a ftory nyce, 65 

That luve fuld nocht depend on cherite, 

And gife that vertew contrair be to vyce. 

Than lufe mon be a vertew, as thinkis me; 

For ay to lufe invy mone contrair be: 

God bad eik lufe thy nychtbour fro the fplene, 70 

And quho than ladeis fuetar nychbouris be? 

A lufty lyfe in lufe[s] fcheruice bene. 



The nychtingaill fatd, Bird, quhy dois thow raif ? 

Man may tak in his lady (ic delyt, 

Him to foryet that hir fie vertew gaif, 75 

And for his hevin raflaif hir cullour quh]^; 

Hir goldin treflit hairis redomyt, 

Lyk to AppoUois bemis thoeht thay fchone, 

Suld noeht him blind fro lufe that is perfyt; 

All lufe is loft bot vpone God allone. So 

The merle faid, Lufe is caufs of honour ay, 

Luve makis cowardis manheid to purchafs, 

Luve makis knychtis hardy at afTey, 

Luve makis wrechis full of lergenefs, 

Luve makis fueir folkis full of biffinefs, 85 

Luve makis fluggirdis frefche and weill befene, 

Luve changis vyce in vertewis nobilnefs ; 

A lufty lyfe in luvis fcheruice bene. 

The nychtingaill faid, Trew is the contrary; 

Sie fruftir luve, it blindis men fo far, 90 

In to thair myndis it makis thame to vary; 

In fals vane glory thai fo drunkin ar, 

Thair wit is went, of wo thai ar nocht war, 

Quhill that all wirchip away be fro thame gone, 

Fame, guddis and ftrenth; quhairfoir weill fay I dar, 95 

All luve is loft bot vpone God allone. 

Than faid the merle, Myn errour I confefs; 
This fruftir luve all is bot vanite; 
Blind ignorance me gaif fic hardinefs. 
To argone fo agane the varite; 100 

Quhairfoir I counfall every man, that he Fol.284.b. 

With lufe nocht in the feindis net be tone, 
Bot luve the luve that did for his lufe de ; 
All lufe is loft bot vpone God allone. 



Than fang thay both with vocis lowd and cleir; 105 

The merle fang, Man, lufe God that hes the wrocht : 
The nychtingall fang, Man, lufe the Lord moft deir, 
That the and all this warld maid of nocht: 
The merle faid, Luve him that thy lufe hes focht 
Fra hevin to erd, and heir tuk flefche and bone : 1 10 

The nychtingall fang, And with his deid the bocht ; 
All luve is loft bot vpone him allone. 

Thane flaw thir birdis our the bewis fchene, 

Singing of lufe amang the levis fmall, 

Quhois ythand pleid yit maid my thochtis grene, 115 

Bothe fleping, walking, in reft and in travail;^ 

Me to reconfort moft it dois awaill 

Agane for lufe, quhen lufe I can find none, 

To think how fong this merle and nychtingaill, 

All lufe is loft bot vpone God allone. 120 

Fitiis qu4>d Dumbar. 


Now ciimis Aige quhair Yezvtk hes benCy 
And trtiu Luve ryfis fro the Splene. 

NOW culit is dame Venus brand ; 
Trew luvis fyre is ay* kindilland, 
And I b^fyn to vndirftand. 
In feynit luve quhat foly bene : 
Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 
And trew luve ryfis fro the fplene. 

^ This claufe afterwards altered to refland in travell. 
• Ay afterwards written in. 


Quhill Venus fyre be deid and cauld, 

Trew luvis fyre nevir birnis bauld ; 

So as the ta lufe vaxis auld, 

The tothir dois increfs moir kene: 10 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 

And trew lufe ryfis fro the fplene. 

No man hes curege for to wryte 

Quhat plefans is in lufe perfyte, 

That hes in fenyeit lufe delyt, '5 

Thair kyndnes is fo contrair clene : 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 

And trew lufe ryfis fro the fplene. 

Full Weill is him that may imprent, 

Or onywayifs his hairt confent, 2oFol.285.a. 

To tume to trew luve his intent, 

And ilill the quarrell to fuflene : 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 

And trew lufe ryfis fro the fplene. 

I haif experience by my fell; 25 

In luvis court anis did I dwell, 

Bot quhair I of a joy cowth tell, 

I culd of truble tell fyftene: 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 

And trew lufe ryfis fro the fplene. 30 

Befoir quhair that I wes in dreid. 

Now haif I confort for to fpeid ; 

Quhair I had maugre to my meid, 

I treft rewaird and thankis betuene: 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 35 

And trew lufe ryfis fro the fplene. 

Quhair lufe wes wont me to difpleifs, 
Now find I in to lufe grit eifs; 


Quhair I had denger and difeifs, 

My breift all confort dois contene: 40 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 

And trew lufe ryfis fro the fplene. 

Quhair I wes hurt with jelofy, 

And wald no luver wer bot I, 

Now quhair I lufe I wald all wy, 45 

AIs Weill as I luvit I wene: 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 

And trew lufe ryfis fro the fplene. 

Befoir quhair I durft nocht for fchame 

My lufe difcure, nor tell hir name; 50 

Now think I wirfchep wer and fame, 

To all the warld that it war fene: 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 

And trew lufe ryfis fro the fplene. 

Befoir no wicht I did complene, 55 

So did hir denger me derene; 

And now I fett nocht by a bene 

Hir bewty nor hir twa fair ene: 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 

And trew lufe ryfis fro the fplene. 60 

I haif a luve farar of face, 

Quhome in no denger may haif place, 

Quhilk will me guerdoun gif and grace, 

And mercy ay quhen I me mene: 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 65 

And trew lufe ryfis fro the fplene. 

Vnquyt I do no thing nor fane, Foi.285.b. 

Nor wairis a luvis thocht in vane; 
I falbe als weill luvit agane, 


Thair may no jangler me prevene : 70 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 
And trew luve ryfis fro the fplene. 

Ane lufe fo fare, fo gud, fo fueit. 

So riche, fo rewthfuU and difcreit, 

And for the kynd of man fo meit, 75 

Nevir moir falbe nor yxt hes bene: 

Now cumis aige quhair )rewth hes bene. 

And trew luve ryfis fro the fplene. 

Is none fa trew a luve as he, 

That for trew lufe of ws did de; 80 

He fuld be luffit agane, think me, 

So that wald fa fane our luve obtene: 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 

And trew luve ryfis fro the fplene. 

Is non but grace of God I wifs, 85 

That can in yewth confiddir thifs; 

This fals diflavand warldis blifs. 

So gydis man in flouris grene: 

Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, 

And trew luve ryfis fro the fplene. 90 

Fifiis quod Dumbar. 



\Quha lykis to Liive^ or tltai Law pruve!\ 

UHA lykis to luve, or that law pruve, 
Lat him beleif this lyfe to leid ; 


His mynd fall moif, but reft or ruve, 

With diuerfs dolouris to the deid; 

He fall tyne appetyte, 5 

And meit and fleip gife quyte, 

And want the way perfyte, 

To find remeid. 

He fall nocht wit, quhiddir that it 

Be panefuU, plefand, weill or wo, 10 

To ftand or fit, remoif or flit, 
To gang, to ly, to byd or go; 
No wit falbe degeft, 
To heir, fe, fmell, nor teft, 

Bot as a brutall beft, 15 

He fall be fo. 

Fie thocht he wald, lufe fall him hald, Foi.286.a. 

Within the dungeoun of difpair, 

Quhyle hett, quhyle cald, a thowfand fald, 

His purpoifs falbe heir and thair; 20 

He fall hald wifdome vyce. 

And vertew of no pryce, 

Bot as a fule vnwyce. 

So fall he fair. 

This is the quhy, and caufs that I 25 

Complene fo peteoufly in plane, 

I lufe the wy will nocht apply. 

Nor grant to gife me grace agane; 

The moir fcheruice I do, 

The moir fremmit is fcho, 30 

Without refpeft vnto 

My crewall pane. 

Ye luvaris fe, gife that this be 

Ane lyfe that all gude men malingis; 


I fay for me, it is to fle 35 

Aboif the peft, and plaig that ringis ; 
Quhilk is hot curius, 
Ay woid and furius, 
And fyre fulfurius, 

That men doun bringis. 40 

My brethir deir, we mod forbeir, 

And fra this finfuU lyfe evaid ws; 

Lat reflbun fteir your hairtis inteir, 

And nocht thoill lathly luft to leid ws ; 

Quhilk is the verry net, -♦S 

That Satane for ws fet, 

To caufs ws quyt foryet 

The Lord that maid ws. 

Finis quod Scott. 


\Lo^ quhat it is to lufei\ 

LO, quhat it is to lufe, 
Leme ye that lift to prufe, 
Be me, I fay, that no ways may 
The grund of greif remvfe, 

Bot ftill decay, both nycht and day; 5 

Lo, quhat it is to lufe. 

Lufe is ane fervent fyre, 

Kendillit without defyre, 

Schort plefour, lang difplefour, 

Repentence is the hyre; 10F0i.286.ix 


Ane pure treffour, without mefour; 
Lufe is ane fervent fyre. 

To lufe and to be wyifs, 

To rege with gud adwyifs; 

Now thus, now than, fo gois the game, 15 

Incertanc is the dyifs; 

Thair is no man, I fay, that can 

Both lufe and to be wyifs. 

Fie alwayis frome the fnair, 

Leme at me to be ware; 20 

It is ane pane, and dowbill trane. 

Of endles wo and cair; 

For to refrane that denger plane, 

Fie alwayis frome the fnair. 

[Finis] quod Scott. 

[Panjing of Lufe quhat Lyf it leidis.] 

PANSING of lufe quhat lyf it leidis. 
My will exprefs with reflbun pleidis. 
And nocht I fynd to (lop thair feidis 

Bot lufe to reput bed remeid is 


And trew it is bot vanite, 

For luk quha ar in lufe mod he 


Perchance may fynd the fyne falbe 

Pane, 10 

And till efteme it or tfaay de, 


For thocht in luft of lufe Aim lyis. 

So lang without remeid to ryfs, 

It fall nocht faill to mak thame twyfs 15 

Fra thay leif play to think the pryfs 


Quhat noble men hes hurt thair name, 

And lufty ladeis loft thair fame, 20 

Quhat wemen micht nocht for thair wame 

Bot oppinly thair lufe proclame 


My counfale is, ye leif lufe allone, 25 

Lufe lelaly and lufe bot one. 
And fum example tak be Johine 

Or ye fall think your tyme bygone 

Vane. 30 



\Quhomefould I wyt of my Mif chance^ 

QUHOME fould I wyt of my mifchance, FoLaS/.a. 

Bot Cupeid, king of variance? 

5 M 


Thy court, without confidcrance, 
Quhen I it knew, 

Or evir maid the obfervance, ^ 


Sa far I rew. 

Thow and thy law ar inftrumentis 

Off diuerfs inconvenientis; 

Thy fcheruice mony foir repentis, 

Knawing the quarrell, *° 

Quhen body, honor and fubftance fchentis, 

And faule in perrell. 

Quhat is thy manrent bot mifcheif, 

Sturt, angir, grunching yre and greif, 

Evill lyfe, and langour but releif ^5 

Off woundis wan, 
Difplefour, pane and he repreif 

Of God and man. 

Thow lovifs thame that lowdeft leis, 
And foUowis fafteft on thame flejs; 
Thow lychtleis all trew properteis 

Off luve exprefs, 
And markis quhair nevir flyme thow feis, 

Bot hittis be gaifs. 

Blynd buk, bot at the bound thow fchutis. 
And thame forbeiris that the rebutis; 
Thow ryvis thair hairtis ay fra the rutis, 

Quhilk ar thy awin. 
And cureis thame caris^ nocht thre cutis 

To be milknawin. 

Thow art in freyndfchip with thi fo, 
And fremmit to thy freynd alfo, 

1 MS. hfts cutis. 




Thow flemts all faythfuU men the fro, 

Of fteidfaft thocht» 
Regarding non bot ifaame ago, 35 

That curis the nocht. 

Thow chirreifs thame that with the chyddis, 
And baneiffis thame with the abydis; 
Thow hefs thi home ay in thair fydis, 

That can nocht fle ; 40 

Thay furdir werft in the confydis, 

I fay for me. 

finis quad Scott 

[(?, Man, transformit and vnnatura/l.] 

OMAN, transformit and vnnaturall, FoL287.b. 

) O, trublit fpreit, pofleft with frenefye ; 
Allace, is all thy wit prudencially 
In vane confaittb and profound fantefy, 
Thrucht apprehenfionis of mallancoly, 5 

Generit thrucht luft of fenfuall afifeAione, 
Quhilk hes exylit reflfone and affeftione? 

Quhair is thy knawlege and intendment, 

And thy ryp wit in folift biffinefs ? 

Quhair is thy wifdome and gud jugement? 10 

Quhair is thy paftance and folaciufnefs? 

Quhair is thy ftrenth fowld mortefy diftrefs? 

Quhair is thy prudent verteufs converfatioun, 

Quhill wulgaris haldis of fa grit eftimatioun ? 


Thow dois becum war nor ane brutall beift, is 

In profound pane provokand thy awin deid, 

Quhen thow in luve lyis lyk ane gryiflie gaift, 

Heit as the fyre and calder nor the leid ; 

With vane confaitis all farfit is thy heid, 

Deilitut of vertew and of grace, 20 

Lamentand vane confaitis, cryand allace. 

With fobbis and fichis and mony ane fufpyir, 

Tormentand thair thy felf in till ane trance, 

The quhilk haldis all thy body in ane fyre, 

Becaufs thy heid is full of variance; 25 

And blyndis thy richt fpreitis with dull ignorance, 

Provokand thy defyre to leif folitar. 

To end thy dayis in langifling and cair. 

Thow garris me marvell mair than I can mene, 

Becaufs thow art the maifl fule now in lyfe; 30 

The dropis be pairis fallis fra thy ene, 

Rarand lyk ane yung bame or ane feik wyfe, 

Defyrand thy awin deid with fwerd or kn)^; 

Thairfoir vyce men fowld mak for the no mane, 

Becaus thow art all with the glaikis ourgane. 35 

To cild. And ye, auld man, your puerilitie 

Is gane lang fyne, and thow art cum till aige, 

Thairfoir thy eild fowld end with honeftie. 

And in lufe to rammeifs and to r^e. 

For paramouris in aid men is dottage; 40 

Thow fowld vpoun thy bukis and beidis contempill. 

The quhilk fowld be to yung men gud exempilL 

The devyne prudent Plato fayis exprefs, Fol.aS&a. 

That quhan menis ene becumis bleird and obfcure, 

And quhan thair cheikis ar full of ikrumpilnefs, 45 

Or quhan thair he[idis] na excefs in [drynk] ind[ure^], 

^ Cttt off when the MS. was inlaid. 


Than thay fowld provyd for thair fepulture, 
And to converfs in vertew day and hour, 
And nocht to leif in luft and paramour. 

And Jhus Sircht/ quhilk was fapient, 50 

He held thre vycis maift abhominable ; 

Ane was quhan men of riches or of rent 

Vfit to lie lefingis deteftable; 

The fecund was, nane fowld hald for a fable. 

That is quhen men ar in pouerty pynd, 55 

Syne g^owis in hicht with ane ambitius mynd. 

And the thrid vyce he held maift odius, 

Becaufs it is the vyleft of the thre; 

That is quhen men of aige ar vicius, 

Vfand thair luft and fenfualitie; 60 

Wemen takkis als grit plefour for to fe 

Ane man of aige in amouris for to carp, 

As quhen thay heir ane afs play on a harp. 

Rycht feyndill in to landis quhair I haif bene, 

I faw nevir auld men oft luve paramour, 65 

Nor yit it wes nevir in no cuntre fene, 

That wemen did luve auld men day or hour; 

Thocht fum wemen be fene be avingtour 

To kifs and clap auld men be luvis feir, 

Sic fenyeit luve thay fchaw to get thair geir. 70 

Thairfoir thow fowld richt prudently perpend 

The denger, the difhonour and defame, 

Off povertie or ane mifchevous end, 

Quhilk cumis of men of aige that tynis gud name; 

Quhan yung men dois fic thing it is na fchame, 75 

Becaufs yowtheid garris thair blude flow and r^e, 

Bot auld menis luft proceidis of daft dotage. 

^ Sic in MS.; Siixht is an anfigram of Chriji. 


And fen thy blude is becum cawld and dry, 

And als thy flefche and banis confumys for eild, 

Thairfoir thow fowld leif wantone chevalry 80 

Off Venus warkis, and to gif our the feild, 

And nevir to beir in amouris fpeir nor fcheild; 

Bot rathir at ane hett fyre the to hold, 

With ane fydgoun to keip the fra the cold. 

Thow hes mair miftir of ane dowbill cap, 85 

Nor of the fareft lady in to France, 

With mittanis warme thy tendir handis to hap, Fol.288.b. 

Nor for to fe thy deir lufe fing or dance; 

Reftoratyvis, be wyifs menis ordinance. 

With fweit confeflionis, fowld be thy confort, 90 

Rathir nor with frefche ladeis for till fport. 

The meffingeris of deid dois the affelye. 

The quhilk no man nor woman may ganeftand, 

Thy memberis and thy ftrenth begynnis to felye, 

For butt ane ftaff thow may nocht ikantlie ftand ; 95 

Thairfoir gif thow be wyifs do my command, 

And to putt wemen cleir furth of thy mynd, 

Becaufs to men of aige thay ar vnkynd. 

Thocht thow be coiftlie cled in cap and goun, 

Lyk the yung galyard gallandis in all thing, 100 

And als thy claifs maid of the new faffoun. 

And on thy finyeris mony joly ring, 

Yit thy gray berd yung wemen fall maling; 

Thairfoir thow fall putt thame furth of thy mynd, 

Becaufs to men of aige thay ar vnkynd. 105 

To the madin. And, noble ladeis and fweit creatouris, 
I exort yow naturaly to intend 
The crewall and vnhappy aventouris. 
Be jugement devyne quhilk God dois fend. 


Schame, pouerty or ane vyle fuddane end, no 

On thame that maculattis pudicitie, 
Adherand to thair fenfualitie. 

The noble giftis of cheftitie precell, 

Off vertewis it is maift principal! ; 

Na perfone can expreme, defyne nor tell 115 

The godly vertew virginiall ; 

For the devyne theologgis vniuerfall, 

And auld awttouris of maift excellent gre, 

Aboif all giftis thay preffer cheftitie. 

Thairfoir gif ye wald keip pudicitie, 120 

Ye fowld extremely deteft vane amouris, 

And to fie evill occafioun fpecialie, 

As is foirfaid be omat oratouris; 

And als ye fowld prepend bayth day and houris, 

To grit mifcheif, mifery and neid, 125 

Fra paramouris dois evir mair fucceid. 

Finis quod Weddirbume. 

[ Ye blindit Luvaris, luke.] 

YE blindit luvaris, luke Fol.2S9.a. 

The reklefs l)rfe ye leid, 
Efpy the fnair and huke 
That haldis yow be the heid ; 

Thairfoir I reid remeid 5 

To leife and lat it be, 
For lufe hes non at feid, 
Bot fulis that can nocht fie. 



Quhat is your lufe bot luft, 

Ane littill for delyte, 

Ane beiftly game robuft, 

To reif your reffoun quyte ; 

Ane fowfum appetsrte, 

That ftrenth of perfoun waikis, 

Ane paftance vnperfyte, »5 

To fmyte yow with the glaikis. 

Quhair fenfuall luft proceidis, 

All honeft lufe is pjmd ; 

Ye ma compair your deidis, 

Vnto ane brutall kynd. 20 

Fra vertew be contrynd 

To follow vyce, confiddir 

That reffoun, wit and mynd, 

Ar all ago togiddir. 

The wyfeft woman thairout, ^5 

With wirdis may be wyllit 

To do the deid, but dout, 

That honour hes exyllit 

How mony ar b^yllit, 

And few I fynd that chaipis ; 30 

Thairfoir your faithis ar fylit 

To frawd thay filly aipis. 

Ye mak regaird for grace 

Quhair nevir grace yit grew; 

Ye lang to ryn the race, 35 

That ane or baith fall rew; 

Ye preifs ay to perfew 

Thair fyte and your awin forrow; 

Ye treft to find thame trew, 

That nevir wes be forrow. 40 


Ye cry on Cupeid king, Fol.289.b. 

And Venus quene, in vane; 

Ye fend all maner thing, 

With trattillis thame to trane ; 

Ye preiche, ye fleich, ye frane, 45 

Ye grane ay quhill thay grant; 

Your prettikis ar profane 

Pure ladeis to fupplant 

Ye fchowt as ye wer fchent, 

Thay fwoun to fe yow fmartit ; 50 

Ye rame as ye wer rent, 

And thay ar rewthfuU hairtit. 

Your play ar^ fone peruertit, 

Fra that thair belly ryfs; 

Thay wary yow that gartit, 55 

And ye thame inlykwyfs. 

Yit thair is lefum lufe. 

That lawchtfuUy fuld left; 

He is nocht to reprufe, 

That is with ane pofleft. 60 

That band I hald it beft, 

And nocht to pals attour, 

Bot ye can tak no reft, 

Quhill thay kaft vp all four. ^ 

Sic luvaris fe)nidill meitis, V ^^ 

Bot ladeis ay forlome is; 

Quhen thay bewaill and greitis. 

Sum of yow lawchis and (komis. 

Your hecht, your aith menfwome is. 

Your lippis ar lyk burd lyme; 70 

I hald ye want bot homis, 

As bukkis in belling tyme. 

1 So in MS. 



Ye trattill and ye tyft, 

QuhiU thay foryet thair fame; 

Ye trane thame to ane tryft, 75 

And thair ye get thame tame. 

Thay fulTy nocht for fchame, 

Nor caftis nocht quhat cumis fyne; 

Bot quhen ye claw thair wame 

Thay tummyll our lyk fwyne. 80 

Thocht yung perwerfit natouris^ FoLiQam. 

To palyardy applawddis, 

Bot yit auld nibiatouris, 

To^ hant the laittis of lawdis, 

Quhen* thay begyn fic gawdis, 85 

To leif thay ar mod laith, 

Quhen thay haif gottin blawdis, 

With Venus bowtyne cleth. 

Ye wantoun wowaris waggis 

With thame that hes the cunye, 90 

For haif ane bifmeir bagg^s, 

Ye grunche nocht at hir grunye; 

Swa^ ladeis will nocht founye» 

With waiftit wowbattis rottin, 

Bot prowdly thay will prounye, 95 

Quhair geir is to be gottin. 

Quhair money may yow moif, 

I hald it aweryce, 

Thair is na conftant lufe, 

Bot commoun merchandyce. 100 

This ordour now is nyce, 

Quhair lufe is fauld and coft, 

It is ane dowbill vyce, 

To bring the Devill on loft. 

^ Originally cnatouris. > Orinnallj Tlutt. * Originally QuhUl. 

^ Originally Rychtfwa. 


The bich the curtyk fannis; 105 

The wolf the wilrone vlis; 

The mull frequentis the annis, 

And hir awin kynd abufis. 

Rycht fwa the meir refufis 

The^ curfour for ane awer; "o 

Swa few I fynd excufis, 

Bot^ wemen quhilk will wauer. 

Yit poyettis few* decreitis, 

Saif ane hecht* Percifie, 

Bot of your fodomeitis 1 1 5 

In Rome and Lumbardie, 

In Aipillis*^ and Italie» 

To compt how ye converfs, 

I vg for villanie 

Your vycis* to reherfs. 120 

Quhair lechery belappis, Fol.29o.b. 

All fteidfaft luve it ftoppis; 

Quhair hurdome ay vnhappis. 

With quenry, canis and coppis, 

Ye pryd yow at thair proppis, 125 

Till hair and herd grow^ dapill; 

Ye cowet all }syn croppis. 

As Eua^ did the apill. 

Thus ye half all the wyte. 

And thair mifcheif ye mak it, 130 

That fuld haif wit perfyte, 

And wifidome^ to abilnddt. 

Suld ladeis than be lakkit, 

Thocht few of thame be gud ? 


For all difiait^ thay tak it, 135 

Of your awin flefch and blude. 

Wald ye foirfe the forme, 

The faflbun and the fek, 

Ye fuld it fynd inorme, 

With bawdry yow to blek. 140 

Thairfoir fle fra* fufpek, 

Or than fa mot I thryfe, 

Your natouris ye n^lek, 

And wantis your wittis fyve. 

Appardoun me of thifs, 145 

Gif ocht be to difpleifs yow, 

And quhair I mak a mifs, 

My mynd falbe to meifs yow. 

Thir reiTonis ar to raifs yow 

Fra crymes vndir coite; 150 

Or war* ye fay nocht, waifs yow, 

Quod AUexander Scote. 

\Finis\ quod Scott* 


The Prollog of the Fourt Bulk of Virgelly treting of the F0I.291.1 
IncomfHoditie of Luve and Remeid thairof comfy Id 
be Bifchpp Gawyne Dowglas. 

The Poet T T T^ITH bemes fchene, thow bricht C}^erea, 
to Venus and ^^ Quhilk only fchaddowis among fterris lite, 

Cupcid. J p. ^ ^^^^ ^^^ , OriginaUy ye fle, » OriginaUy ThcUrfoir. 

*"Heir endis the haill four pairtis of this baUat buke, anno 1565," 
was originally written at the foot of folio 290, but afterwards carefully 
inked over, except the date, which was altered to 1568. The erafing 
ink having faded, the words can now be read. 


And thy blind wingit fone Cupido, ye twa 

Fofterreris of bimyng caraall het delite, 

Your joly wo neidlingis moil I endite, 5 

Begynning with ane fenyeit faynt plefance, 

Continewith with luft and endis with pennance. 

In fr^ili flefche your febill feid is faw, 

Rutit in delyte, welth and fude delicate, 

Nureift with flewith^ and mony vnfemelie faw; 10 

Quhair fchame is loift, thair fpreidis your burgeons hate, 

Oft to revolue ane vnlefull confait, 

Rypis your perrellis fru£lis and vncome; 

Off wicket g^ne how fall gude fchaif be fchome? 

The Hant of Quhat is your force bot febling of the ftrenth? 15 

ynlcfinnLttTc. your curious thochtis quhat bot miffery? 

Your fremmit glaidnes reftis not ane houris lenth, 

Your fport for fchame ye dar not fpecify; 

Your fruft is bot vnfru6lous fanteffy, 

Your fory joyis bene bot jangling and jaipis, ao 

And your trew fcherwandis (illy Godis aipis. 

The Commo- Your fweit mirthis ar mixt with bittimefs; 

dctasofLute. Qyhat is your drery game and mery pane? 
Your werk vnthrift, your quiet is reftles, 
Your luft lyking in langor to remane; 25 

Freindfchipis torment, your treft is bot ane trane; 
O luve, quhidder art thow joy or fulichenes, 
That makis folk fa glaid of thair diftres ? 

Salomons wit, Sampfone thow rubeft his forfs. 

And Dauid thow bereft his prophecy; 50 

Ezampillis. Men fayis thow brydlit Ariftotell as ane horfs, Folapi.b. 

And crelit vp the floure of poetry ; 

Quhat fall I of thy michtis notify? 

Fairweill, quhair that thy lufty dart affalis, 
Remeid. Wit, ftrenth, riches, nathing bot grace availis. 35 


Thow chene of luve, ha, benedicite, 

How hard ilrenyeis thy bandis every wicht? 

The God above, for his hie maiefte, 

With the ybound, law in ane maid did licht; 

Thow vincuft the ftrong gyand of grit micht; 40 

Thow art mair forcy than the Deid fo fiell, 

Thow plenneifl: Paradyce and thow herreit Hell. 

Thow maids febill wicht, and thow lawifs hie, 
Thow knyttis freindfchip, quhair thair be na parage; 
Thow Jonatha confidderit to Dauye, 45 

Thow danttit Alexander for all his vafliilage, 
Thow feilnyt Jacob fourtene yeiris in boundage, 
Thow teichit Hercules to go leme and fpyn, 
Reik^ Dianiyre his meifs and lyoun fk}m. 

Domage in For luve Narciflus perreift at the well^ 50 

^^^ For luve thow ftervift moft duchty Achill, 

Thefeus for luve his fallow focht to Hell; 
The fnaw quhyt dow oft to the gray maik will: 
AUace, for luve, how mony thame felf did fpill? 
Thy fury, luve, motheris tawcht for difpyte 55 

Fyle handis in blude of thair yung childryne lyte. 

O Lord, quhatt wryitis Virgill of thy forfs, 

In his Georgikis? How thy vndantit micht 

Conilrenis fumtjrme fo the ftonyt horfs, 

That by the fent of ane meir far of ficht, 60 

He braidis brayis annon, and takis the flicht ; 

Na brydill may him dant nor buflous dynt, 

Nor bra, hie roche, nor braid fludis ftynt. 

The bufteous bullis oft for the yung ky 

With home to home wirkis vthir mony wound, 65FoL292.a. 

So rummefTmg with mony low and cry, 

The feildis all doith of thair rowtting refound : 

^ Originally And eik. 


The meik hairtis oft in belling ar found 

Mak ferfs bargan, and tammis to gidder rin, 

Bains thair tufkis frettis on vthiris ikin. 70 

The ftoiy of The rewthfuU fmart and lamentable caice, 
i^der and Qyjj||)^ ^haix he wryttis ofXeander ying, 

Quhome for thy luve, Hero, allace, allaice, 

In fervent flamb of hait defyre biming. 

By nichtis tyd, the hevynnis lowid thundrii^, 75 

And all with ftorme trublit the feyia flude, 

Beittand on rolkis and rowttand as it war woud. 

Set he him not to fwym ovir, welloaway, 

The firth betuix Seftos and Abidane, 

In Ewrop and Afia, citeis tway? 80 

His fader and moder micht him not call agane; 

O God, quhair thair, he was tynt and llane ; 

And quhen his luve faw this mifcheif attanis, 

Owttour the wall fcho lap and brak hir banis. 

Lo, how Venus can hir fchervandis acquite, 85 

Lo, how hir paifionis vnbiyddills all thair wit, 

Lo, how thay tyne thame felf for fchort delyt, 

Lo, frome all grace to mifcheif thay ar flit, 

Fra weill to wo, fra pane to deid, and 3dt 

Thair bene bot fewe exampill takkis of vther, 90 

Bot wilfully fallis in the fyre, leif brother. 

To abftene With luft of wyne nor werkis veneriane 

^Loft^J^ ^ ^^^^ ouirfett, myne awftor teichis fo; 

riane. Stryfe and debait engenderis and feill hes (lane; 

Thay febill the llrenth, reiveillis fecreittis both two; 95 

Honeft proves, dreid, fchame and luck ar gane, 
Quhat Lvft is. Quhair thay habound; attempir thame for thy; 

Childer to engender vfe Venus, and not in vane; 

Hant na furfet, drink bot quhen tfaow art dry. Foi.292.b. 


To the Men Quhat, is this luve, nyce luvaris, that ye mene, loo 

LuTiris. Qj. f^jg jjg.^.^^ ^^j. j^jyjg ^^ begyle? 

Thame to defoule, and fchent your felf betuene, 
Is all your lyking, with mony fubtell ^vyle. 
Is that trew luve, gud faith and fame to fyle? 
QahatisLttfe? Gif luve be vertew, than is it lefuU thing; los 

Gif it be vyce, it is your vndoing. 

Luft is no lufe, thocht leidis lyk it weile ; 
This furious flamb of fenfualite 
Ar nane amouris bot fantefy ye feill, 
Camall plefance, but ficht of honeftie, no 

Haitis him felf forfuth and luvis not the: 
Twa Luvis. Thair bene twa luvis, perfyt and vnperfyt, 
That ane lefuU, that vthir fowll delyt. 

Diffinitioun of Luve is ane kyndly paflioun engendrit of heit; 

NatixnOl Lufe. Kc^^^li^ 11^ ^^^ hairt, overfpredand all the corfs; 115 

And as thow feis fum perfone walk in fpreit, 
Sum halt bimyng as ane vnbridlit horfs, 
Lyk as the patient hes hait of our grit forfs, 
And in yung babbis warmenes infufficient, 
And in to aige it failyeis and is owtquent. lao 

Luve inordi- Richt fo in luve thow may be exceflive, 

"**• Inordinatly luvand ony creature; 

Thy luve alfo it may be dife^live, 
To luve thyne awin, geving of vthiris no cure: 
Bot quhair that luve is rewlit by mefure, 135 

It may be licknit to ane haill man eftait, 
Intemperat warmenefs, nothir to cald nor hait 

Than is thy luve inordenat, fay I, 

Quhen ony createur mair than God thow luvis, 

Or yit lufis ony to that fyne, quhairby 150 

Thy felf or thame thow frawartis God remvffis; 


For till attempir th}me amouris the behuffis, 

Luve every wicht for God and to gude end, Foi.293.a. 

Thame be na wayis to harme bot to amend. 

That IS to knaw, luve God for his gudnes, 135 

With hairt, haill mynd, trew feruice day and nicht; 

Nixt lufe thy felf, efchewand wicketnefs, 

Luve fyne thy nychtbouris and wirk thame na vnricht, 

Willing that thow and thay may haif the ficht 

Of hevinis blifs, and tyft thame not thairfra, 140 

For and thow do fic luf dow not a ftra. 

Faynt luve but grace for all thy fenyeit layis, 

Thy wantoun wylis ar verry vanitie; 

Graceles thow aflcis grace, and thus thow prayis, 

Halve mercy, lady, haif rewth and fum petie ; ^45 

And fcho rewthles agane rewis on the; 

Heir is na parramouris found, bot all hatrent, 

Quhair nowthir to weill nor wa tak thay tent. 

Callis thow that rewith, quhilk of thair felf na rakkis? 

Or is it grace to fall fra grace? Na, nay, 150 

Thow feikis mercy and thairof mifchefe makkis; 

Renoun and honour quhy wald thow dryve away? 

A brutale appetyte makis yung fulis forvay, 

Quhilk be reflbne lift not thair heit refrane, 

Haldand opinioun deir of a borit bene. 155 

Say is not your fentence thus, fkant of a fafs; 

Quhat honeftie or renoun is to be dram, 

Or for to drowp lyk a forduUit afs ? 

Latt ws in ryott leif, in fport and gam ; 

In Venus court, fen bom thairto I am, 160 

My tyme weill fall fpent; wenis thow not fo? 

Bot all your foUace fall retume in gram, 

Sic thewilles luftis in bittir pane and wo. 



A^anis aid Thow awld hafard lechour, i^ for fchame, 

Lichery. That flotteits furth evirmair in flugardiy ; 165 

Owt on the, awld trat, aigit wyf or dame, 

Efchamis na tyme in rowft of fyn to ly; * FoL293.b. 

Thir Venus warkis in yowtheid ar foly, 

Bot in to eild thay tume in fury rage ; 

And quha fchameles dowbillis thair f}m, ha, fy, 170 

As dois thir vantouris othir in yowth or aige? 

Quhat neidis avant yow of your wicketnes, 

Ye that delytis allane in villanis deid? 

Quhy gloir ye in your awin vnthriftines? 

Efchame ye not reherfs and blaw on breid 175 

Your awin defame, havand of God na dreid, 

Na yit of hell provokand vthiris to fyn, 

Ye that lift of your palyerdie nevir blin? 

Wald God ye purcheft bot your awin mifchance, 

And war na banarreris for to perrifs mo; 180 

God grant fumtyme ye tume yow to pennance, 

Refrenyng luftis inordinat, and cry ho, 

And thair affix your lufe and mynd alfo, 

Quhair evir is verry joy withowttin ofTens, 

That all fic beiftly fury ye lat go hens. 185 

Aganis Mak- Off brokkaris and fic bawdry how fowld I wiyt, 
rellis. Qj. qujjQnie the filth ftynkis in Godis neifs? 

With Venus henwyffis, quhat wayis may I flyt, 
That ftraikis thir wenchis heidis thame to pleifs ? 
Dochtir, for thy luve this man hes g^t difeifs, 190 

Quod the bifmeir, with hir fleikit fpeiche; 
Rew on him, it is mirreit his pane to metis; 
Sic poid makcrellis for Lucifer bene leiche. 

To virginis. Efchame yung virgynis and fair dameceliis, 

Furth of wedlok for to difteyne your keUis; 195 


Trefl: not all tailis that wantoun wowaris tellis, 

Yow to defloir, purpofmg nothing ellis; 

Abhor fie pryce or prayer quhilk wirfchep fellis; 

Quhair fchame is loft, quyt fchent is womanheid ; 

Quhat of bewtie quhair honeftie lyis deid? 2ooFol.294.a. 

Rew on your felf, ladyis and madynis ying, 

Grant na fie rewith for evir ma eaufs yow rew ; 

Ye frefehe gallandis, in hait defyre biming, 

Refrene your eurage fie paramouris to perfew; 

Ground your amouris on cheretie all new, 205 

Found yow on reflbun; quhat neidis moir to preiche? 

God grant yow grace in lufe as I yow teiche. 

Fy on diflait and fals diflimulance, 

Contrar to kynd with fenyeit cheir fmyling, 

Vndir the cloke of luvis obfervance, 210 

The vennoum of the ferpent reddy to fting; 

Bot all fie crymes in luvis eaufs I refing, 

To the eonfeflioun of morall Johine Gower, 

For I mon follow the text of our mater. 

Thy dowble wound, Dido, to fpccify, 215 

I mene thyne amouris and thyne funerall fait, 

Quha may endyt, but teiris, with ene dry? 

Aguftyne eonfeflis him felf wepit, God wait, 

Reding thy lamentable end misfortunat; 

By the will I repeit this verfs agane, 220 

Temporall joy endis with wo and pane. 

AUaee, thy dolorus eaiee and hard mifchance, 

Frome blifs to wo, frome forrow to fury rage, 

Fra nobilnes, welth, prudenee, and temperance, 

In brutall appetyt fell, in wyld dotage; 225 

Dantar of Aflfrik, quene foundar of Carte^e, 


Vmquhile in riches and fchjmnjmg gloir ringing. 
Throw fuliche luft wrocht thyne awin vndoing. 

Lo, with quhat thocht, bittimes and pane, 

Luve vnfilly breidis every wicht; 230 

How fchort quhyle dois his fchort plefance remane, 

His reftles blifs how fone takis the flicht? Fol.294.b. 

His kyndnes alteris in wreth within ane nicht; 

Quhat is bot torment all his langfum fair, 

Begun with feir and endit in difpair? 235 

Quhat fufly, ceur and ftrange ymagening, 

Quhat wayis vnlefuU his purpois to attene, 

Hes this fals luft at his firft begynnyng? 

How fubteill wylis and mony quiet mene, 

Quhat flicht diflait quently to flat and fene? 240 

Syne in ane thraw can nocht him felfin hyd, 

Nor at his firft eftait no quhyle abyd. 

O, thow fwelth devorar of tyme vnrecoverable, 

O, luft infernal!, fumes inextinguibill. 

Thy felf confum)n^ worthis infaciabill, > M5 

Quent feindis net, to Grod and man odibill ; 

Of thy triggittis quhat tung may tell the tribill? 

With the to wreftill thow waxis evirmair wicht; 

Efchew thyne hant, and m3mneis fall thy micht 

Se how blind luves inordinat defyre ^S^ 

D^[raidis honour, and reflbne dois exyle; 

Dido of Cartage floure, and lamp of Tyre, 

Quhais he renoun no ftrenth nor gift micht fyle, 

In hir faint luft fo maid within fchort quhyle, 

That honeftie baith and gud fame war adew, ^55 

Syne for defdene, allace, her felfin flew. 

O, quhat availit thy brute and glorius name, 
Thy nobill treflbur and worlds infinyt, 


Thy citeis beilding and thy ryeli fame, 

Thy realmis conqueft, weilfair and delyte; 260 

To ftynt all thingis faif thyne awin appetyte? 

So was in luve thy frawart deftanye, 

AUace, the quhyle thow knew the^ ftrange Enee. 

> The MS. has M^r, an evident miflake. 

Note. —Three folios (295. 296, and 297) are here miffing. In the 
original Table of Contents, appended to the MS., Dik and DurU is 
marked as occurring on folio 295, and probably there were other pieces 
in thefe folios. 











LERNIT MEN, 1568. 

To the Redar. Fol.298.b. 

MY freindis thir ftoreis fubfequent, 
Albeid hot fabilUs thay prefent, 
Yit devyne doftowris of jugement 

Sayis thair ar hid, but dowt, 
Grave materis W3dfs and fapient, 
Vnder the worlds of poyetis gent ; 
Thairfoir be war that thow confent 

To blame thir heir fetowt. 



{Fable L Fol.agg.a. 

The Swallow and oihir Birdis^ 

THE he prudence, and wirking mervellus, 
The profound wit of God omnipotent. 
Is fo perfyt and fo ingeing, 
Excelland fer all manis argument 

For quhy? till him all thing is prefent, 5 

Rycht as it is, or ony tyme falbe, 
Befoir the ficht of his devinite. 

Thairfore our fauU with fenfualitie 

So fettrit is in prefoun corporale, 

We may nocht cleirlye vndirftand nor fee 10 

God as he is, a thing celeftiale. 

Oure mirk and deidlye corfs materiale 

Blindis the fpirituall operatioun, 

Lyke as man war bundin in prefoun. 

In metaphifik Ariftotle fayis, 15 

That man faule is lyke ane bakkis ee, 

Quhilk lurkis ftill as lang as lycht of day is, 

And in the gloming cumis furth to flee; 

Hir eine ar waik, the fun fcho may nocht fee : 

So is oure faule with phantefye oppreft, 20 

To knaw the thingis in nature manifeft. 

For God is in his power infinyte, 

And mannis faule is febill and owir fmall, 

Off vndirftanding waik and vnperfyte,^ 

To comprehend him that contenis all: 25 

> MS. has vnperfyft. 


Non fuld prefume be reafoun naturale 
To ferche the fecretis of the Trinetie, 
Bot trow fennliey and lat dirk reflbunis be. 

Yit nevirtheles we may hawe knawlegeing 

Off Grod Almychtie, be his creatouris, 30 

That he is guid, fair, wyifs and bening, 

Exemple takis be thir jolye flouris, 

Rycht fweit off fmell and plefand of colouris, 

Sum grene, fum blew, fum purpure, quhyte and ride, 

Thus diftribute the gift of his godheid. 35 

The firmament paintit with ftarris cleir, 

Fra eift to weft roUand in circill round. 

And everye planete in his propir fphere, 

In moving makand armonye and found; 

The fyre, the air, the watter, and the ground; 40 

Till vnderftand it is anuch, I wifs. 

That God in all his warkis wittie is. 

Luik we the fifche that fowmis in the fe; 

Luik we in erd all kynd of beftiall; 

The foulis fair fo forcelye thay flee, 45 

Scheddand the air with pennis grite and fmall; 

Sjme luik to man, quhilk God maid laft of all, 

Lyke till his ymage and his fimilitude; 

Be thir we knaw that God is fair and guid. 

All creatouris he maid for the behuiffe 5oFoL299.b. 

Off man, and till his fuppertatioun, 

Into this erd, baith vnder and abowe. 

In nowmer, wecht and dew proportioun; 

The differens off tyme and ilk feafoun, 

Concordand to oure oportunitie, 55 

As daylie be experiens we do fee. 



The Somer with his jolye mantill grene, 

With flouris fair furrit on everye fent, 

Quhilk Flora, goddes of everye flouris quene, 

Hes to that lord as for his feafoun lent; 60 

And PhebuSy with gowdin beames gent, 

Hes purfillit, and paintit plefandlie. 

With heat and mofture ftilland (ra the (kye. 

Syne Herwefl hait, quhen Seres that goddes, 

Hir bamis benit hes with abundance; 65 

And Bachchus, god of wyne, renewit hes 

Hir tome pypes in Italie and France, 

With wynis wicht and liccour of pleafance;^ 

And copia tempis to fill hir home, 

That nevir wes full of quhite nor vthir come. 70 

Syne Winter wan, quhen aufteme Eolus, 

God off the wind, with blaftis boriail, 

The g^ene garmont of Symmer glorious 

Hes all to rent and revin in peices fmall; 

Than flouris fair, faidit with froft, moift fall, 75 

And birdis blyith changeis thair notis fweit 

Intill muming, neir flane with fnaw and fleit 

Thir dailis deip with dubbis drownit is, 

Baith hill and holt heilit with froflis hair; 

And bewis bene ar bethit bare of blifs, 80 

Be wikkit windis of the Wintare wair: 

All wyild beiftis than fra the bentis bair 

Drawis for dreid vnto thair dennis deip, 

Couchand for cauld in cowis thame to keip. 

Syne cumis Wer, quhen Wintare is away, 85 

The fecretare of Somer with his feiil, 
Quhen columbie vp kikis throw the clay, 
Quhilk fleit was before with froftis fdll: 

1 MS. has pUtrfakuee. 


The mavifs^ aad the merle b^innis to meale ; 

The lark on loft, with vthir birdis fmale, 90 

Than drawis furth fra dame, on down and daile. 

That famin feafoun, into a foft morning, 

Rycht blyith thai bitter blaflis wer ago, 

Wnto the wod to fee the flouris fpring. 

And heir the mawifs^ iing, and birdis mo, 95 

I paiTit furthy fyne luikit to and fro. 

To fe the fuyll, that was richt feafonable, 

Sappie, and to reflawe all feidis hable. 

Movand thus gait, grit mirth I tuik in mynde 

Off lawboraris to fee the befynace, 100 

Sum makand dike, and fum the pleuch can wynd, Fol.3oi.a.* 

Sum fawand fedis fail, fra place to place. 

The harrowis hoppand in the fawaris trace: 

It was grite joy to him that lufit come. 

To fe thame laboure fa at evin and morne. 105 

And as I baid vnder a bank full bene, 

In hert gritlie reiofit of that fidit, 

Vnto a hege, vnder a hawthome grene. 

Off fmall birdis thair come a ferlye flicht; 

And doun belyve can on the levis lycht, no 

On everye fyde about me quhair I ftude, 

Rycht memelous a mekle multitude. 

Amang the quhilk a Sualow loud coud cry, 

On that hawthome heich in the crop (ittand ; 

O, ye birdis on bewis, here me by, 115 

Ye fall wele knaw and wyifly vndirftand 

Quhair danger is and perrell appeirand; 

It is grite wiifdome to prowdye before. 

It to deuoid, or drede it hurt yow more. 

^ MS. has mavHJfs, ' MS. has mawiffs. ' The folios are here wrongly 
nnmbered and ananged; 300 and 301 Ihoiild be tnafpofed. 


Schir Suallow, quod the Lark agane, and leuch, 120 

Quhat hawe ye fene that caufls yow to drede? 

Se ye yone churll, quod fcho, beyond yone pleuch, 

Fafl fawand hemp, lo, fe, and l)mget fede? 

Yone lynt will grow in lytill tyme of dede, 

And thairof will yone churll his nettis mak, 125 

Vnder the quhilk he thinkis ws to tak. 

Thairfore I rede pas we quhen he is gone 

At evin, and with our nailis fcharp and fmall, 

Out of the erd fchraip we yone fede anone, 

And ete it wp, for gif it growis, we fall 130 

Haue caufs to weip here eftir ane and all ; 

Se we remede thairfore furth with inftante, 

Nam leuius ledit quicquid prouidimus ante. 

For clerkis fayis it is fufficient 

To confidder that is befoir thine ee, 135 

Bot prudence is ane inward argument, 

That garris a man prowyde befoir and fee 

Quhat guid, quhat evill, is likly for to be 

Off everye thingis, at the final end, 

And fe fro perrell ethar him defend. 140 

The Lark lauchand, the Suallow thus coud fcorne, 

And faid fcho fifchit lang befoir the nett; 

The bame is eith to bufk that is vnborne; 

All growis nocht that in the ground is fett; 

The nek to ftoup quhen it the ftrake fall get 145 

Is fone eneuch; dede on the feyeft fall: 

Thus fcomit thay the Suallow ane and all. 

Defpifing thus hir hailfum document, 

The foulis ferfllye tuke thair flicht annone, 

Sum with a bir thaj braidit our the bent, 150 

And fum agane ar to the grenewod gone: 


Vpoun the land, quhair I wes left allone, 
I tuke my club and hamewart coud I carye, 
So ferlyand as I had fene a farye. 

We furth paflit quhill June, that jolye tyde, isSFoLsoi.b. 

And fedis, that war fawin of befome, 

War growin heich, that hairis mycht thame hyde, 

And als the Qualye crakand in the come; 

I movit furth, betwene mid day and morne, 

Vnto the hege, vnder the hawthome grene, i6o 

Quhair I befoir the faid birdis had fene. 

And as I ftude be aventure and cais, 

The famin birdis as I haif faid yow air, 

I hoip, becaus it was thair banting place, 

Mair of fuccour, or yit mair folitare, 165 

Thay lychtit doun ; and quhen thaj lychtit ware. 

The Suallow fu}rft put furth a piteoufs pryme, 

Said, Wois him can nocht be war in tyme. 

O, blind birdis, and full of negligence, 

VnmyndfuU of your profperitie, '7© 

Caft vp your fycht, and tak guid aduertence, 

Luik to the l3mt that growis on yone lye, 

Yone is the thing I bad, furthwith that we, 

Quhill it was feid, had tane it out of the erd ; 

Now is it lynt, now is it heych on breird. »75 

Go yit, quhill it is tendir, young and fmall, 

And pull it vp, lett it no moir increfs; 

My flefch growis, my bodye quakis all; 

Thinkand on it I may nocht fleip in pefs. 

Thaj cryit all, and baid the Suallow ceifs, 180 

And faid, Yone lint heireftir will do guid, 

For lingett is a 1)^1 birdis fuid. 


We think, quhen that yone lint bowis ar rype. 

To mak ws feyft and fill ws of the fdd, 

Mawg^e yone churll, and on it fing and pype. 185 

Weill, quod the Suallow, freindis hardlye beit; 

Do as ye will, hot certane fair I dreid 

Heireftir }re fall find ak foure as fweit, 

Quhen ye ar fpeldit on 3^ne cairlis fpeit. 

The awnare off yone lint ane fowlare is, 190 

Rycht cawtelous and full of fubteltye; 

His pray full feindill tymes wiU he mifs, 

Bot giff we birdis all the warrare be; 

Full monye of our kin he gart dee, 

And thocht it bot ane fport till fpill thair blude, 195 

God keip me fra him, and the Hellie Rude. 

Thir fmall birdis, haifand bot litill thocht 

Off perrell, that mycht fall be aventoure, 

The counfale of the Suallow fett at nocht, 

Bot tuik thair flicht and on togidder fure, aoo 

Sum to the wod, fum markit to the mure. 

I tuik my ftalf, quhen this was faid and done. 

And walkit hame, quhill it drew neir hand none. 

This lint rypit, the carle puUit the lyne, 

Ripplit the bowis, and in beitis fett, ^5 

It fteipit in the bume, and dryit fyne. 

And with a bittill knokit it, and bett. 

Syne fcutchit it weill, and heclit it in the flett ; 

His wyffe it fpan, and twane it into freid, FoLjooju^ 

Off quhilk the foular nettis war maid indeid. aio 

The wintare cam, the wickit wind can blaw. 
The woddis grene war wallowit with the weit, 
Bayth firth and fell with froftis war maid faw, 
Slonkis and flak maid flidderie with the fleit ; 

^ Tranfpofed : fee note on p. 859. 


The foulis fair for fait tfaaj fell of feit ; 215 

Quhen bewis bair it was na bute to byde, 
Bot hyit on in houflis thame to h)^e. 

Sum in the beme, fum in the ftak of come, 

The ludgeing tuke and maid thair refidence : 

The fowlare law and grit athis hes he fwome, 320 

Thaj fuld be tane trewlie for thair expence. 

His nettis he hes fett with diligence. 

And in the fnaw he fchulit hes a plane, 

And healit it at ower with calf agane. 

Thir fmall birdis feand the calf was gled; 235 

Trowand it had bene come thaj lychtit doun, 

Bot of the nettis na prefume thaj had, 

Nor of the fowlaris falfs intentioun; 

To fchraip and feik thair meit thaj maid thame boun. « 

The Suallow into a branche litill by, 330 

Dredand for gyle, thus loud on thame coud cry: 

Into this cafTe fcraip quhilP your nailis bleid, 

Thair is na come, ye laubour all in vaine; 

Trow ye yone churll for piede will yow feid ? 

Na, na, he hes it lyit heir for a traine; 335 

Remowe, I ride yow, or ellis ye wilbe flaine; 

His nettis he hes fett full priuelie, 

Reddie to draw; in tyme be war for thye. 

Grite full is he that puttis in danger 

His lyfe, his honour, for a thing of nocht; 240 

Grite fule is he that will nocht glaidlie heir 

Counfale in t)rme, quhill it availl him mocht; 

Grite fule is he that na thing hes in thocht 

Bot thing prefent, and eftir quhat may fail. 

Nor off the end, hes na memorialL 245 


Thir fmall birdis, for hungar famift neir, 

Full biflie fcraipand for to feik thair fude, 

The counfale of the Suallow wald nocht heir, 

Suppoifs thair laubour did thaine litill guid. 

Quhen fcho thair fulifch hertis vnderftude 250 

So indurate, vp in a tree fcho flew; 

With that the churll owir thame his nettis drew. 

Alace, it was rycht grite hertis fair to fee, 

That bludye bouchure beit thaj birdis doun, 

And for to heir, quhen thaj wift weill to dee, 255 

Thair cirfuU fang and lamentatioun: 

Sum with ane ftaffe he ftraik to erd in foun, 

Sum offe the heid, off fum he brak the craig, 

Sum half on lywe he flappit in his bag. 

And quhen the Suallow faw that thaj war deid, 260 

Lo, quod fcho, thus it happin oftin fyifs 

Off thame that will nocht tak counfale nor reid 

Off prudent men, or clerkis that ar wyifs: 

This g^t perrell I tauld thame mair than thiyifs; 

Now ar thaj deid, and wois me thairfore, 26sFQLjoalx 

Scho tuik hir flycht,^ bot hir I faw no moir. 


Lo, worthie folk, Efope, that nobill clerk, 

Ane poete wirthie to be lawreate, 

Quhen he waikit fra moir autentik work, 

With vther mo, this foirfaid faibill wrate, 270 

Quhilk at this tyme may weilbe applicate 

To guid morale edificatioun, 

Hawand ane fentence cordand to reafoua 

1 MS. iMJiyck, 


This carll and bond of gentrice poliate, 

Sawand this caff thir fmall birdis to flay^ 275 

It is the feind, quhilk fra the angellis ftate 

Exylit iSy as fals apoftita, 

Quhilk day and nycht nevir werye to ga, 

Sawand poyfoun and monye wickit thocht 

In mannis faule, quhilk Chrift full deir hes bocht 280 

And quhen the fauU, as feid dots in the erd, 

Giffis confent in deleflatioun, 

The wickit thocht than begynnis to breird 

In deidlye fyn, quhilk is dampnatioun ; 

Reafoun is blindit with affe£lioun, 285 

And camall luil growis full grene and gay, 

Throw confwetude hantit fra day to day. 

Froceding furth be vfe and confuetude 

Syn rypis, and fchame is fett on fyde, 

The feind plettis his nettis (lark and rude, 290 

And vnder pleafaunce priuelye dois hyde; 

Syne on the feild he fawis calf full wyde, 

Quhilk is bot tome and verrye vanitie 

Off flefchlye luft, and vaine profperitie. 

Thir hungrie birdis wretchis we may call, 295 

Ay fcraipand in this wardlis vaine plefaunce, 

Gredye to gadder guidis temporally 

Quhilk as tiie caff ar tome without fubftaunce, 

Litill of vaill, and full of variance, 

Lyke to the mow befoir the face of wind 300 

Wiikis away, and makis wretchis blind. 

This^ Suallow, quhilk efcapit thus the fnair. 
The halye precheour weill may iig^nifie, 

^MS. has Thus, 


Exortand men to walk, and ay be war 

Fra nettis of our wickit ennemye, 905 

Quhilk (lepis nocht, bot evir is reddye> 

Quhen wretchis in this warldis wrak do fcraip, 

To draw his nett, that thaj may nocht efchaip. 

Alace, quhat cair, quhat weping is and wo, 

Quhen fauU and bodye pairtit ar in twane, 310 

The bodye to the wirmis kitching go, 

The faull to fyre and evirlafting paine : 

Quhat helpis than this caffe, and guidis vaine, 

Quhen thou art putt in Luciferis bag, 

And brocht to hell and hangit be the craig? 315 

Thir hide nettis for to perfawe and fee, FoLacn.! 

This forye caflfe wyiflie to vnderftand, 

Bed is be war in maift profperitie, 

For in this warld thair is no thing leftand; 

Is na man waitt quhow lang his ftait will (land, 3^ 

His lyfe will left, nor how that he fall end 

Eftir his deid, nor quhidder he fall wend. 

Pray we thairfore, quhill we ar in this lyfTe, 

For foure thingis; the firft, fra fyn remowe; 

The fecund is to feifs all weir and ftryfe ; 3*5 

The thrid is periyte cherityc and lowe ; 

The ferd thing is, and maift for our behowe, 

That is in blifs with angellis to be fallow. 

And thus endis the Preching of the Suallow. 



\Fable IQ 
The HaulaU, maid be Holland} 

IN the middis of Maij, at mome, as I ment. 
Throw mirth markit on mold, till a grene meid. 
The bemis blsritheft' of blee fro the fone blent, 
That all brychtnit about the bordouris on breid ; 
With alkin herbis off air that war in erd lent 5 

The feildis flourifchit, and fret full of fairheid. 
So foft was the feafoun our Souerane doun fent, 
Throw the greabill gift off his Godheid, 
That all was amiable ower the air and the erd. 
Thus throw the diftis fo cleir, 10 

Alone but fallow or feir, 
I raikit till a riweir, 
That ryallye reird. 

This riche rywer doun ran, but refting or rove, 

Throw a forreft on fauld^ that ferlye was fair; 15 

All the brayis off that bryme buir brenchis above, 

And birdis blyitheil off ble on bloffomes bair; 

The land loun was and lie, with lyking and love, 

And for to lende' by that lak thocht me levare, 

Becaufs that thir hertis in herdis coud hove, so 

Pranfand and prunyeand be pair and be pare. 

Thus fat I in folace fekiriye and fuire, 

Content of the fair firth, 

Mekle mair of the mirth, 

Als was blyith off the birth, 25 

That the ground buire. 

^ Maid be ffoiland afterwards written, bat feemingly by tbe iame band 

as the MS. 
^U!&.hBAblim9sUywei/L * Peibapa ahered to /f^yid^. 


The birth that the ground bure was broudyn on bredis. 

With gerfs gay as the gold, and grants off grace, 

Mendis and medicine for all mennis neidis,^ 

Help till hert, and till hurt, helefuU it was. 30 

Vnder the circle folar thir fanouroufs fedis 

Were nurifl be dame Nature, that nobill maiftres; 

Bot all thair namys to nyvin as now it nocht nedis; 

It wer prolixit and lang, and lenthing of fpace. Fol.3oa.b, 

And I haif mekle mater in metir to glofs 35 

Of ane vthir fentence. 

And waik is my eloquence; 

Thairfoir in haift will I hence 

To the purpofs. 

Off that purpoifs in that place, be pryme of the day, 40 

I hard a peteous appeill, with a pure mane, 

Sowlpit in forrow, that fadly could fay, 

Wois me, wreche, in this warld wilfum of wane, 

With moir mumyng in m3md than I mene may, 

Rowpit rewthfuUy roch in a roulk rud rane. 45 

Off that ferly on fold I fell in affray, 

Nyrar that noyus in neft I nycht in ane, 

I faw a Howlat in haift, vndir ane holyng, 

Lukand the lak throw. 

And faw his awin fchadow, 50 

At the quhilk he culd grow. 

And maid a gowling. 

He gret giyflie grym, and gaif a grit youle, 

Hedand and chydand with churlich cheir. 

Quhy is my face, quod the fyle, faffonit fo foule, 55 

My forme and my fetherem vnfrelie but feir? 

My neb is nytherit as a nok ; I am but ane Oule. 

Aganis natur in the nych't I waik into weir; 

^ Originally meidis but afterwards altered and Uydis added. 


I dar do nocht on the day, bot droup as a doule, 

Nocht for fchame of my fchaip in pert till appeir; 60 

Thus all thir foulis for my filth hes me at feid; 

That be I fene in thair ficht, 

To luke out on day lycht, 

Sum will me dolefully dycht, 

Sum ding me to my deid. 65 

Sum bird will bay at my beke, and fum will me byte, 

Sum fkirp me with fcome, fum fkyrme at myn e; 

I fe be my fchaddowi my fchap hes the Vfytt; 

Quhame fall I bleme in this breth, a befym that I be? 

Is none bot dame Natur I bid nocht to nyte 70 

To accufs in this caufs, in cais that I de. 

Bot quha fall male me amendis of hir wirth a m)rte, 

That thus hes maid on the mold a monfter of me? 

I will appeill to the Paip, and pafs to him plane; 

For happin that his halynace, 75 

Throw pcayer may purchace, 

To reforme my foule face, 

And than wer I fane. 

Fane wald I wit, quod the fyle, or I furth fure, 

Quha is Fader of all foule, Paftour and Paip; 80 

That is the plefand Pacok, pretious and pure, 

Conftant and kirk lyk vndir his cleir kaip, 

Myterit as the maner is, manfueit and demure, 

Schrowd in his fcheneweid, and fchand in his fchaip, 

Sad in his fan6titud, (ickerly and fure; 85 

I will go to that guid, his grace for to graip. Fol. 303.1. 

Off that bourd I was blyith, and baid to behald 

The Howlate, violent of vyce, 

Raikit vnder the ryce. 

To the Pacok of pryce, 90 

That was Pape cald. 


Beffoir the Faip, quhen that puir prefent him had. 

With fic courtaflfye as he coud, on knees he fdl. 

Said, Ave rabye, be the Rude I am rycht rade, 

To behald your hellynes, or my taill tell; 95 

I may nocht fuffife to fe your lanftitude (ad 

The Paip wyiflie, I wifs, of wirfchip the well, 

Gawe him his braid bennefoun and baldlie him bade, 

That he fuld fpecialie fpeik and fpair nocht to fpell. 

I com to fpeir, quod the fpreit, into fpeciall, 100 

Quhy I am formit fa foull. 

Ay to yout and to youll, 

As ane horrible Oule, 

Ougfum owir all. 

I am nytherit ane Oule thus be Nature, 105 

Lykar a fulle than a foull, in figure and face; 

Byffym of all birdis, that evir bodye bure, 

Without cans or cryme kend in this cace. 

I hawe appeillit to your prefence, pretious and puir. 

To afk help into haift at your hol)mace, no 

That ye wald crye vpoun Chrift, that all hes in cuir, 

To fchape me ane fchand bird in a fchort fpace; 

And to accufe Nature this is no way.^ 

Thus throw your halynes may ye 

Mak a fair foull of me, 115 

Or ellis dreidles I dee,' 

Or my end day. 

Off thy deid, quod the Paip, pitie I hawe, 

Bot of Nature to pleyne it is parrell; 

I can nocht fay fuddanlie, fo me Chrift fawe, lao 

Bot I fall call my cardinallis and my counfell, 

Patriarkis and prophetis, ourelerit all the lawe, 

Thaj falbe femblit full fone, that thow fe fall. 

^ MS. has itay. ' Originally vriU dee. 


He callit on his cubiculare within his conclawe, 
Pape Jo. That was the propir Papingo, proud in his apparrell; 125 
Bad fend for his fecretare, and his fele fone, 
That was the Turture treweft, 
Ferme, faithfull and fell, 
That bure that office honeft, 
And enterit but hone. 130 

The Paip commandit but hone to wryt in all landis, 

Be the faid fecretare, that the fele yem3rt, 

For all Aaitis of kirk that vnder Chrift ftandis, 

To femble till his fummondis^ as it weill femyt 

The trew Turture has tane with the tithandis, 135 

Done dewly his dett as the dere demyt. 

Syne belyve fend the lettres into fere landis, 

With the Suallow, fo fwift in fpeciale expremit, 

The Papis herald at poynt into prefent. 

For he is furthward to flee, 140 

And ay will haif entree, 

In hous and in hall hee, 

To tell his entent. 

Quhat fall I tell ony mair of thir materis; Fol.303.b. 

Bot thir lordis belyve thir lettres hes tane, 14S 

ReiTauit thame with reuerence, to reid as eflferis, 

And richelye the heraldis rewardit ilk ane. 

Than bufk thaj but blin, monye bewfcheris 

Graithefs thame, but growching, that gait for to gane; 

All the ftaitis of kirk out of ileid fteris; 150 

And I fall note yow richt now thair namis in ane. 

How thaj apperit to the Paip and prefent thame ay. 

Fair, farrand and free. 

In ane guidlye degree. 

And manlyke, as thocht me 155 

In middis off May. 


All thus in Maij, as I ment in a mornings 

Come foure Phefandis, full fair in the firft front, 

Prefentit thame as patriarkis in thair appering, 

Benygne of obedience, and blyith in the bront i6o 

A college of cardinallis come fyne in a ling, 

That war Crannis of kynd, gif I rycht compt, 

With ride hattis on heid, in hale taikinning 

Off that deir dignitie with wirfchip ay wont 

Thir ar foulis of effe£l, but fdonye or feid, 165 

Spirituall in all thing, 

Leill in thair leving, 

Thairfore in dignetie ding 

Thaj dure to thair deid. 

Yit induring the day to that dere drew 170 

Swannis fuonchand full fwyith, fweiteft of fuare, 

In quhyte rokcattis arrayit; as I rycht knew 

That thaj wer bifchoppis blift, I was the bljrvare; 

Stable and fteidfaft, tendir and trew, 

Off few wirdis, full wyifs and worthye thaj ware. 175 

Thair was Pyattis and Pertrekis and Plevaris a new, 

As abbatis of all ordouris that honorable ar, 

The See Mawis war monkis, the blak and the quhyte. 

The GouU was a garintar, 

The Swerthbak a cellerar, iSo 

The Scarth a fifch fangar. 

And that a perfyte. 

Perfytelie thir Pik Mawis as for priouris, 

With thair pairtie habitis prefent thame thair; 

Herronis contemplatywe clein chertouris, 185 

With toppit hudis on heid, and dethit^ of hair; 

Ay forowfuU and faid at all houris. 

Was nevir leid faw thame lauch, bot drowpand and dare. 

All kin chennonis eik of vthir ordouris, 

^ Originally Mr, 


All maner of religioun, the lefs and the mair; 190 

Kais. Cryand Crawis and Kais, that crewis the corne, 

War puir freiris forward, 
That with the leve of the lard 
Will cum to the come yard, 
At evin and at mome. 195 

Yit or evin enterit that bure ofTyce, 

Obeyand thir bifchoppis, and bydand thame by. 

Grit Ganaris on ground, in gudle awyce. 

That war demit, but dout, denys^ duchty. 

Thaj mak refldence reth, and airlie will ryifs 200 

To keip the college clein, and the clargye. 

The Coke in his cleir kaip, that crawis and cryis, Foi.304..a. 

Was chofin chantour full cheifF in the chennoniye; 

Thair come the Curllew a dark, and that a cunand, 

Chaigit as chancellare, 205 

For he coud wryte windir fare. 

With his neb for meftare,' 

Vpoun the fee fand. 

Vpoun the fand yit I faw, as thefaurare tane. 

With grene awmoufs on hede, Schir Gawane the Drake; 210 

The Arfeene that ourman ay prechand in plane; 

Corre£lour of kirkmen was clepit the Clake; 

The Mortoun, the Murecok, the Myrfns^p in ane, 

Lychtit as lerit men of law by that lake; 

The Ravin, rowpand rudely in a roch rane, 215 

Was dene rurall to rede rank as a rake; 

Quhill the lardun was laid, held he na houfs, 

Bot in vplandis townis, 

At vicaris and perfonis, 

For the procurationis, 220 

Cryand full croufs. 

1 Origiiially dmis, *The maigin bas myftar. 



The croufs Capoon, a clerk vnder clere wedis. 

Full of cherite, chafte and vnchangeable, 

Was officiale, but les that the law ledis. 

In caufis confiftoriale, that ar courfable. 22s 

The Sparrow Venus he vefyit for his vile dedis, 

Lyand in lechorye, laith^ vnlouable ; 

The Feldefar, in the forreft that febily him fedis. 

Be ordour ane hofpitular was ordanit full hable; 

The Kowfchotis war perfonis in thair apparrele; 230 

The Dow, Noyes meffingere, 

Rownand ay with his fere, 

Was a curate, to here 

Confeflionis hale. 

Confefs cleir can I nocht, nor kyth all the cas, 235 

The kynd of thair cumm3aig, thir compaignyes eke, 

The manere nor the multitude, famonye thair was; 

All Se foull and Sede fouU was nocht for to feke. 

Thir ar na foulis of ref, nor of rethnas, 

Bot manfuete, but malice, manerit, and meke, 240 

And all apperit to the Paip, in that ilk place, 

Saluft his fanftitude with fpirituall fpeke; 

The Pape gaif his benefoun and blillit thame all ; 

Quhen thaj war rangit on rawis, 

Off thair cuming the haill cawifs 24$ 

Was faid into fchort fawis. 

As ye here fall. 

The Pape faid to the Oule, Propone thine appele, 

Thy lamentabill langage, as like the beft. 

I am deformit, quod the foull, with faltis full fele, 250 

Be Nature nytherit ane Oule noyus in neft, 

Wrech of all wrechis, fra wirfchip and wele; 

All this tretye hes he tald be termes in teft. 

It nedis nocht to renew all myn vnhele, 


Sen it was menit to your mynd and maid manifeft. 255 

Bot to the poynt pietoufs he prait the Pape 

To call the clergye with cure^ 

And fe gif that Nature 

Mycht refonne his figure, 

In a fair fchaip. 260 

Than fairly the Fader thir foulis he frainyt 

OfTthair counfele in this caifs, fen thaj the rycht knewe; 

Giff thaj the Houlat mycht help, that was fo hard panyt. Foi.304.b. 

And thaj verelye avifit, full of vertewe, ' 

The mater, the maner, and how it remanyt; 265 

The circumftance, and the ftait, all coude thaj argewe. 

Monye alleageance lele, in lede nocht to lane it, 

Off Ariftotle and aid men, fcharplye thaj fchewe ; 

The prelatis thair apperance proponyt general!. 

Sum faid to, fum fra, ^70 

Sum nay, and fum ya; 

Bayth pro and contra 

Thus ai^ewe thaj all. 

Thus argewe thaj emiftlye woner oftfifs, 

And fyne to the famyn forfuth thaj afTent hale, 275 

That fen it nychlit Nature, thair alleris maiftrifs, 

Thaj coud nocht trete but entent of the temperale. 

Thairfore thaj counfele the Pape to wryte on this wifs 

To the athill emperour, fouerane in fale, 

Till addrefs to that diete, to deme his avifs, 280 

With dukis and with digne lordis, derreft in dale, 

Erlis of anceftry and vthir ynewe. 

So that fpirituale ftate, 

And the feculare confate, 

Mycht all gang in a gate, 285 

Tendir and trewe. 


The trew Turture and traift, as I heir tald, 

Wrate thir lettres at lenth, leleft in lede; 

Syne throw the Fapis precept planelye thame yald 

To the Suallow fo fwift, harrald in hede, 290 

To ettill to the emperoure, of anceftry aid. 

He wald nocht fpare for to fpring on a guid fpede; 

Fand him in Babilonis tour, with bemis fo bald, 

Cruell kingris with croun and duckis but drede. 

He gaue thir lordis belyve the lettres to luke ; 295 

Quhilk the riche emperoure, 

And all othir in the houre, 

ReiTauit with honour, 

Bayth princis and duke. 

Quhen thaj confauit had the cas and the credence, 300 

Be the herald in hall hufe thaj nocht ellis, 

Bot bownis out of Babilon with all obedience, 

Sekis our the fait fee, fro the fouth fellis, 

Enteris in Europ, free but offence, 

Waillis wiflye the wayis, be woddis and wellis, 305 

Till thaj approch to the Pape in his prefence, 

At the foirfaid trifle quhair the trete tellis. 

Thaj fand him in a forreft, frelye and fare; 

Thay halfit his halynefs, 

And ye fall here in fchort fpace 310 

Quhat worthy lordis thair was, 

Giff your willis ware. 

Thair was the Egill fo grym, gretteft on ground is, 

Athill emperoure our all, moft awfuU in erd; 

Emis ancient of air kingis that cround is, 315 

Nixt his celiitude for futh fecound apperd, 

Quhilk in the firmament throw forfs of thair flycht foundis, 

Perc/ix^ the fonne, with thair fycht felcouth to herde. 

Gyre Falcons, that gentille^ in bewte habondis, 

^The MS. has ^s^gmeraOe. 



War dere duckis, and digne, to deme as eflferd. 
The Falcon, fairefl of flycht fermsrt on fold, 
Was ane a^le of honour, 
Marfchall to the emperour, 
Bothe in hall and in hour, 
Hende to behold. 




Goifhallds wer gouemouris of the grit ofl, 
Chofin chiftanis, chevelrufs in chairgis of weiris, 
Marchionnis in the mapamond, and of mycht moft, 
Nixt dukis in dignite, quhome no dreid deiris. 
Sperk Halkis, that fpedely will compas the coft, 
Wer kene knychtis of kynd, clene of maneiris, 
Blycht bodeit and beild, but barrat or boil, 
With ene celeftiall to fe, circulit with fapheiris. 
The Specht wes a purfevand, proud to appeir, 
That raid befoir the emperour, 
In a cote of armour 
Of all kynd of cuUour, 
Cumly and cleir. 

Fol. 305.8. 



The armes. He bure cumly to knaw be confcience cleir 
Thre cronis and a crucefix, all of clene gold, 
The burd with orient perle plant till appeir, 
Dicht as a dyademe digne, deir to behold, 
Circlit on ilka fyd with a fapheir, 
The jafpis jonit the jem, and rubeyis inrold. 
S3me twa keifs our corfs, of filuer fo cleir, 

i.Paipisarmes. In a feild of afurflamit on fold; 

The Paipis armes at poynt to blafone and beir, 
As feiris for a purfevant, 
That will viage avant, 
Aftiue and auenant^ 
Armes to weir. 






2 Empriouris Syne in a feild of filuer, fecound he beiris 
*""'''• Ane Egill ardent of air, that ettilis fo he, 

The membiris of the famjm foule difplayit as affeiris, 

Ferine foraiit on fold, ay fet for to fle; 

All of fable the felf, quha the futh leiris, 

The beke bypertitit bryme of that ilk ble. 

The empriour of Almane tha armes he weiris, 
3Franceanncs. As ilgnifer fouerane; and fyne culd I fe 

Thre flour delycis of France, all of fyne gold. 

In a feild of afure. 

The thrid armes in honour 

The faid purfevand bure, 

That blenkit fo bold. 




Thairwith linkit in a lyng, be leirit men approvit, 365 

He bure a lyoun as lord, of gowlis full gay, 

Maid maikles of mycht, on mold quhair he movit, 

Rycht rampand as roy ryell of array. 

Off pure gold wes the grund, quhair the grym hovit, 

With dowble treffour about, flowrit in fay; 370 

And flourdelycis on loft, that mony leid lovit; 

Off gold fignet and fet, to fchaw in affay; 

Our fouerane of Scotlandis armes to knaw, 

Quhilk falbe lord and ledar 

Our bred Britane all quhair, 375 

As fanA Mergaretis air, 

And the figne fchaw. 

The difcrip- 
tioun of tne 

Next the fouerane figne wes fickerly fene, 

That fcheruit his ferenite euir fcheruiable, 

The armes of the Dowglafs duchty bedene, 380 

Knawin throw all Chriftindome be cognofcence hable. 

Off Scotland the weir wall, wit ye but wene. 

Our fais forfs to defend, and vnfelyeable; 

Baith barmekin and bar to Scottis blud bene, 



Our lofs, and our liking; that l)me honorable. 3S5 

That word is fo wondir warme, and euir yit wafs, 

It fynkis fone in all pairte 

Off a trew Scottis hairte, 

Reiofand ws invart 

To heir of Dowglafs. 390 

Off the duchtie Dowglafs to dyte I me drefs; 
Thair armes of anceftre honorable ay, 
Quhilk oft blithit the Bruce in diftrefs, 
Thairfoir he bliflit that blud bald in aflay. 
Reid the writ of thair werk, to your witnefs, 395 

Furth on my mater to mufe I move as I may. 
The grcnc trc. The faid purfevandis gjyd wes grathit I gefs, 
BruHt with a grene tre, gudly and gay, 
That bure branchis on bred bl)rtheft of hew; 
On ilk bewch to imbrafs, 400 

Writtin in a bill wafs, 
O Dowglas, Dowglafs, 
Tendirand trew. 

S3me fchyre fchapin to fchaw, mony fchene fcheiid, 
With tufcheis of treft filk ticht to the tre; 405 

Ilk brenche had the birth, burly and beiid, 
Four bianchiB FouT flureift our all gritted of gre. 

of the tre. p^^ j^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^ ^j^^jf j ^^^i^^^^x 

Quhilk bur in to afure, blythefl of ble, 

Siluer ftemis fo fair; and pairte of the feild 410 

Was filuer fett with a hairt, heirly and he, 

Of gowlis full gratiuSy that glemit full gay; 

Syne in afure the mold, 

A lyoun, cronit with gold. 

Of fduer ye fe fchold, 415 

To ramp in array. 

^ Originally at I cheify beheld. 



Quhilk caflin be conyfance quarterly was, 

With barris of beft gold it brint as the fyre; 

And vthir fmgis, forfuth fmdre I gefs. 

Of mettelis and cullouris intentfiill attsrre. 420 

It wer lere for to tell, dyte or addrefs. 

All thair deir armes in dolie defyre; 

Bot pairte of the prindpale neuirthelefs, 

I fall haift me to hew^ hairtly but hyre. 

Thair lofs and thair lordfchip of fa lang date, 435 

That bene cot of armouris of eld, 

Thair in to herald I held ; 

Bot fen thai the Bruce held, 

I wret as I wate. 

In the takin of trewth and conftance kend, 450 

The azure. The cullour of azure, hevinly hew, 

Forthy to the Dowglafs that fenye wes fend, 

As leleft, all Scotland fra (kath to reikew« 
The fiiner. The filuir in the famyn half, trewly to tend, 

Is cleir curage in armes, quha the richt knew. 435 

Bludy hairt. The bludy hairt that thaj beir the Bruce at his end, 

With his eftaitis in the fleid, and nobillis enew, 

Addit in thair armes for honorable cauOs, 

As his tendereil and deir, 

In his maift mifteir; 440 

As falbe faid to yow heir 

In to fchort fawis. 

The roy Robert the Bruce to raik he avowit, Foi. 306.3. 

With all the hairt that he had, to the haly graue; 

Syne quhen the date of his deid derfiy him dowit, 445 

With lordis of Scotland, lerit, and the lave. 

As worthy, wyfeil to waile, in wirfchip allowit, 

To James lord of Dowglafs thay the gre gave. 

To go with the kingis hairt ; thairwith he nocht growit ; 

^ Originally hatfc. 



Bot faid to his fouerane, So me God faue, 450 

Your grete giftis and grant ay gratius I fand ; 

Bot now it movis all thir maifl, 

That your hairt nobilleft 

To me is cloHt and keft, 

Throw your command. 455 

I love yow mair for that lofe^ ye lippin me till, 

Than ony lordfchip or land, fo me our Lord leid ; 

I fall waynd for no way to wirk as ye will, 

At wifs, gife my werd wald, with yow to the deid. 

Thair with he lowttit full law. Thame lykit full ill, 460 

Bayth lordis and ladeis, that flud in the fteid. 

Off commoun natur the courfs be^ kynd to fulfill. 

The gud king gaif the geft to God for to rede ; 

In Cardrofs that crownit clofit his end. 

Now Grod, for his grit grace, 465 

Sett his faule in folace ; 

And we will fpeik of Dowglace, 

Quhat wey he coud wend. 

The hairt coiftly he coud clofs in a cleir cace, 

And held alhaill the beheft he hecht to the king; 470 

Come to the haly graue, throw Godis grit grace, 

With offerandis and orifonis, and all vthir thing ; 

Our faluatouris fepultour, and the famyn place, 

Quhair he raifs, as we reid, richtoufs to ring; 

With all the relikis rath, that in that rowm wace, 475 

He gart hallow the hairt, and fyne cud hit hing, 

About his hals fouU hend, and on his awin hart. 

Oft wald he kiflit, and cry, 

O flour of cheuelry ! 

Quhy leif I, allace, quhy, 4S0 

And thow deid art } 

My deir, quod the Dowglafs, art thow to deid dicht.' 

1 Origixially Ufs, 'Originallj the, 



My fmgular fouetane, of Saxonis the wand ; 

Now bot I fembie for thy fawlis with Sarazenis mycht. 

Sail I neuir fene be in to Scotland. 485 

Than in defenfs of the faith he fure to the ficht, 

With knychtis of Chriftindome to keip his command; 

And quhen the battellis fo brym, brathly and blicht, 

Wer jonit thraly in^ thrang, mony thowfand, 

Amang the hethin men the hairt hardely he flang,' 490 

Sayd, Wend on as thow wont, 

Throw the battell in bront. 

Ay formed in the front 

Thy fayis amang. 

And I fall fallow the in faith, or with fayis be' fellit; 495 

As thy lege man lele, my lyking thow arte. 

Thair with on Mahonis men manly he melltt, 

Braid throw the battelis in bront, and bur thame bakwart. 

The wayis quhair the wicht went wer in wa wellit; 

Wes nane fa fture in the fteid mycht ftand him a ftart. 5«> 

Thus frayis he the fals folk, trewly to tell it, 

Ay quhill he couerit and come to the kingis hart; 

Thus fell feildis he wan ay wirchipand it Fol.3o6^b. 

Throwcht out Criftindome kid 

Wer the deidis he did ; 505 

Till on a tyme it betyd, 

As tellis the writ. 

He bownit to a battell and the beld wan, 

Ourfett on the fathanas fide Sarazenis micht; 

Syne followit fail on the chace, quhen thay fle can, 510 

Full ferly fele hes he fellit, and flane in ficht 

As he releuit was, fo wes he wer than. 

Off a wycht him allane, wirthy and wich^ 

Sirclit with Sarazenis mony a fad man, 

That tranoyntit with a trane vpoun that trew knycht 515 

lOxigiiudly aiM/. 'Perhaps (honldbe/fkiy. *OnffauXiyorvntA/ayio^, 


Thow fall nocht de the allane, quod the Dowglace; 

Sen I fe the ourfett, 

To fecht for the faith fett, 

I fall dewoyd the of dett, 

Or de in this place. 5^ 

He nifchit in the grit rowt the knycht to reflcew, 

Fell of the fafs folk, that fled of befoir, 

Releuit in on thir twa for to tell trew, 

That thai war be the^ famyn ourfett; thairfoir I mume foir. 

Thus in defence of the faith, as fermes anew, 525 

And pete of the pretius knycht that wes in pane thore, 

The duchty Dowglafs is deid doun adew. 

With lofs and with liking, that leftis euinnoir. 

His hardy men tuk the hairt fyne vpoun hand ; 

Quhen thay had biireit tfaair lord, 530 

With mekle mane to remord, 

Thay maid it hame be reftord 

In to Scotland. 

Be this refone we reid, and as our Roy leuit, 

The Dowglafs in armes the bludy hairt beiris; 535 

For it bled he his blud, as the bill breuit, 

And in batellis full bred, vndir baneris, 

Throw full chevelrous chance he this hart cheuit, 

Fra walit wayis, and wicht wirthy in weiris. 

Mony galyard grome wes on the grund leuit, 540 

Quhen he it flang in the feild fellon of feiris, 

Syne relkewand agane the hethin menis harmys. 

This hart, red to behald, 

Throw thir reflbnis aid, 

The bludy harte it is cald 545 

In Dowglaflis armes. 

The ftemis. The ftemis of ane vther fliynd fteris fo fair, 
Ane callit Murray, the riche lord of renownis, 

^Bttke afterwards written in. 



The (lemis. Deit, and a dochter had to his deir air. 

Off all his trefour vntald, touris and townis. 550 

The Douglafs in thay dayis, duchtye alquhare, 

Archibald the honorable in habitacions, 

Weddit that wloink wicht, worthye of ware, 

With rent and with richefs; and be thaj reffons. 

He bure the (lemis of eftate in his dele wedis, 555 

Blithe, blomand and bxycht. 

Throw the Murrayis mycht; 

And fo throw Goddis foirfycht^ 

The Dowglafs fuccedis. 

The lyouQ. The lyoun lanfand on loft, lord in effere, 5^ 

For guid caufs, as I ges, is of Galloway.^ 
Quhen thaj rebellit the croun; and caus the kingdere. 
He gawe it to the Douglafs, heretabill ay; 
On this wifs gif he coud win it of were, 
Quhilk for his foueranis faik he fett to affay; 565 

Killit doun his capitanis, and coud it conquere; FoL 507.1 

Maidit ferme, as we find, to our Scottis fay. 
Thairfoir the lyoun he bure, with loving and lols. 
Of filuer, femely and fur, 

In a feild of afur, 57© 

Crownit with gold pure 
To the purpofs. 

The forreft of Etrik, and vthir ynew. 

The landis of Lauder, and lordfchipis feir. 

With dynt of his derf fourd, the Dowglafs fo dew, 575 

Wan wichtly of weir, wit ye but weir. 

Fro fonis of Saxonis. Now gife I fall few 

The ordour of thair armes, it wer to tell teir; 

The barris of bed gold, thocht I thame haill knew, 

It fuld occupy ws all; thairfoir I end heir, 5S0 

Refferring me to herraldis, to tell yow the haill. 

^MS. has (hhtfay. 


Off vthir fcheildis fo fchene, 

Sum pairte will I mene, 

That wer on the tre grene, 

Worthy to waill. 585 

Thre ooddis. Secund fyne, in a feild of ftluer certane. 
Off a kynd cuUour thre koddis I kend, 
With dowble trefur about, burely and bane, 
And flour delycis fo fair trewly to tend. 
The tane and the tuthir of goulis full gane, 590 

He bur quarterly, that nane mycht amend ; 
The armes of the Dowglafs thairof wes I fane, 
Quhilk oft fayand^ with forfs his fa till offend. 
Off honorable anCeftry thir armes of eld 
Bur the Erie of Murray, 595 

As fad figne of affay, 
His fell fais till affray, 
In a fair feld. 

Ane vthir, Erie of Ormond, alfo he bure 

The faid Dowglafs armes with a difference; 600 

And lycht fo did the ferd, quhair he furth fure, 

Yaip thocht he yung was to faynd his offenfs. 

It femit that thay fib wer, forfuth I affure. 

Thir four fcheildis of price in to prefence 

Wer changit fo chivelroufs, that no creatur 605 

Of lokkis nor linkkis mycht loufs worth a lence. 

Syne ilk brench and bew bowit thame till ; 

And ilk fcheild in that place 

Thair tenncnt or man wace, 

Or ellis thair allyace, 610 

At thair awin will. 

Als hieft in the crop four helmis full fair. 
And in thair tsmnerallis tryd trewly thay beir 
The plefand Powin in a port prowd to repair; 

^ Wtsjdyn has been written aboTe. 


The powyn. And als kepit ilk armes that I faid eir, 615 

The rowch wodwifs wald that buftouifs bare, 
Our growin gryfly and^ grym in effeir; 
Mair awfull in all thing faw I nevair, 
Bayth to walk and to ward as wechis in weir. 
That terrable felloun my fperit afirayit, 6m 

Sa feidfuU of fantefy, 
I durft nocht kyth to copy 
All vthir airmes thairby, 
Oflfrenkis arrayit. 

Thairfoir of the faid tre I tell nocht the tend, 625FoL507.b. 

The birth and the brenchis, that blomit fo bred» 

Quhat fele armes on loft, lufly to lend. 

Off lordingis in feir^ landis, gudly and glaid, 

The faid purfevand bur quhair he away wend 

Off his garment fo gay, of ane he hede, 630 

I leif thame blafound to be with herrauldis hend ; 

And I will to my mater as I air maid, 

And begyn, quhair I left; at lordingis dere, 

The court of the empriour. 

How thay come in honour, 635 

Thir fowlis of rigour. 

With a grit rere. 

Than rerit thir Merlionis that montis fo he, 
Furth borne bechleris bald on the bordouris ; 
Bufardis and Beld Cyttis,' as it mycht be 640 

Soldiouris and fubie6t men to thay fenyeouris. 
The Pitill and the Pipe Gled, cryand pewe, 
Befoir thir princis ay pad as pairt of purveyouris. 
For thay culd cheires chikkynis and purdiace pultre. 
To cleik fra the commonis as kingis katouris, 645 

Syne hove houir and behald the harbiy place. 
Robene Reidbreift nocht ran, 

^ 6>vw has been deleted heie. ^Q^poaSXy omd/Hr. > Peifaaps 7}«^. 


Bet raid as a henfeman ; 
And the littill we Wran 
That wrechit dwerch wafs. 650 

Thair wes the herraldis fa, the Hobby, but fable, 

Stanchellis, Steropis, ftiycht to thair fteme lordis, 

With alkin officiaris in erd, avenand and hable ; 

So mekle wes the multitud no mynd it remordis. 

Thus aflemblit thir feggis, fins fenyerable, 655 

All that wer foulis of reif, quha richtly recordis, 

For the temporalite tretit in table; 

The fteme empriouris ftyle thus ftaitly reftord is. 

The Paip and the patriarkis, the prelatti% I wift, 

Welcomit thame wyfalie, but weir, 660 

With haly farmondis feir, 

Pardoun and prayeir, 

And blythly thame blift. 

The bliHit Paip in the place prayd^ thame ilk ane 

To remane to the meit at the midday; 665 

And thay grantit that gud, but gruching, to gane. 

Than to ane worthelich wane went thay thair way ; 

Paflit to a palice of price plefand allane, 

Was ereftit ryelly, ryke of array, 

Pantit and apparalit prowdly in pane, ^o 

Sylit femely with filk, futhly to fay. 

Braid burdis and benkis, ourbeld with bancouris of gold, 

Cled our with dene clathis, 

Raylit full of riches. 

The efieft wes the arrefs, 675 

That ye fe fchold. 

Falcone mer^ All thus thay move to the meit; and the merfchale 
^•^' Gart bring watter to wefche, of a well cleir, 

That wes the Falcone fo fair, frely but faile Fol.3o8.a. 

^ Originally praid. 





The Mayeiis. 
The Merle. 
Tlie OfiU. 

Bad bemis burdis vpbred with a blyth chere. 680 

The Paip paft to his place in his pontificall, 
The athill empriour annon nycht him neir; 
Kingis and patrearkis, kend with cardynnallis all, 
Addreflit thame to that defs, and dukis fo deir. 
Bifchopis bownis to the burd, and merchonis oTmichtis, 685 
Erlis of honouris, 
Abbottis of ordouris, 
Proueftis and priouris. 
And mony kene knychtis. 

Denis, and digneteis, as are demit, 690 

Scutiferis and fquyeris, and bachelaris blyth, 

I prefs nocht all to report; ye hard thame exprimit; 

Bot all wer merchellit to meit mekly and myth: 

Syne feruit femely in fale, forfuth as it femit, 

With all cureis of koft that cukis coud kyth. 695 

In flefche tyme, quhen the fifche wer away flemit, 

Quha was ftewart bot the Stork, ftalwart and ftyth; 

Syne all the lentren but les, and the lang rede, 

And als in the aduent, 

The Soland ftewart was fent, 700 

For he coud fra the firmament 

Fang the fifche deid. 

The Boytour callit wes cuke, that him weill kend 

In craftis of the kifchin, coftlyk of curis; 

Mony fauorous fawce with fewaris he fend, 705 

And confeflionis of forfs that phefick furth furis. 

Mony mane meitis, gife I fall mak end, 

It neidis nocht to renew all thair naturis; 

Quhair fic ftaitis will fteir thair ftyll till oftend. 

Ye wait all welth and wirfchip daily induris. 7io 

Syne, at the middis of the meit, in come the menftralis. 

The Mavifs and the Merle (ingis, 

Ofillis and Stirlingis, 


The Lark. The blyth Lark that b^ynnis. 

And the Nythingalis. 715 

And thair notis in ane, gife I rycht nevin, 
Wer of Mary the my Id, this* maner I wifs; 
Thair fong. Hale, temple of the Trinite, crownit in hevin ; 

Hale, mudir of our makar, and medecyn of mifs; 

Hale, fuccour and falue for the fynnis fevin; 720 

Hale, but of our barret and beld of our blifs; 

Hale, grane full of grace that g^owis fo evin ; 

Ferme our feid to the fet quhair thy Sone is. 

Haill, lady of all ladeis, lichteft of leme; 

Haill, chalmer of cheftite ; 725 

Haill, charbuncle of cherite; 

Haill, bliflit mot thow be 

For thy barne teme.^ 

Haill, bliflit throch the bod wird of blith angellis; 

Haill, princes that compleitis all profecis pure; 730 

Haill, blyther of the Bapteift, within thy bowellis. 

Of Elezabeth thy aunt, aganis nature; 

Haill, fpecioufs moft fpecifeit with the fpritualis; 

Haill, ordanit or Adame, and ay to indure; 

Haill, oure hope and our help, quhen that harme ailis; 735 

Haile, altare of Eua in ane but vre; FoL3o8.b. 

Haile, well of our weilfair, we wait nocht of ellis; 

Bot all committis to the, 

SauU and lyfe, Ladye; 

Now, for thy fruyte, mak ws free 740 

Fra feindis that fell is. 

Fra thy gree to this ground lat thy grace glyde. 
As thow art grantare thairof, and the gevare ; 
Now, fouerane, quhair thow fittis, be thy Sonis fyde, 
Send fum fuccour doun fone to the fynnare. 745 

^ IiidifUn<5l. * Originally tymtn 



The feind is our felloun fa, in the we confyde, 
Thow moder of all mercye, and the menare. 
For ws wappit in wo in this warld wyde. 
To thy fone mak thy mane, and thy makar. 
Now, Ladye, luke to the lede, that the fo lele luifis, 75^ 
Thow fekir trone of Salomon, 
Thow worthy wand of Aaron, 
Thow joyus flece of Jedion, 
End of the Vs help the behufis. 


All thus our Ladye thaj lofe, with lyking and lift, 755 
Menftralis and muficians, mo than I mene may; 
The kjndis of The pfaltety, the citholis, the foft citharift, 
infinimcntis. ^pj^^ croude, and the monycordis, the gythomis gay; 

The rote, and the recordour, the ribup, the rift, 

The trump, and the tabum, the tympane but tray, 760 

The lilt pype, and the lute, the cithill in fift. 

The dulfate, and the dulfacordis, the fchalm of affay ; 

The amyable oif^anls vfit full oft; 

Clarionnis loud knellis, 

PortatifiSy and bellis, 765 

Symbaclanis^ in the cellis, 

That foundis fo oft^ 

Quhen thaj had fangin, and faid foftly a fchoure ; 
And playd^ as of paradyfs it a poynt ware; 
The fportaris. In come japand the Ja as a jugloure, 770 

With caftis, and with cantelis, a quynt caryare. 
He gart thame fee, as it femyt, in the famin houre, 
Hunting at herdis, in holtis fo haire; 
Sound failand on the fee fchippis of toure ; 
Bemis batalland on burd, brym as a bare; 775 

He coud carye the coup of the kingis des, 
Syne leve in the ftede 
Bot a blak bunwede; 

1 Altered to Symhaclis. * Afloan MS. \asfoft. * Originally plait. 


He coud of a heanis hede 

Mak a man mes. 7S0 

He gart the emperoure trow and trewlye behald, 
That the Corncraik, the pundare at hand. 
Had poyndit all his prifs horfs in a poynd fald, 
Becaus thaj eite of the come in the kirkland. 
He coud wirk windaris quhat way that he wald; 785 

Mak of a^ gray gufs a gold garland, 
A lang fpere of a bittill for a beme bald, 
Noblis of nut fchellis, and filuer of fand; 
' Thus jowkit with juperteis the jangland Ja. 
Fair ladyis in ringis, 790 

Knychtis in caralyngis, 
Ba3rth danfis and (ingis, 
It femyt as (a. 

TheRukecallitSa come the Ruke with a rerde and a rane roch, 

tiie barf. ^ jj^j.^ ^^^ ^f Irland with Banachadee. 795 

Said, Gluntow guk dynydrach hala mifchy doch; 

Reke hir a rug of the roft, or fcho fall ryve the. 

Mifch makmory ach mach mountir^ mochloch; 

Set hir doun, gif hir drink; quhat deill aylis the? 

O Der m3m, O Donnall, O Dochardy droch; 800 

Thir ar the Ireland kingis of the Erchrye. FoL309.a. 

O Knewlyn, O Conoquhor, O Gr^jre Macgrane; 

The Chenachy, the Clarfchach, 

The Benefchene, the Ballach, 

The Crekiye, the Corach, 805 

Scho kennis thame ilkane. 

Monye lefmgis he maid ; wald lat for na man 
To fpeke quhill he fpokin had, fparit no thingis. 
Dene raraU. The dene rurall, the Ravin, reprevit him than, 

Bad him his lefmgis leue befoir thaj lordingis. 810 

^ Originally ifo^ a. ' May be read momitir. 


The bard wox branewod, and bitterlye coud ban, 

How Corby meflinger, quod he, with forow now fingis; 

Thow ifchit out of Noyis ark, and to the erd wan, 

Tareit as tratour and brocht na tadingis. 

I fall rywe the. Ravin, ba)rth guttis and g^lL 815 

Than the dene rurall worth rede. 

Stall for fchame of the ftede. 

The bard held a grit plede. 

In the hie hall. 

The fulis. In come twa flyrand fulis with a fond fare, Sao 

The Tuquheit and the gukkit Golk,andyedehiddiegiddie; 
Rwifchit^ bayth to the bard, and ruigpt his hare; 
Callit him thrifs thevifnek, to thraw in a widdie. 
Thaj fylit him fra the foir top to the fute thare. 
The bard, fmaddit lyke a fmaik fmorit in a fmiddie, 835 
Ran fail to the dur, and gaif a g^te raire; 
Socht watter to wefch him thairout in ane ydy. 
The lordis leuch vpoun loft, and lyking thaj had, 
That the bard was fo bet 

The folis fond in the flet, 830 

And monye mowis at mete 
On the fluir maid. 

S3me for a figonale of fru£l thaj ftrave in the ftede; 

The Tuquheit gird to the Golk, and gaif him a fall, 

Raiff his taill fra his heid with a rathe pleid ; 835 

The Golk gat vp agane in the grit hall. 

Tit the Tuquheit be the tope, and owirtirwit his heid, 

Flang him flat in the fyre, fedderis and all. 

He cryit, AUace, with a rair, revin is my reid, 

I am vi^etiouflye gorrit, bayth guttis and gall; 840 

Yit he lope fra the low lycht in lyne. 

Quhen thaj had remyllis raucht. 

Thai foirthocht that thaj facht, 

> Originally Wi/cMt. 


Kiffit fyne and facht, 

And fatt doun fyne. 845 

All thus thir athillis in hall herlie remanit. 

With all welthis at wifs, and wirfchip to waill: 

The Pape b^innis to grace, as greablie ganit; 

Wifch with thir wirthyis, and went to counfale. 

The puir Howlattis appele compleitlie was planit, 850 

His fait and his fouU forme, vnfrelie but fale; 

For the quhilk thir lordis in lede nocht to lane it, 

He befocht of focour, as fouerane in faile, 

That thaj wald pray Nature his prefent to renewe ; 

For it was hale his behefte, 855 

At thair alleris requefte, 

Mycht dame Nature arefte 

Of him for to rewe. 

Than rewit thir ryallis of that rath man, 

Bayth fpirituale and temperale that kennit the cas; S6o 

And, confiderand the caufs, concludit in ane, 

That thaj wald Nature befeke, of hir grit grace Foi.309.b. 

To difcend that famin hour as thair fouerane, 

At thair alleris inftance, in that ilk place. 

The Pape and the patriarkis, the prelatis ilk ane, 865 

Thus pray thaj as penitent, and all that thair was. 

Quhairthrow dame Nature the traift difcendit that tyde, 

At thair haile inftance; 

Quham thaj refawe with reuerance, 

And bowfum obesrfance, 870 

As goddes and gyde. 

It nedis nocht, quod Nature, to renewe ocht 

Off your entent in this tyde, or forthir to tell ; 

I waitt your will, and qidiat way ye wald that I wrocht, 

To reafoun the Houlate, of faltis full fell 875 


It fall be done as ye deme, drede }fe lycht nocht; 

I confent in this caifs to your counfellt 

Sen my felf for your fake bidder hes focht, 

Ye falbe fpeciaiye fped, or I mair fpell. 

Now ilk foull of the firth a feddir fall ta, 880 

And len the Houlat, fen ye 

Off him hes pitie; 

And I lall gar thame (amyn be 

To grow or I ga. 

Than ilka foull of his flicht a fethir has tane 885 

And lent the Houlat in hafte hurtly but hone. 

Dame Nature the nobilleft nychit in ane, 

For to ferm this^ fetherem and dewly^ hes done, 

Gert it ground and grow gaylye and gane, 

On the famin Houlat, femelye and fone. 890 

Than was thefchandof his fchaip,andhisfchroud fchane, 

Off all coloure maifl clere beldit abone; 

The fairefl foull of the firth, and hendefl of hewis. 

So dene and fo colourike. 

That no bird was him lyke, 895 

Fro Byron to Berwike, 

Vnder the bewis. 

Thus was the Houlat in herd herely at hicht, 

Floure of all foulis, throw fetheris fo fisdre, 

He lukit to his licame lemyt fo lycht, 900 

So proper plefand of prent, proud to repaire. 

He thocht maid on the mold aiakles of mycht. 

As fouerane him awin felf throw beautie he baire, 

Counterpalace with the Pape, our princisi I plicht; 

So hielie he hyit him in Luciferis kiire, 905 

That all the foulis of the firth he defoulit fyne. 

Thus lete he no man his pere; 

Gif ony nygh wald him nere, 

1 MS. his thu twice. 'OriginaUy tUmfy. 


He bad thame rebaldls oreir, 

With a rusme. 910 

The Paip, and the patriarkls^ and princis of prow, 

I am cumin of thair blud, be eonfmgage knawin ; 

So fair is my fetherem I haif no fallow, 

My fchroud and my fchene weid tdayrt to be fchawin. 

All birdis he rebalkit that wald him nocht bow; 915 

In breth as a battell, wrycht full of boft blawin, 

With vnlowable latis nocht till allow. 

Thus vicut he the Valantene thraly and thrawin, 

That all the foulis with affent aflemblit agane, Foisio.a. 

And plenyeit to Natur 920 

Off this intollerable iniure; 

How the Howlat him bure, 

So he and fo hautane. 

So pompeous, impertlnax, and reprouable, 

In excefBs our arn^ant, thir birdis ilk ane 925 

Befocht Natur to ceifs that infufTeiable, 

That with that lady allyt lewch hir allane. 

My firft makii^, quod fcho, wes vnamendable, 

Thocht I alteri^ as ye all alkit in ane ; 

Yit fall I preif yow to pleifs, fen it is poflible. 930 

Scho callit the Howlat in haift, that was fo hautane; 

Thy pryd, quod the princes, approchis our he, 

Lyke Lucifer in eftait, 

And fen thow art fo elait. 

As the evangelift wrait, 935 

Thow fall law be. 

The rent and the riches, that thow in rang, 

Wes of vthir menis all, and nocht of thyne awin ; 

Now ilk fowU his awin feddir fall agane fang. 

And mak the catyve of kynd, to thy felf knawin. 940 


As fcho hes demyt thay haif done thraly in thrang; 
Thair with dame Natur hes to the hevin drawin, 
Afcendit fone, in my fichty with folace and fang; 
And ilk foule tuke the flicht, and, fchortly to fchawin, 
Held hame to thair hant, and to thair harbry ; 945 

Quhair thay wer wont to remane, 
All thir gudly and gane; 
And thair leuit allane, 
The Houlat and I. 

Than this Howlat, hidoufs of hair and of hyde, 950 

Put firft fra pouerty to prifs, and princis awin peir; 

Syne degradit fra g^ce, for his grit pryd, 

Bannyt bittirly his birth belfuUy in beir. 

He welterit, he wr)rthit, he wareit the tyd, 

That he wes wrocht in this warld wofull in weir; 955 

He criplit, he cryngit, he cairfuUy cryd, 

He folpit and forrowit, in fichingis fetr; 

He faid, Allace, I am loft, latheft of all, 

Byfym in bale beft; 

I may be fample heir eft, 960 

That pryd yit nevir left 

His feir but a fall. 

I coud nocht won in to welth wrech wayeft, 

I wes fo wantoun in will, my werdis ar wan; 

Thus for my hicht I am hurt and harmit in haift, 965 

CarfuU and catife for craft that I can. 

Quhen I wes of hevit as heir all thill hieft, 

Fra rewU, refibne and rycht, redles I ran ; 

Thairfoir I ly in the lymb, lympet the lathaift. 

Now mek your mirrour be me, all maner of man, 970 

Ye princis, prelettis of pryd for pennyis and prow, FoLsiab. 

That pullis the pure ay. 

Ye fall fmg as I fay, 


All your welth will away, 

Thus I weme yow. 975 

Think how bair thow wes borne, and bair ay will be, 

For ocht that fedis of thy felf in ony fefon ; 

Thy cud, thy claithis, thy coift, cumis nocht of the, 

Bot of the frufl of the erd, and Godis fufion. 

Quhen ilka thing hes the awin, futhly we fe 980 

Thy nakit corfs bot of clay, a foule carion, 

Hatit and hafles; quhairof art thow he? 

We cum pure, we gang pure, bath king and common ; 

Bot thow rewU the richtoufs thy rowme fall ourrere. 

Thus faid the Houlat on hicht. 985 

Now, God, for thy grit micht, 

Sett our faulis in ficht 

Off fan£lis fo feire. 

Thus for a Dow of Dumbar drew I this dyte, 

Dowit with a Dowglafs, and baith wer thay Dowis; 990 

In the forreft foirfaid frely perfyte, 

Of Terway, tendir and tryd, quho fo treft trowis. 

Wer my wit as my will, than fuld I weill wryt, 

Bot gif lak in my leid that nocht till allow is. 

Ye wife, for your wifchip, wryth me no wyte. 995 

Now blyth ws the blift barne that all bem bowis ; 

He len ws lyking and lyfe euirleftand. 

In mirthfuU moneth of May, 

In middis of Murray, 

Thus in a tyme, be Temway, 1000 

Hapnit Holland. 

Explicit The Tod follouis. 





The Fox and the Cock, 

THOUGHT brutale beflis be irrationale. 
That is to fay, lakking difcretioun, 
Yit ilkane in thair kyndis naturale 
Hes monye diuerfs inclinatioun; 

The bair buftoufs, the wolf, the wyld lyoun ; 5 

The fox fenyeit, craftye and cauteloufs; 
The dog to berk in nycht and keip the houfs. 

So different thay bene in propirteis, 

Vnknawin vnto man, and infynite; 

In kynd haifand fo fele diuerfiteis, 10 

My connyng it excedis for to dyte : 

Forthy as now my purpois is to wryte 

A cafs I fand, quhilk fell this hinder yere, 

Betuix a Fox and gentill Chanteclere. 

A wedow duelt intill a drope thaj daifs, 15 

Quhilk wan hir fude with fpynning on hir rok, 

And no moir guidis, as the fable fais, 

Except of hennis fcho had a joly flok ; 

And thame to kepe fcho had a joly Cok, Fol.3ii.a. 

Rycht curageoufs, vnto this wedow ay 20 

Deuidand nycht, crawand befoir the day. 

A lytill fra that foirfaid wedois houfs, 

A thorny fchaw thair was of grit defence, 

Quhairin a Fox, craftye and cawteloufs. 

Maid his repair and daylie refidence; 25 

Quhilk to this wedow did grete violence, 


In piking of hir pultry day and nycht; 

And be no mene reuengit on him fcho mycht. 

This wily Tod quhen that the lark coud fing, 

Full fare hungrye vnto the toun him dreft, 30 

Quhair Chanteclere into the gray dawing, 

Wery of nycht, was flowin fra his neft. 

Lourence this faw, and in his m3md he keft 

The juperteis, the wajds and the wile, 

Be quhat menis he mycht this Cok begile. 35 

Diflimuland thus in countenance and chere, 

On knees fell, and fmyland thus he faid ; 

Gude mome, my maifter, gentill Chanteclere. 

With that the Cok ftert bakward in a braid. 

Schir, be my fauU, ye neid nocht be affrajd, 40 

Nor yit for me to drede nor flee abak, 

I come bot here yow fervice for to mak. 

Wald I nocht ferve yow, fchir, I wer to blame. 

As I hawe done to youre progenitouris ; 

Your fader oft fulfillit hes my wame, 45 

And fend me mete fra middingis to the muiris. 

At his ending I did my befy curis, 

To hald his hede and gife him drinkis warme; 

Syne at the laft that fuete fuelt in my arme. 

Knew thow my fader? quod the Cok, and leuch. 50 

Ya, my fair fone, forfuth I held his hede, 

Quhen that he fwelt vnder a birkyn beuch ; 

Syne faid the Dirige, quhen that he was dede; 

Betuix ws twa how fuld thair be a fede? 

Quhom fuld ye treft bot me your feruitour, 55 

Quhilk to your fader did (a grite honour? 

Quhen I behald your fetheris fair and gent, 

Youre brefte, your beke, your hekiU and your came, 


Schir, be my faule, that blifTit facrament, 

My hert warmys, me think I am at hame. 60 

Yow for to ferve I wald crepe on my wame, 

In froft and fnaw, in wederis wan and wete, 

And lay my lyart lokkis vnder your fete. 

This feynit Fox, falfs and diflimulate, 

Maid to the Cok a cauillatioun; 65 

Me think yow changit and degenerate, 

Fra your fader and his conditioun. 

Off crafty crawing he mycht here the croun, 

For he wald on his tais (land and crawe, 

This is no lee, I ftude befyde and fawe. 70 

With that the Cok, vpoun his tais hee, 

Kefl vp his beke, and fang with all his mycht. 

Quhod Lourence than, Now, fchir, fa mot I thee, 

Ye ar your faderis fone, and air vp rycht ; 

Bot yit ye want of his cunnyng flicht 75FoL3ii.b. 

Quhat, quod the Cok, he wald, and haif na dout, 

Bayth wink and craw, and turne him thryis about. 

Thus inflate with the wind of fals vaine gloir, 

Quhilk puttis monye to confufioun, 

Treftand to win a gfrit worfchip thairfore, 80 

Wnwarlye winkand, walkit vp and doun, 

And fyne to chant and craw he maid him boun; 

And fuddanlie or he had fung ane note. 

The Fox was war and hynt him be the throte. 

Syne to the fchaw but tarye with him hyit, 8$ 

Off countermaund haifand bot lytill dout; 
With that Sprowtok, Coppok and Partlot* cry it, 
The wedow hard and with a cry come out ; 
Seand the caifs fcho faid, and gaif a fchout, 

^ MS. repeats Coppok, 


How murthour, reylock, with a hiddeous beir, 90 

Alace, hawe I now loft guid Chanteclere. 

As fcho war wod, with monye yell and cry, 

Ryvand hir hair, vpoun hir breift can bete, 

Syne paill of hew, half in ane extafye, 

Feldoun for cair in fwoning, and in fwete; 95 

With that the fiUye hennis left thair mete. 

And, quhill this wyfe was lyand thus in fwoun, 

Fell of that caifs in difputatioun. 

Alace, quod Partlot, makand fair muniing, 

With teiris grete attour hir chekis fell, 100 

Yone was our drourye, and our day darling, 

Oure nychtingale, and our horlage bell ; 

Oure walcryif weche ws for to wame and tell 

Quhen that Aurora, with hir curchis gray, 

Put vp hir hede betuix the nycht and the day. 105 

Quha fall our lemmane be? quha fall ws leid? 

Quhen we ar fad, quha fall vnto ws fing? 

With his fweit bill he wald brek ws the breid ; 

In all this warld was thair na kyndar thing ; 

In paramouris he wald do ws plefing no 

At his power, as nature lift him gyffe; 

Now eftir him, alace, how fall we lywe? 

Than Sprowtok fpak, Seifs, fifter, of your forrow, 

Ye be to made for him fic muming maifs; 

We fall fair weill, I find, San£l Johne to borrow; 115 

The proverb^ fayis. As guid luif cumis as gaifs. 

I will put on my hellye dayis clais, 

And mak me frefch aganis this jolye May, 

Syne chant this fang, Was nevir wedow fo gay. 

He was angrye, and held ws in grete aw, 120 

And woundit with the fpeir of jelofye; 

^MS. Ya&prffvtrd, 


Off chaumer glew, Partlot, how weill ye knaw, 

Waiftit he was, of nature cald and drye. 

Sen he is gone, thairfore, fifter, fay I, 

Be biyith in bale, for that is bed remeid ; 125 

Lat quik to quik, and deid go to the deid. 

Thus Sprowtok, that feynyeit fayth befoir, 

In lufte but luif that fett all hir delyte; 

Syfter, ye watte of fie as him a fcoir 

May it nocht fiffife to flak your appetyte. 130 

I hecht yow be my hand, fen ye ar quyte, 

Within a wolk, for fchame and I durft fpeik. 

To gett a beme could better claw your beke. 

Than Coppok lyke a curate fpak full croufs, Fol.3i2.a. 

Yone was ane venye weangeance fra the hevin; 135 

He was fa loweoufs, and fo licheroufs, 

Seifs coud he nocht with fiffokkis mo than fevin. 

Bot rychtuous God, haldand the ballan[c]eis evin, 

Smytis full foir, thocht he be patient, 

Adulteraris that lift thame nocht repent. 140 

PrydefuU he was, and joyit of his fyn, 

And comptit nowthir of Goddis falvour nor feid, 

Bot traiftit ay to rax and fa furth rin, 

Till at the laft his fynnis could him leid 

To fchamefuU end, and to yone fuddane deid; 145 

Thairfore I wait it was the hand of God, 

That caufit him be wirreit with the Tod, 

Quhen this was faid, the wedow fra hir fwoun 

Stert vp in haift, and on hir kennattis cry id, 

How Birkye, Burreye, Bell, Balfye, Broun, 150 

Rypefchaw, Ryn weill, Courtefs, Cutt, and Clyid, 

Togidder all but g^ncheing furth ye glyid; 


Refkew my nobill cok or he be flane, 
Or ellis to me fe ye cum nevir agane. 

With that, but bade, [thay] breddit our the bent, 155 

As fyre of flynt that our the feildis flaw ; 

Wichtlye, I wifs, throw woddis and watteris went, 

And feiflit nocht fchir Lourence till thay faw. 

Bot quhen he faw the raches cum on raw, 

Vnto the Cok he faid in mynde, God then, 160 

Sen I and thow wer liftit in my den. 

Than fpak the G>ky with fum guid fpreit infpyrit, 

Do my counfale, and I fall warrand the; 

Hungrie thow art, and for grit travell tyrit, 

Rycht fant of force, and may nocht forder flee; 165 

Swyith tume agane, and fay that I and ye 

Freindis ar maid, and fallowis for a yeir; 

Than will thaj ftynt, I fland for it, and nocht fteir. 

This Fox, thocht he was fals and friueloufs, 

And hes frandis his quarrellis to defend, 170 

Diflfauit was throw mynis marvellous. 

For falfheid failyeis at the latter end ; 

He tumit a1)put, and cryit as he was kend ; 

With that the Cok brade vnto a buche. 

Now reid ye fall quhair at fchir Lowrence luche. 175 

Begylit thus, the Tod vnder a tree 

On knees fell, and faid, Gude Chanteclere, 

Cum doun agane, and I but mete or fee, 

Salbe your man and fervand for ane yeir. 

Nay, murther thetf and rivere, ftand on reir, 180 

My bludye hekkill, and my nek fo bla, 

Hes pairtit lowe for evir betwene ws twa. 

I was vnwyis that winkit at thy will, 
Quhairthrow allmaift I lolfit had my heid. 


I was moir full, quod he, coud nocht be ilill, 185 

Bot fpake to put my pray vnto pleid. 

Fair on, fals theif, God keip me fra thy feid. 

With that the Coke our feildis tuke the flicht, 

In at the wedowis lewar coud he licht. 


Now, worthy folk, fuppois this be a fable, i9oFol.3izb. 

And ourhelit with typis figurall, 
Yit may ye find a fentence rycht greabill, 
Vnder the fenyeit termys textuall. 
Till oure purpois this Cok wele may we call 
Pryd. A nyce proud man, void and vaneglorioufs 195 

Off kyn or gude, quhilk is prefumptuoufs. 

Fy, pompoufs pryd, thow art rycht poyfonable, 

Quha fauouris the of force man haue a fall ; 

Thy ftrenth is nocht, thy ftule ftandis vnftable ; 

Tak witnefs of the feindis infernall, 200 

Quhilk huntit war doun fro the hevinly all 

To hellis hole, and to that hidous houfs, 

Becaus of pryde thaj war prefumptuoufs. 

This feynit Fox may wele be figurate 

To flatteraris, with plefand wirdis quhite; 205 

With fals menyng, and mouth mellifluate, 

To loife and lee quhilk fettis thair delyte; 

All worthy folk at fic fuld hafe difpyte. 

For quhair is moir periloufs peftilence, 

Than giff to liaris haiftelye credence. 210 

Flattery. This wikkit wind of adulatioun, 

Off fwete focour haifand a fimilitude, 
Bittir of gall, and full of fell po}^oun, 


Quha taftis it, and clerelye vnderftude. 

Fortfay as now fchortly for to conclude, 215 

Thir twa fynnis, flatteiy and vaine glore, 

Ar venemoufs; guid folk, fle thame thairfore. 


FabU IV. 

The Fox and the Wolf. 

ladpit aliam T EWE we this wedow gled, I yow aflure, 
^P»*«™]- l^OfTChantedere more blyith than I can tell, 
And fpeke we of the fatal aventure, 
And deftenye that to this Fox befell, 
That durft no more with miching intermell, 5 

Als lang as leme and lycht was of the day, 
But bsrdand nycht, full ftill lurkand he lay ; 

Quhill that Thetes, the goddefs of the ilude, 

Phebus had callit to the herverye. 

And Efperus put of his doudy hude, 10 

Schawand his luftye vifage in the fkye; 

Than Lourence lukit vp, quhare he coud lye. 

And keft him hand vpoun his ee on hicht, 

Mery and gled that cummyn was the nycht. 

Out of the wod vnto ane hill he went, 15 

Quhare he mycht fe the twjmkling ftemis clere, 
And all the planetis of the firmament, 

courfis, and thair moving in thair fphere, 



Sum rctr:>gradc and fcim war ftatkxiere; 
And in the zodyak, in quhxt degree 
Thi: ver ukane. as Locranoe lerit 

Th^n Saturoe aide was esterit in Capricome; 

And Jupiter n::^%-:t in SigittaiyTC. 

And Mars vp in the Ramm^-s hede vas bcroc; 

And Fhebcs in the Ljrcxin furth coed caryc, 

Venus the Crab, the Mone was in Aquanne; 

M e r curi us. the god of eloqueacc. 

Into the Mrrine maid his reildi 

Bet aflrclabL quadrant or ahnasak, 

Techrt d nature be inilmcriccn. 

The Ecving of the hevns this Tod can tak. 

Ouhat innueace and ccniHllaticun 

Wis Vk to £ill Tpooe this crd hefr dccn: 

And to him felf he iih^ witbciittin mair, 

\Ve£Z w»thvc fadir, that fend me feft to ! 

\[y defbmy, and eik ncy vcrd I watt, 
Mj-n c%-intr3r is dciriy to me kcad« 
With tnncbesf m ynyct is my nortall fait; 
My n:\-2eving the fcoer bot I mend; 
I>eSd is reward of ^-n axMl fiduiaKfuii end; 
Thiirfrir I will ga fe£k fum ODcfeobcr, 

d icryte me cieae of aU fynnis to this hooc 

Allsce. quod he, lycht [waryit arc'] w>c thevi^ 
Our h-f e is icrt Ck cycht in a\iarurc. 
Cur cuniit craft full mocy ane r:::>be>is» 
FcT cvrr we fb^ill and evir alyk ar pcre: 
In dre£d and ichime ccr davis we indure; 

• - » , % % _ n. » _ _ %■» »^ » 

"* fv"ne till OCT hvre ar hmcit be 


Accufand thus his cankerit coi^dence, 50 

Vnto a craig he keft about his e; 

So faw he cumand a Ifttill than frome thence, 

A worthy doftour of diuinite, 

Freir Wolf Waitflcath, in fcience wondroufs fle, 

To preche and pray was new cum of cloftir, 55 

With bcidis in hand fayand his Patemofter. 

Seand the Wolf, this wylie tratour Tod 

On kneis fell, with hud in to his nek; 

Welcome, my gatftly fadir vndir God, 

Quod he, witii mony binge and mony bek. 60 

Than quod the Wolf, fchir Fox, to what effek 

Mak ye fie feir? rjrls vp, put on your hude. 

Fader, quod he, I haif grit caufs to dude; 

Ye ar the lanteme, and the ficker way, 

Suld gyd fie fjrmpill folk as me to grace; 65 

Your bairfeit, and your oufett coull of g^y 

Schawis full weiU 3rour perfyt halynace, 

Your lene cheikis» your paiU and petouis face: 

For Weill war him that anis in his \yk 

Had hap to yow his fynnis anis to fchiyfe. 70 

A, filly Lowrance, quod the Wolf, and lewch, 

It pleflis me that ye ar penitent 

Of reif and ftowth, fu*, I can tell ennewch. 

That cauflis me full fair for till repent; 

Bot, fader, byd ftill heir on this bent, 75 

I yow befell^ asd heir me now dedair 

My confcience, tiiat prilds die fo £air. 

Weill, quod the Wolf^ fit doun vpone thy kne. 

And fo he did bairheid fiill humly. 

And fyn b^an with Benedidte. ^ 


Quhen I thus faw, I drew a littill by; 

For it effeiris nowdir to heir, nor fpy, 

Nor to reweill thing faid vndir that fele; 

Bot to the Tod thus gait the Wolf quod mele. 

Art thow contreity and foiy in thy fpreit, 85 

For thy trefpas? Nay, fchir, I can nocht dude; 

Me think that hennis ar fua hony fueit. 

And lambis flefch that new ar lattin blud; 

For to repent my mynd can nocht conclude, FoL3i3.b. 

Bot this thing, that I haif (lane fo few. 90 

Weill, quod the Wolf, in fouth thow art a fchrew; 

Sen thow can nocht forthink thy wicketnaifs, 

Will thow forbeir in tyme cuming, and mend? 

And I forbeir, how fall I leif, allaifs, 

Haifand na vthir craft me to defend? 95 

Neid cauflis me to fleill quhair evir I wend; 

I fchame to beg, I can nocht wirk, ye wat, 

Yit wald I fane pretend a gentill ftait 

Weill, quod the Wolf, thow wantis pontis twa 

Belangand to perfyt confefTioun ; 100 

Now to the thrid pairte of pennance lat ws ga, 

Will thow tak pane for thy tranfgreffioun? 

A, fchir, condddir my complexioun. 

And feikly and waik, and of my natur tendir, 

Lo, will ye fe I am baith lene and fklendir; 105 

Yit nevir the les, I wald, la it wer lycht, 

And fchort, nocht grevand to my tendimefs, 

Tak pairte of pane, fulfill it gife I micht, 

To fett my filly faule in way of grace. 

Thow fall forbeir, quod he, flefche hymt to Paiis, no 

To tame thi corfs, that curfit carioun. 

And heir I reik the full remiffioun. 


I grant thairto, (a y^ will gife me leif 

To eit puddingisy or laip a littill blude^ 

Or heid and feit, or penchis lat me preif, 115 

In caifs I fant of flefche in to my fude. 

For, grit mifter, I gife the leif to dude 

Twyfs in the owlk, for neid may haif no law. 

God yeild yow, fchir^ for that text full Weill ye knaw. 

Quhen this was faid, the Wolf his wayis went lao 

The Fox in fute he fure vnto the flude, 

To fang fum fifche wes hellely his intent; 

Bot quhen he faw thir walterand wawis wude, 

All ftoneift ftill into a ftair he ftude, 

And faid, Bettir that I had biddin at hame, 125 

Than be a fifchar, in the Deuillis name ; 

Now mon I fkraip my meit out of the fand. 

For I haif nowdir net, bottis, nor bate. 

As he wes thus for fait of meit mumand, 

Lukand about his leving for to late, 130 

Vndir a tre he faw a trip of gate; 

Than wes he fane, and in a huche him hid, 

And fra the gait he ftall a littill kid. 

Syne our the huche vnto the fe him hyis. 

And tuk the kid rycht be the homis twane, i35 

And in the wattir owthir twyfs or thryfs 

He dowkit him, and thus gait cowth he fane ; 

Ga doun fchir Kid, cum vp fchir Salmound agane, 

Quhill he wes deid, fyne to the land him drewch, 

And of that new made Salmond eit ennewch. 140 

Thus fynaly fillit with tendir mdt, 
Vnto a den for dreid he hes him dreft, 
Vndir a bulk, quhair that the fone cowth beit, 


To beke his breift and bellye he thocht beft; Fol. 314.1. 

And rakleflye he faid, quhair he coud reft, 145 

Strakand his wambe agane this fonnes hete, 
Vpoun this bellye ware fett a bolt full mete. 

Quhen this was faid, the kepare of the gajrte, 

CarefuU in hert his kid was ftoUin away. 

On everye fyde full warlye culd he wayte, 150 

Till at the laft he (aw quhair Lowrence lay ; 

His bow he bent, a flane with fedderis gray 

He hailit to the held, or evir he fterd, 

The Fox &ft he piikkit to the erd. 

Now, quod the Fox, alace, and welloway, '55 

Gorrit I am, and may no forther gane; 

Me think no man may fpeke a word in play, 

Bot now on dayis in emift it is tane. 

The hird him hynt, and out he drew a flane. 

And for his kid, and vthir violence, 160 

He tuke his fkyn and maid a recompence. 


This fuddane deid, and vnprouifit end. 

Off this fals Tod, without contritioun, 

Exemple is exhortand folk to mend, 

For dreid of fic alyke conclufloun; 165 

For monye gois now to confefllioun 

Can nocht repent, nor for thair fsmnis greit, 

Becaus thaj think tiiair luflye l)^e fo fweit 

Sum bene alfo throw confuetude and ryte 

Vincuft with camall fenfualitie, 170 

Suppofe thaj be as for the tyme contr)rte, 

Can nane forbere, nor fra thair fsmnis flee. 


Ws drawis nature fo in propertie 

Off bdft and man, Aat nedis thaj mon do, 

As thaj of lang tyme hawe hantit thame to. 175 

Beware, guid folk, and dreid this fuddane fchote^ 

Quhilk fmytis foir withouttin refiftence^ 

Attent wyiflye^ and in your hartis note, 

Agants Deid may no man mak defence. 

Ceifs of your fyn, remord your confdence, 180 

Do wilfull peonance here, and ye fall wend, 

Eftir your deid, to joy withouttin end. 

ExplicU exempium veritatis et falJUatis. 


Fable V. 

The Fox tryed before the Lyon. 

THIS foirfaid Fox, thus deid for his mifdede, 
Had nocht a fone was gottin rychtuuflye, 
That to his airfchip mycht of law fuccede, 
Except ane fone, the quhilk in lemanrye^ 
He gottin had in purchace priuely, 5 

And to his name was clepit Fader Were, 
That lufit wele with pultry tig and tere. 

It foUowis wele be reafoun naturale. 

And gree be gree, of rycht comparifoun, 

Off evill cummys war, of ware cumnqrs warft of all. 

Off wrangus get cummys wrang fucceffioun. 10 


This Fox, baftard of generatioun, 
Off venye kynd behufit to be fals, 
So was his grantfchir and his fader als. 

As nature will, fekand his fude be fent, i5FoL3i4.b. 

Off caifs he fand his faderis caryon, 

Naikit, new flane, and till him is he went, 

Tuke vp his hede, fyne on his kneis fel doun, 

Thankand g^te God of that conclufioun; 

And faid, Now fall I brouk, fen I am aire, 20 

The boundis quhare he wont was to repaire. 

Fy, covetous, vnkynd and venemous, 

The fone was fayn he fand his fader dede, 

Be fudane fchote, for deid is odious, 

That he mycht rax and regne into his ftede; 25 

Dredand nothing that famin lyife to lede, 

In llouth and reif as he had done before; 

Bot to the end entent he tuke no more. 

Yit, nevirtheles, for faderlye pitee. 

The caryon vpoun his bak he tais; 30 

Now find I wele this prouerbe trew, quod he, 

Ay rynnis the Fox als lang as he fut hais; 

Syne with his cors vnto a petpot gais, 

Off watere full, and keft him in the depe. 

And to the Devill his banis gaue to kepe. 35 

O, fulich man, ploungit in warldlynes. 

To conqueft wrangwifs guidis, gold or rent. 

To put thy faule in pane and hevynes, 

To riche th)me air quhilk eftir yow be went; 

Haue he thy gfude he takis fmall entent ^ 

To fing or fay for thy faluatioun, 

Fra thow be dede done is thy deuotioun. 


This Tod to reft he carit to a crag, 

And herd a buftoufs bugill brymly blawe, 

Quhilky as him thocht, maid all this warld to wag; 45 

Than ftert I wp and cumand nere I fawe 

Ane Vnicorne femely lanfand our lawe; 

With home in hand, and bufte on breft he bure, 

A purfevant femelye, I yow affure. 

Vnto a bank, quhair he mycht fe about 50 

On euerye fyde, in hafte he coud him hye. 

Put furth his voce full loud and gave a fchout, 

And, Oyas, oyas, twifs or thrifs coud cry; 

With that the beftis in the feildis nere by 

All meruailand quhat fic a cry fuld mene, 55 

Govand agaft thaj gadderit on a grene. 

Out of his bufte a bill fone coud he braide, 

And red the text withouttyn tarying ; 

Commaundand filence, fadly thus he faid, 

We, noble Lyoun, of all beiftis king, 60 

Greting to God ay leftand but ending, 

To brutall beftis and irrationally 

I fend, as to my fubie6lis grete and fmall. 

My ceintude and hie magnificence 

Lattis yow witt furthwith incontinent, 65 

Thinkis to mome, with riall diligence, 

Vpoun this hill to hald a parliament; 

Straitlye thairfore I geve commandiment 

For to compeir before my tribunall, 

Vnder all pane and parrell that may fall. 70 

The morowing come, and Phebus with his bemys 
Confumit had the myfty cloudis gray: 

The ground was grene, and as the gold it glemys, FoL3i5.a. 

With grefis growand gudelie grete and gay; 



The fpice than fpred to fpring on euery fpray, 75 

The Lark, the Mauifs, and the Merle fo hee, 
Suetlye can fing trippand fra tree to tree. 

Thre Leopardis come, a croun ^ of mafly gold 

Berand, thaj brocht vnto that hillis hicht, 

With jafpis junyt, and riall rubies rold, 80 

And monye diuerfs dyamantis wele dicht, 

With poUis proud a palyoun doun thaj picht: 

And in that trone thair fat a wild Lyoun, 

In rob riale, with ceptur, fuerd and croun. 

Efter the tennour of the crye before, 85 

That gais on fut all beftis in the erd, 

Rycht as thaj ware commandit without more, 

Before thair lord the Lyon thaj comperd : 

And quhat thaj ware, as Tod Laurence me lerd, 

I fall reherfs a pairt of ewery kynd, 90 

Als far as now occurris to my mynd. 

The Menataur, a monftour merveloufs, 

Bellorophant, that beift of baftarde, 

The Warwolf and the Pegafs perolufs, 

Transformit be aflent of focerre: 95 

The Lynx, the Tegir full of tyrrane; 

The Oliphant and eik the Dromodare, 

The Camell with his cran craig furth culd care. 

The Leopard, as I half taute befome. 

The Antelop, the Sparth furth culd hir fpeid, 100 

The paynttit Panther, and the Vnicome, 

The Raynder ran throuch rever, ron and reid. 

The jolye Jonet, and the gentill Steid, 

The Aifs, the Mwll, the Horfs of ewerye kynd, 

The De, the Re, the homit Hairt, the Hynd. 105 

^ MS. has crann or craim. 


The Bull, the Beir, the Bugill and the Bair, 

The Wodwyfs, Wildcat, and the wild Wolfyne, 

The hard bak Hurtchoun, and the hyrpilland Hair, 

Bayth Ottour, Aip, and pennytt Porcapyne, 

The guddt Gait, the fyllye Scheip, the Suyne, no 

The Bauer bakon, and the batterand Brok, 

The Fumard, with the Fyber, furth culd flok. 

The gay Grwhund, the Sleuthhund furth can flyd. 

With Doggis all dyuerfs and deferent, 

The Rattoun ran, the Globert furth culd glyd; 115 

The quherland Quhithrat with the Wafyll wentt, 

The Fythow that hes furrit mony ane fent; 

The Martryk, with the Cunnyng and the Con, 

The Lurdane lane, and eik the Lerron: 

The Mermiflat the Modewart could leid, i2oFoi.3i5.b. 

Becaus that natour denyit had hir fycht. 

Thus dreflit thai all furth, for dreid of deid, 

The Mulk, the litill Mowfs with all hir mycht. 

In haifl haykit vnto that hillis hycht; 

And mony ane kynd of beifl: that I nocht knaw, 125 

Befoir thair lord ilkane thai lowtit law. 

Seand thir beiftis at his bidding bown, 

He gave a braide, and blenkit all about, 

Than flatlingis to his feit thai fell all douii, 

For dreid of deid thay drowpit all in dout. 130 

The Lyoun lukit quhen he faw thame lout, 

And bad thaim, with ane countenance full fweit, 

Be nocht afferit, bot (land vpoun your feit. 

I lat you wit, my mycht is merceabill, 

And fteris none that ar to me proifaat; 135 

Angrye, aufteme, and als vnameabill. 

To all that ftandis aganis myne eftait. 


I rug, I ryve all beiftis that makis debait 

Aganis the mycht of my magnefecence, 

Se none pretend to pryde in my prefence. 140 

My celfitude, and my hie maieftye, 

With mycht and mercye myngit falbe ay, 

The laweft heir I may rycht fone vp hie, 

And mak him maifter ouer yow all I may. 

The Dromadair, gif he will mak deray, 145 

Or the greit Cameill, thocht thai be neuir fa croufs, 

I can thame law as litill as ane mowfs. 

Se neir be t\venty mylis quhair I am, 

The Kid ga falflie be the Wolf fyde, 

Se Tod Lowrye luke nocht vpoun the Lamb, 150 

Na revand beiftis nowther ryn nor ryde. 

Thay cucheit all and eftir this wes cryit, 

The iuftice bad anone the court do fenfs, 

The futis call, and foirfalt all abfenfs. 

The Panthere with his payntit coit of armour 15S 

Fenfit the court, as he of law efferit. 

Tod Laurence lukit vp quhair he could lowr, 

And ftert on fute, all ftoneift and all fterit 

Ryvand his hair, he rarit with a reird, 

Quakand for dreid, ran fichand could he fay, 160 

Allace, this hour allace, this wofuU day. 

I wait this fuddane femblay that I fe, Fol.3i6.a. 

Havand the po)mtis of a parliament, 

Is maid to mar fic mifdoaris ^ as me. 

Thairfoir and I me fchaw I wilbe fchent, 165 

I wilbe focht gif I be red abfent: 

To byde or fle it makis no remeid. 

All is alyke, thair foUowis nocht bot deid. 

^ This word is not diftiiu^ 


Perplexit thus in to his mynd can mene. 

With faUheid quhow he mycht him felf defend; 170 

His hude he drew far doun attour his cne. 

And wynkand with the ane e, furth can wend ; 

Clyncheand he come, that he fuld nocht be kend, 

And for dreddour that he fuld thoill a reift. 

He playit bukhud anone, fra beift to beift. 175 

Compering thus he come befoir the king, 

In ordour fett as to thair (lait efferit; 

Off euerye kynd he gart ane pairt furth bring, 

And awfulye he fpak, and at thame fpeirit, 

Gif thair wis ony beift in to this erd 180 

Abfent, and thair gart thaim all deiplie fwere, 

And thai faid, Nay except ane gray ftude Meir. 

Go mak ane meflfage fone vnto that ftude. 

The court than cryit, My lord, quha fall that be? 

Cum heir, Lowrye, lurkand vndir ane hude; 185 

A lord, mercye, lo I have bot ane e. 

Hurt in the hanch, and crukit ye may fe; 

The Wolf is bettir in ambaffadry. 

And mair cunning in clergye than I. 

Braiding he faid, Go furth, ye brybouris bayth; 190 

And thai to ga withoutin tareying, 

Our ron and riyce thai ran togidder rayth. 

And fand the Meir at meit in the morning; 

How, quod the Tod, Madame go to the king, 

The court is callit, and ye ar contumax. 195 

Lat be, Laurence, your carping and your knax. 

Maiftres, quod the Tod, to the court ye mon, 
The Lyoun hes commandit you in deid. 
Laurence, tak you the flirdome and the fon. 


I have a refpit heir and ye will rede. 200 

I can nocht fpell a word, fa God me fpeid : 
Heir is the Wolf, a nobiU clerk at all, 
And of this meffage he is principall. 

He is autentik and a man of aige, 

And hes the pra6lik of the chancellary ; 205 

Lat him ga luke, and reid your priuilege, 

And I fall (land, and beir you witnes by. 

Quhair is your refpit, quod the Wolf, in hy. 

Sir, it is heir vndir my hoife weill hid. 

Hald vp your hele, quod he; and fa fcho did. 210 

Thocht he wes brynt throucht pryde, yit he prefumis 

To luke doun law, quhair that thir lettres lay; 

With that the Mere fcho gird him on the gumys, Fol.3i6.b. 

And ilrake the hattrell of his hede away. 

Half out of lyfe, lenand doun he lay; 215 

Alace, quod Lourence, Lupus, that thow art loft. 

His conyng, quod the Mere, was wirth fum coft. 

Lourans, will thow nocht luke vpoun my letter, 

Sen that the Wolf thairof can nothing wyn? 

Nay, be Sanft Bryde, quod he, me think far better 220 

To flepe in hele and in ane vnhurt ikyn. 

A fcrow I fand, and thus writtin thairin, 

For iyv^ fchillingis I wald nocht anys faltum 

Felix quern faciunt aliena pericula cautum. 

With brokin fcalp and bludye chekis rede, 225 

This Wolf wepand on his wayis went. 
Off his ma)mye merkand to gete remede; 
To tell the king the caifs was his entent 
Schir, quod the Tod, bid ftill vpoun the bent. 


And fra your browis wefche away the blude, 230 

And tak a drink, for it will do yow gude. 

To fech water this fraudfull Fox furth fure, 

Sidlingis a bank he focht vnto a like; 

Off caifs he metis, cumand fra the mure, 

A trip of Lambis danfand on a dike. 235 

This tra)^our Tod, this tyran and this tike. 

The fatteft of the flok he fellit has. 

And ete his fill, fyne to the Wolf he gais. 

Thay drank but tary, and thare journay takis 

Befoir the king, fyne knelit on thare knee. 240 

Quhare is the Mere, fchir Tod, was contumax? 

Than Lourance faid, My lord fpere nocht at me ; 

This new maid doflour of diuinitee, 

With his rede cap, can tell yow wele yneuch. 

With that the Lyon and the lave thaj leuch. 245 

Tell on the caifs, fchir Lourence, lat ws here. 

This witty Wolf, this noble clerk of aige. 

On your behalf he bad the Mere compere; 

And fcho allegit till a preuilege, 

Cum nere and fe, and ye fall have your vage; 250 

Becaufs he red hir refpit plane and wele, 

Yone rede bannete fcho raucht him with hir hele. 

The Lyoun faid, Be yone rede cap I ken 

This tale is trew, quha tent vnto it takis; 

The gretteft clerkis ar nocht the wyffeft men; 255 

A mannis hurt ane other happy makis. 

As thaj ware carpand chufgatis in knakis, 

And all the court in garray and in gam, 

Sa com the Yow, the moder of the Lam. 


Before the iuftice doun on knees fell, 260 

Put furth hir playnt on this wifs wofuUye; 

This harlot here, this hurfoun hund of hell, 

He werryit hes my Lam full doggitlye, 

Within a myle, incontrare of your cry. 

For Goddis lufe, my lord, gif me the lawe 265 

Off this lymmar. With that Lourence lete drawe. 

Bide, quod the Lyon, lemmar, lat ws fe Foi.3i7.a. 

Giff this be fuyth the fely Yow has faid. 

A, fouerane lord, fauf your mercy, quod he, 

My purpois was with him hot to haue plaid. 270 

Caudles he fell as he had bene affraid. 

For drede of dede he dufchit our a dike, 

And brak his nek. Thow leis, quod fcho, fals tike. 

His dede be pra6lik may be previt eth, 

Thy gorry gomys and thy bludy fnowt; 275 

The woU, the flefche, yit ilikkis in thy teth, 

And that is euident eneuch but dout. 

The Juftice bad go cheifs a (ifs a bout, 

And fo thaj did, and fand that he was fals 

Off murthour, thift, and party trefoun als. 280 

Thaj band him fall, the Juftice bad belyve 

To geve the dome, and tak of all his clathis. 

The Wolf, that new maid doftour, coud him fchryve; 

Syne furth with him vnto the gallowis gais, 

And at the ledder fute his leue he tais ; 285 

The Ape was bafare and bad him fone afcend. 

And hangit him ; and thus he maid ane end. 


Rycht as the mynoure in his mynorall, 

Faire gold wifli fyre may fra the lede wele wyn, 

Rycht fa vnder a fable figurall, 290 


A fad fentence may feke and efter iyn^ 290 

As daylie dois thir dod:ouris of dy vyn, 
Apertly be oure leving can applye, 
And preue tharc preching be a poefye. 

The Lyon is this warld be liklynace, 

To quhom lowtis bayth emperour and king, 295 

And thinkis of this warld to get mare grace, 

And gapis for to get mare lifing; 

Sum for to reule and fum to rax and regne, 

Sum gadderis gere, fum gold, fum vther gude; 

To wyn this warld fum wirkis as thay wer wode. yxt 

This Mere is men of contemplatioun. 

Off pennance walkand in this wildemacc, 

As monkis and othir men of religioun, 

That prefis God to pleifs in euery place; 

Abftrackit fra this warldlis wretchidnes, 305 

In wilfull pouertee, fra pomp and all pryde, 

And fra this warld in mynd ar mortifyde. 

This Wolf I likkin vnto fenfualitee, 

As quhen, like brutall beflis, we accord 

Our mynd all to this warldeis vanitee, 310 

Liking to tak and love him as our lord; 

Flee fall thairfra gif thow will rycht remord; 

Than fall reafoun rifs, rax and regne, 

And for thy fauU thair is no better thing. 

Hir lufe I likkin to the thocht of dede; 315 

Will thow remembere, Man, that thow man dee ; 
Thow may brek fenfualiteis hede, Foi. 317.6. 

And flefchlye lufl away fra the fall flee ; 
Wifs Salomon fais, Will thow nocht fee, 
For as thow may thy fely fauU now wyn, 320 

Think on thine end, thow fall nocht gladlye fyn. 



This Tod I likin to temptatioun, 

Berand to mynd monye thochtis vane, 

That daylie fagis men of relig^oun, 

Cryand to thame, Cum to the warld agane; 325 

Bot quhen thaj fee fenfualitie neir flane, 

And fudane dede with ithand panis fore, 

He gois abak, and tempis him no more. 

O Lord, eternall medeator, for ws mail meke, 

Sitt doun before thy Fader celeftiall;^ 330 

For ws fynnaris his celfitude befeke, 

Ws to defend fra payne and perallis all; 

And help ws vp vnto that hevinlye hall. 

In glore quhair we may fe the fycht of God. 

And thus endis the talking of the Tod. 335 



Fable VI. 

Orpheus and Eurydice, 

THE nobilnes and grit magnificens 
Of prince and lord, quhai lift to magnifie. 
His anceftre and lineall difcens 
Suld firft extoU, and his genolegie. 
So that his harte he mycht inclyne thairby 
The moir to vertew, and to worthinefs, 
Herand reherfs his elderis gentilnefs. 

^ Thefe lines originally were — 

Of Mary, myld nudeataur of mercy meke^ 
Si/t ehun before thyfone celeftiall; — 

and have been altered by the fame hand. 


It is contrair the lawis of nature 

A gentill man to be degenerate 

Nocht following of his progenitour lo 

The worthe rewll» and the lordly eftait ; 

A ryall rynk for to be rufticat 

Is bot a monfture in comparefoun, 

Had in difpyt and full derifioun. 

I fay this be the grit lordis of Grew, 15 

Quhich fet thair hairt, and all thair haill curage, 

Thair faderis fteppis juftly to perfew, 

Eiking the wirfchep of thair he lenage ; 

The anfeane and fadwyfe men of age 

Wer tendouris to yung and infolent, 20 

To mak thame in all vertewis excellent. 

Lyke as a ftrand or watter of a fpring Fol.3i8.a. 

Haldis the fapour of the fontell well, 

So did in Grece ilk lord and worthy king, 

Of forbearis thay tuk knawlege and fmell 25 

Among the quhilk of ane I think to tell ; 

Bot firft his gentill generatioun 

I fall reherfs, with your correftioun. 

Vpone the Mont of Eleflone, 

The mod famoufs of all Arrabea, 30 

A goddes dwelt, excellent in bewte, 

Gentill of blude, callit Memoria; 

Quhilk Jupiter that goddes to wyfe can ta, 

And camaly hir knew, and eftir fjme, 

Apone a day bare him fair dochteris n}me. 35 

The firft in Grew wes callit Euterpe, 
In our language gud dele£batioun ; 
The fecound maid clippit Melpomyne, 


As hony fueit in modelatioun; 

Therfycore is gud inflruflioun 40 

Of every thing, the thrid fifter, I wifs ; 

Thus out of Grew in Latyne tranflait is. 

Caliope, that madin mervaloufs, 

The ferd fiftir, of all mvfik maiftrefs, 

And mother to the king Schir Orpheoufs, 45 

Quhilk throw his wyfe wes efter king of Trails. 

Clio, the fyift, that now is a goddefs, 

In Latyne callit meditatioun, 

Of every thing that hes creatioun. 

The fext fifter is callit Herato, 50 

Quhilk drawis lyk to lyk in every thing; 

The fevint lady was fair Polimio, 

Quhilk cowth a thowfand fangis fueitly fing; 

Talia fyne, quhilk can our faulis bring 

In profound wit, and grit agilite 55 

Till vndirftandy and haif capacitie. 

Vrania, the nynt and laft of all, 

In Greik langage quha couth it rycht expound, 

Is callit armony celeftiall, 

Reiofing men with melody and found. 60 

Amang thir nyne Calliope wes cround, 

And maid a quene be michty god Phebufs, 

Off quhome he gat this prince Schir Orpheoufs. 

No wondir wes thocht he wes fair and ^vyfe, FoL3i8.h. 

Gentill and gud, full of liberalitie, 65 

His fader god, and his progenetryfe 

A goddefs, finder of all armony; 

Quhen he wes borne fcho fet him on hir kne, 

And gart him fouk of hir twa paupis quhyte 

The fueit lecour of all mvfik perfyte. 70 


Increffand fone to manheid vp he drew, 

Off ilatur large and frely fair of face; 

[H]is noble fame fo far it fprang and grew, 

Till at the laft the michty quene of Trace, 

Excelland fair, haboundand in richefs, 75 

A meffage fend vnto that prince fo ying, 

Requ3rrand him to wed hir and be king. 

Euridices this lady had to name. 

And quhene fcho faw this prince fo glorius, 

Hir erand to propone fcho thocht no fchamc, So 

With wordis fueit, and blenkis amoroufs; 

Said, Welcum, lord and lufe, Schir Orpheufs, 

In this provynce ye falbe king and lord. 

Thay kiflit fyne, and thus thay can accord. 

Betuix Orpheufs and fair Erudices, 85 

Fra thai wer weddit, on fra day to day, 

The low of lufe cowth kyndill and increfs. 

With mirth and bl}rthnefs, folace, and with play 

Off wardly joy; allace, quhat fall I fay? 

Lyk till a flour that plefandly will fpring, 90 

Quhilk fadis fone, and endis with momyng. 

I fay this be Erudices the quene, 

Quhilk walkit furth in to a May momyng, 

Bot with a mad3m vntill a medow grene. 

To tak the air, and fe the flouris fpring; 95 

Quhair in a fchaw, neir by this lady ying, 

A bufleoufs hird callit Arrefteufs, 

Kepand his beiftis, lay vndir a bufs. 

And quhen he faw this lady folitar, 

Bairfut, with fhankis quhyter than the fnaw, 100 

Preckit with luft, he thocht withoutin mair 

Hir till opprefs, and to his cave hir draw; 


Dreidand for evill fcho fled quhen fcho him faw, 

And as fcho ran all bairfute on a bufs, 

Scho ftrampit on a ferpent vennemufs. 105 

This crewall vemome wes fo penetrife, 

As natur is of mortall pvfoun, Fol. 319.2. 

I[n] peifTis fmall this quenis harte can rife, 

And fcho annone fell on a deidly fwoun. 

Seand this caifs Proferpyne maid hir^ boun, no 

Quhilk clipit is the goddes infernally 

OntiU hir court this gentill quene can call. 

And quhen fcho vaneift was and vnwifible, 

Hir madyn wepit with a wofuU cheir, 

Cryand with mony fchowt and voce terrible, 115 

Quhill at the laft king Orpheus can heir, 

And of hir cry the caufs fone cowth he fpeir. 

Scho faid, Allace, Euridicefs, your quene, 

Is with the phary tane befoir my ene. 

This noble king, inflammit all in yre, 120 

And rampand as a lyoun rewanufs, 

With awfuU luke, and ene glowand as fyre, 

Sperid the maner, and the maid faid thufs; 

Scho ftrampit on a ferpent venemufs, 

And fell on fwoun; with that the quene of fary 125 

Clawcht hir vpfone, and furth with hir cowth cary. 

Quhen fcho had faid, the king fichit full foir, 

His hairt neir birft for verry dule and wo; 

Half out of mynd he maid no tary moir, 

Bot tuk his harpy and on to wod cowth go, 130 

Wrinkand his handis, walkand to and fro, 

Quhill he mycht ftand, fyne fat doun on a ftone, 

And till his harp thufs gait maid his mone. 

^ Originally him^ but corredled in the maxgin to hir. 


dulfull herp, with mony dully ftring, 

Tume all thy mirth and mvfik in murning, 135 

And feifs of all thy futell fongis fueit; 

Now weip with me, thy lord and cairfuU king, 

Quhilk loflit hes in erd all his lyking; 

And all thy game thow change in gole and greit. 

Thy goldin pynnis with mony teiris weit; 140 

And all my pane foil till report thow preifs, 

Cryand with me, in every fteid and ftreit, 

Quhair art thow gone, my luve, Ewridicefs? 

Him to reiofs yit playit he a fpring, 

Quhill that the fowlis of the wid can fmg, 145 

And treis danfit with thair levis grene, 

Him to deuod from his grit womenting; 

Bot all in vane, that wailyeit no thing, 

His hairt wes fo vpoun his lufty quene; 

The bludy teiris fprang out of his ene, 150 

Thair wes no folace mycht his fobbing fefs, Fol.3i9.b. 

Bot cryit ay, with cairis cauld and kene, 

Quhair art thow gone, my lufe, Euridicefs? 

Fair weill my place, fairweill plefandis and play 

And wylcum woddis wyld, and wilfum way, 155 

My wicket werd in wildirnefs to ware; 

My rob ryell, and all my riche array, 

Changit falbe in rude ruflfet and gray. 

My dyademe in till a hate of hair; 

My bed falbe with beuer, brok and bair, 160 

In buikis bene with mony bufteoufs befs; 

Withowttin fong, fayand with fiching fair, 

Quhair art thow gone, my luve, Euridicefs? 

1 the befeik, my fair fadir, Phebufs, 

Haif pety of thy awin fone Orpheufs; 165 


Wait thow nocht weill I am thy fone and chyld; 

Now heir my plaint pelfull and peteufs, 

Direk me fro this deid fo dolorufs, 

Quhilk gois thus withouttin gilt begyld; 

Lat nocht thy face with cluddis to be ourfyld, 170 

Len me thy lycht, and lat me nocht go leifs, 

To find that fair in fame that was neuir fyld, 

My lady quene, and lufe, Euridices. 

O Jupiter, thow god celeftiall, 

And grantfchir to my felf, on the I call 175 

To mend my mvming and my drery mone, 

Thow gif me forfs, that [I] nocht fant nor fall, 

Till I hir fynd; forfuth feik hir I fall, 

And nowthir flint nor (land for ftok nor ftone; 

Throw thy godheid grant me quhair fcho is gone, 180 

Gar hir appeir, and put my hairt in pefs. 

King Orpheufs thus, with his harp allone, 

Soir weipand for his wyfe Euridices. 

Quhen endit wer thir fongis lamentable, 

He tuk his harp, and on his breiil can hing, 185 

Syne paffit to the hevin, as fayts the fable, 

To feik his wyfe, bot that welyeid no thing. 

By Wedlingis Streit he went but tareing, 

S3me come doun throw the fpeir of Satume aid, 

Quhilk fadir is to all the ftormis cald. 190 

Quhen fcho wes focht outhrow that cauld regioun, 

Till Jupiter his grandfchir can he wend, Fol.saca. 

Quhilk rewit foir his lamentatioun, 

And gart his fpheir be focht fro end to end; 

Scho was nocht thair, and doun he can defcend 195 

Till Mars, the god of battell and of ftryfe, 

And focht his fpheir, yit gat he nocht his wyfe. 


Than went he doun till his fadir Phebus, 

God of the fone, with bemis bricht and cleir; 

Bot quhen he faw his awin fone Orpheufs 200 

In fic a plicht, that changit all his cheir, 

And gart annone ga feik throw all his fpheir, 

Bot all in vane, his lady come nocht thair; 

He tuk his leif, and to Venus can fair. 

Quhen he hir faw^ he knelit and faid thufs, 205 

Wait ye nocht weill I am your awin trew knycht, 

In luve none leler than Schir Orpheufs, 

And ye of luve goddefs, and mod of micht, 

Of my lady help me to get a ficht. 

For fur, quod fcho, ye mone feik nedir main 210 

Than fra Venus he tuk his leif but main 

Till Mercury but tary is he gone, 

Quhilk callit is the god of eloquens, 

Bot of his wyfe thair gat he knawlege none; 

With wofuU hairt he paffit doun frome thens, 215 

On to the mone he maid no refidens; 

Thus frome the hevin he went onto the erd, 

Yit be the way fum melody he lerd. 

In his paflage amang the planeitis all, 

He hard a hevinly melody and found, 220 

Pafling all inftrumentis muficall, 

Caufit be roUyn of the fpeiris round; 

Quhilk armony of all this mappamound, 

Quhill moving feifs vnyt perpetuall, 

Quhilk of this warld Pluto the faule can call. 225 

Thair leirit he tonis proportionat. 
As duplare, triplare and emetricus, 
Enolius, and eik the quadruplait, 



Epoddeus rycht hard and curius; 

Off all thir fex, fueit and delictus; 230 

Rycht confonant fyfe hevinly fymphonyfs 

Componyt ar, as derkis can devyfe. 

Firft diatefferone, full fuelt, I wifsj, 

And dyapafone, femple and dowplait, Foi.32o.b. 

And dyapenty, componyt with the dyfs; 235 

Thir makis fyve of thre mvltiplicat; 

This mirry mvfik and mellefluaty 

Compleit and full of nummeris od and evin, 

Is caufit be the moving of the hevin« 

Off fic mvfik to wryt I do hot doit, 240 

Thairfoir of this mater a ftray I lay, 

For in my lyfe I cowth nevir fing a noit; 

Bot I will tell how Orpheus tuk the way 

To feik his wyfe attour the grauis gray, 

Hungry and cauld, with mony wilfum wone, 245 

Withouttin gyd, he and his harp allone. 

He paffit furth the fpace of twenty dayis, 

Fer and full fer, and fcrrer than 1 can teH, 

And ay he fand ftreitis and reddy wayis; 

Till at the last vnto the yet of Hell 250 

He come, and thair he fand a porter fell, 

With thre heidis, wes callit Scrberus, 

A hound of hell, a monftour mervellus. 

Than Orpheus b^ran to be agaft, 

Quhen he beheld that ^ly faellis hound, 255 

He tuk his harp, and on it playit Caiil, 

Till at the laft, throw fueitnes of the found. 

This dog flepit and fell doun on the ground ; 

Than Orpheus attour his wame in ftall, 

And neddirmair he went, as ye heir fall. 260 


He paflft fiirtii ontiU a ryvir deip, 

Our it a brig, and on it fifteris thre, 

Quhilk had the entre of the brig to keip, 

Ele£lo, Mygra and Thefaphone, 

Tumit a quheill wes vgly for to fe, 265 

And on it fpred a man hedit Exione, 

Rolland about rycht windir wo begone. 

Than Orpheus playd a joly fpring, 

The thre fufteris full faft thay fell on fleip, 

The vgly quheill feifit of hir quhirling; 270 

Thus left wes none the entre for to keip; 

Thane Exione out of the quheill gan creip, 

And flail away, and Orpheus annone, 

Without ftopping, atour the brig is gone. 

Nocht far frome thyne he come vnto a flude, 275 

Drubly and deip, and rythly doun can rin, 

Quhair Tantelus nakit full thrifty ftude, Fol.jai.b. 

And yxX, the wattir yeid aboif his chin; 

Quhen he gaipit thair wald no drop cum in, 

Quhen he dowkit the watter wald difcend, 280 

Thus gat he nocht his thrift no mend. 

Befoir his face ane naple hang alfo, 

Fast at his mowth vpoun a twynid [threid ^\ 

Quhen he gaipit it rollit to and fro, 

And fled as it refufit him to feid. 285 

Quhen Orpheus thus faw him fuffir neid, 

He tuk his harp and faft on it can clink. 

The wattir ftud, and Tantalus gat a drink. 

Syne our a mvre, with thomis thik and fcherp, 

Wepand allone a wilfum way he went, 290 

And had nocht bene throw fuffrage of his harp, 

1 Blank in MS. ; Afloan MS. has thndt. 


With fell pikis he had bene fchorne and fchent; 

As he blenkit, befyd him on the bent 

He faw lyand fpeldit a wofuU wycht, 

Nalit full fail, and Titius he hecht. 295 

And on his breifl thair fat a griily grip, 

Quhilk with his bill his belly throw can boir. 

Both maw, myddret, hart, lever and trip, 

He ruggit out, his panis was the moir. 

Quhen Orpheus thus faw him fuffir foir, 300 

He tuke his herp and maid fueit melody, 

The grip is fled, and Titius left his cry. 

Beyond this mvre he fand a feirfull ftreit, 

Myrk as the nycht, to pafs lycht dengenis. 

For fliddrenefs (kant mycht he hald his feit, 305 

In quhilk thair wes a flynk rycht odiufs. 

That gydit him to hiddoufs Hellis houfs, 

Quhair Rodomantus and Proferpina 

Wer king and quene, and Orpheus in can ga. 

O dully place, grundles deip dungeoun, 310 

Furnefs of fyre, and ftink intoUerable, 

Fit of difpair without remiflioun. 

Thy meit wennome, thy drink is pvfonable, 

Thy grit panis and to compt wnnwmerable; 

Quhat creature cumis to dwell in the, 315 

Is ay deand, and nevirmoir fall de. 

Thair fand he mony cairfuU king and quene. 

With croun on heid with brafs full bimand, Fo].32i.b. 

Quhilk in thair lyfe full maifterfuU had bene. 

And conquerouris of gold, richefs and land. 320 

Heftore of Troy, and Priame, thair he fand, 

And Alexander for his wrang conqueift ; 

Antiochus als for his fouU inceft. 


And Julius Cefar for his foull crewaitie, 

And Herod with his brudiris wyfe he faw, 325 

And Nero for his grit iniquitie, 

And Pilot for his breking of the law; 

Syne vndir that he lukit, and cowth knaw 

CrefuSy that king none mychtiar on mold 

For cuvatyfe, yet full of bimand gold. 330 

Thair faw he Pharo, for the oppreflioun 

Of Godis folk on quhilk the plaigis fell. 

And SawU, for the grit abufioun 

Was juftice to the folk of Ifraell; 

Thair faw he Acob and quene Jefabell, 335 

Quhilk filly Nabot, that wes a propheit trew, 

For his wyne yaird withouttin mercy flew. 

Thair faw he mony paip and cardynall, 

In haly kirk quhilk did abufioun, 

And bifchopis in thair pontificall, 340 

Be fymonie and wrang intrufioun; 

Abbottis and all men of religioun. 

For evill difponyng of thair place and rent, 

In flame of fyre wer bittirly torment 

Syne neddirmair he went quhair Pluto was 345 

And Proferpyne, and hiddirwart he drew, 

Ay playand on his harp quhair he cowth pafs; 

Till at the lad Erudices he knew, 

Lene and deidlyk, and peteoufs paill of hew, 

Rycht warfche and wane, and walluid as the weid, 350 

Hir lilly l)rre wes lyk vnto the leid. 

Quod he, My lady leill, and my delyt. 
Full wo is me to fe yow changit thus; 
Quhair is your rude as rofs with cheikis quhyte. 


Your criftell ene with blenkis amorus, ass 

Your lippis reid to kifs delictus? 

Quod fcho, As now I der nocht tell perfay, 

Bot ye fall wit the caufs ane vther day. 

Quod Pluto, Schir, thocht fcho be lyk ane elf, Foi.322.a. 

Scho hes no caufs to plenye, and for quhy? 360 

Scho fairis alfweill daylie as dois my felf, 

Or king Herod for all his chevelry; 

It is langour that putis hir in fic ply; 

War fcho at hame in hir cuntre of Trace, 

Scho wald rewert full fone in [fax^] and face. 365 

Than Orpheus befoir Pluto fat doun, 

And in his handis quhit his herp can ta, 

And playit mony fueit proportioun, 

With baifs tonis in ipotdorica, 

With gemilling in )^orlerica; 370 

Quhill at the laft for rewth and grit petie, 

Thay weipit foir, that cowth him heir or fe. 

Than Proferpine and Pluto bad him afs 

His warefoun, and he wald haif rycht nocht 

Bot licence with his wyfe away to pafs 375 

To his cuntre, that he fo far had focht 

Quod Proferpyne, Sen I hir hiddir brocht, 

We fall nocht parte without conditioun. 

Quod he, Thairto I mak promifHoun. 

Euridices than be the hand thow tak, 380 

And pafs thi way, bot vndimeth this pane, 
Gife thow tumis or blenkis behind thy bak, 
We fall hir haif to Hell for evir agane. 

1 Blank in MS. ; Afloan MS. has/ur. 


Thocht this was hard, yit Orpheus was fane, 

And on thay went^ talkand of play and fport, 385 

Till thay almoft come to the outwart port. 

Thus Orpheus, with inwart lufe repleit, 

So blindit was with grit efTedUoun, 

Penfyfe in hart apooe his lady fueit, 

Remembrit nocht his hard conditioun. 390 

Quhat will ye moir? in icbort condufioun. 

He blent bakwart, and Pluto come anoooe, 

And on to Hell with hir agane is gone. 

AUace, it wes grit pety for to heir 

Of Orpheus the weping and the wo, 395 

How his lady, that he had bocht fo ddr, 

Bot for a luk fo fone wes tane him firo. 

Flatlingis he fell and micht no fordir go. 

And lay a quhile in fwoun and extafy; 

Quhen he ourcome, this out of Itife gan cry. 4ooFoi.322.b. 

Quhat art thow, luve^ how lali I the defyae? 

Bittir and fuett, crewall and merciaUe^ 

Plefand to fum, to vthir plent and pyne, 

Till fum conftant, to vthir wariable. 

Hard is thy law, thy bandis vnbrekable; 405 

Quho fcheruis the, thocht thay be nevjr fo trew, 

Perchance fum t}rme thay fall half caufs to rew. 

Now find I weill this proverb trew, quod he. 

Hart on the hurd, and handts on the foir, 

Quhair luve gob, on foris mone tume the e; 410 

I am expart, and wois me thairfoir, 

Bot for a luke my lady \& foriok. 

Thus chydand on with luve, our bume and bent, 

A wofuU wedo hamewart is he went 



Now, wirthy folk, Boece, that fenatour, 415 

To wryt this fenyeit fable tuk in cure, 

In his gay Buke of Confolatioun, 

For our doftrene and gud in(lru£lioun ; 

Quhilk in the felf fuppois it fenyeid be, 

And hid vndir the cloik of poetre, 420 

Yit maifter Trivat do6lour Nicholafs, 

Quhilk in his tyme a noble theologe wafs, 

Applyis it to gud moralitie, 

Rycht full of fruft and feriofitie. 

Fair Phebus is the god of fapience, 425 

Caliope his wyfe is eloquence ; 

Thir twa mareit gat Orpheus belyfe, 

Quhilk callit is the pairte intelletyfe 

Off mans faule, and vndirftanding fre, 

And feperat fra fenfualitie. 430 

Euridices is our effeAioun, 

Be fantefy oft movit vp and doun, 

Quhile to reflbne it cadis the delyte, 

Quhyle to the flefche it fettis the appet}rte. 

Areftius, this [hird^], that cowth perfew 435 

Euridices, is nocht bot gud vertew, 

That bifly is to keip our myndis clene, 

Bot quhen we fle outthrow the medow grene 

Fra vertew, till this warldis vane plefans, Foi. 323.3. 

Myngit with cair and full of variance, 440 

The ferpentis ftang, that is the deidly fyn. 

That pofownis the faule without and in. 

And than is deid and eik opprefTit doun 

Till wardly luft and all our affeflioun. 

Thane perfyte wifdome weipis wondir foir, 445 

Seand thus gait our appetyte misfair, 

And to the hevin he paflit vp bel)rfe, 

^ Omitted from MS. ; taken from Ailoan MS. 


Schawand to ws the lyfe contemplatyfe, 

The perfyte wit, and eik the fervent luve 

We fuld haif allway to the hevin abuve; 450 

Bot feildin thair our appetyte is fundin, 

It is fo fail within the body bundin, 

Thairfoir dounwart we caft our myndis e, 

Blindit with lull and may nocht vpwartis fle, 

Sould our defyre be focht vp in the fpheiris, 455 

Quhen it is tedderit in thir warldly breiris, 

Quhyle on the flefch, quhyle on this warldis wrak, 

And to the hevin full fmall intent we tak. 

Sir Orpheus, thow feikis all in vane 

Thy wyfe fo he» thairfoir cum doun agane, 460 

And [pas*] vnto the monfter mervellus, 

With thre heidis, that we call Cerberus, 

Quhilk fenyeid is to haif fo mony heidis, 

For to be takin thre maner of deidis. 

The iirfl is in the tendir yong bemage, 4^5 

The fecound deid is in the middill age, 

The thrid is in greit eild quhen men ar tane. 

Thus Cerberus to fwelly fparis nane, 

Bot quhen our mynd is myngit with fapience, 

And plais vpoun the herp of eloquence ; 470 

That is to fay makis perfuafioun, 

To draw our will and our affeflioun 

In every eild fra fyn and fowll delyte, 

The dog our fawll na power hes to byte. 

The fecound monftour ar the fiftiris thre, 475 

Elefto, Migera, and Thefaphany, 

Ar nocht ellis, in bukis as we reid, 

Bot wicket thocht, ill word, and thrawart deid. 

Ele£lo is the boiling of the harte, 

Mygera the wickit word inwart, 480 

Thefaphony is operatioun, 

That makis fynall executioun 

^ Omitted from MS.; taken from Afloan MS. 



In deidly fyn, and thir thre tumis ay 

The vgly quheill, is nocht ellis to fay, 

Bot warldly men fumtyme ar caflin he 485Foi.323.b. 

Vpone the quheill, in gret profperitie, 

And with a quhirle, onwarly or thai wait, 

Ar thrawin doun to pure and law eftait. 

Off Exione that on the quheill wes fpred, 

I fall yow tell of fum pairte, as I haif red ; 490 

He was of lyfe brukle and lecheroufs, 

And in that craft hardy and curagufs, 

That he wald luve in to no lawar place 

Bot Juno, quene of nature and goddace; 

And on a day he went vp on the fky, 495 

And focht Juno, thinkand with hir to ly. 

Scho faw him cum and knew his fouU intent; 

A rany clud one fra the firmament 

Scho gart difcend and keft betuix thame two. 

And in that clud his nature yeid him fro, 500 

Off quhilk was generat the Sentowrifs, 

Half man, half horfs, vpoun a ferly wifs. 

Thane for the inwart crabing and offens. 

That Juno tuke for his grit violens, 

Scho fend him doun vnto the fifliris thre, 505 

Vpone a quheill ay tumyt for to be. 

Bot quhen refToun and perfyte fapience 

Playis vpone the herp of eloquens. 

And perfuadis our flefchly appetyte 

To leif the thocht of this warldly delyte, 510 

Than feifTis of our hert the wickit will, 

Fra frawart language than the tong is flill. 

Our fynfuU deidis fallis doun on fleip. 

Thane Exione out of the quheill gan creip ; 

That is to fay, the grit folicitud, 515 

Quhyle vp, quhyle doun, to win this warldis gud, 

SeifTis furthwith, and our affeflioun 


Waxis quiet in contemplatioun. 

This Tantalus, of quhome I fpak of aire, 

Quhill he levit he was a gay oftlaire, 520 

And on a nycht come travilland thairby 

The god of richefs, and tuk harbery 

With Tantalus, and he till his fupper 

Slew his awin fone that was leif and deir, 

Syne in a few, with fpycis foddin weill, 525 

He gart the god eit vp his flefche ilk deill. 

For this difpyt, quhen he wes deid annone, 

Was dampnit in the flud of Acherone, 

Till fuffer hungir» thrift, nakit and cawld, 

Rycht wo begone, as I befoir haif tauld.^ 53oFoi.324.a. 

This hungry man and thrifty Tantalus 

Betaknis men gredy and couetoufs, 

The god of riches that ar ay reddy 

For to reflaif, and tak in harbery, 

And till him fieth his fone in pecis fmall, 535 

That is the flefch and blud with grit travell, 

To full the bag, and neuir fund in thair hairt 

Vpoun thame felf to fpend nor tak thair pairte. 

Allace, in erd quhair is thair mair foly, 

Than for to want and haif haboundantly, 540 

Till haif diftrefs on bed, on bak and burd, 

And fpair till wyn men of gold a hurd ? 

And in the nycht fleip foundly thay may nocht, 

To gaddir geir fo gredy is thair thocht. 

Bot quhen reflfoun and intelligence 545 

Smytis vpoun the herp of confcience, 

Schawand to ws quhat perrell on ilk fyd 

That thai incur quhay will treft or confyd 

Into this warldis vane profperitie, 

Quhilk hes thir fory properteis thre, 550 

That is to fay, gottin with grit labour, 

Keipit with dreid, and tynt wiA grit dolour. 

^ MS. has iouli. 


This grit avarifs be grace quha vndirftud, 

I trow fuld leif thair grit folicitude 

Off ythand thochtis and he befines 5S5 

To gaddir gold, fyne leif in diftres, 

Bot he fuld eit and drink quhen evir he lift 

Off cuvatyfe to flaik the bimand thrift. 

This Titius lay nalit on the bent, 

And the grip his bowellis revin and rent, 560 

Quhill he levit he fet alhis intentioun 

To find the craft of diuinatioun, 

And lyrit it vnto the fpyne all. 

To tell befoir fic thingis as wald befall; 

Quhat lyfe, quhat deth, quhat deftany and werd, 5^5 

Provydit ware vnto every man on crd. 

AppoUo than for this abufioun, 

Quhilk is the god of diuinatioun, 

For he, vfurpit of his facultie, 

Put him to hell, and thair remanis he. 570 

Ilk man that heiris this conclufioun 

Suld dreid to ferfs be conftillatioun 

Thingis to fall vndir the firmament, Fo].324.b. 

Till ye or na quhilk ar indefferent, 

Without profixit caufs and certane, 575 

Quhilk nane in erd may knaw bot God allane. 

Quhen Orpheus vpoun his harp can play, 

That is our vndirftanding for to fay, 

Cryis, O man, recleme thi folich harte; 

Will thow be God and tak on the his pairte, 5^ 

To tell thingis to cum that neuir wilbe, 

Quhilk God hes kepit in his preuetie? 

Thow ma no mair offend to God of micht, 

Na with thi fpaying reif fra him his richt, 

This perfyte wifdome with his melody 585 

Fleyis the fpreit of fenyeid profecy. 

And drawis vpwart our affe£tioun^ 

^ There feems to be a line omitted here. 


Fra wichcraft, fpaying and forfery, 

And fuperftitioun of aftrolegy, 

Saif allanerly fic maner of thingis, S9o 

Quhilk vpoun trew and certane cauflis hingis, 

The quhilk mone cum to thair caus indure, 

On verry forfs and nocht throw avanture. 

As is the clippis and the coniunftioun 

Of fone and mone be calculatioun, 595 

The quhilk ar fundin in trew aftronomy, 

Be moving of the fpeiris in the iky; 

All thir to fpeik it may be toUerable, 

And none vdir quhilk no caullis ftable. 

This vgly way, this myrk and dully ftreit, 600 

Is nocht ellis bot blinding of the fpreit, 

With myrk cluddis and myft of ignorance, 

AfTetterrit in this warldis vane plefance, 

And bifTmes of temporalite, 

To kene the felf a ftyme it may nocht fe, 605 

For fcammeris on eftir efieflioun 

Fra ill to war ale thus to hale gois doun, 

That is wan howp throw lang hanting of fyn, 

And fowU difpair, that mony fallis in. 

Than Orpheus our reflbun is full wo, 610 

And twichis on his harp, and biddis ho, 

Till our defyre and fulich appetyte 

Bidis leif this warldis full delyte. 

Than Pluto, god and quene of hellis fyre, 

Mone grant to reiToun on forfs the defyre. 615 

Than Orpheus hes wone Euridices, |Foi.32s.a. 

Quhen our defyre with reflfoun makis pefs, 

And feikis vp to contemplatioun, 

Of fyn deftand the abutioun, 

Bot ilk man fuld be wyfe, and warly fe 620 

That he bakwart caft nocht his myndis e, 

Gifand confent, and deleAatioun 


Ofifflefchly luft for the affeflioun; 

For thane gois bakwart to the fone agane 

Our appetyte as it befoir was flane, 625 

In warldly luft and vane profperite, 

And makis reflfoun wedow for to be. 

Now pray we God, fen our affeflioun 

Is allway promp ^ and reddy to fall doun, 

That he wald vndirput his haly hand 630 

Of mantenans, and gife ws forfs to ftand 

In perfyte luve, as he is glorius. 

And thus endis the taill of Orpheus. 

Finis quod Mr. R[obert] H[enryfon]. 


Fable VII. 
The Bludy Serk, 

THIS hindir yeir I hard be tald, 
Thair was a worthy king, 
Dukis, erlis and barronis bald, 
He had at his bidding. 

The lord was anceane and aid, 5 

And fexty yeiris cowth ring. 
He had a dochter fair to fald, 
A lufty lady ying. 

Off all fairheid fcho bur the flour, 

And eik hir faderis air, 10 

Off lufty laitis and he honour, 

Meik bot and debonair. 

^ Originally pomp^ and altered by a later hand. 


Scho wynnit in a bigly hour, 

On fold wes none fo fair; 

Princis luvit hir paramour, 15 

In cuntreis our allquhair. 

Thair dwelt alyt befyde the king 

A fowU gyane of ane, 

Stollin he hes the lady ying, 

Away with hir is gane, 20 

And keft hir in his dungering, 

Quhair licht fcho micht fe nane; Fo].325.b. 

Hungir and cauld, and grit thrifting 

Scho fand in to hir wame. 

He wes the laithlieft on to luk 25 

That on the grund mycht gai^; 

His nailis wes lyk ane hellis cruk, 

Thairwith fyve quarteris lang. 

Thair wes nane that he ourtuk. 

In rycht or yit in wrang, 30 

Bot all in fchondir he thame fchuke. 

The gyane wes fo ftrang. 

He held the lady day and nycht 

Within his deip dungeoun, 

He wald nocht gif of hir a ficht, 35 

For gold nor yit ranfoun, 

Bot gife the king mycht get a knycht 

To fecht with his perfoun, 

To fecht with him both day and nycht, 

Quhill ane wer dungin doun. 40 

The king gart feik baith fer and neir, 
Beth be fe and land, 
Off ony knycht gife he micht heir 
Wald fecht with that gyand. 


A worthy prince that had no peir 45 

Hes tane the deid on hand, 
For the luve of the lady cleir, 
And held full trew cunnand. 

That prince come prowdly to the toun 

Of that gyane to heir, 50 

And fawcht with him his awin perfoun, 

And tuke him prefoneir; 

And keft him in his awin dungeoun, 

AUane withouttin feir, 

With hungir, cauld and confufioun, 55 

As full Weill worthy weir. 

Syne brak the hour, had hame the bricht, 

Vnto hir fadir deir; 

Sa evill wondit was the knycht 

That he behuvit to de. 60 

Vnlufum was his likame dicht, 

His fark was all bludy; Foi.326.a. 

In all the warld was thair a wicht 

So peteoufs for to fy. 

The lady murnyt and maid grit mone, 5^ 

With all hir mekle micht; 

I luvit nevir lufe bot one 

That dulfuUy now is dicht. 

God fen my lyfe wer fra me tone, 

Or I had fene yone ficht, 70 

Or ellis in begging evir to gone 

Furth with yone curtafs knycht. 

He faid, Fair lady, now mone I 

De, treftly ye me trow, 

Tak ye my fark that is bludy, 75 

And hing it forrow yow; 


Firft think on it, and fyne on me, 

Quhen men cumis yow to wow. 

The lady faid. Be Maiy fre, 

Thairto I mak a wow. 80 

Quhen that fcho lukit to the ferk, 

Scho thocht on the perfoun, 

And prayit for him with all hir harte, 

That lowfd hir of bandoun; 

Quhair fcho was wont to fit full merk, 85 

In that deip dungeoun, 

And evir quhill fcho wes in quert, 

That wafs hir a leffoun. 

Sa Weill the lady luvit the knycht, 

That no man wald fcho tak. 90 

Sa fuld we do our God of micht, 

That did all for ws mak; 

Quhilk fuUely to deid wes dicht, 

For linfull manis faik; 

Sa fuld we do both day and nycht, 95 

With prayaris to him mak. 


This king is lyk the Trinitie, 

Baith in Hevin and heir; 

The manis faule to the lady, 

The gyane to Lucefeir; 100 

The knycht to Chryft, that deit on tre, 

And coft our fynnis deir; Fol.326.b. 

The pit to Hell, witli panis fell, 

The fyn to the woweir. 



The lady was wowd, bot fcho (isud nay, 105 

With men that wald hir wed; 

Sa fuld we wryth all fyn away, 

That in our breiflis bred. 

I pray to Jefu Chryft verrey, 

For ws his blud that bled, no 

To be our help on domyfday, 

Ouhair lawis ar ftraitly led. 

The faule is Godis dochtir deir, 

And eik his handewerk, 

That was betrafit with Lucifeir, '"5 

Quha fittis in Hell full merk. 

Borrowit with Chryftis angell cleir, 

Hend men, will ye nocht herk } 

For his lufe that bocht ws deir, 

Think on the Bludy Serk. 120 

Finis quod Mr. R. Henrici. 



Tlte Cock and the Jewell. 


THOCHT fenyeit fables of auld poetre 
Be nocht gnindit all vpoun trewth, yit than 
Thair poleit tenuis of fueit retory 
Ar rycht plefand vnto the heir of man ; 
And als the caufs quhi thay firft began 


Was to repreife the vyce of myfdoing 
Of man, be fegour of ane vthir thing. 

In lyk maner as throw abufwous ^ erd, 

So it be lawborit with grit diligence, 

Springis the flouris and the comis brerd, lo 

Hailfum and gud to manis fuftenence; 

So fpringis thair a morall fueit fentence 

Out of the fcitell Ayt of poetre, 

To gud purpoifs quha culd it rycht aply. 

Thir nutis fchelUs, thocht thai be hard and tuich, 15 

Thay hald the cimall fueit and delegable; Foi.327.a. 

So lyis thair a doflryne wyfe anewch, 

And full of fru6l, vndir a fenyeit fable. 

As clerkis fa)ris, it is rycht proffitable, 

Amang emyft to myng a merry fport, 20 

To blyth the fpreit, and gar the tyme be fchort. 

For as we fe the bow that ay is bent 

Wordis vnfmart, and duUis on the firing, 

So dois the mynd, that is ay dihgent 

In emyft thocht and in ftuddeing. 25 

With fad materis fum mirrinefs to myng 

Accordis weill; thus Ifop, I wifs, 

Dulcius arrident feria pi£la jocis. 

Off this poyet, my mafteris, with your leife, 

I me deffer to your correftioun, 30 

In moder tong of Lat}aie I wald preife 

To male a maner of tranflatioun; 

Nocht of my felf, for vane prefumptioun, 

Bot be requeift and prayeris of a lord, 

Off quhome the name it neidis nocht record. js 

^ This word is very indiftiii^ in MS. 


In hamely langage and in termes rud, 

Me neidis wryt, for quhy, of eloquence 

No rethory I neuir vndirftud; 

Thairfoir meikly I pray your reuerens, 

Gife ye fynd ocht that throw my n^ligence 40 

Or diminut, or yit fuperfluys, 

Correfl: at your willis gratius. 

Myne auftour in his fable tellis fow 

That brutall beiftis fpak and vndirftud, 

And till gud purpoifs difpit and argow 45 

A fylogyfme propone, and eik exclud ; 

Putting axample and fymilitude, 

How mony men in operatioun 

Ar lyk to beiftis in thair conditioun. 

No mervell is a man be lyk a beift, 50 

Quhilk leivis ay in camall fowU delyte, 

That fchame can nocht derenye nor arreift, 

Bot takis all thair luft and appetyt, 

Quhilk throw the cuftome and the dayly ryte, 

Syn in the mynd is fa faft radicat, 55*01.327.11. 

That he in brutall beift be transformat. 

This noble clerk, Yfop, as I haif towld, 

In gay metir facound and purperat, 

Be fegour wret his buk, for he nocht wowld 

Tak tihe difdane of he, nor law eftate. 60 

And to begyn, firft at a Cok he wrate, 

Seikand his meit, quhilk fand a joly ftone, 

Off quhome the fable ye fall heir annone. 

A Cok, fumtyme with fethreme frefch and gray, 

Rycht cant and croufs, fuppoifs he was bot pure, 6s 

Flew furth at a dounhill fone be day. 


To get his denner fett was all bis cure ; 

Screpand amang the afs, be auenture 

He fand a joly Jafp, rycht pretioufs, 

Was caftin furth in fuowpyne of the houfs. 70 

As madynis wantoun, and infolent, 

That fane wald play, and on the ftreit be fene, 

To fwopyne of the houfs takis no tent 

Quhat be thairin, fwa that the ilure be clene; 

Jowalis ar tynt, as oft tymes hes bene, 75 

And in the fwowpyne is caftin furth annone ; 

Perauentour fwa wafs the famyn ftone. 

Swa mervelland vpone the ftone, quod he, 

gentill gem, O riche and noble thing, 

Thocht I the fynd, thow ganis nocht for mc ; 80 

Thow art a jowall for ony warldly king. 
It war pety thow fuld in this midding, 
Be bvrit thus among this mvk and mwd, 
And thow fo deir, and worth fo mekle gude. 

It is pety I fuld the f}aid, for quhy, 85 

Thy grit vertew, nor yit thy cuUour cleir, 

1 may nowthir extoll nor magnify, 

And thow to me ma mak bot littill cheir. 

To grit lordis thocht thow be leif and deir, Foi.328.a. 

I lawfe fer bettir thing of lefs awaill, 90 

As cafe, or come, to fill my tome entrelL 

I had leuir go (kraip heir with my naiiis 

Among this moll, and luk my lyvis fude. 

As come, or drafe, fmall worme, or [rjnaillis. 

Or ony meit wald do my ftomok g^de, 95 

Nor of Jefpis a mekle multitude. 

And thow agane, vpoun the famyn wyifs, 

May me as now for thyne awaill difpyifs. 


Thow hes no corne, and thairof I had neid ; 

Thy cullour dois hot comfort to the ficht, loo 

And that is nocht annwch my wame to feid; 

For wyfe men fayis that lukand wark was lycht 

[I wald haif fum meit, get it gif I micht,^] 

For hungry men may nocht weill leif on loikis ; 

Had I dry breid, I keipit nocht no kokis. 105 

Quhair fuld thow mak thi tributatioun ? 

Quhair fuld thow dwell, bot in a ryall tour? 

Quhair fuld thow fit, bot one a kingis croun, 

Exalt in wirchep, and in gret honour? 

Ryfs, gentill Jafpis, of all ftonis the flour, no 

Out of this afs, and pafs quhair thow fuld be; 

Thow ganis nocht for me, nor I for the. 

Levand this jowall full law vpone the ground, 

To feik fum meit this Cok his wayis went, 

Bot quhen, or quhair, or quhow it was found, "5 

As now I fit to hold no argument; 

Bot of the inwart fentence and intent 

Of this fable, as myne awtour dois wit, 

I fall reherfs in rude and hamely dyt. 


This joly Jafp hes properteis fevin: ^20 

The firft, of coUouris it is mervelloufs, 

Pairte lyke the fyre, and pairte is lyk the hevin; 

And makis a man (lark and vi£lorius, 

Perfervis als fra caiffis perrelloufs. 

Quha hes this ftone fall haif gud hap to fpeid, 125 

Off fyre nor fallis him neidis nocht to dreid. 

^ This line, omitted in Bannatyne MS., is fupplied from Makculloch MS. 


This gentill Jefp, oft different in hew, FoI, 328.5. 

Betakinis perfyt prudens and cunn)aig, 

Omat with mony deidis of vertew, 

Moir excelland than ony erdly thing; 130 

Quhilk makis men in honour ay to ring, 

Happy, and ftark to haif the victory 

Off all vicis, and fprituall ennemy. * 

Quha may be rycht hardy and gratious? 

Quha can enfchew perrell and aventure? 135 

Quha can gowem citie and burchgus 

Without fcience? non, I yow enfure; 

It is the riches that evir fall indure, 

Quhilk motht nor mwft may nocht rwft nor ket, 

And to manis fawll it is etemall met 140 

This Cok defyring moir the fymple come 

Thane ony Jafp, onto the fule is peir, 

Makand at fcience bot a knak and ikome, 

Quhilk can no gud, and als littill will leir; 

His hairt wamillis gud argumentis till heir, 145 

As to the fow, to quhome men for the nons 

In hir drafe troch wald faw the pretius ftons. 

Quha is ennemy to fcience and cunnyng, 

Bot ignorantis that vndirftandis nocht? 

Quhilk is fo noble, pretius and ding, 150 

That may nocht with no erdly thing be bocht ? 

Weill war the man of all vthir, that mocht 

All his l)de dayis in perfyte ftudy war, 

To get fcience, for him nedit no main 

Bot now, allaifs, this Jafp is tynt and hid; 155 

We feik it nocht nor preiffis it to find. 

Haif we riches, no bettir lyfe we bid, 

Off fcience thocht the fauU be bair and blind. 


Of this mater I do bot waiftis wind, 

Thairfoir I feifs, and will no forder fay; i6o 

Go feik the Jafp quha lift, for thair it lay. 

Explicit^ quod Mr. R[obert] H[enryfon]. 


Fable IX, 

TIu Moufs and the Paddock, 

VPONE a tyme, as Yfop can report, 
A littill Moufs come till a rever fyd, Foi.329.a. 

Scho mycht nocht waid, hir fchankis wer fo fchort; 
Scho cowth nocht fowme, fcho ^ had no horfs till ryd ; 
Off verry forfs behuvit hir to byd, 5 

And to and fro vpone that rever deip 
Scho ran, cryane with mony peteufs peip. 

Help our, help our, the filly Mowfs can cry, 

For Godis lufe, fum body our this bryme. 

With that a Paddok, on the wattir by, 10 

Put vp hir heid and on the bank cowth clyme, 

Quhilk be natur gowth dowk, and gaylie fwyme. 

With voce full rawk, fcho faid on this maneir, 

Gud mome, deme Mowfs, quhat is your erand heir? 

Seis thow, quod fcho, of come yone joly flat, »5 

Of ryp aitis, of beir, of peifs, and quheit ; 

I am hungry, and fane wald be thairat, 

Bot I am ftoppit heir be this wattir greit ; 

And on this fyd I get no thing till eit, 

Bot hard nutis, quhilk with my teith I boir; 20 

War I beyond, my feift wald be the moir. 

1 MS. has A 


I haif no boit, heir is no mareneir, 

And thocht thaxr ware, I haif no frawcht to pay. 

Quod fcho, fiftir, lat be your havy cheir. 

Do my counfally and I fall fynd the way, 25 

Withowttin horfs, brig, boit, or yit gallay, 

To brii^ yow our faifly» be nocht affeird, 

And nocht to weit the campis of your beird. 

I haif mervell than, quod the filly Mowfs, 

How thow can fleit without feddir or fyn ; 30 

The reuer is fo deip and dengeroufs, 

Me think that thow fuld drowin to wed thairin. 

Tell me, thairfoir, quhat faculty or gyn 

Thow hes to bring me our this wattir wan ? 

That to declair the Paddok thus hcgasi. 35 

With my twa feit, quod fcho, lukkin and braid, 

In fteid of airis, I row the flreme full flill; 

Suppoifs the bruk be perrellus to waid, 

Baith to and fro I fwyme at my awin will. 

I may nocht droun, for quhy, myne oppin gill 40 

Devoydis ay the watter I reflaif; Foi.329.b. 

Thairfoir to droun forfuth no dreid I haif. 

The Mowfs beheld onto hir fronfyt face, 

Hir runclit beik, and hir lippis fyd, 

Hir hyngand browis, and hir voce fo hace, 45 

Hir logrand leggis, and hir harfky hyd. 

Scho ran abak, and on the Paddock cryd, 

Gifc I can any Ikeill of fyfnomy, 

Thow hes fum pairte of frawd and als invy. 

For clerkis fayis the inclinatioun 50 

Of manis thocht perfavis commounly 
Eftir the corporall complexioun 
Till grud or yll, as natur will apply; 



A fravvart will, a thrawin phifnomy. 

The auld proverb is witnefs of this; Lorum 55 

Diftortum vultum, fequitur diftortio morum. 

Na, quod the Taid, that proverb is nocht trew, 

For fair thingis oft tymes ar fowl! fakin; 

Thir bla beriyis, thocht thay be blak of hew, 

Ar gaddrit vp quhen prumrofs is forfakin. 60 

The face may faill to be the hairtis taikin : 

Thairfoir I fynd in Scriptour in a place, 

Thow fuld nocht juge a man eftir his face. 

Thocht I vnlufty be to luk vpone, 

I haif no wyt quhy fuld I lakkit be; 65 

War I ab fare as joly Abfalone, 

I am nocht cauflar of that grit bewte. 

This differens in forme and qualite 

Almychty God hes cawlit dame Nature 

To prent and fet in every creature. 70 

Off fum the face may be rycht fiurifand, 

With filkin tong and cheir mofl amorus, 

With mynd inconftant, fals and variand. 

Full of diffait, and menys cautelus. 

Lat be preching, quod the hungry Moufs ; 75 

And be quhat craft thow gar me vndirftand, 

How thow wald gyd me to the yondir land. 

Thow wait, quod fcho, a body that hes neid, Foi.330.ju 

To help thame felfffuld mony wayis caft; 

Thairfoir go tak a dowble tw)mnit threid, 80 

And bind thi leg to m3me with knotis faft ; 

I fall the leir to fwyme, be nocht agafL 

Is that thi counfale? quod the filly Moufs, 

To preif that play it wer our perrelloufs. 


Suld I be bund and fad quhair I am fre, 85 

In howp of help, nay than efchrew ws baith, 

For I mycht lofs both l)rfe and libertie; 

Gife it wer fa, quha mycht amend my fkaith? 

Bot gife thovv fueir to me the murthour aith. 

But frawd or gyle, to bring me our this flude 90 

But hurt or harme, quod fcho, in faith I dude. 

Scho golkit vp, and to the hevin can cry, 

How Jupiter, of Natur god and king, 

I mak ane aifh to the trewly, that I 

This littill Moufs fall our the wattir bring. 95 

This aith was maid. This Moufs, but perfawing 

Of fals ingyne of this fals crabit Taid, 

Tuk threid and band her leg, as fcho hir bad. 

Than fute for fute thay lap baith in the brime, 

Bot in thair mynd thay wer rycht different; 100 

The Mowfs thocht na thing bot to fleit and fvvyme, 

The Padok for to flay fet hir intent. 

Quhen thai in mydwart of the ftreme wer went, 

With all hir forfs the Paddok dowkit doun, 

And thocht the Moufs without mercy to droun. 105 

Perfevand this, the Moufs on hir gan cry, 

Tratour to God, and manfwome on to me, 

Thow fwoir the murthour aith faifly that I, 

But harme or hurt, fuld ferreid be and fre. 

And quhen fcho faw thair wafs bot do or dy, na 

Scho bowtit vp and foirfit hir to fwyme. 

And preifit on the Taidis bak to clyme. 

The dreid of deid hir ftrenthis gart increfs. 

And fandit hir defend with mony mane ; 

The Mowfs vpwart, the Paddok doun can prefs, 115 

Quhile to, quhile fra, quhile dowk, quhile vp agane. 


This filly Moufsy this plungit in grit pane, Fol.33o.b. 

Can fecht als lang as breth wes in hir breift, 
Till at tlie laft fcho cryit for a preift. 

Sichand thus gait a Gled fat on a twift, 120 

And to this wrechit battell tuk gud heid, 

And with a wifk, or owthir of thame wift, 

He claucht his cluke betuene thame in the threid ; 

Syne to the land he flew with thame gud fpeid. 

Fane of that fang, pj^and with mony pew; 125 

Syne lowfit thame, and bayth but pety flew. 

Syne bowellit thame, that bowchir, with his bill, 

And bellyilawcht full fetly he thame flaid; 

Bot baith thair flefche wald flcant be half a fill, 

And gutis als, vnto that gredy Gled. 130 

Off thair debait thus quhen I had owt red. 

He tuk his flicht and our the feildis he flaw ; 

Gife this be trew, fpeir ye at thame that faw. 


My brother, gif thow will tak aduertens 

Till this fable, thow may perfaif and fe, 135 

It paflis far alkynd of peflilens, 

A wicket mynd, with wirdis fair and fle. 

Be war thairfoir quhome with thow foUowis the ; 

For thow war bettir beir of flone the barrow. 

Of fueitand ding and delflfe quhill thow may dre, 140 

Na be machit with a wicket marrow. 

A fals intent vndir a fare pretence 

Hes cawfit mony innocentis to de; 

Grit folly is thairfoir to gife credence 

Our fone to all that fpeikis fair to the. us 


A filkin tong, a hairt of crewelte, 

Smytis mair foir than ony fchot of arrow ; 

Brudir, gif thow be vyifs, I rid the fle 

To mache the with a frawart fenyeit marrow. 

I wame the als, it is grit negligence 150 

To bind the faft quhair thow was frank and fre ; 

Fra thow be bund, thow may mak na defens 

To faif thy Ijrfe, or yit in libertie. 

This femple counfale, bruder, tak at me, 

And it to cwn perqueir; fe nocht thow tarrow; 15s 

Bettir but ftryfe to leif allone in le, 

Than to be machit with a wicket marrow. 

This hald in mynd ; yit moir I fall the tell 

Quhat by thir beiftis may be figurat 

This Paddok, vfand in this flud to dwell, i6oFoi.33i.a. 

Is manis body, fwmand air and lait 

Into this warld, with cairis implicat; 

Now he, now law, quhyle plungit vp, and doun, 

Ay in to perrell, and redy for to droun. 

Now dolorus, now blyth as bird on breir; 165 

Now in fredome, now wardit in diftrefs ; 

Now haill, now found, now deid and brocht on beir ; 

Now pure as Job, now rowand in richefs; 

Now gownis gay, now brattis to imbrafs ; 

Now full as fyfche, now hungry as a hound; 170 

Now on the quheill, now wappit to the ground. 

This littill Moufs thus knet hard be the chin, 

The faule of man betakin may in deid ; 

Bundin, and fra the body may nocht twin, 

Quhill crewall Deid cum brek of lyfe the threid; 175 

The quhilk to droun fuld evir ftand in dreid, 


Of camall lull be the fuggeftioun, 

Quhilk drawis ay the faule, ay and haldis doun. 

The waltir is the warld, ay walterand, 

With mony wayifs of tribulatioun, 1 80 

In quhilk the faule and body ay waverand, 

Standis diftinyt and thair opinioun ; 

The fpreit vpwart, the body preiffis doun; 

The natur of the faule wald our be borne 

Out of this warld vnto the hevinly trone. 185 

This Gled is Deid, that cumis fuddanly 

As dois the theif, and endis this battell. 

Be vegeland, thairfoir, and ay reddy, 

For manis lyfe is brukle^ and mortall; 

My freind, thairfoir, mak the a flrange caftell 190 

Of gud deidis, for Deid will the affay, 

Thow wait nocht quhen; at evin^ mome nor midday. 

Adew, my freind, and gife that ony fpeiris 

Of this fable fo fchortly I conclude; 

Thow fay, I left the laif vnto the freiris, 195 

To mak a fample or fimilitud. 

Now Chryfl; for ws that deit on the rud, 

Of faule and lyf as thow art Saluiour, 

Grant ws to pafs in till a bliflfit hour. 

Explicit^ quod Maiftir R[obert] H[eniyfon} 



The Twa Myfs, 

I SOP, myne autour, makis mentioun Foi.33i.b. 

Of twa M3rfs, and thay war fifteris deir, 
OiF quhome the elder dwelt in a borrowis toun ; 
The yungir wend vp on land weill neir, 
Rycht folitar, quhyle vndir bulk and breir, 5 

Quhyle in the come, in vthir menis fchecht, 
As outlawis dois and levis on thair wacht 

The rurall Moufs in to the winter tyd 

Had hungir, cauld, and tholit grit diftres ; 

The tothir Mouls, that in the burgh can byd, 10 

Was gilt bruther and maid ane fre burgefs; 

Tolefre alTwa, but cuftome mair and lefs, 

And fredome had to ga quhair euir fcho lift, 

Amang the cheifs and meill in ark and kift. 

A tyme quhen fcho wes full and on fute fair 15 

Scho tuk in mynd hir fiftir vp on land, 

And langit for hir cheir and hir weilfair, 

And fe quhat lyfe fcho led vndir the wand. 

Bairfute allone, with pykftaff in hir hand, 

As pure pilgrem fcho paifit out of toun, 20 

To feik hir After baith our daill and doun. 

Throw mony wilfum wa}ris cwth fcho walk, 

Throwcht mure and mofs,throwcht bank,bu(k and brayre, 

Fra fur to fur, cryand fra balk to balk, 

Cum furth to me, myne fueit fifter deir; 25 


. Cry peip anis. With that the Mowfs quod heir. 
And knew hir voce, as kynnis men will do 
Be verry kynd, and furth fcho come hir to. 

The hairtly cheir, Lord God, gife ye had fene 

Was kynd quhen thir fifteris twa wer met; 30 

Quhilk that oft fyifs was fchawin thame betuene, 

F.or quhyle thai luche, and quhyle for joy thay gret, 

Quhyle kiflit fueit, and quhyle in armis plet; 

And thus thay fure quhrll fobirt wes thair meid, 

Syne fute for fute onto thair chalmer yeid. 35 

As I hard fay, it wes a femple wane, 

Off fog and fame full maifterlie was maid, 

A filly fcheill vndir a erdfaft ftane. 

Off quhilk the entre wes nocht he nor braid ; Foi.332.a. 

And in the famyn than went but mair abaid, 40 

Withouttin fyre or candill bumand bricht, 

For commonly fie pykeris luvis nocht licht. 

Quhen thay wer lugit thus, thir filly Myfs, 

The yungaft fifter vntill hir burtre hyid, 

Brocht furth nuttis and peifs in fteid of fpyfs ; 45 

Gife thair was weilfair doit on thame befyid. 

This burges Moufs prwmmgit^ full of pryd. 

And faid, Siftir, is this your daly fude? 

Quhy nocht, quod fcho, think ye this meifs nocht gude ? 

Na, be my faule, me think it bot a Ikorne. 50 

Madame, quod fcho, ye be the moir to blame ; 

My moder faid, eftir that we wer borne, 

That ye and I lay baith within hir wame; 

I keip the ryt and cuilome of my deme. 

And of my fchir levand in pouertie, 53 

For landis haif we none of propirtie. 

^ This word is very indiftiiidl in MS. 











The prefent Part completes the Hunterian Club 
print of the Bannatyne Manuscript, which is now 
for the firft time given to the world in its entirety, 
although fince Allan Ramfay's time it has been the 
ftorehoufe from which many of the works of Scottifli 
Poetry have been drawn. 

On various blank pages in the MS. different hands 
have added pieces at dates fubfequent to its com- 
pletion in 1568, and it has been thought well to add 
thefe in an Appendix, which will be found in the 
prefent Part. 

There yet remain to be given feveral facfimiles 
of pages of the MS., Notes on the text, a Gloffary, 
Indexes and Titles for the volumes, and a fhort 
account of the worthy compiler, George Bannatyne. 

Glasgow, December^ j88i. 






CCCXXVI.— Fable XI. The Dog, the Scheip and the 

Wolff. Quod MaiOir R[obert] H[enryfon], 969 

CCCXXVIL— Fable XII. The Wolff and the Lamb. 

Quod Maiflir R[obert] H[enryfon], 973 

CCCXXVIII.— Fable XIII. The Lyon and the Moufs. 

Quod Maiflir R[obert] Henryfone, 978 

CeCXXIX— Fable XIV. The ThiRle and the Rofe. 

Quod Dumbar, ..... 988 
CCCXXX.— Fable XV. The Goldin Terge. Quod 

Dumbar, ...... 995 

CCCXXXL— The Freiris of Berwik, . 1004 

CCCXXXIL— Colkelbie Sow, . . .1021 

CCCXXXIIL— Robcne lat on gud grene Hill. Quod 

Maiflir Robert Henryfone, .... 1050 
CCCXXXIV.— The Secound ProUoge or Proheme of the 

Hiflery of the Croniclis of Scotland, maid be Maiflir 

Johine Bellenden, Archedene of Murray, 1054 

The Table of the haill Buik, .... 1059 

Off Begynnyng and Ending, .... 1075 

The Wryttar to the Redare, .... 1076 


[Containing pieces written on various blank fofios of the MS. fubfequent 
to its completion, and by other hands than that of Geoige Bannatyne.] 


I. — Sould I wreflle in difpair, .... 1077 
II. — Of feing and felling Money. [Quod] Haywod, 1079 

III. — Dantie and dortie to all Manis Eyes^ 1079 


IV.— Whyt as the Egg, red as the Skarlet, . 
V. — Now, Goflbp, I muft neidis be gon, . 
VI. — My Miftres is in Mufik pafling IkilfuU, 
VII. — Go fweet Lynes, Loue will not take them, 
VIII. — ^Amongfl the Monflors that we find, 
IX. — Once flumbring as I lay, 
X. — A Songe in praife of Tobacco, 
XL — Meditatiouns on Tobacco, 
XII. — A Songe, .... 
XIII. — On the Ever Green's being gathered out of this 
Manufcript by Allan Ramfay. Quod Allan Ramfay, 












[Containing pieces apparently written by George Bannatyne at the end of the 
Duplicate Text, at a later date than the reft of its contents.] 


XIV. — Ane godly Ballat maid be the Poet M[ontgomery], 1088 

XV. — The Firft P(halme. [Quod] Montgumry, . . 1090 

XVI. — The xxiij Sphalme, tninflait be Montgumry, 1091 

XVII. — Lyik as the dum Solfequium. Quod Montgomery, 1092 

XVIII. — Of Vice mod vicius he excellis. Quod Dumbar, 1095 
XIX. — Of Conquerouris [and other fayings]. Quod William 

Alexander of Menllry, .... 1094 


[Containing 7^ Song of the Rid Square, which has been written at the end 
of the Duplicate Text by the Honoorable Mr. William CarmichaeUt when the 
MS. was in his poflefiion, probably about 17 12.] 


XX.— The Song of the Rid Square, . 1097 


My fair fiftir, quod fcho, haif me excufit, 

Tills rude dyet and I can nocht accord; 

Till tendir meit my ftomok ay is wfit, 

For quhy, I fair aLs weill as ony lord ; 60 

Thir widderit peifs and nutis, or thai be bord, 

Will brek my teith and mak my teith full fklendir, 

Quhilk vfit wer befoir to metis tendir. 

Weill, Weill, fiftir, than quod the rurall Moufs, 

Gife it yow pleifs fic thing as ye fe heir, 65 

Baith meit and drink, berbery and houfs, 

Salbe your awin, will ye remane all yeir. 

Ye fall it haif with blyth and hairtly cheir. 

That fuld mak the meiflis that ar rude 

Amang freindis rycht tendir, fueit and gude. 70 

Quhat plefans is in feiftis delicat, 

The quhilk ar gevin with a glowmand brow? 

A gentill hairt is bettir recreat 

With blyth vifage, than feche to him a cow ; 

A modicum is moir for till allow, 75 

Sa that ^d will be carver at the defs. 

Than thrawin vilt and mony fpyfit mefs. 

For all this mery exortatioun 

This bulges Moufs had littill will to fmg, Foi.aas.b. 

But hevely fcho keft hir vifage doun, ^ 

For all hir denteis fcho cowth till hir bring; 

Yit at the laft fcho faid, half in hething, 

Siftir, this wittell and your ryell feift 

May Weill fuffyifs for fic a rurall beift. 

Lat be this hole, and cum vnto my place ; 85 

I fall yow fchaw, be gude experience. 
My Gud Fryday is bettir nor your Pafe, 
My difche likking is wirth your haill expens, 



I half houffis anew of grit defenfs, 

Of cat, na fall, nor trap I half no dreid. 90 

I grant, quod fcho, and on to geidir* yeid. 

In fkugry ay throw rankeft giris and come, 

And wondir fly full preuely cowth thay creip ; 

The elded was the gyd and went befome. 

The yunger till hir wayis tuke grit keip. 95 

On nycht thay ran and on the day can fleip, 

Quhill in a mornyng, or the laverok lang, 

Thay fand the toun, and in blythly cowth gang. 

Nocht fer fra thyne on till a worthy wane. 

This burges brocht thame fone quhair thay fuld be; ia> 

Without God fpeid thair barbery wes tane 

In till a fpens with vitall of grit plentie ; 

Bayth cheifs and butter vpone flcelfRs he, 

With fifche and flefche ennuche baith frefch and fait, 

And fekkis full of groitis, baith meill and malt. 105 

Eftir quhen thai difpofit wer to dyne, 

Withouttin grace thay wefche and went to meit. 

With all curis that cukis can dewyne, 

Motone and beif ftrikin in telyeis greit; 

A lordis fair thus can thay counterfeit, no 

Exceptand a thing, thay drank the wattir cleir 

In fleid of wyne, bot yiX, thay maid gud cheir. 

With blyth vpcaft and mery contenans, 

The eldir fiftir fperit at hir geft 

Gife that fcho thocht be reflbun differans I'S 

Betuix that chalmer and hir fary neft. 

Yit, deme, quod fcho, bot how long will this left? 

For evirmoir, I wait, and langir to. 

Gif it be trew, ye ar at eifs, quod fcho. 

^ The firft letter of this word is almoil illegible, having been re-written. 


Till eik the chmr th^ furharg furth fcho brocht, 120 

A plait of groitis and a difche of meill, Foi. 333.3. 

Threfe cailcis I trow fcho fparit nocht 

Haboundantly about hir for to deill ; 

Furmag full fyne fcho brocht in fteid of geill ; 

A quh)^ candill, out of a coflfer ftall, 125 

In ftdd of fpyce to crefch thair teithis withall. 

Thus maid thay mirry quhile thay mycht no mair, 

And, Haill Yule, haill, thay cryit vp on he; 

Bot eftir joy oftymis cumis cair, 

And truble eftir gret profperite. 130 

Thus as thay fat in all thair folite, 

The fpens come in, with keis in his hand, 

Oppinit the dur and thame at denner fand. 

Thay taielt nocht to wefche, as I fuppoifs, 

Bot on to go quha mycht formeft win ; 135 

The burges had a hoill, and in fcho gois, 

Hir fiftir had no place to hyd hir in ; 

To fe that filly Moufs it wes grit fyn, 

So duflalait and will of all gud reid, 

For verry dreid fcho fell in fwoun neir deid. 140 

Bot as God wald it fell a happy caifs 

The fpea&r had no laifar for to byd, 

Nowdir to ferfs, to feik, nor char no[r] chaifs, 

Bot on he went and keft the dur vp wyd. 

This bulges his pailage weill hes fpyd, 145 

Out of hir hoill fcho come, and cryit on he, 

How, fair fiftir, cry peip, quhair evir thow be. 

This rurall Moufs lay flatlingis on the ground, 

And for the deld fcho wes full dreidand, 

For till hir hairt ftraik mony wofuU ftound, 150 

As in a fewer trymlit fute and hand ; 


And quhen hir fiftir in fic pl)^ hir fand, 

For very pety fcho began to greit, 

Syne confortit hir with wirdis as huny fueit 

Quhy ly ye thus? ryfs vp, my fiftir deir; 155 

Cum till your meit, this perrell is ourpaft. 

The tothir anfchirit with a hevy cheir, 

I may nocht eit, fo foir I am agaft ; 

I had levir thir fourty dayis faft, 

With wattir caill, or gnaw benis or peifs, 160 

Than all your feift in this dreid and difeifs. 

With fair trety yit gart fcho hir* ryfs; Foi.333.b. 

To burd thay went and on togidder fat, 

And fkantly had thay drunkin anis or twyfs, 

Quhen income Gib Huntar, our joly cat, 165 

And bad God fpeid; the burges vp with that, 

And till hir hoill fcho fled as fyre of flynt, 

Bawdronis the tothir be the bak fcho hint 

Fra fute to fute fcho keft hir to and fra, 

Quhyle vp, quhyle doun, als tait as ony kid; 170 

Quhyle wald fcho lat hir rjm vndir the ftra, 

Quhyle wald fcho wynk and play with hir bukhid. 

Thus to the filly Moufs grit harme fcho did, 

Quhile at the laft, throw fair fortoun and hap, 

Betuix the dreflbur and the wall fcho crap. 175 

Syne vp in haift behind the perraling 

So he fcho clam that Gilbert mycht nocht get hir, 

And be the clukis craftely can hing. 

Till he wes gone, hir cheir wes all the bettir; 

Syne doun fcho lap, quhen thair wes nane to let hir, 180 

Than on the burges Mowfs lowd cowth fcho cry. 

Fair weill, fiftir, heir I thy feift defy. 

>MS. hasAfM. 


Thy mangery is myngit all with cair, 

Thy gufs is gud, thy ganefall four as gall, 

The fathugis^ of thy fcheruice is bot fair, 185 

So fall thow find heireftirwart may fall 

I thank yone courtyne and yone parpane wall 

Of my defenfs now fra yone crewell beift; 

Almychty God keip me fra fic a feift. 

War I in to the place that [I] come fro, 190 

For Weill nor wo I fuld nevir cum agane. 
With that fcho tuke hir leif, and furth can go, 
Quhyle throw the come, and quhylis throw the plane; 
Quhen fcho was furth and fre, fcho was rycht fane, 
And mirrely mirldt vnto the mvre: 195 

I can nocht tell how eftirwart fcho fure. 

Bot I hard fay fcho paflit to hir den, 

Als warme as wow, fuppoifs it wes nocht greit. 

Full be3mly ftuft, bayth but and ben. 

Off peifs and nutis, benis, ry and quheit; aooFol.354.a. 

Quhen evir fcho lift fcho had ennuche till eit. 

In quiet and eifs, withouttin dreid, 

Bot till hir fifteris feift no moir fcho yeid« 


Freindis, heir may ye find, will ye tak heid, 

In this fable a gud moralitie; 205 

As fitfchis myngit ar with noble feid, 

So intermellit is aduerfitie 

With erdly joy, fo that no ftait is fre. 

Without truble or fum vexatioun; 

And namely thay that clymis vp moft he, 210 

And nocht content of fmall poffeflioun. 

^ Or fackmgif, Perhapi flioald have beeo whiitafackingij. 


Bliflit be fymple lyfe withouttin dreid, 

Bliflit be fobir feift in quiete; 

Quha hes ennuche, of no moir hes he neid, 

Thocht it be littill in to quantete 215 

Grit haboundance, and blind profperite, 

Oft tymis makis ane evill conclulioun; 

The fueteft lyfe, thairfoir, in this cuntre 

Is of fickemefs, with fmall pofTeflioun. 

O wantoun man, quhilk vfis for to feid aao 

Thy wame, and makis it a god to be, 

Luke to thi felf, I wame the weill on deid ; 

The Cat cumis, and to the Moufs hewis e, 

Quhat dois awaill thy feift and ryelte, 

With dreidfuU hairt and tribulatioun. 225 

Thairfoir beft thing in erd, I fay, for me, 

Is mirry hairt, with fmall poffeflTioun. 

Thy awin fyre, freind, thocht it be bot a glcid, 

It warmis weill and is worth gold to the; 

And Salamone fayis, and ye will reid, 230 

Vndir the hevin I can nocht bettir fe. 

Than ay be blyth and leif in honefte. 

Quhairfoir I may conclud, be this reflfoun, 

Off erdly joy it beiris moft d^[re, 

Blythnefs in hairt, with fmall pofleflioun. 335 

Explicit, quad Maiilir R[obert] H[enryfon]. 



FabU XL 

The Dog, the Scheip and the Wolff, 


ISOPE a taill putis in memorie. 
How that a Dc^, becaufs that he wes pure, 
Callit a Scheip vnto the confiftory, Foi.334.b. 

A certane breid of him for to recure; 
A frawdfull [Wolf] was juge that tyme, and bure 5 

AuAoritie and jurifdi£Uoun, 
And on the Scheip fend furth a ftrait fummoun. 

For by the vfe and courfs of commoun ftyle, 

On this maner maid his fitatioun : 

I, maiftir Wolf, pairtles of frawd or gyle, 10 

Vndir the panis of fufpentioun, 

And gret curfing, and interdi£tioun, 

Sir Scheip, I chairge the ftraitly to compeir, 

And anfueir till a Dog befoir me heir. 

Sir Corby Rawin was maid a peritour, 15 

Quhilk pyket hes full mony fchepis e, 

His chairge hes tane, and on the lettir bure, 

Sommond the Scheip befoir the Wolf, that he 

Peremptourly, within tha dayis thre, 

Compeir vndir the panis in diis bill, 20 

And heir quhat burry Dog wald fay him till. 

This fommond maid befoir witnefs ennew, 

The Revin has till his office weill affeird, 

Endorfit hes his writ, and on he flew; 

The filly Scheip durfl lay no mowth till erd, 25 


Till fcho befoir that awfull juge apperd, 

Be hour of caufs, quhilk that court vfit thane, 

Quhen Efperus to fchaw his face began. 

The Fox wes clerk and notar in that caufs, 

The Gled, the grip vp at the bar cowth (land, 3^ 

As aduocatis expert in to the lawis, 

The Doigis ply togiddir tuk on hand, 

Quhilk wer confident flret in to ane band 

Agane the Scheip to procure the fentens; 

Thocht it wer fals thay haif no confcience. 35 

The clerk callit the Scheip and he wes thair. 

The aduocattis on this wyfs can propone, 

A certane breid, worth fyve fchillingis and mair, 

Thow aw this Dog, quhilk the term is gone. 

Of his^ awin heid, but aduocat allone, 40F0I. 335.3. 

[The Scheip'] awyfitly gaif anfchier in that caifs, 

Heir I declyne the iuge, the tyme and place. 

This is my caus and motive in effedl ; 

The law fayid it is rycht pereloufs 

Till interply befoir a juge fufpe£l; 45 

And thow, fchir Wolf, hes ay bene bdius 

To me, with thyne tuikis revenus 

Hes flane full mony kynnifmen of myne; 

Thairfoir as juge fufpeA I the declyne. 

And fchortly, of this court the memberis all, 50 

Bayth afleflTouris, clerke and aduocat. 

To me and myne ar ennemeis immortall. 

And ay hes bene, as mony fcheiphird watt; 

This place, as for the tyme, is feriat. 

In quhilk no jugeis fuld fit in confiftory 55 

So lait at evin, I yow accufs forthy. 

1 MS. has hir, • Omitted from MS. 


Quhen that the juge on this wyfe wes accufit, 

He bad the pairteis cheifs, with one aflent, 

Twa arbitouris, as in the law is vflt, 

For to difiydy and gife arbitrement, 60 

Quhiddir the Scheip fuld byd in jugement 

Befoir the Wolf; and fwa thay did but weir, 

Of quhome the names eftir ye fall heir. 

The Beir, the Brok this mater tuk on hand, 

For to difiyd gife this exceptioun 65 

Wes of na ftrenth, or lawchfuUy mycht (land ; 

And thairvpoun, as jugeis thay fat doun, 

And held a lang quhyle difputatioun, 

Seikand full mony decretalis of the law, 

And glofis als the veritie to knaw. 70 

Off fewall Paw] mony volum thay rewoU, 

The codyfs and degeftis new and aid; 

Prowe and contra, ftrait argument thay refoll, 

Sum a do£lryne, and fum a niowthir hald; 

For pryfs nor prayer trow ye thay wald fald? 75 

Bot held the text and gloifs of the decreifs, Foi.aas.b. 

As trew jugeis; I fchrew thame that leifs. 

Schortly to mak ane end of this debait, 

The arbitrouris fummar and plane 

The fentens gaif, and procefs fulminat, 80 

The Scheip fuld pafs befoir the Wolf agane, 

And end his pleid. Than was he no thing fane. 

For fra thair fentens he mycht nowayifs appeill ; 

On clerkis doid, gife this fentence be leill. 

The Scheip agane befoir the Wolf derenyeit, 85 

But aduocaty abafitly can ftand. 
Vp raifs the Dog, and on the Scheip thus plenyeit, 



To the a fowme I payit befoir hand 

For certane breid; thairto a borch I fand, 

That wrangufly the Scheip held fra him breid, 90 

And he denyit, and fo b^^n the pleid. 

Thus quhen the Scheip this iliyfe had conteftat. 

The jugeis into the caufs furth cowth proceid; 

Lawrence the a£lis and proces wrait, 

And fone the ply vnto the end thay fpeid. 95 

This curfit court corruptit all for meid, 

Agane gud fayth, gud law and confcience, 

For this fals Dog pronuncit the fentence. 

And it to put in executioun, 

The Wolf chairgeit the Scheip, without delay, 100 

Vndir the pane of interdiftioun, 

The fowme of filuer^ or the breid, to pay. 

Off this fentens, allaifs, quhat (all we fay, 

Quhilk dampnit hes the filly innocent, 

And inftitut to wrangufs jugement? 105 

The Scheip, dreidand moir perfecutioun, 

Obeyit the fentence, and cowth tak 

His way vntill a merchand in the toun, 

And fald his fleifs that he bur on his bak; 

Syne bocht the breid, and to the Dog can mak 1 10 

Reddy payment, as he foiriugeit wafs; 

Nakit and bair fyne to the feild cowth pafs. 


This filly Scheip may prefent the figure Fol.336.a. 

Of pure commownis, that daylie ar oppreft 
Be tirrane men, that fettis all thair cure, 115 

With fals menys to mak a wrang conqueift, 


In howp this prefent lyfe fall evir left ; 
Bot all begyld thay will in fchort tyme end. 
And eftir ddd to crewall panis wend. 

This Wolf I likin vnto a fchiref ftout, 120 

Quhilk byis a forfalt at the kingis hand, 

And hes with him a curfit aflyifs about, 

And dytis all the pure men vp of land. 

And fra the crowner lay on thame his wand; 

Suppoifs he be als trew as was SanA Johine, 125 

Slane fall thay be, or with the juge compone. 

This Revin I likin till a fals crownar, 

Quhilk hes a porteoufs of the endj^tment, 

And paifis furth befoir the iuilice air, 

All mifdoaris to bring till jugement 130 

Bot luke gife he be of a trew intent. 

To ikraip out Johine, and wtyt in Will or Wate, 

And fo a bud at bajrth the pairteis fkat. 

Off this fals Tod becaufs I fpak befoir. 

And of this Gled, quhat thay mycht fignify, 135 

Off thair natur as now I fpeik no moir ; 

Bot of the Scheip, and of his cairfuU cry, 

I fall reherfs, for as I paffit by 

Quhair that he lay, on caifs he lukit doun, 

And hard him mak this lamentatioun. 140 

AUace, quod he, this curfit confiftory 

In middis now of wintir it is maid, 

Quhen Boreas, with blaftis bittirly. 

With frawart froftis the flouris doun can faid ; 

On baokis bair now may I mak no baid. 145 

And with that wird in till a coif he crap, 

Fra hair weddir and froftis him to hap. 


Quakand for cald, and moumyngis foir amang, 

Keft vp his ene vnto the hevinis hicht, 

And faid, O Lord, quhy flypis thow fo lang? i5oFol.336.b. 

Walk and defceme my caufs, groundit in richt; 

Luk how I am, be frawd, maiftry and flycht, 

Pelit full bair; and fo is mony one, 

Now in this warld rycht wondir wo begone. 

Se how the curfit fyn of cuvatyfs 155 

Exylit hes bayth lufe, lawty and law; 

Now few or nane will execute iuftice, 

In fait of quhome the pure man is ourthraw. 

The verity, albeid the juge knaw, 

Thay ar fo blindit with affeAioun, 160 

But dreid, for meid, thay thoill the rycht go doun. 

Se thow nocht, Lord, this warld ourturnit is. 

As quha wald chenge gud gold in leid or tyn ; 

The pure is pelit, the lord may do no mifs; 

Now fymony is haldin for no fyn; 165 

Now is he blyth with okir can moft wyn; 

Gentreifs is flane, and pety is ago. 

AUace, Lord God, quhy tholis thow it fo? 

Thow tholis this, bot for our grit oifens 

Thow fendis ws truble and plaigis foir, 170 

As hungir, derth, wer and peftilens, 

Bot few amendis thair lyfe now thairfoir. 

We pure peple, as now may do no moir 

Bot pray to the, fen we ar thus oppreft 

In to this erd, grant ws in hevin gud reft. 175 

Explicit, quod Maiflir R[obert] H[enryfon]. 



Fabk XII. 

The Wolff aiid tlu Lamb. 

ACREWALL Wolf, revanus and fell, 
Vpone a tyme pail till a revere, 
Difcending doun fra a roch out of a well, 
To flaik his thriil, drank of the watter cleir. 
Sa vpone caifs a filly Lame come neir, 5 

Bot of this Wolf the Lame no thing he will, 
And in the ftreme lapit to cule his thrift. 

Thus drang thay baith, bot nocht of ane intent; 

The Wolffis thocht wes all in wicketnefs ; 

The filly Lame, meik and innocent, 10 

Vpone the reuir by in ane vdir place, 

Beneth the Wolf, he drank in ane littill fpace, 

Quhill him thocht gude, prefomyng thair none ill; Foi.337.a. 

The Wolf this faw and rampand come him til}, 

With gimand teith, and angry auftre luke; 15 

Said to the Lamb, Thow cat}rve wrechit thing, 

How durft thow be fo bald to fyle this bruke, 

Quhair I fuld drink, with thy fowU flauering? 

It wer almoufs the for till draw and hing. 

That fuld prefome, with ftinkand lippis will, 20 

To hurt my drink, and this fair wattir fpill. 

The filly Lamb, quakand for verry dreid, 

On kneis fell and faid, Schir, with your leif, 

Suppoifs I dar nocht fay thairof ye leid; 

Bot, be my faule, I wait ye can nocht preife 25 


That I did ony thing quhilk fuld yow greif ; 

Ye wait alfo your accufatioun 

Felyeis fra trewth, and contrair till reffoun. 

Thocht I can nocht, nature will me defend, 

And of the deid perfyt experience; 30 

All hevinly thing mone of the felf difcend, 

Bot gif fum thing on forfs mak refiftence; 

Thane may the ftreme be na wayis mak offens, 

Na ryn bakwart; I drank beneth yow far, 

Ergo, for me your drink is nevir the war. 35 

Alfo my lippis, fen that I was a Lame, 

Twichit no thing that was contagius, 

Bot fowkit mylk fra pawpis of my dame, 

Rycht natural!, fueit and delicioufs. 

Weill, quod the Wolf, thy langaige outragius 40 

Cumis of kynd, fa your fader befoir 

Held me at bait als with bod and fchoir. 

He wexit me, and than I cowth him wame 

Within a yeir, and I brukit my heid 

I fuld be wrokin on him, or on his baime, 45 

For his exorbitant and thrawart pleid; 

Thow fall doutles for his deidis be deid. 

Sir, it is wrang, that for the faderis gilt 

The faikles fone fall pvneifl: be and fpilt. 

Haif ye nocht hard quhat haly Scriptour fais^ 50 

Dytit with the mowth of God Almycht? Foi.337.b. 

Off his awin deid ilk man falbeir the paifs, 

As pyne for f)m, reward for werkis rycht. 

For my trefpafs quhy fuld my fone haif plycht? 

Quha did the mifs lat thame fuflene the pane. 55 

Ya, quod the Wolf, yit ply is thow agane.^ 


I latt ye wit, quhen the fader offendis 

[I] will cherifs none of his fucceffioun, 

And of his baimis may weill be tane amendis, 

Vnto the nynt d^re difcending doun : 60 

The fadir lliocht to mak a ftrang pvfoun, 

And with his mowth in to my wattir fpew. 

Sir, quod the Lamb, tha twa ar nowthir trew. 

The law fayis, and ye will vndiriland, 

Thair fuld no man, for wrang no[r] violenfs, 65 

His aduerfar punneifs at his awin hand, 

Without procefs of law in audiens, 

Quhilk fuld haif leif to mak lawchfuU defens, 

And thairvpone fummond peremptourly, 

For to propone contra and reply. 70 

Set me a lawful! court, I lall compeir 

Befoir the Lyone, lord and leill juftyfs, 

And, be my hand, I oblifs me lycht heir, 

That I fall byd ane vnfufpeA a0y£5. 

This is the way, this is the jufteft wyls; 75 

Ye fuld proceid thairfoir a fummondis mak 

Agane that day, to gif reflbun and tak. 

Ha, quod the Wolf, wald thow intrufs relToun, 

Quhair wrang and reif fuld dwell in properte? 

That is a poynt of oppin fals treflbun, 80 

For to gar rewth remane with crewelte. 

Be Goddis wondis, fals tratour, thow fall de. 

For thy trefpas, and for thy faderis als. 

With that annone he hint him be the hals. 

The fitly Lame mycht do no thing bot blait; S5 

Sone wes he hedit; the Wolf wald do no grace, 
Syne drank his blud and of his flefch can eit. 


Till he was fow, fyne went away apace. 

Off this xnurthour quhat fall I fay, allace? 

Was this no rewth, was this nocht grit pete, 90 Foi. 338. a. 

To heir this filly Lame but gilt thufs de? 


The pure peple this Lamb may fignify, 

As malemen, merchandis and pure lauboreris, 

Oflf quhome the Ijrfe is half a purgatory, 

To wyn with lawty leving as efTeiris. 95 

The Wolf betakynis fals extorceneiris, 

And oppreflburis of pure men, as we fe, 

Be \nolens, be craft or futelte. 

Thre kynd of Wolffis in the ^^-arld now ringis: 

The firft ar fals pervertaris of the lawis, 100 

Quhilk v'ndir poleit termes falfet mjnigis, 

Leitand that all wer gofpell that thay fchawis, 

Bot for a bud the trew men he ourthrawis, 

Smorand the rycht, garrand the wrang proceid. 

Off fie Wolffis hell fyre falbe thair meid. 105 

Ane vthir kj-nd of Wolffis re\-anus 

Ar mychty men, haifand annwch plente, 

Quhilk ar fo gredy and fo cowetufs, 

Thay will nocht thoill in peax ane pureman be; 

Suppoifs that he and his houfliald fuld de no 

For fait of fude, thairof thay gif no rak, 

Bot our his heid his maling thay ^nll tak. 

O man, but merc>% quhat is in thy thocht 

War than a Wolf, and thow cowth vndirftand? 

Thow hes ennwch, the pure hufband hes nocht 115 


Bot cote and crufe vpone a clout of land. 
For Godis aw, how dar thow tak on hand, 
And thow in heme and byre fo bene and big, 
To put him fra his tak, and gar him thig? 

O man of law, lat be thy futelte, 120 

With n3rfs j}rmpis, and frawdis interkat; 

And think that God of his diuinite 

The wrang, the rycht, of all thy werkis wate. 

For preycr, pryce, for he no[r] law eftait, 

Of fals querrell fe thow mak no defenfs; 125 

Hald with the lycht, hurt nocht thy confcience. 

The thrid Wolf is men of heretege, 

As lordis that hes landis be Godis lane, Fol.ssS.b. 

And fettis to the maillairis a willage, 

For prayer, pryce and the gerfum tane; 130 

Syne vexis him, or half the terme be ganc. 

With pykit querrellis, for to mak him fane 

To flitt, or pay the girfum new agane. 

His horfs, his meir, he mone len to the laird, 

To drug and draw in court and cariege; 135 

His fchirvand, or him felf, may nocht be fpard 

To fwynk or fueit, withouttin meit or wage, 

Lo as he ilandis in lawbour and boundage, 

That fkantly may he purchefs by his maill. 

To leif vpone dry breid and wattir kaill. 140 

Hes thow no rewth to gar thy tennent fueit 
In to thi lawbour, full faynt with hungry wame, 
And fyme hes littill gude to drink or eit, 
Or his menye at evin quhen he cumis hame? 
Thow fuld be rad for rychtous Godis blame, 145 

For it cryis vengeance to the hevin fo he, 
To gar a pure man wirk but meit or fe. 



O thow, grit lord, that hes riches and rent, 

Be nocht a Wolf thus to devoir the pure ; 

Think that no thing crewall nor violent 150 

May in this warld perpetualy indure: 

This is a fentens futh I yow afTure, 

For till opprefs thow fall haif als grit pane, 

As thow the pure anis with tby hand had flane. 

God keip the Lame, that is the innocent, 155 

Fra Wolffis byt, I mene extortcneiris ; 

God grant that wraxi^s men of fals intent 

Be manifeft, and pvneift as effeiris. 

And God, as thow all rychtous prayer heiris. 

Mot faif our king, and gif him hairt and hand 160 

All fic Wolffis to benneifs of this land. 

Explicit^ quod Maiftir Rfobert] H[enryfon]. 



The Lyon and the Mau/s. 

IN myddis of June^ that joly fueit feflbun, 
Quhen that fair Phebus, with his bemis biycht. 
Had dryit vp the dew fra daill and doun, Foi.359.a. 

And all the land maid wrth his lem}rs lycht; 
In a momyng, betuix midday and nycht, 5 

I raifs and put all flewth and fletp on fyd, 
Ontill a wod I went allone but gyd. 

Sueit wes the fmdl of flouris quh)rt and reid. 
The noyis of birdis lycht ddidu^ 


The bewis bred blwmyt abone my heid, lo 

The grund growand with grefs gratius; 

Off all plefans that place wes plenteus. 

With fueit odour and birdis armony, 

The mornyng myld, my mirth wes mair for thy. 

The roiffis rdd arreyit rone and ryis, 15 

The prumrols and the purpour viola; 

To heir it was a poynt of paradyls, 

Sic myrth the maviis and the merle cowth ma. 

The blofummis bl}^h brak vp on bank and bra, 

The fmell of herbis, and of fowlis cry, 20 

Contending quha fuld haif the viftory. 

Me to conferf than fra the fonis heit, 

Vndir the fchaddow of an awthome g^ene, 

I lenyt doun amangis the flouris fueit, 

S3aie maid a corfs and clodt baith myne ene; 25 

On fleip I fell amang the bewis bene, 

And in my dreme, me thocht come throw the fchaw 

The faireft man befoir that evir I faw. 

His goun wes of a claith als quhyt as mylk, 

His chymmeris wer of chamelet purpour broun, 30 

His hude of Ikarlet, bordowrit with filk. 

In hekle wyls vntill his girdill doun; 

His bonat round wes of the auld faffoun; 

His heid was quyt, his ene wes grene and gray. 

With lokar hair quhilk our his fchulderis lay. 35 

A roll of paper in his hand he bair, 

A fwannis pen ftickand vndir his eir, 

Ane jmkhome, with a pretty gilt pexmair, 

A bag of filk, all at his belt he weir; 

Thus wes he gudly grathit in his geir. 40 


Of ftature lerge and with a feirfuU face; 
Evin quhair I lay he come a fturdy pace; 

And faid, God fpeid, my fone; and I wes fane FoL339.b. 

Off that cowth word, and of his cumpany. 

With reuerence I faluft him agane, 45 

Welcum fader; and he fat doun me by ; 

Difpleifs yow nocht, my gud maiflir, thocht I 

Demand your birth, your faculty and name, 

Quhy ye come heir, or quhair ye dwell at hame. 

My fone, faid he, I am of gentill blude, 50 

My natall land is Rome withowttin nay, 

And in that toun firft to the fcouUis yude. 

And fcience ftudeit mony a day; 

And now my winnyng is in hevin for ay. 

Ifope I hecht, my wrytin and my werk 55 

Is cowth and kend to mony cunnand clerk. 

O, maiflir Yfop, poet lawreat, 

God wait ye ar full deir welcum to me ; 

Ar ye nocht be that all thir fabillis wrate, 

Quhilk in effe6l, fuppoifs thay fenyeit be, 60 

Ar full of prowdens and moralite? 

Fair fone, faid he, I am that famyne man. 

God wait gif that my hairt wes mirry than. 

I faid, Ifop, my maiflir venerable, 

I yow befeik hairtly for chcrite, ^5 

Ye wald dedene to tell a pretty feble, 

Concludand with a gud moralitie. 

Schakand his heid, he faid, My fone, lat be, 

For quhat is worth to tell a fenyeit taill, 

Quhen haill preiching may no thing now awaill? 70 


Now in this warld me think rycht few or nane 

Tin Godis word that hes deuotioun; 

The eir is deifT^ the hairt is hard as flane^ 

Now oppin fyn without correflioun ; 

The e inclynand * to the erd ay doun; 75 

Sua rowftit is the warld with kanker blak, 

That my taillis may littill fuccour mak. 

Yit, gentill fchir, faid I, for my requeift, 

Nocht till difpleifs your fadirheid, I pray, 

Vndir the figure of fum brutall beift, 80 

A morall fable ye wald dedene to fay; 

Quha wate nor I may leir^ and beir away 1 01.340.0. 

Sum thing thairby, heireftir may awaill? 

I grant; quod he, and thus begowth a taill. 

A Lyone at his pray wery for ron, 85 

To recreat his lymis and to reft, 

Bekand his breift and belly at the Ton, 

Vndir a tre lay in the fair forreft; 

Sua come a trip of myfs out of thair neft, 

Rycht tait and trig, all danfand in a gyfs, 90 

And our the Lyone lanfit twyfs or thryfs. 

He lay fo ftill the myfs wes nocht afferd, 

Bot to and fra attour him tuke thair traifs, 

Sum tirl3rt at the campis of his berd. 

Sum fparit nocht to claw him on the faifs. 95 

Mirry and glaid thus dandt thay a fpaifs, 

Quhill at the laft the noble Lyoun wouk, 

And with his pow the maiftir Mowfs he tuke. 

Scho gaif a cry, and all the laif agaft 

Thair danfmg left, and hid thame heir and thair; 100 

Scho that wes tane cryit and weipit faft, 

^ MS. has inclymand. 


And faid, Allaifs, for now and evir mair, 

Now am I tane a wofull prefonair, 

And for my gilt trellis incontinent 

Of lyfe and deth to thoill the jugement. 105 

Thane fpak the Lyone to that cairfuU Mouls, 

Thow catyve wreche, and wyle vnworthy thing, 

Our malapart and our prefumpteous 

Thow was, to mak our me thyne tripping; 

Knew thow nocht weill I wes baith lord and king no 

Of all beiftis. Yis, quod the Moufs, I knaw, 

Bot I miflcnew becaufs ye lay fo law. 

Lord, I befeik thy kingly ryalte, 

Heir quhat I fay, and tak in patience ; 

Confiddir firft my femple pouerte, 115 

And fyne thy michty he magnificens; 

Se als fow thingis done by negligence, 

Nocht of malyfs nor of promiflioun, 

Ever fuld haif grace and remiflioun. 

We wer repleit, and had grit haboundance 120 

Off alkyn fude, fic as till ws affeird; 

The fueit feflbun prowokit ws to dans. 

And mak fic mirth as nature to ws leird. 

Ye lay fo ftill and law vpone the erd, Foi.34o.b. 

That, be my faule, we wend ye had bene deid, 125 

Ellis wald we nocht danfit our your heid. 

Thy fals excufs, the Lyoun faid agane, 

Sail nocht awaill a myt, I vndirta; 

I put the caifs, I had bene deid or flane, 

And fyne my (kin bene ftoppit full of ftra, 130 

Thocht thow had fund my figour lyand fwa, 

Becaus it bair the prent of my perfoun, 

Thow fuld for dreid on kneis haif fallin doun. 


For thy trefpas thow can male na defens. 

My noble perfoun thu3 to vilipend; 135 

Of thy forfs^ nor thyne awin n^ligens. 

For till excufs thow can no caufs pretend; 

Thairfoir thow fuffer fall a fchamefuU end, 

And deid, fic as to treffoon is deoyit, 

Onto the gallowfs hat^t be the feit. 140 

A mercy, lord, at thy gentrice I als; 

As thow art king of beiftts corronat, 

Sobir thy wreth, and lat thi yre ourpals, 

And mak thy voynd to mercy incUnat. 

I grant ofTens is done to thyne eftait, 145 

Thairfoir I wirdy am to fuffer deid, 

Bot gife thy kingly mercy reik remeid. 

In every juge mercy and rewth fuld be, 

As affeflburis and collaterall; 

Without mercy juftice is crewelte, 150 

As faid is in the lawis fpiritnall ; 

Quhen rigour fittis in the tribunall, 

The equety of law quha may fuftene? 

Rycht few or nane bot mercy go betuene. 

Alfo ye knaw the honor trivmphall 155 

Off all wi£tor vpone the ftrenth dependls 

Of his compeir, quhilk manly in battell 

Throw juperdy of armes lang defendis. 

Quhat pairte or lowing, quhen the battell endis, 

Is faid of him that ourcumis a man, 160 

Him to defend that nowdir may no[r] can ? 

A thowfand myfs to keill» and eik devoir. 

Is littill manheid vntill a ftrong Lyoun ; 

Full littill wirfchep haif ye won thairfoir, FoI. 341.3. 


To quhois ftrenth is no comparefoun. 165 

It will degraid fum pairte of your renoun 
Till flay a Mowfs, quhilk may male no defens, 
Bot aflcand mercy at your excellens. 

Alfo it femys [nocht] to your celcitud, 

Quhilk vfis day lie meitis delicius, 170 

To fyle your teith or lippis with my blude, 

Quhilk to your ftomok is contagius. 

Vnhelfum meit is of a fary Moufs, 

And namely till a noble ftrang Lyoun, 

Wont to be fed with gentill venyfoun. 175 

My lyfe is littill, and my deid far lefs ; 

Yit and I leif I may, perauentour, 

Supple your hienes beand in diflirefs ; 

For oft is fene a fmall man of ftature 

Reflcewit hes a lord of his honour, igo 

Keipit that was in poynt to be ourthrawin; 

Throw misfortoun fic caifs may be your awin. 

Quhen this wes faid, the Lyone his langege 

Pafit, and thocht accordit till reflbun, 

And gart mercy his crewell yre affuege, 185 

And to the Moufs grantit remiflioun; 

Oppynnit his pow, and fcho on kneis fell doun, 

And baith hir handis vnto the hevin vpheld, 

Cryand, Almychty God mot yow yeld. 

Quhen fcho wes gone, the Lyone yeid to hunt, 190 

For he had nocht, bot levit on his pray. 

And flew baith tame and wyld, as he wes wunt, 

And in the cuntre maid a grit dirray; 

Till at the lad the peple fand the way 

This crewall Lyone how that thay micht him tak, 195 

Off hempin coirdis ftrang nettis cowth thay mak. 


And in a rod, quhair he wes wont to rin. 

With rapis rude fra tre to tre it band. 

Syne keft a raing on raw the wod within. 

With homis blaft, and canettis fad calland. aoo 

The Lyone fled, and throw the rone rynnand, 

Fell in the net, and hankit fute and heid ; 

For all his ftrenth he cowth mak no remeid. 

Voluand about with hiddoufs rowmilling, 

Quhyle to^ quhyle fro, gif he mycht fuccour get; 2osFoL34i.b. 

Bot all in vane, that velyeit him no thing, 

The moir he flang the faftir wes he knet; 

Tht rapis rude was fo about him plet 

On every fyd, that fuccour faw he non, 

Bot ftill lyand thus mumand maid his mone. 210 

O lamit Lyoun, liggand heir fo law, 

Quhair is the mycht of thy magnificens, 

Off quhome all brutall beift in erd ftud aw, 

And dred to luke vnto thy grit excellens? 

But howp or help, but fuccour or defens, 215 

In bandis ftrong heir mone I byd, allace. 

Till I be flane, I fe non vthir grace. 

Thair is no joy that will my harmis wraik, 

Nor creatur do confort to my croun; 

Quhay fall me bute, quhay fall thir bandis breik, 220 

Quha fall me put fra pane of this prefoun ? 

Be he had maid his lamentatioun. 

Throw avintur the littill Mowfs come neir, 

And of the Lyone hard the petows beir. 

And fuddanly it come in till hir mynd, 225 

That it fuld be the Lyone did hir grace, 
And faid, Now wer I fals, and rycht vnkynd, 



Bot gife I quit fumpairte thy gentilnes 

Thow did to me; and on with that fcho gais 

Till hir fallowis^ and on thame faft can cry, 230 

Cum help, cum help, and thay come on in hy. 

Lo, quod the Moufs, this is the fame Lyone, 

Quhilk gaif me grace quhen that^ I wes tane, 

And now is faft heir bundin in prefone, 

Wrekand his hurt, with fair mumyng and mane; 235 

Bot we him help of fupple wait he nane. 

Cum help to quyt a gud tume for a nothir; 

Go, lowfs him fone; and thay laid. Ye, gud bruthir. 

Thay tuke no knyfe, thair teith wes fcherp ennwch: 

To fe that ficht, forfuth it wes grit wondir, 240 

How that thay ran amangis the raipis twche, 

Befoir, behind, fum yeid abone, fum vndir. 

And fchure the raipis of the maftis in fchwndir 

Syne bad him ryfs, and he ftert vp annone, 

And thankit thame, fyne on his wayis is gone. 245 

Now is the Lyone fre of all dengdr, Foi.342.a. 

Lowfs and ddiuerit till his libertie, 

Be littill beiftis of fmall poweir, 

As ye haif hard, becaus he had pete. 

Quod I, Maifter, is thair a moralite 350 

In this fable? Ya, fone, faid he, fycht gude. 

I pray yow, fchir, quod I, ye wald conclud. 


As I fuppoifs, this mychty gay Lyoun 

May fignify a prince or empriour, 

A poteftat, or yit a king with croun, 255 

Quhilk fuld be walkryfe gyd and gouimour 

1 MS. hAS that 4t, 



Of his peple, and talds no lawbour 

To rewll nor Aeir the land, nor jtdlice kdp, 

Bot lyis ftill in luftis, llewth and fleip. 

The fair forreft, with levis loun and le, 260 

With fowlis fong and flouris fedy fueit, 

Is bot the warld, and his profperite 

As fals pleiandis myngit with cair repleit 

Rycht as the rolsy with fit>ft and wintir weit« 

Faidis, fo dois the warld, and thame diflavis, 365 

Quhilk in thair luft confidens havis. 

Thir littill myfs ar bot the commonte, 

Wantone, vnwyfs, without correftioun ; 

Thir lordis and princis, quhen that thay fe 

Of iuftice makis non executioun, 270 

Thay dreid no thing to mak rebellioun, 

And difobey;^ for qahy, thay (land none aw, 

That garis thame thair foveranis to mifknaw. 

Be this fable ye lordis of prudens 

May conciddir the vertew of pete, 275 

And to T^myt fum tyme a grit offens, 

And metigat mercy with crewelty. 

Oft tyme is fene a man of fmall degre 

Hes quyt a commoun, baith for gude and ill, 

As lordis has done rigour, or grace him till. 280 

Quha wait how fone a lord of greit renoun, 

RoUand in warldly luft and vane plefandis, 

May be ourthrawin, diftroyit or put doun, 

Throw fals fortoun, quhilk of all varians 

Is haill maiftresy and leder of the dans 385Fol.342.b. 

Till lufty men, and bindis thame fo foir. 

That they no perrell can provyd befoir? 

1 MS. hM difiabty. 


Thir crewall men, that ftentit hes the nett, 

In quhilk the Lyone fuddanely wes tane, 

Waitit alway amendis for till get, 290 

For hurte men wtytis in the marble (lane. 

Moir till expone as now I latt allane, 

Bot king and lord may weill wit quhat I mene; 

Fegour heirof oftymis hes bene fene. 

Quhen this was fayid, quod Ifope, My fair chyld, 295 

Perfwaid the kirkmen ythandly to pray, 

That treffone of this cuntre be exyld, 

And juftice ring, and lordis keip thair fey 

Vnto thair fouerane lord both nycht and day. 

And with that word he vaneift, and I woik, 300 

Syne throw the fchaw my jumey hamewart tuke. 

E^licit^ quod Maiftir R[obert] Henryfone. 


FabU XIV. 

The Thijile and tlu Rofe. 

QUHEN Merche wes with variand windis paft, 
And Appryll had, with hir filuer fchouris, 
Tane leif at nature with ane orient blaft ; 
And lufty May, that mvddir is of flouris. 
Had maid the birdis to begyn thair houris 
Amang the tendir odouris reid and quhyt, 
Quhois armony to heir it wes delyt; 


In bed at morrow, fleiping as I lay. 

Me thocht Aurora, with hir criftall ene, 

In at the window lukit by the day, 10 

And haifit me, with vifage paill and grene; 

On quhois hand a lark fang fro the fplene, 

Awalk, luvaris, out of your (lomering, 

Se how the lufty morrow dois vp fpring. 

Me thocht frefche May befoir my bed vpftude, 1 5 

In weid depaynt of mony diuerfs hew, 

Sobir, benjn^, and full of manfuetude. 

In brycht atteir of flouris forgit mew, 

Hevinly of color, quh}rt, reid, broun and blew, 

Balmit in dew, and gilt with Phebus bemys, 20 

Quhill all the houfs illumynit of hir lemys. 

Slugird, fcho faid, awalk annone for fchame, Foi.343.a. 

And in my honour fum thing thow go wrjrt; 

The lork hes done the mirry day proclame. 

To raifs vp luvaris with confort and del}rt, 25 

Yit nocht increflis thy curage to indyt, 

Quhois hairt fum tyme hes glaid and bh'sfuU bene, 

Sangis to mak vndir the levis grene. 

Quhairto, quod I, fall I vpryfs at morrow, 

For in this May few birdis herd I fing? 30 

Thai haif moir caufs to weip and plane thair forrow. 

Thy air it is nocht holfum nor benyng; 

Lord Eolus dois in thy feffone ring; 

So bufteous ar the blaftis of his home, 

Amang thy bewis to walk I haif forborne. 35 

With that this lady fobirly did fmyll. 
And faid, Vpryfs, and do thy obfervance ; 
Thow did promjrt, in Mayis lufty quhyle. 
For to difciyve the Rofs of moft plefance. 


Go fe the birdis how thay fmg and dance, 40 

Illumynit our with orient flcyis brycht, 
Annamyllit richely with new afur lycht. 

Quhen this wes faid, depairtit fcho, this quene, 

And enterit in a luAy gairding gent; 

And than, me thocht, full heflely befene, 45 

In ferk and mantill [eftir hir] ^ I went 

In to this garth, mod dulce and redolent 

Off herb and flour, and tendir plantis fueit, 

And grene levis doing of dew doun fleit 

The putpour fone, with tendir bemys reid, 50 

In orient bricht as angell did appeir, 

Throw goldin fkyis putting vp his heid, 

Quhois gilt treflis fchone fo wondir cleir, 

That all the world tuke confort, fer and neir, 

To luke vpone his frefche and blisfull face, 55 

Doing all fable fro the hevynnis chace. 

And as the blisfull fonne of cherarchy 

The fowlis fong throw confort of the licht; 

The birdis did with oppin vocis cry, 

O, luvaris fo, away thow dully nycht, 60 

And welcum day that confortis every wicht; 

Haill May, haill Flora, haill Aurora fchene, 

Haill princes Natur, haill Venus luvis quene. 

Dame Nature gaif ane inhibitioun thair Foi.343.b. 

To ferfs Neptunus, and Eolus the bawld, 65 

Nocht to perturb the wattir nor the air, 

And that no fchouris, nor blaftis cawld, 

Effray fuld flouris nor fowlis on the fold; 

Scho bad eik Juno, goddes of the iky. 

That fcho the hevin fuld ketp amene and dry. 70 



Scho ordand eik that every bird and beift 

Befoir hir hienes fuld annone compeir, 

And eveiy flour of vertew» mod; and leift, 

And every herb be feild fer and neir^ 

As thay had wont in May, fro yeir to yeir, 75 

To hir thair makar to mak obediens, 

Full law inclynnand with all dew reuerens. « 

With that annone fcho fend the fwyft Ro 

To bring in beiftis of all conditioun; 

The reftles Suallow commandit fcho alfo 80 

To feche all fowU of fmall and greit renown ; 

And to gar flouris compeir of all fafToun, 

Full craftely conjurit fcho the Yarrow, 

Quhilk did furth fwirk als fwift as ony arrow. 

All prefent wer in twjmkling of ane e, 85 

Baith beift, and bird and flour, befoir the queue, 

And firfl: the Lyone, gretaft of degre, 

Was callit thair, and he, mofl: fair to fene, 

With a full hardy contenance and kene, 

Befoir dame Natur come, and did inclyne, 90 

With vifage bawld, and curage leonyne. 

This awfuU beift full terrible wes of cheir, 

Ferflng of luke, and (lout of countenance, 

Rycht flrong of corpis, of faflbun fair, but feir, 

Lufty of fchaip, lycht of deliuerance, 95 

Reid of his cuUour, as v^ the ruby glance; 

On feild of gold he ftude full mychtely, 

With flour delycis firculit luftely. 

This lady liftit vp his cluvis cleir, 

And leit him liftly lene vpone hir kne, 100 

And crownit him with dyademe full deir. 


Off radyous (lonis, mod ryall for to fe; 

Saying, The King of Beiftis mak I the, 

And the cheif proteflor in woddis and fchawis; 

Onto thi leigis go furth, and keip the lawis. 105 

Exerce juftice with mercy and confcience, Foi.344.a. 

And lat no fmall beift fufiir fkaith, na ikornis, 

Of greit beiftis that bene of moir pifcence; 

Do law elyk to aipis and vnicomis, 

And lat no bowgle, with his bufteous homis, no 

The meik pluch ox opprefs, for all his pryd, 

Bot in the yok go peciable him befyd. 

Quhen this was faid, with noyis and foun of joy, 

AH kynd of beiftis in to thair degre. 

At onis cryit, Lawd, vine le roy, "5 

And till his feit fell with humilite. 

And all thay maid him hom^e and fewte; 

And he did thame reflaif with princely laitis, 

Quhois noble yre is proccir proftratis. 

Syne crownit fcho the Egle King of Fowlis, 120 

And as fteill dertis fcherpit fcho his pennis, 

And bawd him be als juft to awppis and owlis, 

As vnto pacokkis, papingais, or crennis. 

And mak a law for wycht fowlis and for wrennis; 

And lat no fowU of ravyne do efferay, 125 

Nor devoir birdis bot his awin pray. 

Than callit fcho all flouris that grew on feild, 

Difcimyng all thair faflionis and effeiris ; 

Vpone the awfuU ThriffiU fcho beheld, 

And faw him kepit with a bufche of fpeiris; 130 

Concedring him fo able for the weiris, 

A radius croun of rubeis fcho him gaif, 

And faid. In feild go furth, and fend the laif ; 


And, fen thow art a king, thow be difcreit; 

Herb without vertew thow hald nocht of fic pryce 135 

As herb of vertew and of odor fueit; 

And lat no nettill vyle, and full of vyce, 

Hir fallow to the gudly flour delyce; 

Nor latt no wyld weid, full of churlichenefs, 

Compair hir till the lilleis nobilnefs. 140 

Nor hald non vdir flour in fic denty 

As the frefche Rofs, of cullour reid and quhyt; 

For gife thow dois, hurt is thyne honefty, 

Conciddering that no flour is fo perfyt, 

So full of vertew, plefans and delyt, 145 

So full of blisfuU angeilik bewty, 

Imperiall birth, honour and dignite. Fol.344.b. 

Than to the Rofs fcho tumyt hir vifage. 

And faidy O lufly dochtir mod benyng, 

Aboif the lilly, illuftare of lynnage, 150 

Fro the ftok ryell ryfing frefche and ying, 

But ony fpot or macull doing fpring; 

Cum blowme of joy with jemis to be cround, 

For our the laif thy bewty is renownd. 

A coiftly croun, with clarefeid ftonis brycht, 155 

This cumly queue did on hir heid incloifs, 

Quhill all the land illumynit of the licht; 

Quhairfoir me thocht all flouris did reiofs. 

Crying attonis, HaiU be, thow richeft Rofs. 

Haill, hairbis empryce, haiU, frefcheft queue of flouris, 160 

To the be glory and honour at all houris. 

Thane all the birdis fong with voce on hicht, 
Quhois mirthfuU foun wes mervelus to heir; 
The mavyfs fong, Haill, Roifs moll riche and richt, 



That dois vp flureifs vndir Phebus fpeir; ^^S 

Haill, plant of yowth, haill, princes dochtir deir, 
Haill, blofome breking out of the blud roj^U, 
Quhois pretius vertew is imperiall. 

The merle fcho fang, Haill, Roifs of moil delyt, 

Haill, of all ilouris quene and fouerane; 170 

The lark fcho fong, Haill, Roifs, both reid and quhyt, 

Mod plefand flour, of michty cuUouris twane; 

The nychtingaill fong, Haill, naturis fuflfragene, 

In bewty, nurtour and every nobilnefs, 

In riche array, renown and gentilnefs. 175 

The commoun voce vpraifs of birdis fmall, 

Apone this wyfs, O bliflit be the hour 

That thow wes chofm to be our principal! ; 

Walcome to be our princes of honour, 

Our perle, our plefans and our paramour, 180 

Our peax, our play, our plane felicite, 

Chryft 1 the conferf frome all aduerfite. 

Than all the birdis fong with lie a fchout, 

That I annone awoilk quhair that I lay, Foi.34s.a. 

And with a braid I tumyt me about '^5 

To fe this court; bot all wer went away: 

Than vp I lenyt, halflingis in affrey. 

And thufs I wret, as ye haif hard to forrow, 

Off lufty May vpone the nynt morrow. 

Explicit^ quod Dumbar. 
FolUmns the Goldin Tcrge. 

1 MS. has Crhyft. 




The Goldin Terge, 

RYCHT as the fteme of day began to fchyne, 
Quhen gone to bed wes Vefper and Lucyne, 
I rails, and by a rofeir did me refl; 
Vp fprang the goldin candill matutyne, 
With cleir depurit bemys chriftallyne/ 5 

Glading the miny fowlis in thair neft; 
Or Fhebus wes in purpour kaip reveft 
Vp fprang the lark, the hevinis menftrall fyne 
In May, in till a morrow mirthfuUeft. 

Full angelik thir birdis fang thair houris, 10 

Within thair courting^s grene, within thair bouris, 

Apparrellit with quhayte and reid, with blumys fweit; 

Ennammalit wes the feild with all cuUouris, 

The perlit droppis fchuke in filuer fchouris, 

Quhill all in balme did branche and levis fleit 15 

Depairt fira Phebus, did Aurora greit; 

Hir criftall teiris I faw hing on the flouris, 

Quhilk he for lufe all drank vp with his heit 

For mirth of May, with ikippis and with hoppis, 

The birdis fang vpoun the tendir croppis, 20 

With courius nottis, as Venus chapell clarkis; 

The roflis reid, now fpreiding of thair knoppis, 

Wer powderit bricht with hevinly beriall droppis, 

Throw bemis reid, lemyng as ruby fparkis ; 

The fk3ds rang for fchowtting of the larkis, 35 

The purpour hevin, ourfkalit in filuer floppis, 

Ourgilt the treis, branchis, Idvis and barkis. 

1 MS. has crkiftaUmi, 


Doun thrwch ryfs ane rever ran with ftremis, 

So luftely vpoun the lykand lemis, 

That all the laik as lamp did leme of licht, 3oFoi.345.b. 

Quhilk fchaddowit all about with twynklyne glemis; 

The bewis baitheit war in fecound bemis 

Throw the reflex of Phebus vifage bricht; 

On every fyde the ege raifs on hicht, 

The bonk wes grene, the fone wes full of bemis, 35 

The ftaneris cleir as ftemis in frofty nicht 

The criftall air, the fapheir firmament, 

The ruby (kyis of the reid orient 

Keft beriall bemis on emerant bewis g^ene; 

The rofy garth depaynt and redolent, 40 

With purpour, afure, gold and gowlis gent, 

Arrayit wes, be dame Flora the quene, 

Sa nobilly, that joy wes for to fene; 

The roche agane the rever refplendent 

As low illuminit all the levis fchene. 45 

Quhat throw the mirry fowlis armony, 

And throw the reveris found that ran me by, 

On Florayis mantill I fleipit quhair I lay, 

Quhair fone vnto my dremis fantefy 

I faw approche agane the orient flcy, 50 

And faill as blofome vpoun fpray. 

With maft of gold, bricht as the fteme of day, 

Quhilk tendit to the land full luftely, 

[As falcoun fwift defyroufe of hir prayj* 

And hard on burd vnto the blomit meidis, 55 

Amangis the grene rifpis and the reidis, 
Arryvit fcho, quhairfro annon thair landis 
Ane hundreth ladeis, luftie in till weidis; 

^ This line, omitted from MS., is fupplied from Chepman and Myllar's 
edition, 1508. 


AIs frefche as flouris that in the May vpfpreidis. 

In kirtilUs grene, withowttin kell or bandis ; 60 

Thair bricht hair hang glitterand on the flrandis 

In trefis cleir, wypit with goldin threidis. 

With pawpis quhyt and middillis fmall as wandis. 

Difcr3nre I wald, hot quha cowth weill indyte 

How all the flouris with thair lilleis quhyte 65 

Depaynte wes bricht, quhilk to the hevin did gleit? 

Nocht thow, Homeir, als fair as thow cowth wryte, 

For all thi omat ftyle moft perfyte; 

Nor yit thow, TuUius, quhais lippis fweit Foi.346.a. 

Offrethorik did in till termis fleit; 70 

Your aureat toungis baith bene all to lyte, 

For to compyie that paradyfs compleit. 

Thair faw I Natur, and als dame Venus quene, 

The frefche Aurora, and lady Flora fchene, 

Juno, AppoUo 1 and Proferpina, 75 

Diane, the goddes of cheft and woidis grene, 

My lady Cleo, that help off makaris bene, 

Thetes, Pallas and prudent Minerua, 

Fair faynit Fortoun, and lemand Lucina, 

Thir michty quenis with corrownis mycht be fene, 80 

With bemis bricht blyth as Lucifera. 

Thair faw I May, of mirthfuU monethis quene, 

Betuix Apryle and June hir fifleris fchene. 

Within the gairdene walkand vp and doun, 

Quhome of the fowlis glaidith all bedene; 85 

Scho was full tendir in till hir yeiris grene. 

Thair faw I Nature prefent hir a goun, 

Riche to behald and noble of renoun,^ 

Off every hew that vndir the hevin hes bene 

Depaynt, and braid be gud proportioun. 90 

^ So in MS., bat perhaps an error in tranfcription for Laiofta, 

 Originally y^i^Zwff. 


Full luftely thir ladeis all in feir 

Enterit within this park of maift plefeir, 

Quhair that I lay heilit with levis ronk ; 

The miny fowlis, blisfulleft of cheir, 

Saluft Nature, me thocht, in thair maneir, 95 

And every blome on brenche, and eik on bonk, 

Opnit and fpred thair balmy levis donk, 

Full law inclyneand to thair quene full cleir, 

Quhome of thair noble nvTifTrng thay thonk. 

Syne to dame Flora, on the famyn wyifs, 100 

Thay falufs and thay thank a thowfand fyifs; 

And to dame Venus, luvis michty quene, 

Thay fang ballattis of luve, as was the gyifs, 

With amorous nottis mod lufty to devyifs, 

As that thai had luve in thair hairtis grene; 105 

Thair hony throttis opnit fro the fplene. 

With warbillis fweit did perfs the hevinly fkyiCs, 

Quhill lowd refownit the firmament ferene. 

Ane vthir court thair faw I fubfequent, 

Cupeid the king, a bow in hand ay bent, iioFo].346.b. 

And dreidfuU arrowis grundin fcherp and fquair; 

Thair faw I Mars, the god armipotent, 

AwfuU and fteme, ftrong and corpolent; 

Thair faw I crabit Satume, awld and hair, 

His luk wes lyk for to perturb the air; 115 

Thair was Marcourius, wyfe and eloquent, 

Of rethorik that fand the flowris fair. 

Thair wes the god of gardynis, Priapus; 

Thair wes the god of wildemes, Phanus; 

And Janus, god of entres dileftable; 120 

Thair was the god of fludis, Neptunus ; 

Thair was the god of windis, Eolus, 

With variant windis lyk till ane lord vnftable; 


Thair was Bachiis, the glader of the table ; 

Thair was Pluto, that eliiche incubus, 125 

In cloke of grene, his court vfit vn fable. 

And every one of thir, in grene arrayit, 

One herp and lute full mirrely thay playit, 

And fang ballattis with michty nottis cleir; 

Ladeis to danfs full fobirly aflayit, 130 

Endlang the lufty rever fo thay mayit^ 

Thair obfervance rycht hevinly was to heir; 

Than crap I throw the levis and drew neir, 

Quhair that I was richt fudanly affrayit, 

All throw a luke, that I haif coft full deir. 135 

And fchortly for to fpeik, of luvis quene 

I was efpyity fcho bad hir archeiris kene 

Go me areifty and thay no tyme delayit; 

Than ladeis fair lute fall thair mantilis grene, 

With bowis big in treffit hairis fchene, 140 

Rycht fuddanly thay had a feild arrayit; 

And yit richt gritly was I nocht afirayit, 

The pairty was to plefand for to fene, 

A woundir lufty bikar me aflayit 

And firft of all, with bow in hand ay bent, <45 

Come dame Bewty, richt as fcho wald me fchent; 

Syne followit all hir dammofallis in feir, 

With mony diuerfs awfull inftrument, 

Vnto the preifs, Fair Having with hir went, 

Fyne Portratour, Plefance and lufty Cheir; 150 

Than come Reflbun, with fcheild of gold fo cleir, 

In plait of maill, as Mars armipotent, 

Defendit me that noble chevelleir. 

Syne tender Yowth come, with hir virgenis )ang, Foi.347.a. 

Grene Innocence, and fchamefull Abafing, 155 


And quaking Dreid, with humyll Obedience; 

The Goldin Terge armit thame nothing ; 

Curage in thame wes nocht begun to fpring; 

Full fone thay dreid to do a violence; 

Sueit Womanheid I faw cum in prefence, i6o 

Of artelye a warld fcho did inbring, 

Servit [with] ladeis full of reverence. 

Scho led with hir Nurtour and Lawlines, 

Continwance, Patience, Gud Fame, and Steidfaftnes, 

Difcretioun, Gentilnes, and Confiderans, 165 

LefuU Cumpany, and honeft Befmes, 

Benigne Luk, myld Cheir, and Sobimes; 

All thir bure genyeis to do me grevance; 

Bot Reffoun bure the Terge with fic conftance, 

Thair fcherp aflfay micht do to me no deirance, 170 

For all thair preifs and awfuU ordinance. 

Vnto ^ the preifs perfewit He Degre, 

Hir folio wit ay Eft ait and Dignitie, 

Comparifoun, Honor and Nobill Arrey, 

Will, Wantones, Renoun and Libertie, 175 

Riches, Fredome, and eik Nobilitie: 

Wit ye thay did thair baner he difplay; 

A clud of arrowis as haill fchour lowfit thay, 

And fchott, quhill waiftit wes thair artelye. 

Syne went abak rebutit of the pray. 180 

Quhen Venus perfauit had this rebute, 

Diflemblance fcho bad go mak perfute, 

At all power to perfs the Goldin Terge; 

And fcho that was of dowbilnes the rute 

Alkit hir choifs of archeiris in refute. '^S 

Venus the beft bad hir to waill at lerge; 

Scho tuke Prefeirs plicht anker of the berge, 

^ MS. here repeats to. 


And Fair Calling that weill a flane can fchute, 
And Cherifling for to compleit hir chaii^e. 

Dame Hamelines fcho tuke in cumpany, 190 

That hard wes, and heynd in archery, 

And brocht in Bewty to the feild agane, 

With all the choifs of Venus chevelly. 

Thay come and bikkerit vnabafitly, 

The fchour of arrowis rappit on a raine; i95Fol.347.b. 

Perrellus Prefens, that mony fyre hes flane, 

The battell brocht on bordour hard me by, 

The fait was all the farar futh to fane. 

Thik was the fchott of grundin arrowis kene, 

Bot Reflbun with the Scheild of Gold fo fchene, 200 

Weirly defendit qnho foevir aflayit ; 

The awfuU fchour he manly did fuftene, 

Quhill Prefens keft ane powder in his ene, 

And than as drukkin man he all forwayit; 

Quhen he wes drukin the fule with him thai pla3at, 205 

And benneift him amangis the bewis grene; 

That fair ficht me fuddanly eflfrayit. 

Than was I woundit till the deth full neir, 

And yoldin as ane wofull prefoneir 

To lady Bewty, in a moment fpace; 210 

Me thocht fcho femit luftiar of cheir, 

Eftir that Reflbun had tynt his ene cleir, 

Than of befoir, and lovarly of face. 

Quhay was thow blindit, Reflbun, quhy, allace, 

And gart ane hell my paradyce appeir, 215 

And mercy feme, quhair that I fand no grace? 

Diflimulance^ was biflie me to fyle, 

And Fair Calling did oft vpoun me fmyle, 

^ MS. has difflnuiance, 



And Chirreffing me fed with wirdis fair; 

New Acquentance enbrafit me a qubyle, 220 

And favort me quhill men micht ga ane myle, 

Syne tuk hir leif, I faw hir nevir mair ; 

Than faw I Denger towart me repair, 

I cowth efchew hir prefens be no wyle, 

On fyd fcho lukit with ane fremmit fare. 225 

And at the laft depairting cowth hir drefs, 

And me deliuerit vnto Havines 

For to remane, and fcho in cure me tuke; 

Be this the lord of windis with widnefs, 

God Eolus, his bowgill blew I gefs, 230 

That with the blaft the leivis all to fchuke, 

And fuddanly in the fpace of ane luke 

All wes hyne went, thair wes bot wildimefs, 

Thair wes no moir bot birdis, bonk and bruke. 

In twynkling of ane e to fchip thay went, 235 

And fwift vp faill vnto the top thay ftent, Foi.348.a. 

And with fwift courfs attour the flude thay frak; 

Thay fyrit gunis with polder violent, 

Till that the reik raifs to the firmament, 

The rochis all refoundit with the rak; 240 

For reird it femit that the rane bow brak; 

With fpreit affrayit vpoun my feit I fprent 

Amang^s the clewis, fo cairfuU was the crak. 

And as I did awalk of this fwowning, 

The jowfuU fowlis mirrely did fmg 245 

For mirth of Phebus tender bemis fchene; 

Sueit was the wapouris and foft the morrowing, 

Hailfum the vaill depaynt with flouris ying. 

The air intemperit, fobir and amene ; 

In quhyt and reid was all the erd befene, 250 


Throw naturis noble frefch ennammaling, 
In mirthfull Maij, of every moneth quene. 

O, reuerend Chaufer, rofs of rethouris all, 

As in our toung ane^ flour imperiall 

That raifs in Britane evir, quha reidis richt, 255 

Thow beiris of makaris the tryvmph royall; 

The frefch ennammallit termes celeftiall 

This mater cowth hafe illuminit full bricht ; 

Was thow nocht of our Inglis all the licht, 

Surmonting every toung terreftriall, 260 

Als far as Ma)ds morrow dois midnycht? 

O, morale Goweir, and Lidgait laureat, 

Your fuggurat toungis and lippis aureat 

Bene till our eiris cau£s of grit delyte; 

Your angelik mowth[is] moil mellifluat 265 

Our rude langage hes cleir illumynat, 

And hes ourgilt our fpeiche, that imperfyte 

Stude or your goldin pennis fchup to wryt; 

This yle befoir wes bair and diflblat 

Of rethoriky or lufty frefche indyte. 270 

Thow littill quair, be evir obedient, 

Humyll, fubie£l and femple of intent, 

Befoir the face of every cunnyng wicht; 

I knaw quhat thow of rethorik hes fpent; Fol.348.b. 

Of hir luftie roifis redolent 275 

Is nane in to thy garland fett on hicht; 

Efchame thairfoir, and draw the out of ficht; 

Rude is thy weid, deftitute, bair and rent, 

Weill aucht thow be affeirit of the licht. 

Explicit^ quod Dumbar, of the Goldin Terge. 
^ MS. has and. 


Heir begynnis the Freiris of Berwik. 

AS it befell, and happinnit in to deid, 
Vpoun a rever, the quhilk is callit Tweid; 
At Tweidis mowth thair flandis a nobill toun, 
Quhair mony lordis hes bene of grit renovne,^ 
Quhair mony a lady bene fair of face, 5 

And mony ane frefche lufty galland wafs. 
In to this toun, the quhilk is callit Berwik, 
Vpoun the fey thair flandis nane it lyk, 
For it is wallit weill abowt with ftane, 
And dowbill flankis caftin mony ane; 10 

And fyne the caftell is fo ftrang and wicht, 
With ftrait towris and turattis he on hicht; 
The wallis wrocht craftely withall; 
The port cules moft fubtelly to fall, 
Quhen that thame lift to draw thame vpoun hicht; 15 
That it micht be of na maner of micht 
To win that houfs be craft or fubteltie. 
Quhairfoir it is maift gud allutirly, 
In to my tyme quhair evir I haif bene, 
Moift fair, moft gudly, moft plefand to be fene; 20 

The tovne, the wall, the caftell and the land, 
The he wallis vpoun the vpper hand. 
The grit croce kirk, and eik the Mafone Dew, 
The Jacobene freiris of the quhyt hew. 
The Carmeleitis, and the monkis eik; 35 

The four ordouris wer nocht for to feik, 
Thay wer all in this toun dwelling. 
So appinnit in a Maij morning, 
That twa of the Jacobyne freiris, 
As thay wer wont and vfit mony yeiris 30 

^Tlie MS. has lines 3 and 4 reverfed, eridently inoont^y. 


To pafs amai^ thair brethir vpaland, 

Wer fend of thame beft praflifit and cunnand; 

Freir Allane, and Freir Robert the vder, Fol.349.a. 

Thir fiUy Freiris with wyffis weill cowid gluder; 

Rycht wondir weill plefit thai all W3rffis, 35 

And tawld thame tailis of haly fanAis lyffis, 

Quhill on a tyme thay purpofit to pafs hame; 

Bot verry tyrit and wett wes Freir Allane, 

For he wes awH suid micht nocht wele travell. 

And ab he had ane littill fpyce of g^vell. 40 

Freir Robert wes young, and verry hett of blude, 

And be the way he bure both dothis and hude, 

And all thair geir, for he wes ftrong and wicht 

Be that it drew neir towart the nicht. 

As thay wer cumand towart the tovne full neir; 45 

Freir AUane faid than, Gud bruder deir, 

It is to lait, I dreid the yet be clofit, 

And we ar tyrit, and verry evill difpoflt 

To luge owt of the toun, bot gif that we 

In fume gud houfs this nycht mot herbryt be. 50 

Swa wynnit thair ane woundir gude hoftillar, 

Without the toun, in till a fair manar. 

And Symon Lawrear wes his name; 

Ane fair blyth wyf he had, of ony ane, 

Bot fcho wes fumthii^ dynk and dengerous. 55 

The filly Freiris quhen thay come to the houfs. 

With fair hailfmg and bekking courteflye. 

To thame fcho anfchirit agane in hye ; 

Freir Robert fperit eftir the gud man. 

And fcho agane anfchirit thame thane, 60 

He went fra hame, God wait, on Weddinfday, 

In the cuntre for to feik come and hay. 

And vthir thingis quhairof we haif neid. 

Freir Robert faid, I pray grit God him fpeid 

Him haill and found in to his travel!, 65 


And hir defyrit the ftowp to fill of aill, 

That we may drink, for I am wondir dry. 

With that the wyfe went furth richt fchortly, 

And fillit the ftowp, and brocht in breid and cheifs; 

Thay eit and drank, and fatt at thair awin eifs. 70 

Freir Allane faid to the gudwyf in hye. 

Cum hiddir, deme, and fett yow doun me bye, 

And fill the cop agane anis to me; 

Freir Robert faid, Full weill payit fall ye be. 

The Freiris wer blyth, and mirry tailis cowld tell, 75 

And even with that thay hard the prayer bell 

Off thair awin abbay, and than thay wer s^aft, 

Becaufs thay knew the yettis wer clofit faft, Foi.349.b. 

That thay on na wayifs micht gett entre. 

Than the gudwyfe thay prayit for cheritie 80 

To grant thame herbrye that ane nicht; 

Bot fcho to thame gaif anfchir with grit hicht, 

The g^dman is fra hame, as I yow tald, 

And God it wait, gif I durft be fo bald 

To herbry Freiris in this houfs with me, 85 

Quhat wald Symon fay, ha, benedicite, 

Bot in his abfence I abufit his place? 

Our deir Lady Mary keip fra fie cace. 

And keip me owt of perrell and of fchame. 

Than auld Freir Allane faid, Na, fair dame, 90 

For Godis faik, heir me quhat I fall fay. 

In gud faith, we will both be deid or day; 

The way is evill, and I am tyrit and wett, 

Our yettis ar clofit that we may nocht in gett, 

And to our abbay we can nocht win in; 95 

To caufs ws perreifs but help ye half grit fyn ; 

Thairfoir of verry neid we mon byd ftill, 

And ws commit alhaill in to your will. 

The gfudwyf lukit vnto the Freiris tway, 

And, at the laft, to thame culd fcho fay, 100 


Ye byd nocht heir, be Him that ws all coft ; 

Bot gif ye lift to lig vp in yone loft, 

Quhilk is weill wrocht in to the hallis end, 

Ye fall fynd ftray, and clathis I fall yow fend ; 

Quhair, and ye lift, pa(s on baith in feir, 105 

For on no wayis will I repair half heir. 

Hir madin than fcho fend hir on befoir, 

And hir thay foUowit baith withowttin moir ; 

Thay war full \Ay^ and did as fcho thame kend, 

And vp thay went, in to the hallis end, no 

In till a loft wes maid for come and hay; 

Scho maid thair bed, iyn^ paft doun but delay, 

Clofit the trop and thay remanit ftilL 

In to the loft thay wantit of thair will; 

Freir AUane lay doun as he beft micht; 115 

Freir Robert faid, I hecht to walk this nicht, 

Quha wait perchance fum fport I ma efpy? 

Thufs in the loft latt I thir Freiris ly, 

And of the gudwyf now I will fpeik main 

Scho wes richt blyth that thay wer clofit thair, 120 

For fcho had maid ane \xy^ that famyn nicht 

Freir Johine hir luvis fupper for to dicht; 

And fcho wald half none vder cumpany, Foi.sso.a. 

Becaufs Freir Johine that nicht with hir fowld ly, 

Quha dwelland wes in to that famyne toun, 125 

And ane Blak Freir he wes of grit renown. 

He govimit alhaill the abbacy ; 

Silwer and gold he had aboundantly; 

He had a prevy pofteme of his awin, 

Quhair he micht ifche, quhen that he lift, vnknawin. 130 

Now this in to the toun I leif him ftill, 

Bydand his tyme; and tume agane I will 

To thifs fair wyfe, how fcho the f)rre cowld beit, 

And thriftit on fatt caponis to the fpeit ; 

And fatt cunyng[is] to fyre did fcho lay, 135 


Syne bad the madin, In all the haift thow may, 

To flawme, and turne, and roft thame tenderly. 

And to hir chalmer fo fcho went in hy; 

Scho puUit hir cunt, and gaif hit buffettis tway 

Vpoun the cheikis, fyne till it cowd fcho fay, 140 

Ye fowld be blyth and glaid at my requeift, 

Thir mvUis of youris ar callit to ane feifl. 

Scho cleithis hir in a kirtill of fyne reid, 

Ane fair quhyt curch fcho puttis vpoun hir heid; 

Hir kirtill wes of filk, and filwer fyne, 145 

Hir vthir garmentis as the reid gold did fchyne; 

On every finyer fcho weiris ringis two; 

Scho was als prowd as ony papingo. 

The burde fcho cuverit with clath of coftly greyne, 

Hir napry aboif wes woundir weill befene. 150 

Than but fcho went, to fe gif ony come, 

Scho thocht full lang to meit hir lufe Freir Johine ; 

Syne fchortly did this Freir knok at the yett; 

His knok fcho kend, and did fo him in lett. 

Scho welcomit him in all hir bed maneir; 155 

He thankit hir, and faid, My awin luve deir, 

Half thair ane pair of boffis, gud and fyne, 

Thay hald ane gallone full of Gafcone wyne; 

And ab ane pair of pertrikis richt new flane. 

And eik ane creill full of breid of mane ; 160 

This I haif brocht to yow, my awin luve deir, 

Thairfoir, I pray yow, be blyth, and mak gud cheir; 

Sen it is fo that Semon is fra hame, 

I wilbe hamely now with yow^ g^d dame. 

Scho fayis, Ye ar full hertly welcome heir 165 

At ony tyme, quhen that ye lift appeir. 

With that fcho fmylit woundir luftely; 

He thriftit hir hand agane richt prevely, 

Than in hett luve thay talkit vderis till. Foi.jsah. 

Thus at thair fport now will I leif thame ftill, 170 


And teU yow off thir filly Freiris two 

Wer lokit in the loft amang the ftro : 

Freir AUane in the loft ftill can \y ; 

Freir Robert had ane littill jelofy, 

For in his hairt he had ane perfaving, 175 

And throw the burdis he maid with his botkin 

A littill hoill on fic a wyifs maid he, 

All that thay did thair doun he micht weill fe, 

And every word he herd that thay did fay. 

Quhen fcho wes prowd, richt woundir frefche and gay, 180 

Scho callit him baith hert, lemmane and luve ; 

Lord God, gif than his curage wes aboif, 

So prelat lyk fat he in to the chyre ; 

Scho rownis than ane piftill in his eir; 

Thufs fportand thame, and makand melody: 185 

And quhen fcho faw the fupper wes reddy, 

Scho gois belyfe and cuveris the burde annon, 

And fyne the pair of boflis hes fcho tone, 

And fett thame doun vpoun the burde hir by. 

And evin with that thay hard the gudman cry, 190 

And knokand at the yett he cryit faft : 

Quhen thay him hard then wer thay both agaft : 

And als Freir Johine wes in a fellone fray, 

He ftert vp faft, and wald haif bene away, 

Bot all for nocht, he micht no way win owt. 195 

The gudwyfe fpak than, with a vifage ftowt, 

Yone is Symone that makb all this fray, 

That I micht tholit full weill had bene away; 

I fall him quyt, and I leif half a yeir. 

That cummert hes ws thus^ in fic maneir, 200 

Becaufs for him we may nocht byd togidder; 

I foir repent and wo is ye come bidder. 

For we wer weill gif that ye wer away. 

Quhat fall I do, allace? the Freir can fay. 

Hyd you, fcho faid, quhill he be brocht to reft, 205 

1 MS. has this. 



In to yone tioich, I think it for the beft; 

It lyis mekle and huge in all yone nwke. 

It held a boll of meiU quhen that we buke: 

Than vndir it fcho gait him crdp in fay, 

And bad him lurk tfaair verry quyetly; 210 

Sdio dofit him, and fyne went on fair way. 

Quhat (all I do, allace? the Freir can (ay. 

Syne to fair madin fpedyly ficho fpak. 

Go to the fyre, and the meitis fira it tak; F0L351. 

Be biffy als, and flokkin out the fyre; 215 

Ga cloiis yone burd, and tak away the dxyr% 

And lok vp all in to yone almery, 

Baith meit and drink, with wyne and aill put by; 

The mayne breid als thow hyd it with the wjme; 

That being done^ diow fowp the houlii dene fync^ 220 

That na apperance of feift be heir fene, 

Bot fobirly our felffis dots fuftene. 

And fyne, withowttin ony mair delay, 

Sdio caftis of haill fair frefdi array; 

Than went fdio to fair bed annon^ 225 

And tholit him to knok his fill, Symone. 

Quhen he for knokii^ tyrit wes, and cryid, 

Abowt he went vnto the ^^dir fyd. 

And on Alefone faft cold he cry; 

And at the laft fcho anfchirit crabidy, 290 

Ach, quha be this that knawis fa wdll my name? 

Go henfs, fcho (a)ris, for Symon is fra hame, 

And I will herbiy no gaiftis heir perfey ; 

Thairfoir I pray yow to wend on your way. 

For at this tyme ye may nocht li^t be. 235 

Than Symone faid. Fair dame, ken ye nocht me? 

I am your Symone and hulband of this place. 

Ar ye my fpous S3rmone? fcho fayis, allace, 

Be milknawl^e I had almaift mifgane, 

Quha wenit that ye fa lait wald haif cum hame? 240 


Scho ftertis vp and gettis licht in hy, 

And oppinit than the yet full haiftdy; 

Scho tuk fra him his gdr at all devyifs, 

S3me welcomit him on maift hairtly wyifs. 

He bad the madin kindill on the fyre, 245 

S}nie graith me meit, and tak ye all thy hyre. 

The gudwyf laid fchortly, Ye me trow, 

Heir is no meit that ganand is for yow. 

How fa, fair deme, ga gait me cheifs and breid, 

Ga fill the ftowp, hald me no mair in pleid, 250 

For I am verry tyrit, wett and cauld 

Than vp fcho raifs, and durft nocht mair be bauld, 

Cuverit the burde, thairon fett meit in hy, 

Ane fowfit nolt fute, and fchdpheid, haiftely ; 

And fum cauld meit fcho brocht to him bel}fve/ 255 

And fiUit the ftowp. The gudman than wes blyth; 

Than fatt he doun, and fwoir be All hallow, 

I fair richt wdll and I had ane gud fallow: 

Dame, eit with me and drink, gif that ye may. 

Said the gudwyf, Devill inche cun may I ;^ 260 

It wer mair mdt in to your bed to be, Foi.asi.b. 

Than now to fit defyrand cumpany. 

Frdr Robert faid, Allace, gud bruder deir, 

I wald the gudman wift that we wer heir, 

Quha wast perchance fum bettir wald he fair; 265 

For fickerly my hairt will ay be fair 

Gif yone fchdj^dd with Symon bimeift be, 

Sa mekill gud chdr being in the almerie: 

And with that word he gaif ane hoift anone. 

The gudman hard, and fpeirit, Quha is yone? 270 

The gudwyf faid, Yone ar Freiris tway. 

Symone faid. Tell me quhat Freiris be thay. 

Yone is Freir Robert and filly Freir AUane, 

That all this day hes travellit with grit pane; 

Be thay come heir it wes fo verry lait 275 

bdyih. 't>ri|piiall)r/M0^. 


Curfur wes rung, and clofit wes thair [yait;^] 

And in yone loft I gaif thame harbrye. 

The gudman faid, Sa God half pairt of me, 

Tha Freiris twa ar hairtly welcome bidder, 

Ga call thame doun, that we ma drink togidden 280 

The giidwyf faid, I reid yow lat thame be, 

Thay had levir (leip nor fit in cumpanye. 

The gudman faid vnto the maid [in] thone. 

Go, pray thame baith to cum till me annone ; 

And fone the trop the madin oppinit than, 285 

And bad thame baith cum doun to the gudman. 

Freir Robert faid, Now be fweit Sandl Jame, 

The gudman is verry velcome hame, 

And for his weilfair dalie do we pray; 

We fall annone cum doun to him, ye fay. 290 

Than with that word thay ftart vp baith attone. 

And doun the trop del)nrerly thay come, 

Halfit Symone als fone as thay him fe; 

And he agane thame welcomit hairtfuUie, 

And faid, Cum heir, myne awin bredir deir, 295 

And fett yow doun fone befyd me heir. 

For I am now allone, as ye may fe; 

Thairfoir fitt doun, and beir me cumpanye. 

And tak yow pairt of fic gud as we haif. 

Freir Allane faid, Schir, I pray God yow faif, 300 

For heir is now annwch of Grodis gud. 

Than Symon anfchirit, Now, be the Rud, 

Yit wald I gif ane croun of gold for me, 

For fum g^ud meit and drink amangis ws thre. 

Freir Robert faid, Quhat drinkis wald ye craif, 305 

Or quhat meitis defyre ye for to haif? 

For I haif mony fmdry praftikis feir, Fol.352.a. 

Beyond the fey in Pareifs did I leir, 

That I wald preve glaidly for your faik, 

And for your demys that harbry cowd ws maik. 310 

^ Ox gait; omitted from MS., and fapplied by a later hand. 


I tak on hand, and ye will counfale keip, 

That I fall gar yow fe, or ever I fleip, 

Of the beft meit that is in this cuntre; 

Off Gafcone wyne, gif ony in it be; 

Or, be thair ony within ane hundreth myle, 315 

It falbe heir within a bony quhyle. 

The gudman had grit mervell of this taill, 

And faid. My hairt [will] neir be haill 

Bot gif ye preve that pra£lik or ye pairte, 

To mak ane fport. And than the Freir vpftart, 320 

He tuk his buk and to the flure^ he gais ; 

He tumis it our, and reidis it a littill fpace, 

And to the eift dire£l he tumis his face, 

Syne to the weft he tumit and lukit doun, 

And tuk his buk and red ane orifoun ; 325 

And ay his eyne wer on the almery. 

And on the troch quhair that Freir Johine did ly. 

Than fat he doun, and keft abak his hude. 

He granit, and he glowrit, as he wer woid; 

And quhylis ftill he fatt in ftudeing, 350 

And vthir quhylis vpoun his buk reding; 

And [quhylis] with baith his handis he wald clap, 

And vthir quhylis wald he glour and gaip; 

S}me in the fowth he tumit him abowt 

Weill thryifs, and mair than lawly cowd he lowt, 335 

Quhen that he come neir the almery. 

Thairat our dame had woundir g^t invy, 

For in hir hairt fcho had ane perfaving 

That he had knawin all hir goviming. 

Scho faw him gif the almery iic a ftraik, 340 

Vnto hir felf fcho faid. Full weill I wait 

I am bot fchent, he knawis full weill my thocht ; 

Quhat fall I do? AUace, that I wes wrocht; 

Get Symon wit, it wilbe deir doing. 

Be that the Freir had left his ftudeing, 345 

^ MS. hsLB/riir, evidently a miftake : Jlune is in the Maitland MS. 


And on his feit he ftartis vp full fture, 

And come agane, and feyit all his cure. 

Now is it done, and ye fall haif playntie 

Of breid and wyne, the bed in this cuntre ; 

Thairfoir, fair dame, get vp deliverlie,^ 350 

And ga belyfe vnto yone almerie, 

And oppin it; and fe ye bring ws fyne Fol. 352.5. 

Ane pair of boillis full of Gafcone wyne, 

Thay had ane galloun and mair, that wait I weill; 

And bring ws als the mayne breid in a creill; 355 

Ane pair of cunyngis, fat and het pypand ; 

The caponis als ye fall ws bring fra hand; 

Twa pair of pertrikis, I wait thair is no ma; 

And eik of pluveris fe that ye bring ws twa. 

The gudwyf will it wes no variance; 360 

Scho knew the Freir had fene hir govimance; 

Scho (aw it wes no bute for to deny; 

With that fcho went vnto the almery. 

And oppinnit it, and than fcho fand thair 

All that the Freir had fpokin of befoir. 365 

Scho ftert abak, as fcho wer in a fray, 

And fanyt hir, and fmyland cowd fcho fay, 

Ha, banedicitie, quhat may this bene.' 

Quha evir afoir hes fic a fairly fene ? 

Sa grit a mervell as now hes apnit heir, 370 

Quhat fall I fay? He is ane haly Freir, 

He faid full fwth 6f all that he did fay. 

Scho brocht all furth, and on the burd cowd lay 

Baith breid and wjme, and vthir thingis moir, 

Cunyngis and caponis, as ye haif hard befoir; 375 

Pertrikis and pluveris befoir thame hes fcho brocht. 

The Freir knew weill and faw thair wantit nocht, 

Bot all wes furth brocht, evin at his devyifs. 

And Symone faw it appinnit on this wyiis, 

He had grit wondir, and fweris be the mone 3^ 

IMS. ha8<Miwwr/>r. 


That Frdr Robert weill his dett had done; 

He may be callit ane man of grit fcience, 

Sa fuddanly maid all this purviance 

Hes brocht nvs heir throw his grit fubteltie, 

And throw his knawl^e in filofophie: 3^5 

In ane gud tyme it wes quhen he come bidder; 

Now fill the cop that we ma drink togidder, 

And mak gud cheir eftir this lai^um day, 

For I haif riddin ane woundir wilfome way. 

Now God belovit, heir is fuffifance 390 

Vnto ws all throw your gud govimance : 

And than annone thay drank evin round abowt 

Of Gafcone wyne; the Freiris playit cop owt. 

Thay fportit Ihame, and maids mirry cheir 

With fangis lowd, baith Symone and the Freir; 395 

And on this W3dfs the lang nicht thay ourdraif ; 

No thing thay want that thay defjrrd to haif. 

Than Ssnoion faid to the gudwyf in hy, Fol.353.a. 

Cum heir, fair dame, and fett yow doun me by, 

And tak pairte of fie gud as we haif hdr, 400 

And hairtly, I yow pray, to thank this Freir 

Off his bening grit befines and cure, 

That he hes done to ws vpoun this flure, 

And brocht ws meit and drink haboundantlie, 

Quhairfoir of richt we aucht miny to be. 405 

Bot all thair fport, quhen thay wer maift at eifs, 

Vnto our deme it wes bot littill pleifs, 

For vther thing thair wes in to hir thocht; 

Scho wes fo red, hir hairt wes ay on flocht. 

That throw the Fren* fcho fowld difcoverit be, 410 

To him fcho lukit oft tymes effeiritlie, 

And ay difparit in hart was fcho, 

That he had witt of all hir purveanoe to. 

Thus^ fatt fcho ftill, and will no vdir wane; 

Quhat evir thay fay, fcho lute him all allane, 415 

1 MS. has this. 


Bot fcho drank with thame in to cumpany 

With fenyeit cheir, and hert full wo and hevy. 

Bot thay wer biyth annwche, God watt, and fang, 

For ay the wyne was rakand thame amang, 

Quhill at the laft thay woix richt blyth ilk one. 430 

Than Symone faid vnto the Freir annone, 

I mervell mikill how that this may be, 

In till fchort tyme that ye fa fuddanlye 

Hes brocht to ws famony denteis deir. 

Thairof haif ye no mervell, quod the Freir, 425 

I haif ane pege full prevy of my awin 

Quhen evir I lift will cum to me vnknawin, 

And bring to me fic thing as I will haif; 

Quhat evir I lift it neidis me nocht to craif. 

Thairfoir be blyth, and tak in pacience, 430 

And treft ye weill I fall do diligence; 

Gif that ye lift, or thinkis to haif moir, 

It falbe had and I fall ftand thairfoir. 

Incontinent that famyn fall ye fe; 

Bot I proteft that ye keip it previe, 435 

Latt no man wit that I can do fic thing. 

Than Symone fwoir, and faid, Be Hevynnis King, 

It falbe kepit prevy as for me; 

Bot, bruder deir, your fchirwand wald I fe, 

Gif it yow pleifs, that we may drynk togidder, 440 

For I wait nocht gif ye ma ay cum bidder, 

Quhen that we want our neidis fic as this. 

The Freir faid, Nay, fo mot I haif Hev3mis blifs, 

Yow to haif the ficht of my fchirwand Foi.353.b. 

It can nocht be; ye fall weill vndirftand, 445 

That ye may fe him graithly in his awin kynd, 

Bot ye annone fowld go owt of your m)md, 

He is fo fowl! and vgly for to fe ; 

I dar nocht awnter for to tak on me, 

To bring him bidder heir in to our ficht, 450 


And namely now fo lait in to the nicht ; 
Bot gif it wer on iic a maner \vyifs 
Him to tranflait or ellis diflagyils 
Fra his awin kynd in to ane vder ftait 
Than Symone faid, I mak no moir debait, 455 

As pleifis yow fo lyk is it to me, 
As evir ye lift, bot fane wald I him fe. 
In till quhat kynd fall I him gar appeir? 
Than Symone faid, In liknes of a Frdr, 
In quh)rt cuUour, richt as your felf it war, 460 

For quhyt cuUour will na body deir. 
Freir Robert faid that fwa it cowld nocht be, 
For fie cauffis as he may weill foirfe, 
That he compeir in to our habeit quhyt, 
Vntill I ordour it wer a grit difpyte, 465 

That ony fie vnworthy wicht as he 
In till oiir habeit men fowld behald or fe. 
Bot fen it pleiflb yow that ar heir, 
Ye (all him fe in liknes of a Freir; 
In habeit blak it was his kynd to weir, 470 

Ye fall him fe in liknes of a Freir. 
Gif ye fo do, and rewU yow at all wyifs 
To hald yow cloifs and ftill at my devyifs, 
Quhat evir it be ye owdir fe or heir. 
Ye fpeik no word, nor mak no kynd of fteir, 475 

Bot hald yow cloifs, quhill I half done my cure. 
Than faid he, Semon, ye mone be on the flure, 
Neirhand befyd with ftaff in to your hand ; 
Half ye no dreid, I fall yow ay warrand. 
Than Sjrmon faid, I aflent that it be fwa; 480 

And vp he ftart, and gat a libberla 
In to his hand, and on the flure he ftert, 
Sumthing effrayit, thocht ftalwart was his hart 
Than to the Freir faid Symone verry fone. 
Now tell me, maifter, quhat ye will haif done. 485 



No thing, he faid, bot hald yow cloifs and ftill; 

Quhat evir I do tak ye gud tent thaiitill, 

And neir the dur ye hyd yow prevely, 

And quhen I bid yow ftryk, ftrek hardely, 

In to the nek fe that ye hit him richt 49oFoi.354.a. 

That fall I warrand, quod he, with all my micht 

Thufs on the flure I leif him ftandand ftill, 

Bydand his t}mie; and turne agane I will, 

How that the Freir did take his buke in hy, 

And [turnit] our the levis full befely, 495 

Ane full lang fpace, and quhen he had done fwa, 

Towart the troch withowttin wordis ma 

He goifs belyfe, and on this wyils fayis he, 

Ha, how, Hurlybafs, now I coniure the, 

That thow vpryfs and fone to me appeir, 500 

In habeit blak in liknes of a freir; 

Owt of this troch, quhair that thow dois ly, 

Thow rax the fone, and mak no dyn nor cry ; 

Thow tumbill our the troch diat we may fe, 

And vnto ws thow fchaw the oppinUe; 505 

And in this place fe that thow no man greif, 

Bot draw thy handis boith in to thy flei( 

And pull thy cowll doun owttour thy face; 

Thow may thank God that thow gettb lie a grace; 

Thairfoir thow turfs the to thyne awin reffett, 510 

Se this be done and mak no moir debait; 

In thy depairting fe thow mak no deray 

Vnto no wicht, bot frely pafs thy way; 

And in this place fe that thow cum no moir, 

Bot I command the, or ellis the chaxge befoir; 515 

And our the ftair fe that thow ga gud fprid; 

Gif thow dois nocht on thy awin perrell beid. 

With that the Freir, that vnder the troch lay, 

Raxit him fone, bot he wes in a fray, 

And vp he rai(s, and wift na bettxr wayn, 520 


Bot of the troch he tumlit our the ftane; 

Syne fra the lamyn quhairin he thocht him lang, 

Vnto the dur he preifit him to gang, 

With hevy chdr and drery countenance, 

For nevir befoir him hapnit fic a chance. 525 

And quhen Freir Robert faw him gangand by, 

Vnto the Gudman full lowdly cowd he cry, 

Stryk, (fayk herdely, for now is tyme to die. 

With that Symone a feiloun flap lait fle, 

With his burdoun he hit him on the nek ; 530 

He wes fa ferce he fell owttour the fek, 

And brak his heid vpoun ane muftard ftane. 

Be this Freir Johine attour the ftair is gane 

In fic wyifs, that mift he hes the trap, 

And in ane xxiyt he fell, fic wes his hap, 535 

Wes fourty futis of breid vndir the ftair; Foi.354.b. 

Yeit gat he vp with clething nothing fair; 

Full drerdie vpoun his feit he ftude. 

And throw the myre full fmertly than he hude, 

And our the wall he clam richt haiftely, 540 

Quhilk round abowt wes laid with ftanis dry : 

Off his efchaping in hairt he wes full fane, 

I trow he falbe laith to cum agane. 

With that Freir Robert ftert abak and faw 

Quhair the Gudman lay fa woundir law 545 

Vpoun the fiure, and bleidand wes his heid; 

He ftert to him, and went he had bene deid, 

And dawcht him vp withowttin wordis moir. 

And to the dur ddyverly him bure ; 

And fira the wind wes blawin twyifs in his face, 550 

Than he ourcome within a l}rtill fpace ; 

And than Frdr Robert franyt at him faft, 

Quhat ailit him to be fo foir agaft 

He faid, Yone Freir hes maid me thufs gait fay. 

Lat be, quod he, the werft is all away; 


Mak mirry, man, and fe ye mvme na mair, 

Ye haif him ftrikin qu)^ owttour the ftair. 

I faw him flip, gif I the futh can tell, 

Doun our the ftair, in till a vayx he fell ; 

Bot lat him go, he wes a graceles gaift, 560 

And boun yow to your bed, for it is beft. 

Thufs Symonis held vpoun the ftane wes brokin. 

And our the ftair the Freir in myre hes loppin, 

And tap our taill he fyld wes woundir ill ; 

And Alefone on na wayifs gat hir will ; 565 

This is the ftory that hapnit of that Freir. 

No moir thair is, bot Chryft ws help moft deir. 


Note. — On FoL 35^ a. has been written by another and later hand a 
piece in five and a-half four-Une ftanzas, Go^ Jweet Lynes^ Loue wiU 
not take them^ and a fepaiate piece of four lines, Amomgjt Jki 
Monflors that we find, 355 b. ana 356 a. are blank. On 350D. the 
lame hand has inlcribed a piece of 13 lines, OmeJluwibHmg as I iqy 
within my Bid. AU thefe, as not originally belonging to the MS., 
will be found in the Appendix. 


Heir begynnis Colkettne Saw. Fol. 357.8. 

QUHEN rialleft, moft redowttit and he, 
Magnificat crownit kingis in maiefte, 
PrinciSy duces and marquis curioufs, 
Erlis, barronis and knychttis chevelroufs, 
And gentillmen of he genol^ye, 5 

As fcutiferais and fquieiis full courtlye, 
Ar aflemblit and fett in a lyell fe, 
With namit folkis of he nobilite, 
Thair talk that tyme in table honorable, 
Befoir lordingis and ladeis amiable, 10 

Is oft Tinging and fawis of folace, 
Quhair melody is the mirthfuU maiftrace ; 
Ermy deidis in auld dayis done afoir, 
Croniculis, geftis, ftoreis and mich moir; 
Maneftralis among mvfidanis merely, 15 

To haif hairtis in hevinly armony. 
So femis it weill that futhly fo war ay. 
Quhat is the warld without plefance or play, 
Bot pallionale? Than lat ws mak fum fport 
And recreatioun, the cumpany to confort. 20 

Wold my lordis do fe, quho wold bq^ it? 
Quho fall furthfchaw, or quho fall firft fall in it? 
Quho^ with difcreit corre&ioun of yow 
Bot I, quho hath begune this mater now. 
For b^ynnyng without end quhat availis, 25 

Bot lyk a tre flureift quhair the fruA falls, 
To quhich all man of quhat eftait he be 
With recent mynd fuld evir haif his e, 
Nocht to begin flureift and fyne decrefs. 
The langir \yk the gud lofs than to cefs ? 50 

Quhat falbe faid bot at his ending he 

^ Sail has been written here, but afterwaxds deleted by the writer. 


Frome on fair ymp fell doun a widderit tre; 

The lyfe is gone, the lofs lefting is loft, 

The b^ynnyng thay fay was hot a woft. 

Quhairfoir ye men moft honorable at all, 35 

Quhich etemall wald half memorial], 

Gyd yow fo that firft your God plefit be. 

And obtene name and wirchep quhen ye de; 

And quho will nocht eftir his gudly powere, 

Confidering his eftait, go profefs him a mertere, 40 

Or fuftene lak, fo may he lyknit be, FoL3S7.b. 

A fair flureifs fadit in a falty tre. 

All be my felf is this fymylitude; 

Suld I begin to fport and nocht conclude? 

Than wold ye all belyve fay^ Lo him yondir, 45 

That fet to bourd and left it in a blondir: 

Quhairfoir I will fay of my fantefy 

Sum folafmg to glajd this cumpany; 

Bot, for Godis luve and his appoftill Petir, 

Pardoun the fulich face of this mad metir. 50 

Sen the fentence to feill is fantaftike 

Lat the lettir and langage be fuch like; 

Sen all the world changis fomony facis 

I treft I will caft caiflis vpoun caifis. 

And fo lat fe quhat cais ye think moft nyce : 55 

Wifdome vmquhile holdis the nyceft wys. 

So that it be fport in difcretioun. 

Without odius crewale comparifoun« 

Perticular malice and all fuch thing removit, 

The w}rfs nyceft the wifeft quhile is provit, 60 

For quhich, knawing myne vnfiufficience 

To be compryfit perttdane with prudence, 

I propone, nocht as wils prefumpteoufs, 

Bot rathir fport myne awin fpereit to rdofs, 

And my lordis to heir that will deden, 65 

Now I b^n with Titill eft, amen. 

Explicit ProhemiuM^ etfequUur Prima Pars. 


[Prima Pars.] 

Heir I gife yow caiCs, 
VmquhUe a meny man wais 
Callit Cokkelbe: 
He had a fimple blak Sow, 
And he fald hir hot how, 
For penneis thre, 
As eftir ye may fee;' 
And verrely as I hard 
Thus the money he ward; 
The Jirft penny of the thre 
For a girle' gaif he; 
The fecund fell m a furde; 
The thrid he hid in a hurde. 
Now quhilk penny of the thre 
Wes beft beftowit, fay ye? 
The loft penny wes vplefit, 
The g^rle for the tyme plefit; 

iThiiand the four feUowing paga of the MS. are wriltea in douUc 

 Thii line hu been At fiiA omitted, and aftenrudt added, leenunglj 
by the orisiiul hand. 

* JfW El* been wiittcD Ml the naigui. 


Bot the penny that wes hid, 

I hold leift gude did; 85 

For in old prouerbe we fing, 

Cumis littill gud of gaddering, 

Quhair wrechit awerice bimis, 

Hyding hurdis in to himis, 

And knawis nevir quhome till, 90 

Latting wirfchep to go will. 

Gret laubor is to get geir, 

And to conferue it is feir, 

And moir angir is to leifs 

Thir thre peruerft propirteifs, 95 

I find in (karfs kepii^, 

And auaritious wynnyng, 

Quhair mefur is nocht maiftrefs, 

Bot gaddering for gredenefs. 

The hid penny, thinkis me, 100 

Wes werft beftowit of the thre, 

For it waifs fro the vfe of man ; 

Lat warldis gudis go than, 

With mefur and merines. 

Yit thair is moir of this cais, 105 

The penny loft in the lak 

Wes fundin and vptak, 

And he that fand it did by, 

With the famyn penny, 

A littill pig ^ for his prow no 

Off Kolkelbeis fow. 

A harlot wynnit neir by, 

And fcho wald mak a mangeiy. 

And had no fubftance at all, 

Bot this pur pig ftall, 115 

To fumifs a gret feift, 

Withouttin ftufe bot this beift. 

^ Gryct has been written on the margin. 


And yit fcho callit to hir chetr 
On apoftita freir, 

A penieril perdonair, 120 

And prafland palmair, 
A wich and a wobftare, 
A milygant and a mychare, 
A fond fule, a fariar, 

A cairtar, a cariar, 125 

A libbar and a lyar, 
And riddill revar, 
A tuttivillus, a tutlar, 
And a fanyeit flatterar, 

A forfam falconar, 130 

A malgratious millare, 
A berward, a brawlar, 
And ane aip ledar, 
With a curfit cuftumar, 

A tratlar, a tinklar, 135 

And mony vthir in that hour. 
Off all evill ordour. 
Firft with a fulifch flour, 
An aid monk» a lechour, 

A drunkin drechour, 140 

A dowble toungit counfalour, 
A trumpour, a trvcour, 
A hangman, a hafardour, 
A tyrant, a tormentour, 

A truphane, a tratlour, 145 

A faynit nigramanfour, 
A japer, a juglour, 
A lafe that luvis bot for lour. 
And a man merrour, 

An evill wyffis mirrour, 150 

In all thair femblance four, 
With a noyefuU nychtbour, 



A lunatik, a fifmatyk, 

An heretyk, a purfpyk, 

A lumbard, a lolard, 55 

Ane vfurar, a bard, 

Ane ypocreit in haly kirk, 

A bum grenge in the dirk, 

A fchipman on fe and fand, 

That takis lyfe and gud on hand, i6o 

And knawis nowthir courfs nor tyd, 

Bot prefumpteoufs in pryd, 

Prafling no thing expert, 

In cunnyng cumpafs nor kert. Fol.358.b. 

A fkeg, a fcornar, a fkald, 165 

A baleftrod and a bald, 

An vnthrifty dapill man, 

A rebald, a ruffian, 

A murderer of leil men, 

A revifcher of wemen; 170 

And two lerit men thame by, 

Schir Ockir and Schir Symony; 

Yit mony in a grit rout, 

For lak of rowme, ftud about 

Now wald I wit at this fefte, 175 

Quho fure beft of this befte; 

I hald the folk beft fure. 

That ftud fer without the dure 

Fro this curfit cumpany. 

And menfles mangery. 180 

Yit of this caifs thair is moir. 

The pure pig gaif a rore. 

Him to kill quhen thay pynit; 

So foir the filly pig quhr}mit, 

Quhill all the fwyn thairabout 185 

Rufchit furth in a rout. 

I keip nocht now to commoun 


All beiftis for to blafoun 

Of fhair diuerfs naturis, 

Complexlonis and cuUouris, 190 

Quhom the law levis ete. 

Or quho fuld be no manis meit ; 

Nor of the foulis of the are, 

How fum with clofs feit thay fare, 

And fum deuidit the nalis; 195 

Nor of the fifche with thair fcalis. 

All this I fet afyd now, 

Haif at Cokilbeis fow ; 

For to fay the verite, 

Luvand beiftis fwyne be, 200 

Contrair houndis nature; 

For brawle dc^^s at the dure 

All fettis on the foiy hound, 

That l3ds euir at the grund, 

And he that cryis moft and roris, 205 

Ourthrawin, fchent and moft foiris, 

All the remanent him ruggis, 

Sum be l^gis, fum be luggis. 

Thay ar luving to men, 

Bot nocht to thame felf than, 210 

For wo is him that hes royne; 

Bot nocht fo of the fwyne, 

And on of thame be ourthrawin, 

That his cry may be knawin. 

All the remanent that heitis 215 

Cumis in thair beft maneiris, 

To refkew as thay may ; 

So did thay this day. 

That fowis fonis hard I nevir 

Win fo grit wirfchep for ewir, 220 

For Stiftapill all the ftore 

Rufchit out with a rore. 


This pig, quhen thay hard him, 

Thay come golfand full grim; 

Mony long tuthit bore, 225 

And mony gait come befoir, 

And mony grit gunnald ; 

Gruntillot and Gamald, 

Wrotok and Writhneb, 

Hogy evir in the eb, 330 

With the halkit hoglyn, 

Suelly Suattis Swankyn, 

Baymell bred in the bc^, 

Yiog hoppit our h(^; 

Mage of the Milhill, 235 

Grom Gym of the Gill, 

The fuddill fow and the ford, 

Reid Kit that oft rord, 

Patypull of the Pappourtis, 

And Knvtknot of the Kuppourtis, 240 

The gray, the gorot and the grym; 

Hurlhekill hoblit with him, 

Sigill Wrigill our fow, 

Gret bore Tulky the grow ; 

Mony gait, mony gilt, 245 

Come let the pig to be fpilt. 

Rowch rumple out ran, 

Weill mo than I tell can. 

With Tick a din and a dirdy, 

A garray and a hirdy girdy, 250 

The fulis all afferd wer. 

And the harlot hurt thare 

With bair Tufkyis tuth. 

And for to fay the verry futh, 

In that fellon affray 255 

The littill pig gat away, 

And ilk bore and ilk beift 


Defoulit the fulis of the feift; 

Sum mokit, menyeit and merrit ; 

Thus wer thay fro the meit (kerrit 260 

Is nocht this a nyc<t caifs? 

Bot yit a fer werfs it waifs; 

A new noyment and nois Foi.359.a. 

With a rumour vprois, 

That of that caifs to d^eft 265 

It mycht be callit a tempeft ; 

For all the fuynis awnaris 

Said feilis how the fulis fairis, 

And feis fo curft a cumpany, 

Herand thair awin fwyne cry, 270 

With thir myligantis machitt 

Afferd the fulis had thame kachit. 

As to fteill thame away. 

Than dyn raifs and dirray, 

Stok homis blew ftout, 275 

Mony on ifchit out; 

Gilby on his gray meir, 

And Fergy on his fow fair 

Hoge Hygin by the hand hint ; 

And Symy that was fone brint, 280 

With his lad Loury, 

And his goflep Gloury, 

Fergy in frunt pad. 

And Fynny foUowit him fall. 

Thurlgill thrang till a club ^5 

So ferfsy he flaw in a dub, 

Quhill Downy him abak dre\i^h ; 

Than Rany of the Reidhewch, 

With Gregry the bowman, 

For lufe of his leman 290 

Licht lap at a lyn ; 

He felyeit and he fell in, 


QiLZ Tbccj' c2rS:>ir Irsa t^ 
To tcyi -rhi a fcbcip 

And F-rgy Fitfy yeid bef jir. 

Chfftarc of that chttf cfcak, 

A ter ft^Trp oc bis bale ?» 

UTth bi5 lad Laddrwn, 

Aad his bound Hcnddrocn; 

Moay (cinpbird wrth hfzn is,^ 

Fro brokis, brois and brymmis; 

Off two lam cmkxt homis 5^ 

Thair baner oa a birk born is, 

Widi Bannyberd tbaxr banennan. 

And his coufing Cacfacran. 

Thair menlball Diky E>o>-t 

For befoir with a floyt; si^ 

Than danfit Doby Drymouth 

The lone fdiene in the fowth. 

And as tfaay lukit on a lee, 

Thay law an vtUr menye. 

Than all thay fled fiill afferd, 315 

And the maiftir fchipheid, 

Fcrgy Flitfy, befoir 

Thocht wes littHl on his ftorc. 

His feit maid fic dynnyng. 

He lakkit breth for r3mnyng. 320 

How, quod Hobby, herk me, 

We neid nocht to fordir fle, 

Yone folk our awin freindss ar, 

I knaw be thair banar. 

Than wer thay nevir half fo fane, 325 

And glaidly tumit all agane, 

And knew be thair array, 

^ MS. has Ail. 




That all nolt hirdis wer thay 

That ifchit out to the cry, 

And thair baner borne by, 330 

Of Crumhorae the cowis tailli 

Feftnit on a lang flaill. 

Befyd thair capitane, I trow, 

Callit wes Col)aie Cuckow, 

And Davy Doj^e of the dale 

Was thair mad menftrale, 

He blew on a pype he. 

Maid of a borit bourtre ; 

Waytftath him by 

Danfit ane Dandy. 

The thrid fallowfchip he faw, 

That thay windirweill knaw, 

The fwjme hirdis in a rowt, 

And Sueirbum with his fnowt 

Wes captane of thame thair, 345 

And borne wes his banair, 

Vpoun a fchule for to fchaw, 

A flekkit fowis Ikyn faw. 

With terletheris tyit hy. 

Quho bur it bot Botgy, 

And Clarus the long clype 

Playit on a bag pype; 

Haggyflieid and Helly, 

Ballybrass and Belly 

Danfit, and his fone famyn. 355 

Than all aifemblit with a gamyn, 

And all the menftralis attonis 

Blew vp and playit for the nonis : 

Schiphird, nolt hirdis. 

And fuynhirdis out girdis, 3^ 

For to dance merily. 

A maiftir fwynhird Swanky, 



And his coufing Copyn Cull, FoL3S9.b. 

Fowll of bellis fulfuU, 

Led the dance and began 565 

Play ws Joly lemmane. 

Sum trottit Tras and trenafs, 

Sum balterit The Bafs, 

Sum Perdowy, fum Trolly lolly, 

Sum Cok craw thow quhill day, 370 

Twyfbank and Terway, 

Sum Lincolme, fum Lindfay, 

Sum Joly lemman, dawis it nocht day, 

Sum Be yone wodfyd fmg^s. 

Sum Late, lait on evinnyngis, 375 

Sum Joly Mertene with a mok, 

Sum Lulalow, lute cok. 

Sum bekkit, fum bingit, 

Sum crakkit, fum cringit. 

Sum movit Moll mak revell, 380 

Sum Symon fonis of Quhynfell, 

Sum Maiftir Peir de Conyate, 

And vthir fum in confate 

At lefer dreft to dance. 

Sum Ourfute, fum Orliance, 385 

Sum Rufty bully with a bek. 

And Every note in vtheris nek; 

Sum vfit the danfis to deme 

Of Cipres and Boheme, 

Sum the faitis full yame 390 

Off Portingall and Naveme, 

Sum countirfutit the g3rifs of Spane, 

Sum Italy, fum Almane, 

Sum noifit Napillis anone. 

And vthir fum of Arragone, 395 

Sum the Cane of Tartaiy, 

Sum the Soldane of Surry, 


All his danfis defyncL 

Sum Pretir Johine of grit Ind, 

Sum as the Ethiopis vfit, 400 

Sum futit and fum refufit, 

Sum had danfis mony ma» 

With all the danfis of Afia ; 

Sum of Affiickis age, 

And principale of Cartage. 405 

Thair preifit in Pery pull, 

Full of bellis fulfuU, 

Maiftir Myngeis the mangels, 

Maiftir Tyngeis la tangeis, 

Maiftir Totis la toutis, 410 

And Roufty rottis the routis, 

Maiftir Nyklds la nakkis, 

And Sir Jakkis la jakk[is], 

The Haryhurlere hufty, 

And Calby the curft cufty. 415 

Mony laddis, mony low[nis/] 

Knowf, knois, kynnis, culrownis, 

CurriSy kenfeis and knavis 

Inthrang and danfit in thravis ; 

With thame Towis the mowis, 

And Hary with the reid howis. 

Than all arrayit in a ring 

Danfit My deir derling. 

And all aiTentit in a fop 

To The vfe of Ewrop ; 425 

That for fo much thay beleuit, 

That expert and weill preuit, 

Thay war in the eft warld, 

As is heir breuely ourharld. 

Thay conclud the vfe plane 430 

Of ylandis in occiane, 

And of the fermeland of France, 

1 Cnt off by the inlaying of the MS. 







And how the empriour dois dance 

Suefis in Suauia fyne, 

And als the reuir of Ryne ; 

Off Bretane the brod ile, 

Off Yrland and Argyle, 

Burgone and Breband, 

Hanyngo and Holland, 

Flanderis, Freifland and eik 

Brandeburcht and Broinfweik, 

Dittmer and Baywer, 

Pruce, Poill and Pomer, 

Lubwick land and Lunaburcht, 

Maleftrand and Makilbuigh, 

The fteidis fevin and fevinty 

And all boindis thame by, 

The Rerall and Rufland, 

Sclauia and Gotland, 

Denmark and Norroway. 

All thair daniis and play 

Thay movit in thair mad muting, 

And all thay falit in futing. 

For merrit wes thair menftralis, 

Thair inftrumentis in tonis feiis, 

And all thair plat pure panfis 

Coud no the fete of ony danfis 

Bot fuch thing as affeiris 

To hirdis and thair maneiris; Foi.36o.a. 

For thay hard fpeik of men gud, ^ 

And fmall thairof vndirftud, 

Bot hurlit furth vpoun held, 

A Copyne Cull coud thame lede. 

And fo thay wend thay well! danfit, 

And did bot praftit and pranfit^ 

And quhen thay had all done. 

It was a tratlyng out of tone. 





Than thay b^an for to chyd» 

Quhill Quhorlorefaufty ciyd, 

Ceilis this brangling and here, 470 

Remembir quhy ye come here, 

That ilk knave and ilk cuft 

Compryfit Horlorehuft 

For a witte man commendit; 

And thus thair danfmg thay endit 475 

And fo concluding thay paft 

To thair maiftiris als faft. 

The fiUy pig to relkew 

All the famyn ar thay met trew ; 

Be than wes machit on mold 480 

Als mony as thay wold; 

Lord God, fo lowd as thay cryd, 

Full oft the fulis thay defyd, 

And on thame femblit attonis, 

Bot thair wes breking of bonis; 485 

Hold how he wes heir 

Thay chace with a frefcfa cheir, 

Fyll ^ on the foirfaid fottis, 

And ourthrew all the 3^iottts» 

Both of the fwyne and the men. 490 

Be this ye may weill ken 

That foly is no fapience, 

For multitud in n^ligence 

He fddin palme of vifloiy, 

Bot God and gud wit gy; 495 

And all this grit brawling, 

Babling and vthir thing, 

Wes for a pig as y^ hard fayn, 

Yit he efkapit* vnilane. 

Now juge as ye lift by, $00 

For this is bot a fantefy. 

And littill poynt of poetry, 

^ This word is doabtfall. * Originally written hejkapit. 


Bot fport to mak ws ininy; 

And yit this is a ftrange caifs, 

Bot eftirward this pig waifs 505 

Growin to a grit boir. 

Lo, fuch is this warldis glore, 

Now law, now he, 

Nothing liable we fe 

In this warld of variance, 510 

Yit fell a caifs and new chance. 

This pig, quhen he a boir wes. 

Off" micht he grew maikles. 

As to fecht for awant. 

With antelop or oliphant, 515 

Tigir, pard or pantere. 

Bull, wolf or wyld bere, 

With the awfull vnicome, 

Nor ony beift that wes borne; 

For he faucht wichtly with Wad, 520 

And with Melliager mad, 

With Anteroufs [and] Hercules 

He did a battell in pres. 

And huntit was in the plane 

Befoir the goddes Djrane, 525 

Bot he efkapit harmeles, 

And killit hundis in the chafe. 

The rich king of Sydon 

And his knychtis ilk on, 

For thir bere afferd wer, 53° 

For vmquhile he wonit thair, 

And gaif a battell curious 

To Eglamoir of Artherus. 

The vgly Worme nevir fo weill preuit 

Quhill this bald bore leuit, 535 

Nor yit as I vndirftand. 

The Dragone in the Holy Land. 


Is nocht this a nyce caifs. 

That firft this pig fo pure waifs, 

And in fo mony dengeris, 540 

He eflcapit with weris? 

Ye may confaue be this twich. 

That oft of littill cumis mich; 

To contempt a fmall fo, 

Quhill he haith grace to ryd or go 545 

At liberty and fredome, 

I hold it no wifdome, 

Or for loif of pennyis 

To fuffer honour perreis. 

And thus is the cais endit 550 

Of the penny that wes fpendit. 

That grew to fo grit prifs; 

Scarfs fpending ikathis gentrifs. 

Thus haif I tald yow a caifs 

To fett yow in folaifs, 555 

For our exceding ftudy 

May caufs quhyle malancoly ; 

Thairfoir to male ws mirryar 

Thus did my fantefy fair. 

And this hirdy girdy I, 5^ 

And dirdy, cry yow mercy. 


{SecufuUt Pars.] 

Off thir mokking meteris and mad matere, FoLjeo-b. 

Your he reuerence, humly eft I requyre 

All the hereris pardoun with pacience 

My noyous noyifs, nycetie and n^ligence ; 565 

And to fatisfie my foirfaid fymple dyte, 


In recompance of it now will I wiyte 

Of the fecund penny, for the girie coft, 

How it did thryve that onis was thrall half loft. 

A yeir eftir, walking in his difport 570 

By a rever, Cokelby faw refort 

Ane auld blind man with a pretty maid, 

Nocht twelf yeir old^ I hold of age fcho haid; 

Bot futh to fay fcho was nocht lyk to be 

A wordly wicht, fo windir fair we[s] fche; 575 

So Weill nurtourit as fcho had nurifcheit bene 

In clofter or court, dochter to kyng or quene. 

Innocentlie fcho faluft on hir kne 

This carlage man, this foirfaid Colkelbe; 

Yit for to tell the werray treuth of it, 580 

He was ane man boith of fubftance and wit. 

And faid, Dochter, haue Goddis blyffing and myne. 

The auld man alkit, Le pour amour deuine 

Cherite, and he faid, Fatiher, cum to my houfs. 

He had him home and gaif him fair almoufs, 585 

And intentlie inquireit quhair he had 

Gottin that fair innocent gudelie maid. 

And gif fcho war his dochter or kyn to fay. 

He faid, Suithlie fcho is nother perfay; 

Bot one palmar, ane honeft man was he, 590 

One aliane come frome beyond the fe, 

With his awin wyf, a blyflit creatour, 

Lougeit with me, fuppoifs that I be peur, 

And throuch the will of God, fo as it was, 

Thay war wefeit with fuddane foir feiknefs, 595 

And deceiflit thairin boith in ane hour; 

This little maid, this tender createur. 

Was thair dochter, and beluiflit with me, 

That leiddis me now fence my felf may nocht fe. 

Colkelbe faid, I beleif it is fo^ 600 

Bot quhat cuntre that ewer thai ioXk come fro, 

1 MS. has hold. 


It femis thai war of kynrdd full potent, 

Be the dochteris feris this innocent. 

Bot, guid father, gif that ye wald aggree 

To lat the maid remane heir ftill with me 605 

For hir honour, and elfs fo wald I reid yow, 

Bot ye fall haif ane boy of myne to leid yow. 

The blynd man laid, Thre fones at home I haue, 

And war I thair no moir gyding I crawe, 

Bot fer the maide hath bene a quhill with me, 610 

And 3re hir haue I fuld the better be. 

Cokkelby faid, I had thre penn3ri8 round, Foi.36i.a. 

The firft wes loft onys in a lak and found. 

And with it coft a pig fum callis a gryfs, 

Quhich increfcit to he wirfchip and pryfs 615 

So mervellous mony men of him reidis ; 

He wes the caus^ of feill ferlifuU dddis, 

As his l^end beiris witnes, luke quho fo lift; 

The fecound penny I haif heir in my fift. 

On lyis in hurd; tills is the caifs of thame; 620 

Thre filly pemijns futhly I hald the fame. 

The faid fecound penny I faU gife the 

For this young maid, gif that thow will and fche. 

With my favouris in tyme to cum alfo : 

Thay agreit, and thus I lat thame go. 625 

This Colkelby nvrdft hir in his houfs, 

Quich grew fo fair and verry verteoufs. 

So gentill in all his geftis and appliable, 

And fobir in fchiruice and amiable. 

That all that hir faw thay luvit hir as thair lyfe, 630 

And fpecialy this CoUcelbeis W3rfe, 

A worfchepfull woman in to hir houfs, 

Thay callit hir to name Bellamoroufs. 

Betuix hir and hir hufband Colkelby, 

Thay had a fone callit Flanniflie; 635 

Galland he wes and gud in all his feir, 

^MS. repeats ISVmmi; 


And of all vthiris odly the bed archeir 

In ony land, rycht wirfchepfuU and wyfe, 

Big of bonis, a ftrong man of dewyfe. 

And, as his fader and moder did oft efpy, 640 

He coppeit this yong wench attentely 

In his confait with fad degeftioun, 

Hir moft plefand perfyt pure perfoun, 

Hir frefche figour formyt of forme and fece, 

Gevin to all gud fulfillit of Godis grace, 645 

That all bonty and bewty that mycht be 

Worthy comprsrflis thairof anewch had fche. 

He lovit fo Weill thair was non vthir, 

Bot with confent of freindis, fadir and moder, 

He weddit hir to wyfe, wit ye for ay. 650 

This amiable innocent Adria 

Wes callit to name, and this in France fell 

Into the firft orifing of it to tell, 

Or it prevelit planeift and popelus, 

Quhair now Pareifs citie is fituat thus. 655 

This Colkelby wonit thair,^ quhair the caifs 

Of the pig, fulis, and all that foirfaid was. 

Till on a tyme that he France the king 

Roid to vefy the boundis thair as regne; 

And in the place thair as Cokkelby dwelt, 660 

A man of ftoir ^ with fuch thing he delt, 

For than non could haif craft comis to win; FoL36i.b. 

That king of mycht lugit in to his in, 

And on the mome a grit fchoting thay did ciy, 

Quhair Flaniflie our all wan vi£tory. 665 

The king faw him fo big a man and ftrong. 

And gudly als, to tary yow nocht long, 

For his body a fquyer he him maid ; 

And in his weiris fo weill he him behaid. 

He was maid knycht in court to continew; 670 

And than he fend for his fair lady trew, 

^ Thair afterwaids inferted. * This fluy be tttA/cair. 


Dame Adria, qiihome the king did commend 

In hir^ chalmer vpoun the quene to attend ; 

Beft bdouit and moft perfyte wes fche. 

For hir^ geitis and bewtie and bontie, 675 

Our all the latf the ladds that tliair ware. 

And Flanniilie fo weill in weiris him bare, 

That the king eftir maid him erle ri^all. 

And a comar of a cuntre feuerall, 

Nocht tlian invent inhabit as it lay, 680 

Gaif him be feile heretable for ay, 

Quhich he plenjndit with peple and polefy, 

And namit it eftir him and his lady, 

This is to lay Flanniilie and Adria, 

His hole erldome callit Flandria, 685 

Flan Ira the lirft fdlab of Flanniilie, 

And Dria drevin fra Adria the fre. 

The quhich famouls erldome of Flanderis ay 

Haldis of Frankland and Duchpeir to this day. 

Off the fecound penny thus come grit grace 690 

With correfUoun, and this I call a cace; 

I rdd nocht this in ftoiy autentyfe, 

I did it leir at ane full auld wyfe. 

My grit graundame, men callit hir Gurgunnald ; 

Sdio knew the lyfe of mony faderis aid, 695 

Notable geftis of peax and weiris in ftorye, 

Frefch in hir mynd and recent of memoiye, 

Nochtwithllanding fcho was weill fett in eild; 

Hir a^e I hald of fevin fcoir of winteris heild, 

And faw fumdeill; bot for to fay the futh, 700 

In to hir held I treft was nocht a tuth, 

Thairfoir grwew moft gredely eit fche, 

And laking teith famvlit hir faculte. 

That few folk mycht confaue hir momling mowth, 

Bot I that was expert thsurin of yowth. 705 

Than wald I lay fcho had grit grace of God; 

> MS. has kU. 


Quhy fo, quod ficho, my ion? and auid a nod. foI. 362.2. 

Madame, quod I, for tiiair be mony wyffis 

Throw haboundance of fpech that nevir tryffis. 

And I wald chenge, mydit it be at my fdd, 710 

For a gud toung all the tdth in thair heid; 

As ye ar now, fo fuld thay nocht be nemit 

Skaldis, baldis, and thairthrow fchent and fchamit 

Than angrit fcho and faid, Sand Johine to borrow, 

Thow lichit boy, thow menis mdde fonowy 715 

And fall do moir gife thow in \yit may byd. 

Madame, quod I, that talk I on your fyd. 

Than wald fcho prdis bett me in ai^ry wyfi, 

Bot Weill was me, fcho m}rcht nocht lyn nor ryh^ 

And I wald vp and wiik away full wyld; 720 

Than wald fcho flattir, Cum in agane, my chyld, 

And thow fall haif, lo, ftanding in the fkd( 

Quheit breid and reme, conferuit for my feU 

Than fett fcho me to leir littQi at the finile, 

Nowdir lyk to be a w}rfman nor a fule, 725 

And oft with pyne fcho maid me to report 

Of hir tailis; and to coodud in Idiort, 

Scho faid, My fone, be this faid taill thow faill 

Leme fyve witds, and the firft of thame all 

Is to conciddir of fulis the foly; 730 

Set in nummer thay lyfs and mnltqply, 

Thay may nevir moir fruft in felicity, 

Thair ignorance requyris nodit it fo be; 

Experience and teftimoniaU 

Off the faidis fulis, my fone, oonfaif Ihow iall, 735 

That a pure pig in thair poiTeffioun 

Thay had, and tnk for ferme conduiioun 

To kill the famyn, and mak of it a feift ; 

And fyne thay war ourthmwin, moft and leift. 

For fory fwjme for thair golfing affiaid, 74o 

Till that the {lig brak fra thame in a 


And fyne knavis ourcome thame with a ctye; 

Thairfoir, my fone, fra fie fulich foly, 

And fallowfcfaip, kdp die, for the fiift wit 

The fecund is, my fone, will fhow lerae it, 745 

Prefome nevir hot povert may prewaill, 

Be it rychtwiis^ aganis men of grit availl. 

That ar nocht wjrifs hot wianguls in tliair dddis. 

In cas tiiai male the quhilcs veadt at nedss; 

Witnes this pig, fone, be experiaice, 750 

That was fangit in the fulis offence. 

To be killity and recouerit agane 

To fo grit grace, as is foiriaid certane. 

Thairfoir, my fone, leif nocht thy gud quanell Foi.362.b. 

For apperance of dangeris and parrell, 755 

For be thow juft God fall thy juge be 

In all perrellis, and wdll deliuer the; 

And the danger paflit thow art alfs fure 

As evir thow was, and ftranger^ in nature, 

To aventure agane in richtowfnace. 760 

Bot quho fo will cowardly hyd his face 

In defens of his juft afUoun, 

Quhen he treftis him for fuch fowll affe£tioun 

Moft in furty, fuppreffit fone falhe be, 

Quhair the richtouiis frome all feir (all go fre. 765 

Lychtly nevir thy gud querrell for feir 

Off all perrellis, dowt; domage or dax^^eir, 

Suld it fo be, nevir fuld mertirdome 

Fortefie fath nor win the f<%e of Rome ; 

Quho that fureft dois keip him foneft dots flyd, 770 

Bot gud quarrell and grace God be thy gyd. 

The thrid wit is, my fone, gif thow will ken, 

Quhair evir thow feis grit wit in virtewils men, 

Thocht thay be pure, auld or yong fpedaly, 

Contempne thame nocht» fone, and lo the, quhy, 775 

This maid, this girie, this pure Adria, wes 


Young faderles leuit, and eik modifies, 

In ftrenge lond, and yit the Holy Goft 

Vpllftit hir for wit to wirfchep moft ; 

And in lykwasrifs hir lord erle Flannyfle. 780 

Quho wold haif thame oppreft for thair pouirte, 

Remembir now in fuch hicht as thay are, 

Quhat may thay do to thair pairty contrare, 

Thay may weill quyt and ouirthraw thame at all; 

Difpyfs nevir wyiis vertewis in puralL 785 

The ferd wit is, lat nevir thy penny be, 

Nor warldis gud, my fone, maftir of the; 

For littill thing weill fpendit may incres 

To he honour, wirfchep and grit^ riches, 

As did thir tuo pennyis fpendit weill 790 

Vpoun the pig and the pure damefell. 

I neid no moir of thame to multeply, 

Thow knawis befoir how thay did fru£lefy, 

Thairfoir hald nocht pennyis our pretioufs, 

Bot fuffer thame pafs profpering commodiouls. 795 

Forfuth a tjmie a penny thow may fpend, 

That may awaill the to thy lyvis end, 

Thairfoir, my fone, gife thow thinkis to indure, 

Spend with mefure, for luk, wit and mefure. Foi.363.ft. 

The fyift wit is, my fone, fet nevir thy harte 800 

To mak an hurd, fuffering honour by ftarte, 

For littill watt thow how fone that thow may did 

Frome it flely, or it fra the to glid; 

And at the leift in the hurd quhill it lyis, 

It fervis nowdir the warld nor multeplsns, S05 

And gif thow dels it is vnknawin to men ; 

In avarice quhat cheir is with the then ? 

For quich this man, this worthy Colkelby, 

That in his dayis gat nevir bot penn)ds thre, 

Saw two thryve weill, and the thrid did nocht, sio 

Incontinent that penny out he brocht, 

^ Perhaps gritt. 


And awowit to God in folempnit word, 

That he fuld nevir ftudy to mak ane hord. 

Rycht fo, my fone, I chaiige the to dude. 

Spend with wirchep and fpair nocht Godis gud; 815 

How littill wat thow ane vdir tyme quho may 

Bruk thy wyfe and bag^s eftir thy day. 

Thus Guigunnald, my grit grandame, me kend ; 

Haif I myfiaid in ocht I fall amend, 

ExpUdt Secunda Pars. 

[Tenia Pars.] 

And with pardoun now of your he lordfchippis, 820 

And correfUoun of your reuerend maifterfchippis, 

Heir wald I tell of the thrid hid penny, 

As I haif told yow two did fruAefy. 

This Cokelby concidering weill the cais. 

That of wrechit awarice grew nevir grace, 825 

Having in hairt the hole experience, 

How that the two pennyis raifs in afcenfs, 

Thocht he wald preve die thrid penny quhyle hid, 

Quhilk for the tyme no tru& nor proffeit did. 

To fuifir it fpreid in warld and fru£lefy. 830 

And gif fum folk wald fay that I go by. 

How fuld a penny fru£l contrar nature. 

Sen gold, filuer, mettell, and alkyn vre 

Fsmit be folkis, vanifis and nocht increilis. 

Sum wold allege my lewit langage a lefs is, 835 

Bot, or I waid moir in this wildirnas,^ 

Off fuch weir I will declair the cafs. 

Quhill that the vre is in the awin nature. 

And nocht fynit nor forgit be manis cure. 

So long the forfs of the four elementis, 840 

And moft the erth mynifteris it nvtrimentis, Fol.363.b. 

^ Originally wUdemes^ but altered by the writer. 


To increfling as herbiSi (lone or tre, 

Frome tfaair oridng ftok cuttit quhill duty be, 

And frome thair ferm firft rutit grund dewydit, 

Thay may nocht than be natur fo abfcidit, 845 

Do fruAifie and flureifs as afoir, 

Lyk as a man heidit he may no moir, 

Bot that the faule throw grace of God only, 

In fpirituall joyis only dois fruflefy. 

So the mettelly abfcidit be the man, 850 

Nocht fru6lefeis of nature, bot quhat than? 

Manly refoun, and wit of Godis gift, 

Fyndis menis the m<Miey to vplift, 

And multeply in moir memor and mycht, 

Than evir it did in erd quhill it plycht 855 

For quhy, fo long as it lay on the ground, 

It was vnfynit as fru6l nevirmoir found, 

And quhan it was vptak be manis wit, 

Throw out the warld alway welcome wes it. 

And fet in cas and meniflit a lyte, 860 

Vfit and handlit be men : yit quhair a myte 

Failis thairof manis wit bringis agane 

A thowfand pundis fynit out of vris plane; 

The examplis that quhofo hath a vertew, 

Vfs it wyfly eft fyifs ten frome it grew. 865 

And in fchort my long legend quho fo leftis. 

The euwangell the trewth thairof atteftis, 

Goddis awin word, quhich tuk frome on fule man 

A pure penny having no moir ad than. 

And gaif the wyfs that had ten pennsris tald ; 870 

Bot quhy was tihat? for the fule man no wald 

Difpone wyfly his penny, bot abufs ft, 

Hyd it, and he that had ten weill tham vfit, 

Thairfoir God tuk frome the Ynverteoufs men 

A penny, and gaif to the gud having ten ; 875 

Rycht fo \it tiiat hes fcience, and it abufts. 


Nocht following faft the fru£l, bot it refufis, 

God will it geif to him that hes far moir. 

I caft mc nocbt alday to gloifs in gloir, 

Or to langar l^endis that ar pr<^xt, 880 

Thairfpir I tiiroe vnto my firft t^xt. 

As to declair the tfarid pefiny* quhyle hid, 

Eftir out bfocht; and gydit grace it did. 

As followis heir quho lykfs to adwert, Foi.364.a. 

Throw confaitis of Colkelby cscpett; 885 

Lyk [t]o fede fawin in erd mortiiicat 

Flouris money fni£tis ^nifioat; 

Lyk martgris kiUit offquhome the mirrcitfe ryfis, 

Sanflis in hevin quhome iinfull man fuppryiis; 

Aud heric)miis how^ befyd this Colkelby, 890 

Thair duelt a man was rich of ilofr and fie, 

Quhair Bodsnmicant caitell ftandis now in plane, 

His big nychtbour men callit him Blenblowane; 

A wirthy wyfe had he weddit, and fche 

Was callit Sufime, on quhome a fone gat he, 895 

And Colkelby was goflfep to the fame. 

And he callit hfm Cokalb to his lycht nanae. 

Colkdby with the iaid tbild pem^ bocht 

Xxiiij hen h^;gis, and with thame focht 

To his gud lone, for godfistdBrly rewifd, 900 

Him to rememblr as fchawtt is eftirward* 

Sufan angrit heirat, as oft woman is, 

Quhile paiTKMiat that all confaitis kennis, 

Tuk in difdane this gift, this fymple thing, 

And faid, Goflap, beir hame your pure offifi^; 905 

Mene ye to mok my feme and me, no mofar 

I will heirof ; liire it away tiiakfoir. 

He faid, I lall keip thame to my gud fone; 

And had thame home to his place quhair he wone, 

And chaiigeit fone hb henwyfe to do hir cure, 910 

And mak thame fruCL Than to let tiuMie Icho fure: 


Hir beft brod hen callit lady Pekle pes, 

And young Cokrell, hir lord and lemman wes, 

Scho maid brud on thir eggis, that in fchort fpace 

Twenty-four chikkynis of thame fcho hes, 915 

Twelf maill and twell famell be cronicuUs cleir; 

And quhat thay war with thair names we fall heir. 

The firft wes the bsxxyn Chantecleir to luke. 

Off quhome Chaucer treitis in to his buke, 

And his lady Partlot, lifter and wyfe, 920 

Quhilk wes no Xyit in detis of that lyfe; 

For quhy, folkis levit be naturall lawis than. 

The tuthir bruthir was clipit Cok Cademan^ 

He tuk to wyfe his fair trew fiftir Toppok; 

Kok Crawdoun was the thrid, and his wyfe Coppok ; 925 

And to compt juft the fourt, Cok Lyk ouris, 

And littill Hen pen his pretty paramouris ; 

The fyift lord was Ljrricok in hall, Fo].364.b. 

And Kekilcroufs thay did his lady call. 

Reid Kittilcok that fat on reid caill ftok, 9J0 

And Feklefaw fareft of all the flok 

Was the fext ; and Cok Rufty the fevin, 

Dame Strange his wyfe, quhilk had a ftout ftevin; 

Cokky the auch^ his lady clepit Lerok; 

Cok Nolus the nynt fpowfit his fiftir Erok ; 935 

Cok Coby the tent and Sprutok his fpeciall; 

Cok Obenar the levint, his maik thay call 

Dame Juliane; the twelf wes Cok Jawbert, 

And lady Wagtaill his joy and all his hairt. 

So ftout a ftoir come of thir brethir twelf 940 

And thair fifteris, I can nocht fay my felf 

The fyiftie pairte thay wer fo fruAeoufs, 

And at fchriftis evin fum wes fo battaloufs^ 

That he wald win to his maiftir in feild 

Fourty florans with bill and fpuris beild. 945 

Sum of this ftoir this Cokkelby did fell, 


Sum auldf fum yung, fum t%^ in the fchell, 

And coft tfaairwith vthir ivare, and fo it tumit, 

This penny, that xv yeir it nocht foiornit, 

He mvlteplyit moir than a thowfand pound. 950 

Than his gud fone he caliit to him a ftound, 

Befoir his fader, moder and freindis all, 

And faid, Cakkalb, my fone, reflaif thow fall 

All thir gudis, for juftly thay ar thyne. 

Off thy chyld gift, ftorit throw grace devyne, 955 

Fro xxiiij hen eggis quiche I the gaif 

Set, thi moder, fone, wald thame nocht reflfaif 

Than as ye hard he tald all the caifs; 

This Cokelb grew eftir to fo grit richefs 

Throw this penny, he grew the michtieft man 960 

In ony realme. Quhat did the penny than ? 

Firft hid in hurde, to vertew nocht applyit, 

And fyne outbrocht that fo fer fru^lefyit: 

Thairfoir, my fone, iludy nevir in thy day 

With auarice warldis gud in hurd till ley, 965 

Nor be thow nocht difparit of Godis grace. 

The thrid penny this was, and the laft caice, 

As my beledame, old Gurgunnald, told me, FoLjes.a. 

I all^e non vthir auAorite. 

In this fentence maid on revill raill, 970 

Quhich femys moft to be a wyfis taill. 

With correAioun quhite now I thus conclud, 

God that ws bocht with his awin bliflfit blud, 

Both yow and me to confarue he deden, 

Throw meik mirreitis of his only Sone, amen. 975 

Explicit Tertia Pars et Ultima, 




[Robene/at om gudgrene Hil/.] 

ROBENE fat on gud grene hill, 
Kepand a flok of fe ; 
Mirry Makyne faid him till, 
Robene, thow rew on me; 

I haif the lovit lowd and ftill, 5 

Thir yeiris two or thre; 
My dule in dem bot gif thow dill, 
Dowtlefs but dreid I de. 

Robene anfchirit, Be the rude, 

Na thing of lufe I knaw, 10 

But keipis my fcheip vndlr yone wid, 

Lo, quhair thay raik on raw. 

Quhat hes marrit the in thy mude, 

Makyne, to me thow fchaw; 

Or quhat is lufe, or to be lude, 15 

Fane wald I leir that law. 

At luvis lair gife thow will leir, 

Tak thair ane A B C; 

Be he)md, courtafs and fair of feir, 

Wyfe, hardy and fre ; 20 

So that no denger do the deir, 

Quhat dule in dem thow dre; 

Preifs the with pane at all poweir. 

Be patient and previe. 

Robene anfchirit hir agane, 25 

I wait nocht quhat is luve, 
Bot I haif mervell intertane, 
Quhat makis the this wanrufe. 


The weddir is fair and I am fane> 
My fcheip gois haill aboif, 
And we wald play ws in this plane, 
Thay wald ws ba}rth reproif. 


Robene, tak tent vnto my taill, Foi.365.b. 

And wirk all as I rdd^ 

And thow fall haif my hairt all haill, 35 

Eik and my madinheid. 

Sen God fendis bute for baill» 

And for mvming remeid, 

I dem with the, bot gif I datU 

Dowtles I am bot deid. ^ 

Makyne, to monie this ilk a tyde, 

And ye will meit me heir, 

Perauenture my fcheip m^ gang befyd, 

Quhill we haif liggit full neir. 

Bot mawgre haif I and I byd 45 

Fra thay b^in to fteir; 

Quhat lyis on hairt I will nocht hyd, 

Mak)m, than mak gud cheir. 

Robene, thow reivis me rois and reil, 

I luve bot the allone. ^o 

Makyne, adew, the fone gois weft, 

The day is neir hand gone. 

Robene, in dule I am fo dieft. 

That lufe wilbe my bone. 

Ga lufe, Makyne, quhaif evir thow lift, 55 

For lemman I lid none. 

Robene, I ftand in fic a ftyll, 

I ficht, and that full fair. 

Makyne, I haif bene heir this quhyle. 

At hame God gif I wair. . 60 


My huny, Robene, talk ane quhtll, 
Gif thow will do na main 
Makyne, fum vthir man bqyle, 
For hamewart I will fair. 

Robene on his wayis went, 65 

Als licht as leif of tre; 

Mawkin mvmit in hir intent, 

And trowd him nevir to fe. 

Robene brayd attour the bent, 

Than Mawkyne cryit on hie, 70 

Now ma thow ftng, for I am fchent, 

Quhat alis lufe at me? 

Mawkyne went hame withowttin faill, 

Full wery eftir cowth weip ; 

Than Robene in a fulfair daill 73 

Aflemblit all his fcheip. FoLj66.a 

Be that fum pairte of Mawkynis aill 

Outthrow his hairt cowd creip ; 

He fallowit hir faft thair till aflaill, 

And till hir tuke gude keip. 80 

Abyd, abyd, thow fair Makyne, 

A word for ony thing. 

For all my luve it falbe thyne 

Withowttin depairting. 

All haill, thy harte for till haif myne 85 

Is all my cuvating, 

My fcheip to mome quhill houris n)me 

Will netd of no keping. 

Robene, thow hes hard foung and fay, 

In geftis and ftoreis auld, 90 

The man that will nocht quhen he may 

Sail haif nocht ^ quhen he wald. 

^ Originallj Hie /all nocht y and tltered by the writer. 


I pray to Jefu every day, 

Mot eik thair cairis cauld, 

That firft preiflis with the to play, 95 

Be firth, forreft or fawld. 

Makyne, the nicht is foft and dry, 

The wedder is warme and fair. 

And the grene woid rycht neir ws by, 

To walk attour all quhair. >^ 

Thair ma na janglour ws efpy, 

That is to lufe contrair, 

Thairin, Makyne, bath ye and I, 

Vnfene we ma repair. 

Robene, that warld is all away, 105 

And quyt brocht till ane end. 

And nevir agane thairto perfay, 

Sail it be as thow wend; 

For of my pane thow maid it play, 

And all in vane I fpend; "o 

As thow hes done, fa fall I fay, 

Mvme on, I think to mend. 

Mawkyne, the howp of all my heill, 

My hairt on the is fett, 

And evirmair to the be leill, 115 

Quhill I may leif but lett ; 

Nevir to faill as vtheris feill, 

Quhat grace that evir I gett 

Robene, with the I will nocht deill; . . Foi.366.b. 

Adew, for thus we mett. '^ 

Malkyne went hame blyth annewche, 
Attour the holttis hair; 
Robene mvmit, and Malkyne lewche ; 
Scho fang, he fichit fair. 


And fo left him, bayth wo and wrewch, 125 

In dolour and in cair, 

Kepand his hird vnder a huchei 

Amangis the holtis hair. 

\Finis\ qu$d Maiflir Robert Henryfone. 


Heir foUowis the fecouftd Prolloge pr Ptnoieme of tiu 
Hijlery of the Croniclis of Scotland^ maid be Maiftir 
Johine Bellenden, Archedene of Murrt^^ fgg^g to 
his Buik as eftir foUawis^ verry notable and wirdy 
of Commendatioun, 

THOW marciall buke, pas to the nobill prince, 
King James the Fyifl, my fouerane maift preclair, 
And, gif fumtyme thow gettis awdience, 
In humill wyifs vnto his grace declair 
My walkryf nichtis and my labour fair, 5 

Quhilk ithandly hes for his plefeir tak, 
Quhill goldin Tytan with his bimand chair 
Hes paft all fingnis in the zodiak. 

Quhill bifly Ceres, with hir plewch and harrowis, 

Hes fild hir graingis full of eveiy come, ioFoi.367.a. 

And ftormy Chyron, with his bow and arrowis, 

Hes all the cludis of the hevin fchome; 

And fchill Trsrton with his windy horae 

Over quhemlit all the flowand occean, 

And Phebus tumit vndir Capricome, 15 

The famyn greis quhair I firft b^gan. 


Sen thow art drawin fa compendius, 

Fra flowand Latyne in to vulgar proTe, 

Schaw now quhat prinds bene maift vicius, 

And quha hes bene of chevalry tlie rofe; 20 

Quhay did thair kingrik in maift honor joifs, 

And with thair blude our liberteis hes coft, 

R^arding nocht to die amang thair fois, 

Sa that thay micht in memory be brocht. 

Schaw be quhat denger and difficill wayis 25 

Oure anteceflburis, at thair vttir michtis, 

Hes brocht this realme with honour to our dayis, 

Ay fechtand for thair liberteis and richtis 

With Romanis, Danis, Inglifmen^ and Pichtis, 

As courtas redaris may throw thy proces ken; 30 

Thairfoir thow ganis for na cative wichtis, 

Allanerly bot vnto nobill men. 

And to fic perfonis as covettis for to heir 

The vels^eand deidis of our progenitouris, 

And how this cuntre, baith in peice and weir, 35 

Bene govemit vnto thir prefent houris; 

How forcy chiftanisi in mony bludy ftouris^ 

(As now is blawin be my vulgar pen) 

Maift velyeandly wan landis and honouris, 

And for tliair vertew callit nobill men. 40 

For nobilnes fumtyme the loving is, 

That cumis be meritis of our elderis gone, Foi. 367.5. 

As Arriftotill wryttis in his Rethorikls, 

Amang nobillis, quha caftin thame repone, 

Mone drefs thair lyfe and deidis one be one, 45 

To mak thame worthle to haif memorie, 

For honor to thair prince or natione. 

To be in gloir to thair pofteritie. 


Ane vthir kynd thair is of nobilnes 

That cumis be infulioun naturally 50 

And makis ane man fa full of gentilnes, 

Sa courtas, plefand and fa liberall, 

That every man dois him ane nobill call; 

The lyoun is fa nobill (as men tellis) 

He can not r^e aganis the beiftis fmall^ 55 

Bot on thame quhilkis his maieftie rebellis. 

The awfuU churle is of ane vthir kynd, 

Thocht he be borne to vyleft fervitude, 

Thair may na gentrice fynk in to his mynd 

To help his freind or nichtbour with his gude ; 60 

The bludy wolf is of the famyne ftude, 

He feiris grit beiilis, and ragis on the fmall, 

And leivis in flawchter, terranny and blude, 

But ony mercy quhair he may ouerthrall. 

This man is borne ane nobill, thow will fay, 65 

And gevin to flewth and lull immoderat, 

All that his elderis wan he puttis away, 

And fra thair vertew is degenerat; 

The moir his elderis fame is elevat. 

The moir thair lyfe to honor till approche, 70 

Thair fame and loving ay interminat. 

The moir is ay vnto his vyce reproche. 

Amangis the oift of Greikis as we hard 

Two knichtis war, Achilles and Terfete, 

[That ane maift vailyeand, this othir maid coward. 75 

Bettir is to be (fays Juvinall the poete) 

Terfetis fon, havand Achilles fprete, 

With manly force his purpos to fulfill. 

Than to be lord of every land and ftrete, 

And fyne maift cowart, cumin of Achill.^] 80 

1 As folios 368 and 369 are miffing, only two lines of this ftanxa are 
found in the MS. Stanzas 1 1 to 28 are wanting, and the firll line of the 

f^th. The imperfedl ftanzas are completed from Bellenden's Boece. 
din., 1821, 


[Schaw how young knychtis fuld be men of weir J 

With hardy fpreit at every jepordie, FoL37o.a. 

Lyk as thair elderis bene fa mony yeir, 

Ay to defend thair realme and libertie, 

That thay not, be thair flewth .nnd cowartrie, 85 

The fame and honor of thair elderis t3me; 

Appr}rfe ilk (lait in to thair awin d^^e. 

Ay as thay leif in morall difciplyne. 

Schaw furth ilk king, quhill thow cum to the prince, 

That r^[nis now in grit felicitie, 90 

Quhais antient bluid, be hie preheminence, 

Decorit is in maift excellent grie, 

(Withowt compair) of hie nobilitie, 

With giftis mo of nature to him gevin, 

Gif nane abufit in his yowtheid be, 95 

Than evir was gevin to nobill vndir hevin. 

Thocht thow pas furth (as bird implume,) to licht, 

His gratius eiris vnto my work implore, 

Quhair he may fee, as inane mirrour bricht, 

So notable ftoreis baith of vice and glore, 100 

Quhilk nevir was fene in to this tung afore; 

Quhairthrow he may, be prudent govemyng, 

Als Weill his honor as his realme decore, 

And be ane vertewis and ane nobill king. 

Finis. C(?M;^//^Maiflir JohiDcBellenden, 
Archidene of Mvrrayy contenii in the 
Volame of the ScotHfs Cronicuiis^ be him 
tranflaiUH in our vulgar 7\ing, 



[The following ** Table," originally very imperfn^l, has been largely 
added to by a later hand, said by Dr. David Laing to be that of Bi^op 
Percy, who had the MS. on loan ihortly after it was given to the 
Advocates* Library. A few items have been added by other pens at 
a later date, here marked with *, and feveral ftiU omitted are now given 
within brackets [ ]. The Table feems originally to have been made 
only after the various folios now missing were lofti as, with two ex- 
ceptions, which are noted, it does not contain any references to the 
pieces they contained. Additions to the MS. by later pens than that 
of the original compiler, and which have been placed in an Appendix, 
arc here diftingoiihed by a prefixed \] 




A. Fol.370.b. 


A big bricht man fering a deir yeir for to cum, i6i 

Abfent I am richt foir aganis my will, 237 

Allace, fo fobir is the micht, .... 269 

Allone as I went vp and doun, ... 46 
All richteous thingis the quhilk dois now proceid, 79 

All to luve, and not to fenyie, 134 

All thais that lift of wemen ill to fpeik, . 275 

Ane mvrelandis man of vplandis mak, . 59 

Ane aigit man thiyifs fourtie yeir, . 268 

As Phebus bricht in fpheir meridiane, 230 
As yung Aurora with cryftM haill. Callit the 

Freir of Tungland, 117 

At matyne houre in mydis of the nicht, . 52 

And with pardaun now, etc. [Golkelbie fow], . 363 

As it befell and Itapnit in to deid, . 348 

A yung man cJdftane witUs^ . 125 

AUau^ departing ground of wo, 225 

All for ane is my mane, 229 

Ane laid^ may Itrfe a ledy of ejbtit, . 244 

A cokfumtyme with federein, .... 327 

A crewal wolf etc,, 336 

A lyon at his prey, etc., 340 

As Ifuppois, etc. [The lyon and the moufs], 342 

[And be thow drunkin thow fuld nocht think, 145] 

^ [Amongft the monfters that we find, . 355] 

^ MS. has lord, which has been altered from laird. 





Baith fair and gude and womanlie, . . 222 

Be chance bot evin this vdir day, . 127 

Be governour, baith gude and gratious, . 87 

Be gratious, grund and gait of fapience, . . 86 

Be miny, bretheiyne, ane and all, . 160 

Being ourquhelmd with dolor and with cair,^ . 232 

Be myrry, man, and tak not far in mynd, 98 

Be richteoufs, r^ent, and weill exerfs thy ceure, 86 

Bruther, be wyifs, I counfall the, . 259 

Brycht fterne of bewty, etc., .... 222 

Betuix twelf houris and ellevin, no 

Be ye ane luvar, think ye not that ye fowld, . 213 

Be glaid, all ye that luvaris benCy 229 


Certane godly verflis of the fawle, the con- 

fcience, etc., 15 

Certane gude counfallis, verry morall, etc., 74 
Certane mirry epigrammis of Maiftir Haywod, 

Inglifman, . . . . 159 
Certane interluddis of Schir Dauid Lyndfayis 

play, 164 

Certane wyifs fentencis owt of morale philofapby, 85 

Chryft crownyt king and empriour, 38 

Chryfte, qui lux es et dies, . . , . 21 

Compacience perfTis, rewth and mercy ftowundis, 33 

Confidder, hairt, my trew intent, . 2^5 

Confidder, man, all is bot vanitie, ... 50 

Cowkelbeis fow, 357 

Cum, Haly Spreit mod fuperne, ... 22 
Cupeid, vnto quhois commandiment. Quod 

Chaufeir, 269 

* Not in Ms., folio 232 bdjog miffing. 





Depairt, depairt, depairt, allace, I moft depairt, 245 

Devorit with dreme, devjrfmg in my flumber, . 60 

Devyne power of michtis maift, 104 

Devyce,^ prowes and eik humilities 262 

Done is a battell on the dragone fell, 35 

 Dik and Durie,* 295 

^  Dantie and dortie, 210 

Daun by atu rivir as I red, .... 48 

Dirtie Dumbar^ 6rc^ 147 

Dathun dmils fan^ 148 


Etamall King that fittis in hevin fo hie, 
Epigrammis aganis wemen, 
Eftir geving I fpeik of takings 





Fair weill, my hairt, fair weiU, bayth freind and fo, 225 







Fals titlaris now in court growis rank, . 

Frefche fragrant floure off bewty foverane, 

Favoure is fair in luvis lair, 

Floure of all fairheid, gif I fall found the fra, 

For helth of body cover weill thyne heid, 

For to declair the hie magnificens, . 

Foure manar of folk ar evill to knaw, 

Fredome, honor, and nobilnes, 

Fra raige of yowth the rynk hes run, 

Full oft I mvfe, and hes in thocht, . 

^ MS. has Devyne; Bifliop Percy repeats the entry corre^y. 
'Not in MS., folio 295 being mifling. 



Furth ovir the mold at morrow as I ment, 

Fane wald I lufe, bot quhair abowt, 

Furth throw aneforefi, . 

Four metier of men ar evil to pleis^ 

Fals clateraftd kenfy^ fi-c, 

Fyndlay M^Connoquhy^ &c., 

Freindis, fieir may ye find. 






Gife no lufe is, O God, quhat feill I fo, . 230 
God, be his word, his work began. Callit the 

creatioun, 12 

God, for thy grace, thow keip no moir fylence, 14 

Guk, guk, gud day, fchir, gaip quhill ye gett it, 141 

*God and SanA Petir as thay went owt thatr way, 162 

Gife langour makis, 244 

Gife that in virtew, . 

Gife ye wald lufe^ . 

^ Gofweit lines ^ 

[God, that is maift glorious, 

[God is a fubftance for evir durable. 






Haif hairt, my hairt^ ye hairt of hairtis hale, . 228 

Hale, Godis fone, of michtis maift, ... 28 

Happy is he hes hald him fre. The firft pialme, 16 
He plafmator of thingis vniuerfale. Callit the 

tent prolog of Vii^dl, .... 9 

Hence, hairt, with hir that moift depairt, ^35 

He that hes gold and grit richefs, . 115 

How fowld 1 rewU me, or quhat wayifs, . 65 



*Heiy, hary, hubilfchow. Callit tlic drochis 

pairt of the play, .... 
Howfowld myfeble bodyfur^^ 
Heir I gifyow caifs. [Colkelbie fow], . 
[He that hes na will to wlrk, . 
[Heir endis this buik, writtin in tyme <rf peft> 
[Heir haif ye, luvaris, ballatis at your will, 






am as I am, and fo will I be, 

enifalem reioifs for joy, . 

efu Chryift that deit on tre, . 

haif a littill Flemyng' berg^e, 

mak it kend, he lliat will fpend, . 

mervell of thir vane fantaftik men, 

, Maifter Andro Kennedy. Callit his 
teilament, .... 

mett my lady weill arrayit, . 

mvfe and mervellis in my mynd, . 

n all this warld no man may wit, . 

n Joune the jem of joy and gem, . 

n grit tribulatiouo, 

n Tiberus tyme, the trew emperiour, 

faw ane rob riche of hew, 

n fomer quhen the flouris will fmell, 

n May as that Awrora did vp fpring, 
/ think thir men are very fcUs^ • 
In the tniddis ofMay^ 
Ifop, myn auSlour^ mains mencian, 
I/op a taiUputtis in memory^ . 
In middis of June that^ etc.^ 
It that Igife I haif, 
lerfche bribour, 

















Jack^ quod kis fader. 

In May in a tnoming, etc., 

I will be plane y atul lufe attatte, 

In bittemes of faule call vnto mynd, 

Irkit I am of langfum luvis lair, 

I faw, me thocht, this hindir nycht, 

It cumis yow luvaris to be laill, etc.. 

In to my hairt imprentit is fo foir, . 

In to the nycht,quhen to ilk wicht, naturdireflis 


In to this warld I fee fic variance, . 
I that in helth was and glaidnes, . 
In fecreit place, this hinder nicht, . 
I yeid the gait was nevir gane, 

* In Awchtirmwchty thair dwelt a man, 

* It is my purpoifs to difcryve, 
^ [Iff thow canft not leif chaft, 
^ [In feventeen hundred twenty-four. 












Ladeis be war, that plefand ar, 

Lamenting foir my werd, etc., 

Langar to leif, allace, .... 

Lanteme of luve, and lady fair of hew, . 

Leif luve, and lat me leif allone, 

Larges, lerges, lerges, hay; lerges of this new 


Lettiris of gold writtin I fand, 

Liftis lordis, I fall yow tell, . 

Lord God deliuer me, allace. The 5 1 pfalme, 

Lo, quhat it is to luve, .... 

Lord God, my hairt is in diftres, . 

Lucyna fchynyng in fylence of the nicht, 












Luvaris, lat be the fr^efly of lufe, . 

Luve pryflis but comparefone, 

Luve that is hett can no fkill, . 

^ * Lyk as the litle emmitt heath hir gall, 

Lait^ lait (mjleip^ as I was laid, 

Leifluve, my luve^ no langar^ etc., . 

Leive we this widow glaid, etCy 




Ma commendationis of humilitie, . 223 

Maift amene rofeir, etc., 219 

Man of maift fragilitie, 69 

Man, fen thy lyfe is ay in weir, 136 

May is the moneth maift amene, 157 

Memento, homo, quod cinis es, . . . 47 

Me mervellis of this grit confufioun, 78 

Mony man makis ryme, and luikis to no reflbne, 134 

Moving in mynd of mony diuerfs thing, . 71 

Mvfing allone this hinder nicht, ... 63 

My gud dame was a gay wyf, etc., . 135 

My hairt is gone, confort is none, . 267 

My hairt is loft only for luve of one, 217 

My luve was fals and full of flattry, 260 

My hairt repoifs the and the reft, . 239 

My hairt is plicht vnto my hairt benyng, 234 

My hairt is heich aboif, my bodyis full of blifs, 231 

My hairt is qu3rt, and no del}^e, 256 

MerveUing in mind quhat ailis, etc., 245 
My bruder^ gif thow will tak advertens. [The 

mous and the paddock] 330 

My wofull hairt me^ftoundis throw the vainis, . 31 

My forufuU pane and wo for to complane, 224 

My trewth is plicht unto my lufe bening, . 234 




My dullit corfs dais hairtly recommend^ . 
My hairt is thrald, begone me fro, . 
My mynd quhen I compels and caft, 
My wofuU werd complene I may richt foir» 
'^My tniflrefs is in mujik pajfing JkUful^ . 
[My friendiSy thir ftoreis fubfequent, 
^ [Much meat doth gluttony procure. 







Fol. 372.a. 


Now cumis aige quhair yewth hes bene, etc., 

Now glaidly every lyvis creature, 

Now is our king in tendir aige, 

Now in this mirthful! tyme of May, 

Now of wemen this I fay for me, 

Nixt that a tumament was tryid^ 

^NoWfgqffbpy I mujl nedis be gar^ 

No wonder is, . 

Now culit is dame Venus brandy 

Now, wirtky folk yBoecCy that fenataur. 

and Euridice], . 
NoWyWirtJ^folk'fuppoifsthisheafabilL [The 

fox and the cock], 








O, createuris creat of me, your Creatour, 41 

O, Cupeid, king, quhome to fowld I complene, 224 

O, eteme God, of power infinit, ... 24 
Off Februar the fyiftene nicht. Callit the tur- 

nament of the tailliour and the fowttar, . no 

Off cuUowris deir quha l3rikis to weir, 125 

Off gifing and takand. Difcretioun in aiking, 61, 62 

Off every joy moft jo3rfull joy it is, . 22 r 




Off luve and trewith with lang continewance, . 220 

Off all the gud creaturis of Godis creating, . 1 5 

O, foly hairt fetterit in fantefy, 212 

Off luve quha lyikis to haif joy or confort, 213 

Off the pedderis, 162 

Oft t3rmes is bettir hald nor len, ... 80 

O, gallandis all, I cry and call, 1 38 

O, God, in tyme that all thingis did begyn, . 82 

O, hiche of hicht, and licht of licht moil cleir, 21 
O, Lord, my God, fen I am brocht to grit diftres, 14 

O, Lord, my God, on quhome I do depend, . 41 

O, maiftres myne till yow I me commend, 220 

O, moift heich and etemall King, ... 20 

O, man, vnthankfuU to thy Creator, yj 

O, man, remembir and prent in to thy m3md,. 35 

Omnipotent Fader, Sone and Haly Gaift, 30 

O, mortall man, remembir nycht and day, 48 

O, mortall man, behald, tak tent to me, . 55 

O, man, transfonnit and vnnaturall, 287 

Oppreffit hairt indeure, 246 

O, fynffull man, in to this mortall fee, . 57 

O, wickit wemen, wilfull and variable, 263 

O, wretchit, infamall, crewall element, . 227 

O, wretchit man, full of iniquitie, ... 76 

0» woundit fpreit and fawle in to exyle, . 32 

OffLentoun in thefirft mornings ... 48 

Off every a/king^ 61 

Off luve quka tikis to /mf^ .... 213 

Of maiftres mUd, haifmind onme, . 227 

Oflufty May^ 229 

Onfy to yoWf in erdf 337 

Of bify flour ofyowtkf beningy etc,, . 238 

Onceflumberingas I lay^etCf .... 356 

Cff thir mokking nutre^ etc. [Cplkelbie fow], . 360 



^ [Of feing and felling, .... 
[On blyndman to fupper an vder bad, . 




Panfing in hairt with fpreit oppreft, 245 

Panfmg of luve quhat lyif it leidis, . . 288 
Pemitious peple. Callit the defence of CrUTell 

Sandelandis, 124 

Precelland prince, havand prerogatyve, . 88 


Quha dowttis dremis is hot fanteflfy, loi 

Quhair luve is kendlit confortles, . 243 

Quha hes gude malt and makis ill drink, 145 

Quha is periyte to put in wryte, • 236 

Quha lykis to luve, or that law pruve, . 285 

Quhat art thow, luve, for till allow, 248 

Quha wald behald of luve the chance, . 281 

Quha wald thair bodeis hald in haill, ji 

Quhen be devyne deliberatioun, ... 39 
Quhen doflouris preichis to wyn the joy etemall, 89 

Quhen I think on my lady deir, 217 

Quhen Flora had ourfrett the firth, 218 

Quhen Phebus fair with bemis bricht, . 249 

Quhen Phebus in to the weft ryflTis at morrow, 266 

Quhen that the mone hes dominatioun, . 266 

Quhen Merche was with varient wlndis paft, . 342 

Quhat menis this, quhat is this wounder vre, . 281 

Quhen filver Dyane, full of bemis bricht, 4 

Quhen Tayis bank was blumit bricht, 229 

Quhome to fall I complene my wo, 84 




Quhylome in Greice, that noble r^oun, 
Quhen goldin Phebus movit fra the Ram 

Callit the banar of pety, . 
Quhy fowld not AUane honoiit be, 
Quhen fair Flora, the goddes of the flouris, 
Quhome fowld I W3rte of my mifchance, 
* Quhen I come by yone telyeouris ftall, 
Quhen he wasyung and clad in grene^ 
Quhen ye werpleifit topleife^ etc,, . 
Quhy fowld I \luve\ btUgif I wer luvU,^ 
Quhat meneth this, guhat, etc., 
Quheti ryaUeJl, tnqft redowbtit and hie, 











Retume thy hairt hamewart agane, 

Robene fat on gud grene hill, . 

Rolling in my remembrance, . 

Rorate celi defuper, 

RJcht airly on Afk Wadinfday, 

Richt fane wald I my quentance mak 

fchir Penny, .... 
Robyns Jok, etc., .... 
Richt famous pepill ye fall underftand, 
Richt as the glafs, .... 
Richt as the miner. [The fox tryed before the 


Richt as ihefteme of day began tofchine, 










San£l Saluatour, fend filvir forrow, 
Sayweill is ane worthy gud thing, 

1 MS. has unJU. 




Schir, fen of men ar diuerfs fortis, ... 96 

Schir, yit remembtr as of befoir, ... 94 

Sen that I am a priflbner, 214 

Sen throw vertew increflls nobikies, $8 

So fremmit \% my fortoun and my werd» 246 

Sir John the Ro/s, 147 

Support your fervand^ peirle/s paramour, . 228 

Sons hes ay bene exylit owt of ficht, 64 

So pryifs me as ye think caufs quhy, 250 

Spair me, gud Lord, and mak me clene, 22 

Syme and his bruder, 145 

Sym of Lyntoun, be the ramis home, 142 

Suppoifs I war in court moid hie, ... 89 

Sumtyme this warld fo fteidfaft was and (table, 67 

Suilene, abilene, keip weill in to your mynd, . 83 

Surrexit Dominus de fepulchro, ... 34 

*Sir Johine Reules curfing, etc, 105 

[Sueit bairt, fen I, your friend, 239] 

[Sen man luvis for leill luve, etc., . 265] 

^ [Sould I wreftle in difpair, .... 97] 



Tak held and harkin to my taill, . 
That evir I luvit, allace thairfoir, . 
The beiftly luft, the furius appetyte, 
Thankit be God and his appoftillis twelf, 
The fabillis of Yfop begynis, . 
The fable of Orpheus and Ewridices, 
The freiris of Berwik begynnis, 
Thair is not ane winche that I fee, . 
The bewty of hir amorus ene. 
The moir I luve and ferve at all my ftrenth, 
The flytting betuix Dumbar and Kennedy, 











The HowUatt, 

The goldin terge, 

The nyne ordour of knavis, 

The fterne is riflin for our redemptioun, . 

The richtieufs funtane of halefuU (apience, 

Thingis in kind defyris thingis lyke, 

The tumamentbetuixJohineSsmieand William 


This hindir nycht neir by the hour of nynt^ 

This hindir nicht in Dumpharmding, 

This I propone in my carping, 

This nicht in my fleip I was agaft, . 

This nicht befoir the dawing cleir, . 

Thir billis ar brevit to birdis in fpeciall, . 

Tfair ladeis fair that makis repair, . 

ThIr lenteme da)^ ar luvely lang, . 

This wark quha fa fall heir or reid, 

This warld is bot fenyeit fair, . 

Thir lufly verflis of he nobilitie, 

To dwell in court, my freind, gif thow lift. 

To the he, potent, blisfuU Trinitie, . 

To the, O moft merdfuU Saviour, Jefus, 

Thow that hes bene obedient, 

To yow that hes the barbery of my hart, 

To luve vnluvit it is ane pane, 

* The wyfe of Ochtirmwchty and hir gudman 

The grit debait and tumament^ 

Thow leis^ Idun, thow leis^ 

Thow leiSf /dun, be this licht^ . 

Thair is nojiaty that lofhiir^ 

Thocht I in grit diflrefiy .... 

The beijtty luve^ the furious^ etc^ 

Thankit be God and his apoftolis^ 

The heprudenu and wirhmg^ etc., . 



























Thocht brutak beijlis be irrational, . 

The for/aide fox, etc,, .... 

Thisfuddaine deid, etc. [The fox and the wolf] 

The nobilnes and grit magnificence, . 

This hinder yeir I heard betald. 

This king is like the TriniU. [The bludy 

Thocht fenyeit fablis ofauld, etc., . 

This joly jafper hes properteis. [The cock and 

the Jewell], 
This feilly fcheip may pre/ent [The dog, the 

fcheip, and the wolf], 
The pure pepill this lamb, &c. [The wolf and 

the lamb], 

To/peik of gift or almous deedis. 

This wairful thocht mine e hes wrocht, . 

The well of vertew, and floure of womanheid, 

The vfe of court richt weill ye knaw, 

The fecond prolog of the proheme of the 

croniclis of Scotland, 
The proUog of the fourt bulk of Virgill, . 
Thow marcial buke,pafs to the nobill prince, 
[The gritted trefour, without comparifon, 
[To gyd thy tung, imprent thir thre,* 
[Thair wes ane channone in this toun, . 
[Troll Trotter on befoir, .... 


















Wald my gud lady luve me beft, . 
Wald my gud lady that I luve. 
Walking allone amai^; thir leivis grene, . 
Was nevir in Scotland hard nor fene, 



^ The original compiler of the Table has taken the fecond line of 
this piece, ImpmU thir thn, claifing it tinder I. 



Was nocht gud king Salamon, 

We that ar heir in Kevins gloiy. Callit Dum- 

bars derge 

Wylcum, illuftrat lady and our quene, . 
We lordis hes choflfm a chiftane mervellus, 
We that ar bocht with Chryiftis blude, . 
Within a garth vndir a reid rofeir, . 
With lawde^and prayis my fawle hes magnifeit 

Callit the fong of Mary, . 
^ * Whyt as the egg, .... 
With bemis fchene^ t/iaw bright Cytherea, . 
[Wha hes gud malt, and makis ill drynk, 
^ [Why fould we fo much defpyfe, . 



1 02 









Vertew in all wirkis is gretly to be pray fed. 
Up, helfutn hairt, tky rutis rais and Unvp, 
Upon a tyme, as Yfop can report. 




Ye blindit luvaris luik, .... 


Ye lufty ladeis luik, .... 


Ye fonis of men, be mirry and glaid, 


Ye that contreit ar and confeft, 


Ye Inglifche hurfone, .... 


[Ye reverend redaris, .... 

Heir hendis the Tabill of this Buik. 



[Folio 374 a, or^nally left blanki contains feveral pieces written by 
a later hand — A Smge in prai/e of Tobacco, 8 lines; MediUUioitns 9n 
Tobacco, 4 flanzas of 5 lines; and A Songe, 14 ftanzas of 3 lines. Folio 
374 b, alfo originally left blank, contains a piece by Allan Ramiay, Oh 
the Ever Greet? s beh^ gathered out of this Manufcript, &c. , dated Jnlv 6th, 
1726, 4 (lanzas of 4 lines. Thefe will all be found in the Appendix.] 


Off Begynnyng and Ending, Fol.375.a. 

GOD, that is maift glorius, was the michty b^^ynnar 
Oflfall thingis that in Hevin or erd hes thair being, 
Quha was withowt b^^nnyng, he is the only helpar 
And furtherrar of gude workis to cum till gud ending. 
Withowt counfale and avyfement begin nocht ony thing, 5 
Bot confidder weill the end, and wey it difcreitly. 
For happelly it prefervis baith fawle and body. 



The Wryttar to t/te Redare, 

HEIR endis this buik, writtin in tyme of peft, 
Quhen we fra labor was compeld to reft 
In to the thre laft monetfais of this yeir, 
Frome oure Redimaris birth, to knaw it heir, 
Ane thowfand is, fyve hundreth, threfcoir awcht ; 
Off this purpoifs namair it neiddis be tawcht, 
Swa till conclude, God grant ws all gude end, 
And eftir deth etemall lyfe ws fend. 





No. I. 

[The following thirteen pieces have been written on 
blank fpaces in the Manufcript, at various dates fub- 
fequent to its completion, and by other pens than that 
of George Bannatyne: — ] 

Sould I wreftU in Di/pair. Foi.97.a. 

SOULD I wreftle in difpair, 
Die becaus a womans fair? 
Sail my cheikis wax paille with cair, 
Caufs anvther rofy ar? 

Be (he fairer than the day, 5 

Or the flourie meidis in May, 
If (he be not fo to me, 
Quhat cair I how fair fhe be? 

Sail my foolifh hart be pynd, 

Caufs I fee a woman kind, 10 

Or meik difpofed nature 

Joyned with a comelie ftature ? 

Be fhe meiker, kynder than 

Turtle dow or pelican. 

If (he be not fo [to] me, 15 

Quhat cair I how kind (he be? 

Sail a woman fueit of voyce 
Mak my foolifche hart rejoyce, 


Or the pleafouris of hir toung 
Be the meints to do me wrong ^ 
If flie had fo fudt a mind, 
Abone the race of woman kind. 
If ihe be not fo to me, 
Quhat cair I how fueit fhe be? 

Sal a womans goodnes move 
He to perilche for hir love, 
Or a womanis mentis knawin 

Caufs me quyt forgett my awin ? 
Be flie with that goodnefs bleft, 
As may merite name of beft, 
If fhe be not fo to me, 
Quhat cair I how giud fhe be? 

Sail a woman trewlie wyifs 
Draw amazment from myne eyes, 
Wondring that from fuche a creatour 
Wifdome thus fould come by nature. 
And comprehend the beft of thit^s 
That from the well of wifdome fprii^s, 
If fhe be not fo to me, 
Quhat cair I how wyfe (he be? 

APPENDIX, No. / 1079 

Offfdng oftdfeiUng Money. 

LACKING fpe£):akilUs can thow fee money, Johine? Foi. i77.a- 
Ye, bot having fpe£):akkillis I can feile * none. 

[Quod\ Haywod. 

[Dantie and darUe to edl Manis Eyes.] 

DANTIE and dortie to all manis eyes, Foi.2iab. 

I wifs I had bord thee, dantie and dortie, 
And given the fourtie betuixt the thighis, 
Dantie and dortie to all manis eyes. 


[Wkyt as the Egg, rid as the Skarlet,] 

WHYT as the egg, rid as the Ikarlet, 
Sueet as the fegg, whyt as the ^g; 
Lay over your leg^, tak in a varlet, 
Whyt as the egg, rid as the fkarlet. 


^ The two lines of this epigram have been (lightly erafed. 
^ MS. has Aaif, an evident miflake in tranfcription. 

io8o APPENDIX, No, /. 


[Now, Gqffbpf I mujl neidis begon?^ 

NOW, goffop, I muft neidis begon, 
And leive my prettie pinnage to your guyde ; 
Look wele about yow, lippen hir to none, 
But to your felfe, and be ay ftreight befyd ; 
Som raklefs roig may hafard hir to ryde, 5 

And namlie at ane anker in the night; 
Bot quhen ye wey rekin wele your tyd. 
And quhen ye fhoot alongis the fhoar keip fyght. 
Stand to your takill and main top tie, 
Heis vp your foirfaill to the houis^ on hie, 10 

In with your bot and boldlie bound for fie; 
Beir vp hir beugh albeit fhe fould ly over, 
Hald vp hir helme hardlie to the wind, 
And ftand not for a glafs, fteir three or four, 
Rather then ony vther enter in. 15 

Bot fra the feill your bowling once begin 
To mak forfalded flapping on the maft, 
Cad lous the fukflieit, the bonnet and the blind. 
Let hir ly by, ye muft abyd the blaft. 
And quhen ye feill that all the perrill is paft, 20 

And that the wind is rowine, let her ftryk to; 
Beir vp of new with courage yet avaft. 
Surmount no farder than your courfs can do; 
If (he be laik it may be foon efpyed, 
The pompftaff and the maner holls will tryit. 25 


^This word is doubtful. 

APPENDIX, No. /. io8i 

[My Miftres is in MufikpqffingJkilfuU.] 

MY miftres is in mufik pafling IkilfuU, 
Sche fingis and plajris hir pairt at the firft fyght, 
Bot in hir play fhe is exceeding willfull, 
And will not play bot for hir awin delight, 
Nor touch one ftring» nor play on pleafant ftrain, 5 

Except ye tak hir on the mirrie vaine. 

Alfo (he hath ane fueit delicious tuich, 

Vpon the inftrument quhairon ihe playis, 

And never thinkis that (he can play too much, 

Hir pleaflburis ar difperfd fo many wayis; 10 

She hath fuch judgement, both in t)rme and mude, FoLau.a. 

That for to play with hir wald do yow guid. 

And quhen ye win hir heart, bot theres the fpight, 

Yow cannot gett hir for to play alone, 

Bot play your pairt and fhe will play all night, 15 

And nixt day too or ellis its ten till one. 

And run devoue with yow in fuch fort. 

But never fo far Ihe will mak yow com Ihort. 

Alfo {he fent for me to come and play, 

Quhilk I did take for ane exceiding grace, 20 

Bot (he fo tyred me or I went away, 

I wiihed I had bein in fome vther place; 

She loved the tune far better then I did, FoLan.b. 

And ftill (he keiped tyme for heart and bluid. 

I loue my miftres and I loue to play, 35 

So (he will let me play with intermeafour, 
Bot quhen (he tyis me to it all the day, 
I hate and vgg hir greedie difpofitioune ; 


io82 APPENDIX, No. /. 

Let hir keip tyme as nature does requyre, 

And I will play as muche as fhe'U defyre. 3© 


[Gofweet Lynes^ Loue will not take tiem,] 

GO fweet lynes, loue will not take them> FoL 355.1 

Sche will not fanfie althouge my felfe do make them ; 
But will fay, Fy, awaye, apray the come not neere mc; 
To whome I did reply and fay, I pray the, fweet, to heere me. 

Tuch, tuch, wanton, I cannot byd your talking, 5 

Words are but winde, I gladly would fee walking; 

But to fay more by the waye, louers muft be tatling;^ 

Go to, good fir, you ar ane foole, yow dull me with your pratling. 

No, loue, yes, louVe, what doethe that avayle yow? 

No fueet, yes fowre, wat a Deuels name als yow? «o 

It is a littill prettie thing, it is of eftimatioun, 

To take it in it is no blot vnto your reputatioun. 

O, fweet fir, I thinck yow meane to hearme me; 

What doeth your hand ther, fwet? It doeth but warme. 

Tuch, away, let be I pray; In faith, fweet hert, I will not; '5 

Gif fuch ane oathe cannot be broke, weill then, come to and kill not 

He ane in, hould clofe, good fir, yow prik me; 

What, ar yow defperate, are yow meand to ftike me? 

No, fweet hert, that ame I not, I thinck to vfe the kyndly, 

And houps to Hue the faife and found, and fo fhall vfe the friendly. ^ 

Hout, hout, it is in, or els truft me never; 
Fy, fy, faith, fir, I ame vndone for ever; 
No, fweet hert, etc. 


' MS. has talking. 

APPENDIX, No, L 1083 

\Amongft the Manftors that we find.] 

AMONGST the monftors that we find 
Thers nane belowed off woman keind, 
Renowned for antiquity, 
From Adame drivs his pedogree. 


\Pnce JIumbring as I lay.] 

ONCE flumbring as I lay within my bed, FoLsse.b. 

No creature with me but my maidenheid; 
And lying al along, as maidens vfe. 
Me dreamd ane dream which maidens oft doe chvfe, 
And in my dreame me thought it to much wrong 5 

A louely maid Ihould ly fo long alone. 
At lenthe ane gallant comes as gallants can doe, 
Much with yong maids and ould wyves toe; 
He owed, he (hewed, at laft he fped. 
Me thought me maried were and went to bed. 10 

He tumd me thus, and fo my legs he parted, 

[Here follows a blank, three or five lines never having been written in.] 

And being awake, O, then my bloode did bume 
To be fo neere, and miffe fo good a tume. 

Pmis Ofrenat epits- 

io84 APPENDIX, No. L 


A Songe in praife of Tobacco. FoL 374.1 

MUTCHE meat doethe Gluttonye procure 
To feid men fat lyk fwyn, 
Bot he's a frugall man indeid 

That with a leif can dyn ; 
He neids no napkin for his handis 5 

His finger end to wipe, 
That hathe his kitchin in a box, 

His roift^ meat in a pipe. 



Meditatiouns on Tobacco. 


WHY fould we fo mutche defpyfe 
So good and holy ane excercyfe, 
As dailie and late 
To meditate, 
When ere we drink to tobacco. 5 

The earthen pype, fo lillie whyte, 
Doeth (how thow art a mortall wighte, 

Yea, even fuche 

Breck with a tuche; 
Thus think, than drink tobacco. 10 

^ This word is very indiitindt, having been written over. 

APPENDIX, No, L 1085 

And when the fmoak afcends on hye, 

Think on this earthlie vanitye, 

Of wordlie ftuff. 

Thou with a puff 
Thus thinks than drink tobacco. '5 

Laftlie^ the afhes left behind 

Doe daylie ferve to move the wind, 

That [to] afhes and duft 

Retume we muft ; 
Thus think, than drink tobacco. ^ 

A Songe. 

IFF thow canft not leive chaft, 
Than tak a wyff in haift, 

Tempus eft. 

Bot, for feare of ftryff, 

Be advyfit off a wyt(, 5 

Bonum eft. 

For this is true and plaine, 
Iff thow matche for lucre and gain, 

Cavendum eft. 

That ihe fall in the end 10 

Prove bot a fickle freind, 

Sufpedtum elL 

io86 APPENDIX, No. L 

And iflf thow once canfl prove 
She doethe another love, 

Signum eft, 15 

She meanethe to adome 
Thy forhead with a home, 

Certum eft. 

And when a man dothe grow 

Muche lyk a buck, yow know, 20 

Monftrum eft. 

Eache boy will in difgrace 
Deryd him to his face, 

Rejeflum eft. 

And when that he doethe dye, 25 

And on his biere doethe lye, 

Horrendum eft. 

Eache boy will then in jeft, 
Than wrytt vpoun his creft, 

Comutus eft. 30 

And he that alwayes will 
Be ruled be his wyf ftill, 

Stultus eft. 

For this he fine fall fynd. 

Iff (he alwayes have hir mynd, 35 

Confutus eft. 

He that will neids be wed. 
And being a (haw to bed, 

Infamis eft. 

APPENDIX, No. I. 1087 

Who leids a fingle lyff, 40 

He Ijrvethe void of ftryff, 

Quietus eft. 



On the Ever Greetis being gathered out of this Manu^ Foi.374.b. 
fcript by AUan Ramfay, who had the Loan of it 
from the Honourable Mr. William Carmichaell, 
Advocate Brother german to the Earl of Hynford, 

IN Seventeen hundred twenty-four, 
Did Allan Ramfay keen- 
ly gather from this Book that ftore, 
Which fills his EVER GREEN. 

Thrice fifty and fax Towmonds neat, 5 

Frae when it was colefled ; 
Let worthy Poets hope good fate. 

Throw Time they'll be refpe6led. 

Fafhions of words and witt may change, 

And rob in part their fame, 10 

And make them to dull fops look ib'ange, 

But fence is flill the fame, 

And will bleez bright to that clear mind, 

That loves the antient ffarains, 
Like good Carmichael, patron kind, 15 

To whom this BOOK pertains. 

Finis quod AUan Ramlay. 
July 6th, 1726. 



No. II. 

[The following fix pieces have been written by 
George Bannatyne at the end of the Duplicate Text, 
apparently at a later date than the reft of its contents : — ] 


Ane godly BaUat maid be the Poet M\pntgofnery^\ 

PECC AUI, Pater, miferere mei ; ^*«* *^- 

I am not worthy to be cald thy chylde, 
Quho ftubbomely hes went fo longe eftray, 
Not lyk thy fone, bot as the prodigue wylde ; 
My filly fawle with fynnis is fo defylde 5 

That Sathan feikis to cache it as a prey, 
God grant me grace that he may be begylde ; 
Peccaui, Pater, miferere mei. 

I am abaifd how I dar be fo bauld 

Befoir thy Godly prefens till appeir, 10 

Or hafard anis tiie hevinis for to behauld, 

Quho am not worthy that the erth fould beir; 

Yit dampne me nocht quhome thow hes bocht fa deir, 

Sed faluum me fac, dulcis Fili Dei, 

For owt of Lowik this leflbne now I leir, is 

Peccaui, Pater, miferere mei. 

Gif thow, O Lord, with rigour wauld revenge, 

Quhat flefche befoir the faltles fould be fund, 

Or quho is he quhois confcience cowld him clenge, 

Bot by his birth to Sathan he is bund; 20 

Yit of thy grace thow tuke away that grund. 

And fend Uiy Sone oure penaltie to pay, 

To faif ws frome that hiddoufs hellefch hund ; 

Peccaui, Pater, miferere mei. 

^ Nearly illegible. 

APPENDIX, No. IL 1089 

I howp for mercy thocht my fynms be hudge, 25 

I grant my gilt, and gronis to the for grace ; 

Thocht I wauld fie, quhair fould I find refTuge, 

Till hevln, O Lord, thair is thy dwelling place, 

The erth thy futfhile, ye in hell allace, 

Doun with the deid ; hot all mofl thee obey, 30 

Thaitfoir I cry, quhill I haif tyme and fpace, 

Peccaui, Pater, miferere raei. 

O, gratius God, my giltines forgife, 

In f}mnaris deth fen thow dois not delyte, 

Bot rader that thay fould convert and leif, 35 

As witneffith thy facred holy wryte ; 

I pray the than thy promeifs to perfyte 

In me, and I fall with the Pfalpmefl fay, 

To poi thy prayifs and wondroufs workis indyte, 

Peccaui, Pater, miferere mei. 40 

Suppoifs I flede, lett me nocht lleip in llewth, Page 50. 

In flynkand fly with Sathanis fynfuU fwyne, 

Bot mak my tung the trumpett of thy trewth, 

And len my verfs fie wingis as ar devyne; 

Sen thow hes grantit me fa gud ingyne, 45 

To love the. Lord, in galland flyle and gey, 

Lett me no moir fa tiym ane talent tyne, 

Peccaui, Pater, miferere mei. 

Thy fpreit my fpreit to fpeik with fpeid infpyre, 

Help, Holy Gofl, and be Mon^omereis mufe, 50 

Fie doun on me in forkit tungis of fyre, 

As thow did on thyne awin appoflillis vfe; 

And with thy fyre me fervently infufe 

To love the, Lord, and langar not delay, 

[My former folifh fi£liouns I refufe,^] 55 

Peccaui, Pater, miferere mei. 

* Omitted from the MS., and taken from Montgomery's 

Poems, Edin., 1821. 



Stowp, ffaibbame ftomok, that hes bene fo ftowt, 

Stowp, filthy flefche, and carioon of clay, 

Stowp, haidnitt hart, befoir the Loid, and lowt, 

Stowp, fiowp in tyme, differ not day be day; 60 

Thow wait not weill quhen thow mon pafe sway. 

The Tempter, to, is reddy to betiay; 

Confefs tlqr fyn, and fchame not for to fisy, 

Peccaui, Pater, miferere mei 

To gret Jehova lett all gloir be gevin, 65 

Quho fchupe my faule to his fimQitude, 

And to his Sone, quhome he fend dotin frome hevin, 

Quhen I was lofl, to by me with his blnde; 

And to the Holy Ghoft, my gyder gnde, 

Quho mot conferme my faith to tak no fray. 70 

In me cor mundum crea, I conclude^ 

Peccaui, Pater, miferere mei. 

Finis quod Robert Montgomery, Poet. 

The Firft PJhalme. Page 51. 

WEILL is the man, ye, blifiit than, 
Be grace that can 
Efchew evill counfale and the godles gaitis ; 
Quha walkis not in the way of fin, 

Nor dois begin 
To fit with mokkaris in thair foomefall iaitis, 
Bot in Jehovais law del}^ arricht, 
And (luddeis it to knaw both day and nicht 

APPENDIX, No. II. 1091 

For he falbe lyk to ane trc, 

That planttit by the lynnyng revar growis, 10 

Quhilk fruA dois heir in Qrme of yeir, 

Quhais leivis fall nevir faid nor rute vnlowis. 

His aftionis all ay profper fall, 

So iall not fall 
To wicket men, bot aa the calf and fand, 15 

Quhilk day be day wind dryvis away ; 

Thairfoir I fay 
The widet in thair judgement (all not (land, 
Nor fynnaris cum no mair, quhome God difdanis^ 
In tiie aiSembly quhair the juft remanis. 20 

For quhy? the Lord, quha beiris record, 
He knawis the richteoufs converlationis ay. 
And godles gaitis, quhilk [he] fo haitis, 
Sail quickly perrdls, and but dowt decay. 

Finis [fttad] Montgumiy. 

TAs xxiij SphalmSf tranjlait be Monfgumry,^ 

THE Lord moft he, I knaw wilbe 
Ane bird to me, 
I can not laog half ftrefs, nor ftand in neid ; 
He makis my lair in feildis moft fair, 

Quhair I, but cair, 
Repofmg at my plefour faifly feid. 
He fweitly me convois to plefand fpringis, 
Quhair nothing me annoyis, bot plefour bringis; 

IMS. \mstrmtfUitb€him. 

1092 APPENDIX, No. II. 

He brills my mynd fit to fic kynd, 

That forfs or feir of foe can not me g^eif ; lo 

He dois me leid in perfyt tred, 

And, for his name, he will me nevir leif. 

Thocht I fowld ftray, ilk day by day, 

In deidly way, 
Yit will I not difpair, nor feir non ill; 15 

For quhy? thy grace in every place 

Dois me imbrace, Page 52. 

Thy rod and fchiphirdis cruk confortis me ftilL 
In difp3^ of my fois^ my tabill growis, 
Thow balmifs my heid with ioo,* my cup overflowis; 20 
Kyndnes and g^ace, marcy and pace, 
Sail fallow me for all my wretchit dayis, 
And me convoy to endles joy 
In hevin, quhair I falbe with the alwayis. 

Finis^ tranilait be Mon^mry. 

\Lyik as the dum So/fequium.'] 

LYIK as the dum Solfequium, 
Witli cair overcum, 
Dois forrow quhen the fone gois owt of ficht, 
Hingis doun his heid, and drowpis as deid. 

Nor will not fpreid, 
Bot lowkis his levis throw langour all the nicht, 
Till fulifche Phetone ryifs with quhip in hand, 
To purge the criftall (kyifs and licht the land ; 

^MS. has foe. 
* Otjoo, poffibly a miftake by the tranfcriber for cfyi. 

APPENDIX, No. 11. IP93 

Birdis in tfaair boure watis on that oure, 

And to thair king ane glaid gudmorrow geivis ; lo 

Fra than that floure lift not till loure, 

Bot lawchis on Phebus lowfing owt his leivis. 

Swa ftandis with me, except I be 

Quhair I may fe 
My lamp of licht, my lady and my luve, 15 

Fra fche depairtis, ane thowfand dairtis, 

In fmdry airtis, 
Thirlis thruch my havy hart, but reft or ruve ; 
My countenance declairis my invard greif, 
And howp almaift difpairis to find relieflf; 20 

I die, I dw3me, play dois me pyne, 
I loth on every thing I luik, allace, 
Till Titan m3me vpoun me fchyne, 
That I reveif thruch favour of hir face. 

Fra fcho appeir in to hir fpheir, 25 

Beg}ainis to cleir 
The dawing of my lang defjrrit day. 
Than curage cryis on howp to ryifs, 

Quhen he afpyis 
The noyfum nicht of abfens went away. 30 

No noyis fra I awalk can me impefche. Page 53. 

Bot on my ftaitly ftalk I flurich frefche ; 
I fpring, I fprowt, my leivis lyis owt, 
My cuUour changis in ane halrtfum hew; 
No moir I lowt, bot ftandis vp ftowt, 35 

As glaid of hir, for quhome I only grew. 

O, happy day, go not away; 

Appollo, ftay 
Thy chair frome going doun wnto the weft; 
Off me thow mak thy zodiak, 40 

That I may tak 


My plefour, to behald quhome I luvc beft. 

Thy piefens me reftoris to lyfe frome deth, 

Thy abfens lykwayis fchoris to cutt my breth; 

I wifs in vane the to remane, 45 

Sen primum mobile fayis me alwayis nay, 

At leift thy wane bring fone agane; 

Fairweill with patience perforfs till day. 

Ptnisj qwd Montgomery. 


[In Vice mojl vicius he exuUis?[ 

IN vice mofl vicius he excellis, 
That with the vice of treffone mellis ; 
Thocht he remiiCoun haif for prodiflioun, 
Schame and fuflfpiffioun ay with him dwellis. 

And he evir odious as ane owie, 5 

The fait fa filtfiy is and fowle ; 
Horrible to natour is ane tratour, 
As feind in fratour vndir a cowle. 

Quha is a tratour or ane theif, 

Vpoun him fdff tumis the mifcheif ; 10 

His frawdfuU wylis him felf begylis, 

As in the ills is now a preiff. 

The fell ftrong tratour, Donald Owyr, 

Mair falfett had xkxx vdtr fow)rr; 

Rowme ylis and Usyi& in his fuppleis, 15 

On gallow treis yitt dois he glowir.^ 

* This and the following verfe are tianfpofed in the MS. 

AFPSNDIX, m, IL 1095 

Falfett no feit hes, nor deffence, 

Be power, pra£tiky oor pufceace; 

Thocht it fra licht be fmord with flicht, 

God fchawis tiie richt ivitfa foir vengence. 20 

Off the falls fox diifimvlatoiir, Page 54. 

Kynd hes every theiff and tratour; 
Eftir refpyt to wirk difpyt 
Moir appetyt he hes of natour. 

War the fox tane a thoufand fawd, 25 

And grace him gevin als oft for frawd. 

War he on plane all war in vaney 

Frome hennis agane micht non him hawd. 

The murtherer ay mvrthour mais, 

And evir quhill he be flane he Hais; 30 

Wyvis thufs makis mokkis fpynnand on rokkis ; 

Ay xynnis the fox quhill he fute hes. 

jFinis, ^uodDvanhaij/or Donald Ovre Epetaphe. 

Of Conquerouris. 

THAY quho to conqueir all the erth prefume, 
A littill airth fchall thame at laft confume. 


Mo kingis in chalmeris fall by flatterreris charmis, 
Than in the feild by the aduerfareis armis. 

1096 APPENDIX, N0, IL 

A Comparifone betuix heich and law EJlaUis. 

The bramble growis althocht it be obfcure, 5 

Quhillis michty cederis feilis the bufteous windis; 
And myld plebeyan fpreitis may leif fecure, 
Quhyh's michty tempeflis tofs imperiall myndis. 

Off an Ennemy, 

An ennemy, gif it be weill adwyfd, 

Thocht he feme waik fould nevir be difpyfd. lo 

Off Man. 

No woundir thocht men chainge and faid, 
Quho of thir chengeing elementis ar maid. 

Off the Erth. 

We may compair the erthis glory to a floure» 
That flurifche and faidith in an houre. 

Off Man. 

Quhat ar we bot a puff of braith, 
Quho live aflurd of nothing bot of deth. 

Finis quod William Alexander of Menftry, 

No. III. 


[This ballad has been written on two blank folios 
at the end of the Duplicate Text^ probably after 17 12, 
when the MS. was in Mr. Carmichaeirs poITeflion. A 
note on the margin of the firfl page fays — " This poem 
is in the handwriting of the Honourable Mr. William 
Carmichaelli Advocate/*] 

TAe Song of the Rid Square, 

Faugkt one the 7 ofyuUy^ 1S76, 


THE feventh of July, the fuith to fay, 
At the Rid Square the tryft was fett; 
Our wardens they affixt a day, 
And as th[e]y promifed fo they mett 


Alace, that day lie ne'er forgett, 
Was fure fo fear'd and than fo faine, 
They came their juftice for to gett 
Will never green to come again. 

P*g€ 55. 


Carmichaell was our warden then, 
He caufd the countrie to conveen ; 
The Lairds Watt, that worthie man, 
Brought in his fumame weell be feen. 




The Armeflranges, that ay haft been 

A hardie houfe, but not a haile, 

The Elliots honnors to mantaine, 15 

Brought in the reft of Liddifdaile. 

Than Tividale came to, indeed ; 

The (herriiTe brought the Douglas down, 

With Cranftane, Gladftain, good at need, 

Baith Rewls water and Hawick town. 20 

Beangeddert baldely made him bown, 
With all the Trumbels, ftrong and ftout; 
The Rutherfoords, with grit renown, 
Convoyed the town of Jedbrugh out 


With other clanns I cannot tell, 25 

Becaufe our warning was not wide, 

Be this our folks hes tane the fell. 

And planted down palliones their to byde. 

We looked doun the other fyde, 

And faw come breafting over the brae, 50 

And Sir George Fofter was their guyde, 
With fifteen hundred men and mae. 

It greived him fare that day, I trow. 

With Sir John Hinrome of Shipfyde houfe; 

Becaufe we were not men enough, 35 

He counted us not worth a lowce.^ 

^ Altered in the MS« toy^uwf, probftblirby Allan Ramlky, wbo bas 

the word fo in the nvergrttn. 

APPENDIX, No. III. 1099 

10. Page 56. 

Sir George was gentile, meik and dowfe, 

But he was hail and hott as fire; 

But yet, for all his cracking crouce, 

He rew'd the raid of the Rid Squire. 40 

To deall with proud men is but pain, 
For either muft ye fight or flee. 
Or elfe no anfwer make again, 
But play the beafl, and lett him bee. 

It was no winder tho he was high, 45 

Had Tindaill, Ridfdaill, at his hand, 
With CukfdaiU, GktdfdaiU if I lie, 
Old Hebfrime,^ and Northumberland. 

Yett was our meetting meik enough, 

B^;an with mirrines and mowes, 50 

And att the brae, above the heugh. 

The clark fat down to call the rowes. 

And fome for kyn, and fome for ewes, 
Call'd in of Dandrie, Hob and Jock, 
I faw come marching our the knows 55 

Five hundred Finnecks in a flock; 

With jack and fpear, and bowes bent, 

And warlike weapons att their will ; 

How be it we were not weill content, 

Yet, be my trowth, we fear'd non ill. 60 

' Ferfaaps ffdfrune. 

iioo APPENDIX, No. III. 

Some yeid to drink^ and fome ftood ftill, 
And fome to cairds and dyce them fpeid ; 
While one ane Farftein they fylde a bill, 
And he was fugitive and fled. 

Carmichaell bad them fpeik out plainlie, 65 

And clock no caufe for ill nor good; 

The other anfwer'd him as vainlie, 

Began to reckon kin and blood. 

He rofe, and rax'd him where he flood, 
And bad him match him with his marrows; 70 

Then Tindaill had thefe reafons rude. 
And they loot off a flight of arrows. 

Then was there noght but bow and fpear, 

And every man puU'd out a brand ; 

A Shaften and a Fennick their; 75 

Grood Symingtown was flain frae hand. 

20. Page 57. 

The Scotfmen cry'd on other to (land, 
Frae time they faw John Robfon flane. 
What fhowld they cry? The kings command 
Could caufe no cowards turn again. 80 

Up rofe the laird to red the cumber, 
Which would not be for all his boaft; 
What fhould we doe with fuch a number, 
Five thoufand men into ane hoaft ? 


Then Henrie Purdie prou*d hes coft, S5 

And very nairowlie had mifcheifd him, 
And their we had our warden loft, 
War't not the grit Grod he releiv'd him. 

Another threw the breikes him bair, 
Whill flatlies to the ground he fell; 90 

Than thought I weill we had loft him thair, 
Into my ftomack ftruck a knelL 

[Yet^] up he rofe, the treuth to tell [ye*], 
And laid about him dunts [dour*] ; 
[The^] horfemen they raid fturdilie, 95 

Did ftand about him in that ftour. 

Than raifd the flogan with ane Ihout, 

Fy, Tindaill to it, Jedburgh here; 

I trow he was not half fae ftout, 

But anis his ftomack was afteir. 100 

With gun and genzie, bow and fpeir, 
He might fie mony cracket crown; 
But up amang the merchant geir 
They were as buffie as we were down. 

The fwallow taill from teckles flew 105 

Yy\t hundreth flain' into flicht, 

^ The MS. is here torn away. 

*Thefe words added in MS., the lines being left imperfedl. 

' MS. has^fVf, which is evidenUy an error. 


But we had peftelets anew, 

And (hot amang thame as we might 

With help of God the geme gade right, * 
The time the foremoft of them fell; no 

Then over the know, without good night, 
They went with many a Ihoutt and yell. 

And after they had turned backs, 
Yet Tindaill men they tum'd again. 
And, had not been the merchant packs, "5 

There had been mae of Scotland flain. 

But, Jefus, if the folks were fain 
To put the buffing one thair thies; 
And fo they fled, with all their main, 
Doun over the brae, like clogged bees. lao 

Sir Francis Ruflfell tane ^ was their, 
And hurt, as we hear men rehearfe; 
Proud Wallintown was woundit fare, 
Albeit he be a Fennick farce. 

But if ye wald a fouldier fearch, 125 

Amang thame all was tane that night. 
Was nane fa wordie to put in verfe, 
As Colingwood, that cowrteous knight. 

^ MS. has Hmt. 



APPENDIX, No. III. 1 103 

Young Henrie Ikaipit home is hurt, 

A fouldier fhot him with a bow; 130 

Scotland hes caufe to make grit fturt, 

For laiming of the laird of Mow. 

The Lairds Watt did weill, indeed ; 

His freinds flood ftoutlie by him fell, 

With litle Gladftain, good in need, 135 

For Gretein knew not good be ill. 

The Sheriff wanted not gud will, 

Howbeit he might not fight fo fafl; 

Bean Jeadart, Hundlie, and Hunthill, 

Three on they laid weill at the lafi mo 

Except the horfemen of the guard, 

If I could put men to availe, 

None floutlier flood out for their laird, 

Nor did the lads of LiddifdaiL 

But litle hamife had we theire, MS 

Yet auld Badrewle had on a jack, 

And did right weell, I yow declare. 

With all the Trumbills at his back. 

Grood Ederflane was not to lacke, 
With Kirktown, Newtown, noble men; 150 

Their's all the fpecialls I of fpeake, 
By others that I could not ken. 


Who did invent that day of play, 

We need not fear to find him foon ; 

For Sir John Fofter, I dare well fay, 155 

Made us this noyfome afternoon. 

Not that I fpeak preceiflie owt, 
That he fuppofd it would be perrill; 
But pride and breaking out of feud ^ 
Gart Tindaill lads begin the quarrell. 160 


^ Two words have been ezafed here, and 6ut doubt written after. A 
fubfequent note fays, " offuid {oxftuid) vera luflio,'^^ 


[The " Sonet *' on the following leaf (hould have been 
included in Appendix I., at page 1082, but was unfor- 
tunately pafled over by the tranfcriber when copying the 
Manufcript, and the omifllion was not noticed until the 
Gloflary was in progrefs. 

It is now printed for infertion at the end of the 
Manufcript, and fhould be placed to follow page 1104 at 
the end of Part VII.] 

Ed., Jan., 1888. 



1 105 


No. IV. 

[This piece has been written on a blank fpace below 
the addrefs "To the Redar'' on folio 211^ fubfequent to 
the completion of the Manufcript The handwriting is not 
that of George Bannatyne.] 

Sofiet FoL 211 b. 

LYKE as the littill emmet haith hir gall, 
The forie baneftikkill haith hir fin we fie ; 
The laweft treis hes cropis thocht thay be fmall, 
The wran haith wingis with grittar fowlis to flie. 
Thair is ane drone fang alfo in the bie, 5 

Allthocht I grant it may not mache the merle ; 
Flynt is ane (lone althocht in to the fle. 
It may not be fo pretious as the perle. 
And Mantua is not half fo fair we fie 

As royall Rome, yit thay ar both bot townis ; 10 

And schellopis fatUis alfweill bye wowndis as fchippis 

moft hie, 
And pennyis paflis alfweill as goldin crownis. 

Strypis hes stremes alfweill as fludes hes fpringis, 
So luve is luve in peure men as in kingis.